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Beach Gym [Quest Solo: Lycoris]

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

If there was one rule the Gardenias crew stuck to, then it was to always only take on a job that fit their moral code. It was when one was somewhat selective with their choices and picked those they could believe in, they could put forth their utmost effort. In the end material gain was only a part of the whole package. Perhaps it was for that reason the young mercenary was making her way along the beach toward a spacious and rather fancy gym. Holding a flier in her hands Lycoris noted that it appeared this job offer was for something known as a spotter. Simply said, a spotter was someone who tended to work alongside a weight lifter with the purpose of supporting the lifter during the moments they struggled and helped them overcome the obstacle in a safe and controlled manner. It sounded like an interesting way for her to exercise, in the end she needed to become stronger if she desired to accomplish her ambitions someday.

Arriving at the gym Lycoris noticed it was surprisingly peaceful, only a few people working in the gym currently and one spotted her holding the flier, walking over and giving her a light wave of his hand. “Are you here for the job offer? Perfect, I was just thinking about exercising.”

Lycoris nodded her head calmly in response to the statement, extending a hand that the man shook lightly while she properly introduced herself. “The name is Lycoris, I believe you requested for a spotter? Can you tell me a bit more about the role and the exercising you do?” Hearing her interest the man’s eyes sparked with enthusiasm as he started his introduction. “My name is Jay, Jay Holiday. I’m a professional weight lifter so I can explain it easily to you.”

The man started to tell her the ins and outs of spotting, seemingly quite excited at having someone to talk to about the matter. “I see, so you’re interested in the request to train your own strength? I admire that type of mindset!” Lycoris nodded her head calmly as she explained in a friendly tone. “Truth to be told, mercenary work can often be dangerous, so learning to improve my strength would help immensely.”

The man nodded his head in acknowledgment, seemingly quite pleased with her response. “Indeed it would! Some say that it’s all about skill, but I’d say your body is an essential weapon of its own. If you’re not busy right now, how about we do some spotting right now? I can even pay you for the time, and you’d be able to experience some training yourself.”

Lycoris nodded her head lightly, feeling quite interested in the matter when after a moment Jay led her toward one of the benches where he would be doing some bench presses. “Basically I’ll do eight presses each time, and those are called a set. After a set I will increase the weight and basically challenge myself a bit further. I’ll be counting on you to support me if at any time I seem to be starting to falter.”

Beach Gym [Quest Solo: Lycoris] BJeupcF

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Lycoris - The Wandering Mercenary

It took only a moment till everything was set up, and attentively Lycoris started to follow the procedure, her hands steady beneath the bar as Jay started his presses. At first it went smoothly, the first one going at a remarkable ease, the second went with almost an equal amount of ease, something that fascinated Lycoris since those weights seemed surprisingly heavy, The third press seemed to carry more difficulty, but with a bit of effort he was able to do it before lowering the press back down. Then came the fourth press, and as if he had regained his vigor Jay pushed the bar upwards once more. A fifth one wasn’t far off either, a strong and firm push lifting the bar in the air as he slowly lowered it again, but it was at that point exhaustion startled to settle in for the man.

His breathing was getting heavier as a sixth press followed, making Lycoris almost watch with baited breath while waiting to assist him if needed, but it was at the seventh one that he truly started to struggle. In his best efforts to push up the bar his arms trembled, and it was now Lycoris felt the sheer pressure of their weight threaten to overwhelm her. But Jay still pushed onward, and so she decided to provide some moral support. “Come on Jay, you can do it!” the encouraging words seemingly forged Jay onward as he finally completed the final press of the set, lowering it slowly back into place with her help.

It continued like this all the way till Jay finished his sets for the day, and while rubbing his face with a towel he grinned at the girl. “It’s the first time I had anyone shout with such resolve! You really were into it, weren’t you Lycoris?” Lycoris couldn’t help but grin briefly, thinking back about the sight of the mercenaries working to encourage each other during their spars, perhaps it was the sight of the bench presses that reminded her of such a thing.

“I was merely drawn in by the vigor and resolve you displayed Jay.” The man smiled warmly at her, extending a hand that Lycoris shook lightly while he handed her over the pay that was discussed in the flier. “You’re always welcome to return here whenever you wish Lycoris, I’d love to have you spot for me again.”

It was an invitation she certainly would consider again in the future. However, for now her work was done, so after properly excusing herself Lycoris left the gym and started heading back into the direction of the harbor. Officer Kenji and Jay… both requests might had been trivial in their own nature, but Lycoris was a certain sort of potential in them, an opportunity to expand her connections and get to know more people so that she could steadily prepare herself for her dangerous ambitions.

If she wanted to get her revenge, she would need to get stronger and gain allies, and this was one of the best ways to do that early on!

Beach Gym [Quest Solo: Lycoris] BJeupcF

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