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Hargeon to Dhalia [foot travel}

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Hargeon to Dhalia [foot travel} Empty Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:28 pm

Suliph needed a break from hargeon, he'd be back before Halloween was over probably, but for now he was headed off to Dhalia, he heard the haunting was great there, and he'd like to get some more, currently all he had was the two pumpkin pops from melissa. He had heard Dhalia had a haunting personality, and lots of races other then humans. Which interested Syliph, he'd do anything to get strong enough and take down the illumin holy knights, even if it meant changing who he was and what he did. With Dhalia in his sights, he remembered that'd he'd probably have to get some bad quests to make money, hopefully he didn't have to kill someone.


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