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Fun by the waters [Social|Asher Dakota]

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#1Liam Kawitika 

Fun by the waters [Social|Asher Dakota] Empty Tue Sep 19, 2017 1:52 pm

Liam Kawitika
The blue haired man walked along the beach,a place he has visited way too many times to count,he was already quite familiar with it,to the point where he already knew what was where,as for stones,plants and some nearby animals living on the beach.He even knew most of the beach locals names."Going here never get's old.." He thought.Going to the beach was really relaxing for him,and it relieved his stress,so he wouldn't end up breaking down.As that would be quite bad.He got a bit lost in his thoughts at that moment and ended up walking into a volleyball net.Still walking into the net he ended up getting pulled back by it,and that ended up into him getting tied into it.

Finally he actually came into reality,only to find himself in the nets.He was quite embarrassed by this,but he easily untied himself from the net,some people laughed at him,but this was normal."Hey,sorry for bothering your game" He told the people who were playing on the volleyball playing area.He probably should've just sat down instead of walking around absentmindedly.He walked by to the water to check how cold it was,It was pretty cold,but not super cold where it felt like you were freezing."This feels great.."

Fun by the waters [Social|Asher Dakota] QEdBjlh

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#2Asher Dakota 

Fun by the waters [Social|Asher Dakota] Empty Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:57 pm

Asher Dakota
Confidence was key in the life of a man like Asher. He didn't care about the rules, he did what he pleased as long as it was in the rules. Yes, this was the mentality of the man. But the rules didn't say he couldn't have fun. Still, he refused to strip any lower than a pair of jeans and a tight v-neck tee on his upper half. The volleyball game was still going, despite the small interruption from some other man, though that was of little interest to Asher as of right now. Until that man was being beaten by the other people with a broken bottle of gun, he didn't have to intervene in anything. But hey, maybe he could watch the mage do his tricks and go in on the game with his usual charm.

So he would charge into the game as confidently as his persona could express, jumping in the middle of the game to prevent a sudden spike from hitting into one side of the game. Asher hit the volleyball up high into the air before running away, pissing the other side off, but his own side greatly appreciated it. A small chuckle would emit from his lips as he was proud with what he had done. In doing this, he would place his hands in the back of his head and lapsed a smile on his face. "And that is how you do it. Asher is on a roll today." He spoke to himself in third person without any regret, it was a great day for him so far. A shame for that other guy, but he seemed to be slowly recovering. "Oi, mate. You gotta just do things without caring." He thought, but refused to just let the words out. It was none of his business right now anyways.

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#3Liam Kawitika 

Fun by the waters [Social|Asher Dakota] Empty Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:33 pm

Liam Kawitika
He watched the water,wave by wave,it amazed him,simply because of the fact that the water did make some great memories for him.Mostly for when he was a child,without the water,there would be no transportation for him to go from a foreign country to here in Hargeon.Eventually though he did manage to think about the fact that a terrible accident could have happened during that trip as well,as that day was one with bad weather,but they had made it here safely.But again there was no need to worry because this was just all in the past now.His golden eyes glowed as he watched the waves."What should i do... Probably should step away from the volleyball area..." He thought,trying not to release those words,as that could turn horrible if someone were to here him talking to himself.Because people don't seem to talk to themselves,and whoever does,usually denies the fact that they do it.Which is like him,he really doesn't like the fact he talks to himself,but everyone probably does it,at least every once in awhile.

He walked out of the water,his purple shorts were drenched in water,which was expected,since he literally just walked into the water.He put down a beach towel that was just hanging on his shoulder,and sat on it.His hair wasn't wet at all,since it didn't touch any of the water while he was standing in the water.He did get bored and watched some of the volleyball players,the one group he interrupted seemed to be alright,so they probably got over the fact that he messed up their game a little,which was good.Because he didn't want them to be pissed off the whole time.However one thing caught his eye,a gray haired man wearing a plain pair of jeans and a v-neck t-shirt.He was playing at the volleyball game for a second,but he ended up running away,at least that's what he saw from when he got tied up in the nets of the volleyball play area."Oi you!" He said,he couldn't hold it in,he just had to say it.He really just wanted to talk to someone,which was a bit weird knowing that he's been at the beach for a long time,without having to talk with anyone.

Fun by the waters [Social|Asher Dakota] QEdBjlh

Credits to Eva For The Siggy ^^

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