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Experiment Hexes

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Experiment Hexes Empty on Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:00 pm

Zoelee yawned softly as she stretched standing up. Her golden dark eyes would glisten like the suns of the galaxy as she would look up at the sun itself. What was she to do with herself?

Her medium green grass-like hair would shimmer a bright color of yellow-green as it would sway left and right. Her steps were light as she listened to the papers crumple. The papers in her hands were hexes that were given to her. What were they for exactly? They were for testing’s towards the town as she was asked to wander. Truly she had to find people that were perfect those these things. It reminded her of when she walked alone, streets of cobbled stone as there were houses of broken windows and doors made out of old creaky wood. She could still hear the creaking of the door hinges that were broken. The abandoned swings being pushed by the wind that was as if children spirits were there. She felt alone even if she was only nineteen.

Softly she sighed as she had to relax. Zoelee didn’t want to fight random people out of mere wrath… not yet anyways. Her eyes looked around as her hands would continue to clench the paper hexes within each hand. She unraveled the paper in her right hand as she looked down to see it. ‘Stimuli’ she thought as she would sigh, wondering what it would do. Slowly she would lift her head up to look more around in wonder of which person to do this to. Someone who was happy? With someone else to ruin some kind of date or what? As she thought of that she wondered what a date would be like. She has never been on a date nor ever had anything adult-like sadden enough of her age. Most women her age had a wife or husband… whatever they were into and even had children. The thought of her not having any of that saddened her in a way. Softly she would hum as her eyes would wander in a child manner. Soon she would look to see a woman all alone, wondering if she would be a perfect test subject.

‘I guess we should see.’ She thought as she brought up the paper towards her face with a small smile. ‘’Stimuli.~’’ she spoke ever so softly as she looked at the woman. Slowly the woman would have some kind of weird facial expression which made her more curious. ‘What is she up to?’ she wondered as her darkened green hair would wind in front of her right eye. The cold felt amazing as she would close her eyes to the feel of the wind. She was wearing tore up black pants that were folded at the bottom once so they didn’t get caught by her shoes. Simply her belly button as showing as she wore a crop-top shirt with a red mark slashed horizontally from the right. Over it she was wearing a black jean jacket and for shoes they were boots of black.

She would sit and acting normal, following even sometimes of the woman in blue and red for an hour. All that it was doing was making her somewhat sensitive. For some reason she was squirming and fell down on the ground. It was dark – no one was around. she walked towards her within the darkness as she would go towards the random lady. ‘’Are you alright?’’ she asked sweetly yet in the shadows she had a smirk. ‘’I-I don’t know…I feel funny.’’ She spoke. Slowly Zoelee would lean forward to touch her arm, caressed it out of curiosity and slimmed down to the woman’s hand. ‘’I’ll help you up.’’ She spoke kindly as her eyes darkened more. ‘’NNn… O-Ok.’’ She spoke as her face was red. Did that just make her sensitive in other ways too?

It made her curious as she would take her away to a bench and stayed with her for the actual hour, going for the out and inside to test this hex. The woman fell asleep after the hour was done which she had to then use this other one. ‘What to do with this one now…’ she thought as she looked at it. ‘Decertify…’ she thought. Slowly she would start walking away as the light above the woman died out. ‘’Heh…’’ was all that came out from her lips. Her eyes looked about as she walked further away. Next her eyes would find a male to test this one on.

‘’Alrighty then.’’ She started to say as she whispered. ‘’Decertify.’’ And randomly the man stopped walking, fell on his face and was now on the ground. Zoe’s arms would cross against her chest as she leaned against a building wall to watch. The hour finally was done with as he stood up to limp away scared. ‘’Guess my works done.’’ She spoke coldly as she turned away to walk towards where she was to report all of this. ‘’Welcome. How was it?’’ he would speak all mysterious. ‘’It was a success when it came to the Stimuli. Decrepify was partially successful..’’ she would say simply. He would chuckle walking towards her to give her the reward. Finally Zoelee would turn away to then leave.



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