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Beach Gym

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#1Sage † 

Beach Gym Empty Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:32 am

Sage †
Today Sage decided to do another quest, quests that involves on helping people. He took on a quest which he needs to help this bodybuilding person, Jay Holiday on his body building at the Hargeon's beach gym. It is said that Jay Holiday was the strongest bodybuilder in all Hargeon, but Sage could never tell as he don't have any prove on it. Sage have to walk very far to reach the beach as he lives in a hotel far from the beach, and when he arrived at the beach gym, he could feel that the air and its moist is different. The wind were stronger too. Sage entered the gym and he saw many people with muscular bodies doing some exercises with machines, Sage never knew what the machines were. Sage had never know what they are doing with their body, moving here and thaere as he came from a village with no gym or any services related to it, even people don't do exercises like the one they did in the gym there, as his village focuses on harvesting and farming and they don't need exercising as they don't need it. He looked around the gym to see where this Jay Holiday is. People said that he have a blond hair and his skin has a dark tan which showed that Jay always go to the gym. Sage looked all over the big gym but he found none, when he was about to check the last spot, he could say that the man he was watching is Jay Holiday. He was doing some warm ups, poor him, Sage thought, he felt very guilty due to his late arrival. He apologised to Jay and said that it will never happen again, Jay then said that he doesn't mind Sage's late arrival. Then Jay asked Sage to help him with his bench press, but before that he explained to Sage what he must do to help him in case Sage doesn't know. Jay told Sage to place his hand under the dumb bell in case if it is too much for Jay to lift it and he need some help.

Sage was afraid of what Jay was about to do. He then watch Jay sit on a long metal chair with two bars on the side, Jay then placed a long rod over the two bars and placed some heavy 'rings' at the end of the bar. When Jay was about to lift it, Sage felt like it is his time to do whatever Jay told him to do. Sage placed his hand under the rod but not lifting it. After some weight lifting, Jay added more heavy rings and this time, larger ones. Sage saw a label at the ring and it said '50kg', Sage was very shocked and he was surprised by how strong this Jay man is. After a couple of lifting, the bench press exercise ended. But that was what Sage thought. It seems like Jay Holiday was just drinking some water and he then positioned himself back into the long metal chair and asked Sage if he was ready.

WC: 524

#2Sage † 

Beach Gym Empty Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:39 am

Sage †
They continued with the bench press, Sage thought that Jay had enough of it because of the heavy wights he lifted a thousands time before, Sage replied to Jay with just a yes as it seems like his job is pretty easy. Jay add a really big heavy ring on the bar, Sage felt like Jay was crazy to do such a thing. Jay lifted the bar and Sage quickly placed his hand underneath the bar to make sure that it won't fall on top of Jay's chest with great impact. After doing five press, Jay asked Sage to help him place the heavy bar back on the two pole, Sage lifted the bar together with Jay's strength, Sage could even the bar's ridiculous weight, he was impressed on how Jay could lift it before. Then he took his breath heavily, sweat started to trickle from his forehead and thank goodness that the room was not hot as there are air conditioners in it. Jay then gripped the pole with such passion and took it off the pole and started to lift it again and again, while Sage keeping him from losing his arms by holding the bar loosely. Then again, at the last rep, Sage has to help Jay to place it back on the two poles. After that they did the final set, Jay made this quick, Sage could see Jay's muscular muscle lifting the heavy bar with high intensity, and now Sage don't have to help him to place to place the bar back on the two poles. Jay then ended the session and gave Sage some jewels and said to him thank you, Sage received the jewels with gratefulness and replied to Jay your welcome and he said that he will support in his next weightlifting competition. Sage then head to the exit and exited the Hargeon Beach Gym, but before that he could see people practising their exercises and the others are building their stamina and the others are building their body into a perfect shape, Sage wondered why would people want perfect body shape and then he decided not to judge on people's action as that is wrong, everybody deserved to do what they want Sage thought. Sage has to confess that it was really stinky back there, he had never smelled anything like that except for the rotten tomatoes he found at the back of the village, and he would never enter a place like that ever again. The sun is now high but it wasn't hot. Sage decided to have lunch by the beach in a restaurant next to it, he was very proud of himself to help one people. while waiting for the food, he watched the wave, one second it is big and the next second it disappeared and turned into nothing. Sage started to have philosophical thinking and thought what if life is like that, one moment you are big and strong, the next you are small and weak, but then he found a greater philosophy, that everything wont last long and eventually perish.

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