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Ain't it Fun?

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Ain't it Fun?  Empty on Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:17 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice had bumped into Videns this morning on her way to find Daragast, she had met the mage (or she assumped so) only once in Magnolia. It had not been their best meeting but everyone could have a bad day. Today they had done three jobs together and it had been rather funny, the jobs had see to come to them. They couldn't take a sip of a drink or they were already disturbed by the next client who would ask for their help. With the last job done, making sure Gaud got the right transaction after making a mistake before hand, Videns had asked if they would go for some dinner, mainly after her comment of being hungry. This was their plan for tonight.

Since she was familiar with Era's restaurants, bars, pubs and so on she had asked Videns if there was anything, any sort of food that he would like before she would either take him there or in case she didn't like it suggest something else. It wasn't that much of a difficult plan because Alice wasn't a picky eater afterall. She was glad that today's meeting between the two of them had gone rather smooth and she came to like him and threw her judgment of last meeting into the wind, it was a nice person and she had actually find it funny that he asked her for dinner but pointed quickly out as friends, which was only better in her case. She didn't feel like explaining herself tonight.

So she walked to the restaurant which they had picked together and wondered if right now they would be able to eat something, "I was wondering, since you do jobs and all, if you were a mage from a specific guild?" she was actually asking two questions at once but where Videns now knew that she was a lieutenant candidate, she was very curious to figure out more about him. Their first day had gone a bit rough and they hadn't much talked while finding the coffee cafe where he at that time brought a great cup that she wanted to try, but that was in Magnolia. She waited in line for the queue to find a table for two and sit down, she would simply wait because it was interesting perhaps to get to know each other a bit better, something to be expected after working together all day. She was sure though, that he wasn't a knight, she had never seen him before Magnolia, it was something she would perhaps remember.

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Videns was happily walking by Alice in the citybof Era. The sun had already set by the time the two had finished questing for the day, causing the street lamps to illuminate the otherwise pitch black darkness. The amount of lights on the street seemed almost comical to.Videns as they walked side by side in the richer district of Era. It was as if the sun had never gone down ot was so bright. Videns could only imagine it was to aid the common knights and pedestrians of the dangers associated with the night.

After Alice had suggested a resturaunt Videns agreed, not knowing where any of the good places where himself Videns trusted her judgement in her choice. It was at that moment Videns realized how close the two had gotten in such a short space of time. Videns was usually a shy person, prefering to be alone however as he travelled he found more and more people he began to confide in and it just so happened Alice was one of those people.

As the rwo approached the resturaunt Videns could easily see why Alice had picked it. The place was not large and fancy nor small and run down. It was just the right size and seemed to be very homy. Videns could tell why there was a line. Even in large cities people prefered a comfortable environment rather than an upscale businesses for the upper class. As the two went in Videns did feel very at home. There was a nice mixture of dark reds and blues along the velvet walls. A small bar to the sode and some tabbles and booths in the other side.

As Videns sat with alice at a table Alice got right into the small talk. Videns smiled at himself. Uzually he would.avoid such formalities but he felt like he wanted to get to knoe the Neko more as friends would. "Half right. I'm a mage but not apart of any guild. I use wind magic as a matter of fact, how about you? Can you use any magic?" Vidrns would ask. He thought he may as well tell her what magic he used since she was bound to be curious. Videns was curious to see what kind of magic she used or if she coild ise magic. As Videns asmed his question a jug of water carried by a well dressed waiter came to the table. As the waiter set it down and left Videns pocked it up and poured his own glass full. After which he would offer some to Alice.

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Adelaide Sokolov
She would come up with a restaurant on the spot that she liked rather well. It was perhaps a very busy place, business was going well for obvious reasons but it wasn't that big so she wouldn't feel all to small and tiny based on the huge crowds that were in some restaurants, especially here in Era. Apart from the cosy feeling it would give her, it served delicious food in various different themes. She would always have difficulty ordering things, she had not been here enough to already figure out what she all wanted and needed to eat, needed being only for her love of fine food.

"I hope you like it," she mentioned to Videns as they were able to get one of the last tables, it was probably nice that they came a bit later and the tables could be re-used after people that had shown up early, had already been gone. She was starving at this point, she was already a bit hungry before they took the last job and thank god had that one not taken too long so she didn't have a loud grumbling stomach yet. To avoid that from happening anyway she asked him about magic and if he was in a guild, or well she assumed it. But apparently he wasn't, she had spend a short period being guildless as well. She was interested to hear he was a wind mage, so was Eva and she shortly wondered if her friend was alright.

She turned her attention back to Videns as he had asked her about her magic, she smiled, "I'm a requip mage." she said proudly and she sat up a bit more straight on the table and nodded when Videns offered her a bit of water from the jug that was just brought to them. She grabbed one of the menus that the waiter had put down as well, she was sure he would know about the magic, considering he seemed to know all sorts of small facts, which was really interesting.

She oped her mouth to say something when a person in the Rune Knight uniform showed up at their table, dammit, busted. She smiled happily towards the page, which was obviously fake but she took the letter and dismissed the page. She wasn't coming anytime sooner, "Sorry, need to read this." She opened it quickly and read it quickly, she was afraid that they would summon her now immediately but they pointed out a time for tomorrow but gave her some information about the new acquired rank that she got, "So the rumours were true. I'm a Lieutenant now."


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Videns' face lit up when Alice mentioned she had requip and an uncontrollable "ooohhhhh came fro his lips. "Wow, that's really interesting!" Videns said taking a sip of water pretending he had not just ohh-ed like a fan girl pining over whatever they pine over. As he placed the glass back over on the table, Videns decided he might try and cover any teasing with a little fact. "That's a really rare magic, you're very lucky." Videns said a little envy rising up in him. He wished he had a cool magic that would set him apart from others however he tried not to visibly show this. "You know actually, that magic was used by a lot of royalty in the past, it's why in some historical Era's that there are so little artifacts of heirlooms, they area all stored in the little pocket dimension of theirs." Videns said remembering more history taught by his parents. He did wondered if Alice would be interested in which historical families would use magic like that, but he decided to allow her to ask rather than continuously talking.

As Alice was about to speak once more, a small boy came up to their table with an air of rush about him. He handed Alice a letter emblazoned with the Rune Knight logo on it. Videns knew immediately that it was a page and that the letter was of course regarding Alice. Videns looked to Alice as she took it saying she needed to read it and he felt his heart drop. Although she tried to look polite her smile was lacking a genuine quality. He felt nervous for her. Videns felt like telling the Page to buzz off too but waited for Alice to read her letter. As she finished and said what it entailed Videns lit up once more. "Amazing! Congrats Alice! Hey can we get some champagne over here?" Videns said trying to get a waiter's attention.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice didn't mind the oooh'ing, actually she liked it. She was maybe a bit vain about herself. She obviously knew that there were things wrong with her but it was nicer to not think about it and let it be like this. She grinned though, for she couldn't help it and she nodded when he said it was considered a rare magic, funny that her boyfriend's brother had the magic as well. And now that she thought about it, what about that Fairy Tail mage during the Cell games in Sieghart Mountain? She would perhaps never know, "I have only met one person before that had the magic. He didn't seem to use his magic much though, so I don't know how much developped he has it. But I'm pretty good at it." she said still not being able to demonstrate anything with her magic, for she didn't want to in this room in the restaurant.

She picked up her glass of water that was filled by Videns and took a sip before she got the letter. She looked up with the little history fact that Videns threw at her now, "Oh that makes so much sense. It's a shame that it happened like that but I can imagine." She actually found it very interesting to hear about it, she looked very interested, hoping more facts would come. "Do you know any of those families?" she asked when it remained a little quiet between the two of them. She hoped she didn't push him but she imagined he would say so if he didn't want to talk about it. He seemed like an honest person.

She didn't want to seem rude but she wanted to see what was in the letter. But it was only positive and she looked up with a grin to tell Videns happily. Whom immediately ordered champagne for them and she thanked the page for bringing the letter and told him to tell the higher ups that she would be there and he hurried off again, she grinned at Videns, "Well this was good news." she wondered about the meeting for tomorrow though but she would cross that bridge when she came to it.


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Alice had said that she actually knew someone else that had requip magic and Videns could not help but ohhhh once more. Although it wasn't unheard of to have more than one requip mage in a generation to know of some was rather interesting and definitely had it's advantages. Now that Videns thought about it the book he read the magic in was rather dated and with years of procreation there would of course be more and more people who would gain that magic but he kept that to hinself, Alice seemed to like being idolised and Videns enjoyed looking up to her, as if she was a big sister to him.

As Videns had finished his little fact about requip Alice seemed to look very interested in the topic Videns had brought up and even understood why old kingdoms would store relics in their requip, asking if he knew anything else on the matter. Vitodens was going to go on but unfortunately the page came to the table with the letter and the calm, friendly atmosphere turned tense. Videns was anxiously awaiting the good news and when it came he had ordered champagne while Alice had ordered the Page to leave, which Videns was very thankful for. He didn't like people staring at him and while the knight was standing over their table Videns could feel his eyes focused solely on Videns. Videns did not look up so he wouldn't have to look the page in the eye and wake the atmosphere turn worse than it needed to.

Luckily however the atmosphere did change for the better and as their waiter poured them some champagne into new glasses, videns lifted up his glass to clink it against Alice's in cheers. "To the Rune knight's new Lieutenant." He would say with a smile, and once Alice hit her class against his own, Videns would take a sip of his champagne. Videns was not overly excited over the beverage. It bubbled madly even while in his mouth and the taste was a little sweet for his liking however since he had just bought the bottle he saw no reason to waste it. "I bet your friends and family are going to really happy for you." Videns said pouring himself another glass of champagne. He could only imagine the vast amount of Friends Alice had to tell. Videns saw her as an outgoing girl who made many friends who she would dote on. After he asked his question Videns would pick up the menu and scan it to see what he would be dining on.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Unfortunately her curiousity couldn't be satisfied because no information was given about the history of Requip magic and the families that were able to use it in the past. Some pages certainly had to work on their timing but on the other hand it was good news. She had not noticed the tense situation but as she had shared her happy news, most of the people knew inside but she didn't mind for now. They would possibly forget her by tomorrow and it was nice to share something, people smiled at her, ignored her, clapped for her or said a cheer but she was more focused on Videns. Afterall they shared the table and had worked hard together this day, it would be more rude to even ignore him and she didn't feel like mingling in the crowd and that was soon noticed.

She was really happy that he ordered champagne because she liked the gesture and the waiter seemed to find it fun as well. She clinged her glass softly against the one from Videns and took a happy sip, for her it was nice to drink. A bit too much bubbles but she liked the sweet flavour. If only she knew. She didn't want to lie to Videns but she was sure that her family didn't care, oh well perhaps Selena if only she knew where her cousin was all this time. "I eh.. I don't think I will tell. Perhaps a few colleauges." Which would only be her team which she considered not that much, but important to tell and her friend Evangeline but the rest, she doubted it was interesting for Konstantin to know and the other people she hang out with didn't all know she was a Knight. She would see, it was just a happy moment to celebrate it now. "But I do not consider that a bad thing." she took another sip of her champagne to quit talking about this, she followed Videns his example to look at the menu. She wondered if she should talk about her family, maybe he knew something about such rumours, seeing his history information. Maybe something had happened after that disasterous ritual Lacie tried to pull off.


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Videns looked down from his menu after Alice had said she was only going to tell a few colleagues. As he did instead of meeting her golden-brown eyes he was looking directly at the menu she had put up. Videns looked down at his own and wondered why she would not tell her family. A plethora of reasons ran in his head. Were they on bad terms, did she have no family, did they die, did they leave, was she ashamed of them, were they ashamed of her? The curiosity in Videns began to boil like a kettle on a hot stove. He wanted to know the reason why, not because he was nosy of wanted to finally find something debilitating about Alice to make himself feel good, but to share their own experiences and how they related to one another. Videns himself lost his family mysteriously and if Alice had lost her family then she too would know the pain. As of that dinner Viden kept all that pain and sadness bottled up but for those few fleeting moments he had hoped he could confide in a friend who knew the heartache of such an unfortunate event. Despite that need, Videns kept his mouth shut, in silent thinking of what to order, until the waiter had come to take their order.

“I’d like the sirloin steak with extra vegetables and gravy.” Videns answered as the waiter asked if they were ready to order. Videns decided to pour himself another glass of champagne to Drown the curiosity rising in his throat. He was afraid he was going to blurt out what had happened to Alice’s family however to do so know would ruin the evening, even if Videns were to tell her what had happened to his own. As Alice had finished ordering Videns was pouring yet another glass for himself. ”Oh you had said you wanted to know which families used requip before didn’t you?” Videns asked without realizing. Luckily it was not his other question regarding family other wise it could have been awkward as all hell. ”I was just about to tell you but the the page came.” Videns laughed as if looking back on a fond memory. ”Still interested to know?” Videns asked somewhat hopefully. To Videns if he could talk longer about anything else he could avoid saying something he knew would dampen the mood. So as they waited for their food, Videns awaited Alice’s answer.

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Adelaide Sokolov
She didn't notice the questions Videns were forming, perhaps if they both were open minded and able to tell the other, the conversation might not be so strained. But she didn't know and neither did he yet. There would always be a point later, since didn't want to blurt out her problems to everyone all the time. Especially not as she figured out there were enough people with their own problems everywhere around and it made her worry that she would be too focused on her own and not able to listen very carefully anymore. She let her eyes scan the menu without reading it. She was a bit distracted by the letter of her becoming a Lieutenant. Considering what she had said to Evangeline, she had not been able to protect anyone and it was so frustrating as well as humiliating, why did they pick her? She took a firm grip on the menu and simply looked at it, something with rice? Wouldn't that make her drunk quickly as the rice would fill itself with the champagne that she was drinking? Maybe she should stop drinking champagne after this one glass. She looked at it shortly to see that Videns was looking at his menu as well. She would have to come up with something before the waiter would come.

"Can I have the vegetarian risotto?" she asked she hoped that she would be able to eat that with ease for she didn't feel like becoming picky at her dinner. She closed the menu and handed it to the waiter and thanked him before turning to Videns who spoke to her, "Oh right." she said and she nodded with the statement of the page that had broken up their conversation, "Please do tell, I'm rather curious." she took a sip of her own champagne and would look at Videns, she really was curious and she hoped that maybe it had some answers about what she wanted to know about her own family.


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Videns couldn't help but grin as Alice placed her order. Vegetarian? Videns had always thought felines were carnivores, and vegtables were a last resort. Aloce must have been starving to want to go and eat some. Then again many domestic cats could eat their greens fine, once taught to. Perhaps Alice developed a taste for them? Regardless the food sounded very nice and Videns would take some when she wasn't looking. Vodens had figured they were good enough friends to be able to do that. "The chiken Tica for me please." Videns then asked as the waoter would depart from their table.

After Videns had asked if she would like him to continue his rant on Re-Quip and it's history, Aloce agreed. Well at least they would be talking while they waited for their food. "Well one of the most famous would be the Egyptians." Videns began. That era was one of hos favourites to speak about. "They're probably the most famous in terms of magoc, making thw huge pyramods and all. But a lot of theor herolooms that were not cursed were have saod to be stored wothon pocket doemsnions. Some ancestors have claomed they can tap onto it and get some items, but most were just fakes." Videns said taking a sip of his water.

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Adelaide Sokolov
He ordered something with chicken, and man she was jealous but she loved risotto too. She just couldn't stand the smell of fish at the moment, she didn't know why but she had never been a big fan so that was not a problem. She would just give him a bite if he asked for it but at first they would have to wait for the food to come. She would take another sip of the champagne and ordered some water for next to it.

She leaned with her cheek on the right hand and asked Videns to continue about the information about Requip, she was rather curious and she didn't doubt he knew. It was nice to how he told her. "That seems shitty, I wouldn't want too much for myself. I wouldn't mind people using my weapons later if they are still of any use but throwing away great weapons, that is a real shame." She said and nodded while making a statement. Turning to the waiter to thank hm for the water, which she immediately took a sip from. "Did you meet any other requip users or is it just an interest for you to figure out everything?" she said it in a teasing way, she liked Videns, surprisingly considering Magnolia, but it was interesting to talk to him as well.


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"Yeah a lot feel that way. Some of the hieroglyphs state that the magic was said "To lead to the Afterlife" so they would leave essential items within the dimension so they would be prepared. Anything thwy didnt want would be left cursed in their tomb." Videns then said after Aloce's comment. He had forgotten that little detail and was somewhat embarrassed. He prided himself on his knowldge of the past and forgetting somethinf was rather bad in his eyes. Videns was quick to remember that he had no brushed up on his history in years and was going off memory so there was bound to be a few slip ups

Aloce had then asked if he had met any other re-quip mages or of he just liked to fogure everything out. Videns blushed slightly as he grinned. "No youre the only one. And yeah I like to figure thinfs out. Im a little bit of a know it all, as you've heard." Videns chuckled. "It's fun to figure thinfs out cause then you remember things better. It sticks in your mind how you deduced your answer and ultimately the answer itself. I dunno maybe that's just ne." Videns reolied hoping he jad answered the question correctly.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was all ears about the story Videns was telling her about her magic: Requip. She was seriously interested, she had been able to create her own magic when she was to focus on that, back when she was seventeen, eighteen. Probably the last version otherwise: how would she remember the whole progress. "Hm that reminds me of the haunted blade I once had in my posession." She frowned while thinking about it, "Although that one had been from a pirate so probably not the same."

She grinned at him when he said that he was a know it all, "I compare know it alls with things I don't like. You on the other hand are giving me information I find interesting. However maybe at one point it can be annoying, when I know more from a subject. But I doubt that will ever happen." The teasing tone remained but it was simply funny and easy to learn things. "As long as it feels useful for me at the moment I will be able to learn. The thing is with my amnesia, I have other priorities than to expend my knowledge on certain things. It's not that I want to learn." She should learn a lot of things because that was basically the idea of being a lieutenant now.


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Videns nodded as Aloce had mentioned that she had gotten a haunted blade, com0arong it to what he had said earloer about cursed objects remaining. Alice had even saod ot was from a pirate. More thab likely raided a ppace for it. "Well luckily it wasnt a bad curse or you'd be dead!" Videns joked. Luckily the atmosphere was already light woth banter and teasing so no hit of malicious intent would even be concealled in those words.

Videns beamed at Alice as she controdicted him, saying he wasn't being a know it all and was in fact being very interesting. Videns felt a wave of appreciation for the beko. It was as if she had known what to say. Aloce had then saod that as long as she finds the area talked about interesting she can learn almspt anything. She had then mentioned her amnesia which had caused Videns'whicked. "Really? Amnesia? Sorry to hear that. Thats very u foretu ate." He would say in a somewhat consoleing voice. "Have you managed to recall any of your past? or has any of ot reached out to you?" Vodens had asked accidentally. He had huessed the subject was a touchy one and out of curiosity je had blurted out a very rude question. Videns quickly raised his hands in alarm. "You dont have to answer of you dont want to."

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice couldn't help but giggle as they continued to talk about the haunted blade, "Eh the owner of the smit even gave it to me for free because it was haunted. Never used it much, I wasn't afraid of it or anything, I'm just more specialised in using spears instead of swords."

She knew that she hadn't said anything about her amesia towards Videns, she didn't like to talk about it. People would pity her for it and she didn't like that. Only a few new, a handful of people she guessed and perhaps people that had interacted with them and asked her about it. She frowned shortly while she thought about Videns his questions, "It's half a mystery to know why I lost my memory. There was an attempt by my mother to do a ritual with me when I was about eight, that went wrong but only ten years later I lost it. I did recall a few things, for example when I entered my home town that I didn't know about. Or when I bump into things that are related to parts of my memory, it is hard work and it sure gives me a lot of headaches but I don't mind for now. As long as I get it back at some point." She was sure that Videns would understand, that's why she was okay to talk to him.


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Videns took note that Alice preferred Spears to swords. Videns could only guess why. Spear's were rather good fast weapons that could do serious damage if the wielder was fast enough. There is little skill to a spear also, so it's simplicity does appeal to most. It is hard to counter since it is so simple in design but if it is there isn't much that could be done. Videns returned the conversation, wondering what weapon he should invest in provided he could get enough funds to by any at all.

Videns was half surprised to hear Alice speak after he had asked about her amnesia. At first Videns thought that she must be comfortable enough to speak about it, but in her voice was traces of sadness, awkwardness and above all annoyance. Videns listened carefully to her. He seemed skeptical of Alice's story at first but as he listened, he seemed to believe her more and more. Alice had no reason to lie or look for attention. Videns could relate to losing part of his memory too. "I'm very sorry to hear that. But it is a good sign that you can remember things.
I have had some memory loss too."
Videns admitted. "And since you were kind enough to tell me about your experience I'll tell you of mine." Videns said to ALice, looking gently into her eyes. Taking a large breath in, He would begin to explain. "It's not as complicated as yours, but me and my parents went to go check out some ruins out in the country, and that's the last thing I remember seeing them. As soon as we got there, well I dont really know what happened but the next thing I know is that I'm ina hospital in crocus with a sore head.
No one knew where my parents were and they haven't been found since."
He would say, not breaking eye contact. It was better to address the situation head on and not shy away from it. Videns exhaled and as he did, a strong relief spread across his chest, like something was constricting it. "You're the first person I've told about that actually, you should feel honored, lieutenant." Videns teased, hoping to resume the joking atmosphere.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Had she bee afraid for his reaction or simply to twll him about herself. Something she tried to push away as far as possible. People would never assuke that she was who she was simply because the amnesia had made her this way. It ws possible that if she remembered her past, that she would be a dofferent person. She didnt want to think about it. But she had been honwst and more or less brave to tell him about her amnesia. To be surprised to hear that she wasnt the only one at this table. She took another sup. noticed the food was coming and made sure the waiter wouldnt hear their private atory before she let Videns continue.

Her story might be more complex but his wasnt nice eithet. "nothing? No trace around the ruins?" She would b to bug a coward to return. Sh couldnt help but grin as he called her lieutenant. She loved the word for now. "I wish there was anything i could do for you. But i could of xourse let you have a bit of my risotto." She had heard the teasing which made the conversarion easier and she wasnt going to throw that away. She evej prefered this herself. She took a bit of her food. She was starving.


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"Nope. No sign at all. It was like we weren't anywhere near the place. People have looked, search parties and everything. No sign." Videns said. Luckily thoughthe had managed to begin joking once more. Alice had said she would do anything to help, but shed start with giving hin sone of her food once it arrived. Videns laughes a little. "Surprised cats would like vegtables though, considerong most are carnivores." Videns pointed out. "And you of course can have some of my chiken tica." He said with a wink.

Almost as soon as the food was mentioned the waiter pushing the dining cart came uo to them. "Chicken Tica and the Vegetarian Rissoto. Do enjoy." Tge Waiter would say as he placed both plates infront of their respective owner. The waiter would then remove the two domes around the plates, placong them on the cart. As soon as the waiter lifted the lids the two mahes would be hit in the face with the most deletable aroma. Videns dish was nearly more bowl shaped. It was filled with a small pool of sauce at the bottom and there was soo much rice it nearly covered all the chiken. Videns' good smelt quite spicy yet a twinge of sweetness could also be tasted. "Thanks for the food." Videns would say putting his hands togethet. He theb looked up to see Alice's dish.

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Adelaide Sokolov
What would she do in that case. Searching did not work, that was clear which sounded frustrated her even if it had nothing to do with her. So she let it go for now if she ever heard anything inside the headquarter but this was not the solution to get focused on in this moment. She did not know what to say but took his joking to the heart and thus used the moment the food as a joke. Which made him comment about her neko side. "I dont mind meat. I was changed into a neko. It was an accident during an enchantment job." She explained although she still did not understand exactly what happened. She was glad about the offer of the chicken because it sure sounded tasty.

Talking about food made it almost magucally appear. WHich made her chuckle for a second. She looked ahortly at the bowl that Videns got, to check her own soon after. Her rice was a little browner and she liked the zuchinni and champignons in there. She looked forward to tasty it. It lookedcreamy and soft at the same time, she thanked dor the food and took her cutlery to try a bite of the risotto.

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