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Petty Theft [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Petty Theft [Quest | Shin] Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:16 am

Shin Katari
As Shin made his way over to the doctor's shop, he had decided to take a shortcut through a series of alleyways. Thankfully, his knowledge and layout of Oak town allowed him to traverse through the city with little to no trouble. This often saved him plenty of time and allowed him to reach different locations quicker. It also allowed him to meet individuals he usually might not.

Walking through an alleyway, hands in his pockets and staring up at the cloudless blue sky above, Shin did not have a care in the world. He was close to reaching Dr. Mabuz's shop before things took an unexpected turn of events. *THUD* With a hard thud against his body, Shin came to a sudden halt. Whatever hit him was light and did not cause Shin to move from his spot, instead sending the thing that bumped into him to the ground. Looking down in front of him, Shin was somewhat surprised to see what it was that had bumped into him. It was the little thief Jerr. "Ouch, watch where you-" Jerr began to speak before halting his speech as he noticed who had bumped into. With his face turning a bright red, Jerr lifted himself off the ground and dusted himself off. "Sorry!" he exclaimed. As he stood there, Shin simply looked at him. Did he expect some kind of punishment or something? "What are you doing here?" Shin asked breaking the silence between the two. Looking up at him, Jerr had a glimmer of deviousness in his eyes. 'Will you help me do something if I can pay you!" Jerr exclaimed as he had hope written all over his face. It seems the little kid was catching on to the world of money. With money, he could nearly request anything from anyone if the price was right. Intrigued, Shin put on a smile. "What needs to be done?"

Not wasting any time, Jerr motioned for Shin to follow him and the two headed to wherever Jerr was taking him. After a moment of walking, Jerr stopped and pointed at a polishing stand. Standing there was a bald-headed man talking to an older fellow. "That old dude has a nice golden bracelet and I really, really want it! Distract them while I steal it please!" Looking at the two men, distracting them would be relatively easy. Jerr was quick enough to snatch the bracelet and get away as well. However, Shin would need to do the same, using his speed to his advantage to get away in case the two suspected him of aiding the theft. This would be an interesting request. "You better not get caught kid," Shin replied as he began to walk towards the two men once the old man had taken off his expensive golden bracelet. As the two men talked to one another, Shin got into his act and began to stumble his way over to the two men. He would play the part of a drunk man in hopes to distract them.

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#2Shin Katari 

Petty Theft [Quest | Shin] Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:16 am

Shin Katari
"Hey there fellas," Shin said with a wide smile and a face hiccup. As the merchant placed the golden bracelet atop the polishing stand, he and the old man turned to face Shin. Stumbling over to them, Shin lunged forward as if he was about to fall. Instinctively, the merchant grabbed Shin by his arm and old man did the same with the other arm. "Drunk bastard," the merchant whispered to the old man. However, it appeared the merchant was more cunning then he appeared. Sniffing the air around Shin, he did not notice the scent of booze or anything alike. Before he could speak up however, Jerr had stepped in to save the day. With a quick burst of speed, Jerr appeared from nowhere and grasped the golden bracelet from the polishing stand as the older man noticed this and stopped holding Shin's arm. As the merchant noticed what had happened, Shin decided to take action and push off the merchant, using his speed and taking off from the scene of the crime.

"AFTER THAT BASTARD!" yelled the merchant as he pointed towards Shin. As if on cue, four to five men from the crowd immediately jumped in and darted off towards Shin, hoping to chase him down. Although the plan nearly failed, it had worked good enough. The merchant had not seen Shin's face due to his quick lunge and would have seen only his hair and clothing most likely. Looking behind him, Shin noticed the four or five men chasing behind him at some incredible speed of their own. However fast they were though, the question was now if they could adapt to a quick and sudden change. With a quick stop, Shin darted to his left entering an alleyway. From here, he took another left with a quick dart before entering another alleyway. His plan was to use the alleys as a cover and his speed to increase the distance between himself and his chaser. After about ten minutes of darting and running around, Shin was positive that he had escaped his chasers. With a few deep breathes of catching his breath, Shin proceeded to make his way back to the alleyway he had met Jerr.

Awaiting within the alley was Jerr, already sitting atop a crate with the golden bracelet clipped around his wrist. "Looks neat huh!" He exclaimed with a bright expression. "Just give me my money," Shin responded as he continued to catch his breath. Not expecting that response, Jerr nearly fell off his crate. Gathering himself, he reached into his pocket and pulled out 25,000 jewels. Grabbing the money, Shin placed the reward into his pocket before making his way towards Dr. Mabuz's shop. As he walked, he turned around to say a few words to Jerr. However, the little rascal had already left the alleyway. The kid was definitely a speedy little bastard, which was what made him a good thief. With this request now done though, Shin's focus was on seeing if the doctor had anything for him to do.

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