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Malevolent calamities in Orchidia

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Mishaps in the Forest
After wiping away the dirt from his face, Maarschalks puzzled face stared into the supposed magic artifact. Next to him stood Arisa, who was in equal shape if not worse than him. Streaks of blood on his shirt begun drying up--it wasn't his blood. It was the blood of the others. What led them to this moment was a mystery. It all started a little over 3 hours ago, with Maarschalk skulling a pint of ale in an attempt to impress his lady.

While this happened--a stranger rudely bumped into him. Causing his hand to slip during the middle of his attempt; wasting some of the ale all over the wooden table of the inn. This stranger asked for a seat, seemed to be very sincere about this cave he'd seen on the outskirts of Orchidia. Maarschalk could see the sincerity in his eyes, he was sweating all over and looked very pale. During this conversation, some other strangers seemed to be awfully interested as well. "What do you think of all this, Arisa?" Maarschalk would say, his voice lowered to a whisper. Luckily, he sat next to her, and he kept her close as seemingly the strangers joined their table to listen to the man explain what he saw in the outskirts. He wasn't entirely too convinced to go on what seemed to be a dangerous expedition. "We could go together, if you'd like?" Maarschalk wore a simple uniform today. A black coat--that had similarities to great-war uniforms. A black shirt that covered his torso, and slim-cargo pants. His pants, as you could have guessed; were also colored black.

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Standing, weak knees yet she was standing tall. Arisa was unsure on how to feel about what all happened. All she knew was that it had to be done... it was all done. Her golden eyes cornered to look at what Maarschalk was holding.  It shined to her eyes making her smile small. Her clothes, her indigo colored skin, Arisa ignored all what was hurting and the fact there was blood on her. Who the blood belonged to was a mystery as much as to what happened.

Smiling small and watching Maarschalk was funny as he seemed to be trying to impress her or something. He was drinking and she honestly hoped he wouldn't go running of, disappearing on her again like last time. Her purple-like colored hair was up in a waterfall braid. Her outfit on the other hand was a grey/silver cowl neck hoodie dress that went just down above her knees. With that she wore thigh-high socks and black boots with flat bottoms. Arisa didn't have the hoodie up as her hair would flow down against her back. The lights would shine upon her indigo colored skin. Out of no where a man would come out of no where, bumping into Maarschalk, making her giggle a little. Maybe it was part of her bad humor, but the fact that his drink spilled over made her think it was funny. Was it truly simple to make her laugh? Sometimes, it just depended on who it was and if she was actually herself or not. This guy was weird, mysterious of his own term as he started to talk about this cave. The cave seemed to have something of worth, but there seemed to be a catch. She knew there had to be one otherwise...why wouldn't this guy go for whatever was in there? Arisa bit her lower right lip with her right canine, thinking as she heard Maarschalk question. Her eyes of golden brown would corner up to look up at him, thinking. 'Would it be worth it? I don't want to say no and pass up on an adventure with him...'. Sweetly she smiled. ''I find it quite mysterious and worthwhile to adventure this... cave. As long as I'm with you in that matter.'' she answered she would guess they were boyfriend and girlfriend by now. Never has he asked her out like a typical couple and neither did she, but they were that right? Lovers? She wanted to question it, but right now she had more things to worry about, like these strangers.


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Mishaps in the Forest
Maarschalks hand rested atop Arisa’s thigh. This hadn't been for the entire evening. It indubitably was a reaction out of indirect-jealousy. Possessive was a better word to describe it; though not as immature as obsession usually presents itself. The prospect of another bar-goer, mistakenly hitting on his damsel wasn't an idea he held much acclaim for. Especially considering the seedy audience of this bar. As a result, his fingers found their place on her upper thigh. Her meaty thighs were a favorite of his.

Upon hearing her words, the span of his attention diverted towards Arisa. He replied with a kiss on her cheek, and then moved his head to face the stranger.

"Count us in."

The stranger begun laughing, more joyous than he should have--but to no avail to Maarschalks perception--the acts of benevolent betrayals shortly after began stacking up in rapid succession.

One after another, the entire party had fallen--save for Arisa and himself. It wasn't a big party, no more than five came to the dungeon at the end, including the duo. One was a knight; in traditional fashion dressed in full plate. Another made a living as a hired weapon, a rogue from the east. Lastly, novice mage, a local of this town.

Maarschalk tried his hardest trying to save the novice from the clutches of death; his name was Barrett Aura--the poor sod lost both legs when his lower torso got ripped off after getting impaled with a huge boulder. Maarschalk wouldn't show it, but it had given him some shellshock--sending him back to the ol' days where he served as a combat-medic.

He stood proud, even at the precipice of oblivion. Holding in his hands what seemed to be a book, ancient written on it, that he could not read. Not sure what to do with it, he handed it over to Arisa instead. He presumed that the book contained ancient magic--but without knowing the letters, he couldn't try them out. "You take this, I'll try to find a way out." Without a pause, Maarschalk began scouting for ways out, in the next chamber he could feel the light of the rising sun hitting his face, he could use his magic to lead them out. "Come here Arisa!" His endurance had taken its toll, constantly walking back on forth while on edge proved to be taxing.

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As she sat there a blush of pink would appear on her cheeks, feeling his hand on her thick strong thighs. Her eyes though would stare at the people that decided to join on this adventure. On the side note she was enjoying the possessiveness that Maarschalk was showing. It made her feel wanted and feel that he didn't want to lose her. Never has she really felt that till her times with him. The light was shining upon everyone that was sitting on this table. Her golden brown eyes were scanning  them, but was caught off guard by the simple kiss on her cheek from her beloved.

A smile would appear on her full lips as she was hiding the fact that she felt like something was going to go wrong. Why did she have this feeling? Was it because it was a repeat of something that happened before in the past? Did it have to do with that flashback with all those bodies being covered in the end? Her head started to hurt, but smiled in hiding the pain. She listened to Maarschalk and then the people who were then getting up. Surely they all had to get ready and it would finally begin...

Arisa's eyes half closed, color of golden brown became rather dull as her color dimmed. Her expression was rather expressionless as she would look numb. She didn't want to be shaken nor to look scared as she never been through this kind of stuff before or so as much as she remembers. The man who was all in armor, the man who was most likely paid as a mercenary or rogue and the mage that seemed rather semi-new to being one were gone. The knight in armor was a guy who was looking for honor, wanting to show his courage for someone. Who was this someone? She never found out, but all she knew was that he was a coward in the end as he tried to run off. The other guy who was a rogue of some type was quiet. He never really talked with anyone besides himself. Was he crazy or was it from his own past? Was she going to end up like that in the end? Arisa's head turned to look at Maarschalk while she was handed the artifact. Her soft hands gripped it tightly so it wouldn't fall. Her other hand had itself in her pocket, holding a ring she found that was rather unique. What it did or if it did anything was a mystery, but she didn't want to try anything till later. No. She wasn't going to end up like that. She has him so there was no way, right?

Truly the cave was still dark with a tiny glimpse of light. It was just enough to see his skin, the outline of his body or she would at least hope it wouldn't end up being someone else with the same voice. She shook out of the mental thoughts of what happened for now, taking his hand at his sudden command to go his way. ''A-alright. Let's go.'' she spoke softly and quietly, gripping his hand tightly with her own soft hands. Finally they would find their way out and far from this cave.


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