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Surgery [Quest: Chelvaric]

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#1Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Surgery [Quest: Chelvaric] Sky10

A lovely day in Baska Town – and a young girl with bright, silver hair would be strolling around the streets of the village for an early morning walk. Birds would be glorified shadows amongst the sunrise as they flew overhead, and the songs of the new day would be the comforting silence of a still sleeping city. The night before, Snowflake had stayed over her beau’s room and ever since her soul was transferred into her current body, she would receive nightmares whenever she would attempt to even close her eyes albeit, with Chelvaric’s presence, she was always able to sleep soundly without worries. Not wanting to wake him up from his sleep, the female had left the room early just to take a fresh breather in the area – a habit of hers when she was unable to sleep anymore.

There were barely any people awoke at this hour, apart from those who had to rush to their work and those who had chores early in the morning. The youth was still in her pyjamas and comfy sandals and thankfully, there hadn’t been any spectators to see her dreadful out and her appearance; unkempt hair and a rather exhausted face. She stretched her body and did a couple of exercises to relax her figure before she began to head back to the location of Chelvaric’s place to wake him up from his deep slumber.


#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was rolling through the grass as he was playing with Elisa, he wanted to spend some time with her as he hadn’t really had time to do that since he arrived in Baska. All though he was quite sure that Snowflake was already waiting for him to do a job with her so he rolled over and got up. “Let’s get going Elisa I think Snowy is waiting for us”, he told to her and they started to walk back to the town. The air was quite chilly that’s why he was wearing more clothes then normally. He was wearing a light green shirt and over that he was wearing a dark green cape to be more camouflaged in the forest so that people wouldn’t see him to fast. A bit how Elisa was so hard to see in the grass since she was yellow green. But before he reached the town a big dark cloud appeared over him and he was suddenly struck by lightning waking him up from his pleasant dream.

He looked around the room and saw an empty spot next to him, it seemed Snowy had left his house already. He was still a bit tired from that unexpected wake-up call but that was alright he got up and went to the bathroom to prepare himself for the day ahead.


Surgery [Quest: Chelvaric] HVEbuMl

#3Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Upon reaching back to Chelvaric’s room, Snowflake would see the bed empty with sheets sprawled all over the structure. It seemed that he had already woken up without needing her wake-up call and though, she was slightly disappointed, it didn’t bother her much. She could see the water streaming inside the bathroom, which indicated that her partner was most likely cleaning himself as she began to prepare the bed and tidy up all the mess that they had created in the room; his clothes strewn messily over the floor. She was aware that Chelvaric was a rather indolent person – not that she minded – but, she had expected him to be a bit like this. After all, men wouldn’t care much about chores, would they?

Once he was done cleaning up, Snowflake would await by the front of the door and when the door opened, she’d tip toe to give him a bright, morning kiss. ”Good morning, did you have a good sleep?” She’d ask, her face slightly more enthusiastic than usual. Perhaps, the morning walk did help her a bit. The female grabbed her spare clothes that she had prepared the day before and entered the bathroom to change her clothes. Despite how they’ve been together for a while, she was still not entirely comfortable with themselves taking a step further than they were at the moment and she wasn’t sure if she would be ready.

Snowflake quickly pushed her thoughts away and exited the bathroom with some tight blue jeans, a white blouse tucked inside her pants and a grey cardigan on top to finish off her entire appearance. Since the weather was starting to get colder, she figured that she should wear some kind of outer clothing.


#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric put the water tab open as he was gonna fill the sink so he could wash his face while he started to get dressed in his clothes.  He had his usual tunic on and wouldn’t change it for today as he liked the outfit and was quite happy with it. He washed his face and then coated his cheeks and chin with foam before he started to shave his beard so that he would look more clean and presentable, he had to do it every morning since his beard grew so fast. It took a lot of his preparing type and sometimes he just didn’t do it if he didn’t had to go out as he was a bit lazy at times.

He was finished so he cleaned the bathroom and then picked up his clothes to go out of the bathroom. After wich he suddenly ran into Snowy his sweetheart. He still wasn’t completely used to her showing up in his room randomly and smiled as he was kissed by her.

I had a great morning Snowy

He said to her and gave her a slight kiss on her cheek before she went into the bathroom to prepare herself for the day. He would go and make a light snack for them during the day. Snowy sometimes got hungry and he would now have something to present to her.


Surgery [Quest: Chelvaric] HVEbuMl

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Venus Rosé

The couple would enjoy their breakfast together and departed the building to search for some work in the village. There wasn’t much to do in Baska, apart from walking around and enjoying the greenery. However, they have had opportunities to do some missions which was a great time killer. As they meandered through the streets, she could hear some sort of commotion in the area. Curious to see what the ruckus was about, she headed up to the location which was the hospital that she had visited a few days ago to meet her client. Hospitals were always disastrous places where she would prefer to not even step foot close to it. It was horrible in many ways, especially during emergencies – the sound of people wailing, the scent, the sight of trays of medicines being carried around.

The female looked around the place and somehow, it wasn’t as terrible as she expected it to be. Her eyes suddenly landed upon a man, Gerard, her previous client and also one of the doctors of the hospital was seen running around the place like a madman. Their eyes accidentally locked and he could be seen sprinting towards her. Apparently, the man recognized her and Chelvaric from the previous quest and it seemed that he needed dire help from them.


#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
When Snow came out of the bathroom they had a nice breakfeast together just the two of them and Elisa, although Elisa kept on the side and didn’t bother them to much as she knew how they liked to be alone together. When they were done they went out on the streets and walked around as to not be bored in the apartment. Chelvaric wanted to do another job as he felt like he was getting close to getting a power boost. He really had to figure out his magic soon as he didn’t know much about it yet. It just seemed to be quite hard to figure out what it all could do. When they were walking they head a tumult coming from the hospital and they rushed over to see what was happening. Chelvaric had never spent much time in hospitals but he had some experience treating wounded from his time in Nanuq where he helped the healers.

The Job giver from last time suddenly ran over and explained to them that he needed them in the operation chamber as quickly as possible. He led the way to there and gave them some green robes, white gloves and a white mouth mask. “Okay, I will cut the artery’s around the heart and take it out and put the new one out. Your task will mostly consist of giving me the right tools. Well, begin when you're dressed”, the man said to them and went into the room to prepare the patient.


Surgery [Quest: Chelvaric] HVEbuMl

#7Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The doctor began to explain that he required assistance in a very important heart transplant, which immediately cause Snowflake to remain frozen in the spot. Not once had she ever done a surgery and besides, touching the insides of a human body sounded extremely disgusting to her. Whatever the reason was, they accepted the challenge and followed Gerard into the operation room where they were required to dress up and clean themselves thoroughly so as not to cause any infections to the patient. She wrapped some kind of green cloth over her body, slipped into one-time use gloves and tied up her hair into a neat bun.

From her lips escaped a sigh out of anxiety, not sure if she was prepared to do this kind of thing, but it was always good to learn something new, isn’t it? The doctor informed that their job was mostly about handing him the correct utensils, which caused her to breathe out a sigh of relief – since she won’t be touching some human organs. There was a tray of utensils laid beside her and looking at it, she had no idea what should be used for which occasion but even with her lack of knowledge, she could easily guess which item would be best. The doctor would call out the names of the utensils and if she was wrong, Gerard as always patient enough to inform her and provide her information.


#8Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric Quickly ran into the operation room and started to put the outfit on his body. The gloves were a bit annoying as they were hard to put on but it eventually worked. They followed the man into the room and he started the operation. He hoped snow could withstand some blood as the surgery was quite bloody. He cut the chest open and it made a popping sound when the rib cage was broken in two. Otherwise, they couldn’t get to the heart. It was quite nasty but Chelvaric couldn’t see much of it as he had to take the tools and clean them thoroughly so that no bacteria would be on it when they had to be used again. The doctor suddenly yelled slightly as he had cut his hand.

Chelvaric can you take over I can’t operate like this!”, he said to him and he informed him of how far the operation was. Chelvaric didn’t waste time and ran to the table to take over from the doctor. He was being guided by the Gerard as he removed the hearth and laid it on the table next to him before he put in the new hearth. He slowly stitched the blood veins back to the hearth before he stitched up the chest. He stepped out the room and took off his clothes, he was quite tired from doing such a hard job. The man paid them out and they went back home.

[Job Ended]

Surgery [Quest: Chelvaric] HVEbuMl

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