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The Flowered Fortress (plot, CH.2)

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The Flowered Fortress (plot, CH.2) Empty on Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:24 pm

The path was wet from the pouring rain, "Good lord, when will the rain stop?" Syliph asked no one. To be honest he really actually didn't want the rain to stop it provided a great cover, it was pouring and the mist and obscured view was messing with people's vision.

If Obsidian's foot's Intel was correct he had a sure fire way to get better information on the holy knights, then he would deliver it to the gods, maybe he wouldn't have to be a part of Grimoire heart for that long after all.

Rounding a corner he entered a clearing in the forest, mossy hills rose up from the ground at different heights. The hills were decorated with an array of different color flowers, some of them were cone shaped, with beautiful red petals that felt like silk, while other hills were covered in smaller blue flowers that seemed to cover all essence of the hill. But the people from Obsidian's foot had said the entrance was the hill covered in yellow tulips. Looking around he realized how many flowered hills there were, they were all over the place, this little area seemed to go on forever, like some magical illusion. He began to look frantically, the holy knights weren't going to leave this little place alone forever, they would eventually leave their little fort to go on a short patrol, to make sure no one found them. Strolling around a hill covered in odd pink roses there stood the singular yellow tulip hill. Walking up the hill there was a small stone located halfway up the hill, running his hand over it the rock began to glow and melt, the melting rock wasn't hot like lava, but more like liquid rock. Finally an entry way cleared and Syliph could slip through the small entry way. The tunnels were packed clay and a cool humidity hung in the air. This fort was more of an archive, a very secret one that they kept rather under guarded apparently. Slipping through the halls he made sure not to catch any attention of the few guards that were stationed there. Standing in front of a large stone door, two holy knights stood in front of the door, they looked like twice Syliph's size, like they spent most of their time here just working out, and that wouldn't surprise Syliph. Stepping out in front of them he snapped his fingers summoning the familiar reddish-orange leaves of light that swirled around him in a ring, 1 meter away. At first the guards were startled, then they raised their hands, light began to condense around their fingers, but before they could finish casting their spells, Syliph snapped his fingers again and the leaves flew towards the guard, puncturing holes in their armor in flesh, they should have been fine, just hazy about what happened.
Stepping Syliph ran his hands over the many runes of the circular stone door, knocking on it, he noticed that it was about 2 feet thick, and any normal human wouldn't be able to move it, so it was out of strength range. Stepping he read over the runes, while many languages had different languages, magic runes tended to mean the same no matter what, and this door had a trigger warning. Standing back Syliph tapped the door again in random spots, just as he meant to. Running back behind his corner there was what sounded like something swelling up, than with an overwhelming pop, chunks of rock flew everywhere, some embedding themseleves at Syliph's feet. Standing up, Syliph smiled, a large array of knowledge had just become available, unfortunately he had only a little while before others made it through the vast tunnels to him.


The Flowered Fortress (plot, CH.2) Empty on Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:52 pm

The library was dusted with years of thick dust, running his finger through it, he came up with a good half inch of dust, "No one has touched you in a very long time." He said quietly under his breath.

The books shelves circled around the room, making odd spires of shelf that held up the sodden roof. The whole room was like some dusty rainbow. "I see you found our library, and you managed to open it." A masculine voice said from behind. Syliph whirled around, sending clouds of dust in all directions. A man taller than Syliph stood in the large doorway where the stone had once been. he wore gold plated armor tightly fitted to his chest. his hair resembled Syliph's own hair in its spiky resemblance, except his was longer, and fell more smoothly. He held a sword at his waist.
Alexius VanGuard:
The Flowered Fortress (plot, CH.2) 3a8766d734c17c74fad05f880182e868--touken-ranbu-izumi-anime-hot-guys
"While I'm thankful you managed to get a door like this, that's been bothering us for centuries open, you are not allowed inside these sacred halls." The man said. "Someone certainly feels entitled,
don't they?"
Syliph mocked. Color flushed to the man's face, "How DARE you mock me, Alexius VanGuard!" Alexius drew his sword prepared to launch himself at Syliph, who managed to retain his cocky smile, but still staying at a safe distance. "So you Alexius,
I wondered if I was gonna see you on my short visit,"
Syliph peered around Alexius, "I guess your the only one to show up, I guess I wasn't as popular as I had hoped,
its a real shame."
Syliph mocked Alexius some more, to be honest, Alexius was very easy to read, a entitled child at heart, who only got promoted because of family, minor physical capability, values a useless position.
Alexius swung his sword in an arc, cutting a table leg in two, with a clash the table and all its dusty contents crashed to the floor, Alexius stood their breathing heavily, He opened his mouth to speak, but the ground quaked. Alexius was startled peering around, "What on earth?" he asked no one. "A hidden failsafe, clever." Syliph whispered. Alexius's head snapped towards Syliph, "What was that brute?" He asked angrily. Syliph never responded, he waved goodbye. Snagging a few books, he walked towards a random wall and waited patiently, the crumbling dirt walls would make it hard for Alexius to get over to him, and eventually a hole would open he could squeeze through, then in about an hour, the entire hidden library and all its contents would be a mud pile in a hillside of flowers.

The mud puddle sat awkwardly in the midst of all the beautiful flowers, Syliph wondered if Alexius had survived the cave in, he didn't have time to think, he had other stuff to do, like deliver these books to the gods.

-end thread-

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