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[Foot Travel] Oak to Baska

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#1Faust Noire 

[Foot Travel] Oak to Baska Empty Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:45 am

Faust Noire
The future was always something Faust had worried about. He wasn't sure if it was because of his young mind and lack of wisdom, but he never gave thought to all the time that enclosed his life into only a small speck in a timeline. He had so much time. So much time that he let it slide through his fingers like worthless pennies. So much time that he watched it drain like water in a tub. So much time that he let it vanish like a magician in an act. So much time he watched it dissolve like a mirage across a desert. So much time he stood as it flew across the empty horizon. And now he realized that he had so much time, and he wasted it. Now he realized that for some people, today might be their last tomorrow. He recalled that when they were courting and had separated for the summer, time would slow to a trickle and those sunny weeks were an age. He couldn't travel back in time, but the Coyote could move forward. "To Baska..." he shamefully stated.

186 words

*Note: Grimoire Heart members have a skill that gives them 10% off on travel.

[Foot Travel] Oak to Baska URfIrNm

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