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Era to Orchidia [Foot Travel | Yumi]

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Era to Orchidia [Foot Travel | Yumi] Empty on Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:04 am

The demon that was known as Yumi stood in the distance watching the flames rise into the air from atop the Rune knight Mountain that resided in the middle of town. Her attack on the RUne Knights headquarters had been a success. With a few explosives planted at a key location, she had blown up the base sending the Rune KNight's into disarray. SHe had spilt the blood of countless KNight's offering them up as a sacrifice for her Dark God Malum. The demon could feel their souls crossing over to her God by her own body. SHe prayed that this offering would please her Lord and wash away the sins of her defeat in Hargeon against Finn and Jake the Dog.

But Yumi's anger was not quelled, just thinking about the defeat sent her into a blind rage. The demon focused her magical energy allowing it to pour out from her shoulder blades where it shaped into a pair of wings. Her Executioners Sword was broken, she would need to repair it with the blood of her enemies. The wings expanded in size as Yumi picked up her companion with her left hand and held the tiny creature close to her chest. Yumi spread her wings in preparation to take flight. It was time to flee from Era while the confusion was still apparent. THe wings of the demon flapped lifting YUmi's tiny body up into the air and off the ground, her new destination was Orchidia town.

Yumi turned in the direction of Orchidia and took flight. SHe was ten meters high in the air and flew straight avoiding the town entrance flying off into the distance and vanishing from sight.

WC: 287 / 270


Mana: 1560 / 1700
10% reduction GH perk
Wings of the Demon Activated: -140mp
Int: 73: 30% mp reduction

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