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Eyes Wide Open {Akai}

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Eyes Wide Open {Akai} Empty Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:52 pm

Akai walked down the pathway to the Mag Drug shop, truthfully he wasn't a big fan of the place, but Khalash paid well, so he didn't really care. As he opened the door the tiny bell above it chimed. "Ahh, thank you coming today Akai." "It was my pleasure Khalash." Khalash smiled then began preparing Akai. "Today while i'm gone you'll be running my shop. DO NOT go in the back room,
it's my private study. There's been some rude teenagers stopping by my shop recently and annoying me, if they shoe up, just get them to leave quietly,
don't break anything."
Akai shook his head, "I think i can handle." Khalash sighed, "I'll be back around midnight, those business partners want to talk to me for a while." With that Khalash left the store and left Akai all by himself.

At first Akai just sat there, no one was coming in. So he just sat there and fiddled with the pencils drawing an endless amount of circles, he drew a lot of circles. Finally someone came in. They looked around for a bit finally deciding on an apple that turned them into a giraffe, odd choice, but Akai was no one to judge. "Hi sir, you can pay for that here." The guy came over and payed for it, then left. Not much more people came in, one lady wanted a love potion another dude wanted an invisibility ring, Khalash certainly did have a lot of oddities in his shop. After a good hour of no one coming into the shop the bell rung, and three, obnoxious looking teenagers shuffled into the shop. They looked down and quietly giggled, Akai knew they were up to something. Aka came up with a pretty good way to get rid of them, "Unless you're planning on buying a beating, get out of this store before i throw a random potion at you." This seemed to catch their attention, they debated it for a moment, then decided against it and left, fortunately for Khalash, Akai had bluffed about throwing the potion. From there on the night became pretty boring, not much happening other then some fairytail wizards coming in to buy some potions and of course the same guy who bought the giraffe fruit, buying another one. So Akai went back to drawing his circles.

For hours this went on until the teenagers returned, wearing raincoats. They slowly edged towards Khalash's backroom door. Akai slid in front of them ,"What do you think you're doing?" The teenagers froze for a moment, until one particularly cocky one piped up, "Seein' whats in the old man's shop!" The group muffled laughs. Akai towered over most of them, "
y'know someone I know wouldn't like that."
The cocky teenager piped up again, "Who? The old man?" Akai smiled, "No, my fist." The teenagers face all blanched white, none of them were particularly buff, and none of them probably knew any magic. The group turned around and sprinted towards the door, hopefully that deterred them for good, he was tired of having to deter them. Turning back to the cashier desk he sat down and began to draw some more circles.

After a while he pulled out a mug of tea he had brought with him. It was herbal of course, but it was a blend of some weird tea leaves he won at contest about a year ago. The tea was minty, but also had a bite to it, it was surprisingly good. After a while he had finally ran out of room to draw circles and had to turn his attention to something else, but luckily someone had just come in. "Hi, do you buy any chance happen to have a enchanted necklace?" Akai didn't really care what this man was up to, if he was fulfilling some sleeping beauty fantasy Fairytail would probably catch him, but most likely he wanted it as a gift, "Its at the back of the shop, next ot the enchanted rings." Akai pointed in the general direction. The guy came back with a really fancy one, finally Akai decided to make sure this guy wasn't fulfilling a fantasy. "Is this for someone special?" The man smiled, " Twelfth anniversary." Akai smiled, not a fantasy. The man left and Akai placed the money back in the register. He checked the time, 11:00, Khalash should be back soon, Akai was so done with this job. He propped his feet up on the chair and looked out the window, waiting for Khalash to return, he really wanted his money and to be out of here.

At about 12:04 Khalash entered the door, the bell signaling it with a ring. "Sorry i'm a bit late, I was held up by some man giving a anniversary gift to hid wife." Akai was glad that the man hadn't lied. "Lemme go get your reward an i'll be right back." Khalash swung the back door open and there was some crashing and clanking, but he seemed to make it back out the door alive. "Here you go, thanks for watching my store. I hope you were able to get rid of any unwelcome teenagers?" "Akai smiled, I was. And nothing was broken." Aka turned around to leave the store, he was ready now, he was done watching this shop if he ever did again, it would be too soon. "Oh on your way out please put the closed sign up!" Khalash called out. Akai reached his hand back inside and flipped the sign around, he was out!


Eyes Wide Open {Akai} DC0NB5T

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