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Warmth Under The Sand [Arisa]

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Warmth Under The Sand [Arisa] - Page 2 Empty Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:23 am

Arisa chuckled as Hyoen seemed excited. First they helped the little fluffy gremlins get ready for the weird festival thing, or so she assumed Hyoen was going to help. It was adorable though, she was so use to being the shortest one out of many people, but not she was taller than most. Her eyes lowered into sorrowfulness as she thought of a certain someone. 'No... I must forget about him. He would've found me by now if there was any hope for an 'use'.' she thought to herself. She shook her head, continued to help and finally did the touches with the lights. The lanterns were like the ones from Sin, the country. The small gremlins were then getting the stuff Hyoen and Arisa couldn't help, ready and done. Soon enough they got dressed into different clothing, Arisa with a hoolah skirt and a leaf-looking tube shirt and Hyoen into whatever it may be. They danced around the fire, ate some weird yet good food and then got ready to leave for this Halloween thing. She felt like it was dangerous so she knew to put up her spell for herself, the invisible spell as she walked along to the path. Finally, as she was getting ready to leave with Hyoen, she woke up and realized that some drug must've gotten into their system as none of that really happened. Her head turned and looked for Hyoen, but he was never found. She hoped he was alright.


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Daiko Flayme
The gremlins would begin to prepare for their little festival now that he and Ana had arrived, each having a task to fulfil. Whether it may have been to decorate or put out the dishes, everyone was eager for the party that was heading up, and a few of them even went to the two mages and offered them new pieces of clothings; that reminded the Fire Mage that he was still walking around in swimming trunks. Hyōen couldn’t but feel grateful and eagerly put on the leafy cloaks that he was granted. They covered half of his torso as well as his thighs down to his knees, and Ana got some similar attire as well. The rest of the day resolved around dancing around a bonfire, eating all the snacks and delicacies that the gremlins had prepared, and at last, they got ready to take their departure for the Halloween event.

That was the last thing that Hyōen remembered when Coda poked on his nose and woke him up from his long slumber. The Fire Mage quickly rose his head up and looked around, confused that he could see the skies outside the window being blue. “… Wait,” he mumbled, “… W-W-Was that all just a…”


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