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Checkmate [JOB]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric was walking through the silent forest just outside of Hargeon. It was quite as it seemed he was the only one walking through it. Ofcourse there were the normal animal sounds but he was used to them so he didn’t really hear them that much. Sometimes deers would pass by him and he would pet them or just leave them alone. They knew he was one with nature so they weren’t afraid of him. He wasn’t giving off his usual hunting vibe.

Although his hunting pattern had changed from hunting for fun to hunting to keep the eco system stable. It was a lot of work to keep a forest from changing too much when people were involved. He had to chase hunters away but then other times he had to invite them as well. Which gave him a weird reputation under them. Nothing he could really do about it and it didn’t bother him too much as long as everyone kept being happy and the forest kept being good everything was fine. He would put the forest over the hunters though as it was more important. People went and go. Citys turn to ash and the nature would eventually take over. It was the circle of life and he was just preparing the area for that. It would be bad if people would destroy everything before that could happen. Because without nature people would starve to death.

Anyway he and Elisa started to walk to Hargeon as they had heard that there was a chess champion in the park of Hargeon. Playing for money and they needed some money. It would take his mind of stuff and it wasn’t a job for once.  He walked through the city gates and followed the empty roads to the park. Most people were out on there jobs so the city was a bit more quiet then usually as everyone was inside or in the harbor to work. He rather avoided the harbor but he didn’t needed to be there today anyway. He eventually walked into the park and he took a deep breath ah the nice air of grass and trees it was a blessing to be out of the smelling streets. He walked around to find they guy but he couldn’t at first. Everything he saw was just trees and grass. He wondered where they put the chess tables in this park. He walked around more and saw some children play. Here and there a dog owner would walk around too. It was peaceful. Although he didn’t like the dogs so he kept far away from there range. Some people would give him weird looks when he would walk around them In a big bow but he couldn’t really tell them that he was scared of dogs or anything like that. He stumbled finally on the chess place and took place across the guys seat. They started to put the pieces on the board and the guy would start talking.

“I hope you give me a good match then may the best win”, he said while he straightened his glasses. Chelvaric made a opening by placing his middle pawn a couple of spaces forwards. They both thought deeply about their moves before making them and it was a tie on tie battle. In the mean time the guy would sometimes talk on how hard he has it at his home. How his brother was always away or hitting him when he did came home. He felt sorry for the lad and gave him some advice on how to deal with it. It was never easy to live in a home like that. But you had to take what live gives you and make the best of it. He had fun while he played with the guy and the talking helped to make it less boring at times. Thinking could be a bit frustrating sometimes. He was happy when he finally beat him in a back handed trick of sacrificing his queen. He thanked him for the match and the guy did the same. He then said that he actualy rather just palyed to meet people then actually win the fights. Chelvaric didn’t realy minded that as he had fun. They went for a rematch as they still had time. Chelvaric would tell him about all his adventures and the kid would listen carefully to it he seemed to enjoy it. He was happy he could take his mind of things at home. The kid deserved it and Chelvaric would gladly give it to him. He yawned and the  sun was setting it was time to wrap things up and go home. He had a hard time this match but in the end won again. Chelvaric had always been good at chess and since his recent study’s he had become quite masterful. Not that he wanted to brag about it. He should buy some food before he went back to the forest. He could find a lot of stuffs inside the forest but sometimes he wanted to eat something more exotic and he couldn’t find it in he local wildlife or plant life. He took the jewels from the young boy and bid him farewell before he started walking to the shops. It was nearly night and he still had to do a lot of stuffs. Elisa had been sleeping the entire time and she seemed a bit stiff from laying the whole afternoon.


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