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Fantastic Fabrics (Quests)

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The day was young as the birds chirped in the country like town of Baska. Zanto walked around with a cigarette in his mouth as he would slowly inhale and exhale the smoke that was calming him down a little. You see, only last night the mage has gotten into a fight with a band of rouges because he wouldn’t give them his Jewels. Now, of course Zanto won the fight easily. Nearly killing the bandits that dared to try and rob him, but during the fight one had managed to take hold of his jewel bag and had gotten a hefty amount. So much that Zanto had been forced to go to the local quest board in order to find some quests that would pay him a good amount.

There were a couple of D’s, C’s, a few B’s, and a S? Now, Zanto even though he was pretty arrogant and powerful in his own right, he wasn’t so arrogant to take a S Ranked Quest. A quest that would likely kill him in a few minutes. He didn’t even bother to look at what it was about. Deciding to take a simple D Quest, it would be signed by a beautiful and elegant signature: “Fernando~. The bright pink flier would seem to bring out the spelling even more. Zanto was a clothing fanatic and he knew all about Fernando’s work. Hell, he even owned a shirt or two. Shirts that costed quite a hefty amount. And due to not being rich, Zanto couldn’t really afford all of his materials.

Swiping the quest from the board, he would follow the instructions to go to Fernando’s Shop. He had never met Fernando before in real life. Caravans usually drove around selling his stuff from out of the back. 10k Jewels for a Shirt, even more for a pair of pants. He was sure Fernando was gonna be a pretty rich fellow. After stuffing the quest paper in his pocket, he would put the cigarette in between his middle and index finger. Throwing it on the ground as he run the tip of his shoes on it. Putting it out so that it wouldn’t cause any disruption to the nature around him. He didn’t like most people, but come on? Who wanted to start a wildfire and kill a whole town?

For another ten minutes he would walk. Receiving greetings here and there, some he would ignore and others he would reply to. It was a rather calm and boring day in the town of Baska. Soon he would arrive at a house like shop, with a banner over the door that read “Fernando’s Boutique”. Zanto was excited and he didn’t get excited much. It was really was a sight to see as he held a smile on his face, a smile that wasn’t sadistic. Walking in, he would see a man with brown hair leaning on the counter as he talked to a very beautiful woman whom Zanto would assume was the cashier. All eyes would turn towards the red head as a man who he would recognize as Fernando face would perk up.

“Oh my! Such exquisite taste in fashion. Might not be of my design, but you have the look of royalty”. Said Fernando nearly screaming. Zanto would let out a laugh as he would say “Thanks, I don’t get that much, but let’s cut to the chase. I picked up your quest from the board and was wondering what you wanted me to do.” The clothing merchant would nod as he went into a door at the back of the shop and came back with a very large jewel bag. “Yes! Yes! Indeed I put a quest up for someone to go and receive very rare fabrics for me. The fabric is exactly like the fabric you have on yourself. Linen so tightly knitted that it resembles leather itself. A fabric that is only to be worn by the most prestige of people.” Zanto would nod as Fernando would hand him he bag of jewels. “Go to the local stores and flea market. I’m sure you’ll find the fabrics there, but please do get as much as you can buy.” Said Fernando as he would escort Zanto from out of the shop.

Walking out of the shop, Zanto would make his way to the town square where literally 99.9% of the stores were located. He would have thought Fernando would want him to do something else. Like go and follow some bandits who stole his cloths or something like that, but the question was quite simple to say the least and Zanto had found it quite boring. It took no time to get to the square as he had quickly caught a ride on a horse pulled wagon. The wagon had taken him to the middle of the square for a cool 100 Jewels, which he had paid out of Fernando’s stack of course. He was funding the quest after all. Hopping off of the wagon, he would make his way into the first shop that was labeled “High End Fabrics”.

Now, Zanto didn’t know why, but if the quest was literally as easy as walking to the store. Then why hadn’t Fernando done it himself? Was he simply so rich that he could just waste money so that he didn’t have to run errands himself? Walking into the store, he would look around for fabrics that looked like the one for his blouse. Seeing it colored as white, which meant it could be dyed. He would grab the display and take it to the counter. “Can I get all of what you have in this fabric?” The lady would go in the back and come back with a huge duffel bag that didn’t look really heavy. Handing her the Jewels, she would give Zanto the bag and he would be on his merry way back to the shop with a bag that was as heavy as a elephant. Arriving to the shop, he would hand Fernando the bag who would pay him for a job well done.

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