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Noel goes to Marigold town (Travel: Foot)

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Noel goes to Marigold town (Travel: Foot) Empty Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:47 am




Noel got up early that morning. The cold sweats had been waking him up quite often, these mornings were killing him. The pool of his own sweat was a result of him holding back information, and possibly having broken his guilds own rules. Namely, the one with him selling out information, and he was starting to resent this. Becoming an agent of information wasn't something Noel enjoyed dearly. Namely after some information got out about Icarus murking down people in Blue Pegasus. It had brought him to think about certain actions, and thus he went to Marigold town, where he planned to take the train to Orchidia. It wasn't a very far away distance, luckily, and thus could be easily covered by a single trip. Noel took his bag and his sword with him, he wore his usual black colored leather clothes and went on his way to Marigold. The first thing he headed towards was its train station, and honestly, this was the only part of the town he's seen so far. Not that he regretted it; he didn't really enjoy this town as much as he enjoyed Hargeon, or Orchidia. When he got to the train station, he bought tickets.


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