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Marigold to Magnolia [Foot Travel]

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Marigold to Magnolia [Foot Travel] Empty on Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:37 am

Eva walked down the path leading to magnolia. Having set off early in the morning that day, farmer Jim was the only person Eva visited before leaving the small town. Her inn owner had been surprisingly kind, packing her a lunch which she had already eaten half an hour ago. Now Magnolia wasn’t so far off. She just had to cross Hargeon town and by her estimates, she would definitely arrive by evening that day. Last time, she had arrived somewhere between the same time and was roped into helping Midas throw a party for his little girl. Remembering it still made Eva angry and jealous. It was one of those days that she really hated her life for being the way it was. But whatever, this time, she was going to help Khalash with that magical item and see if anyone else wants to hire a mage. She was going to be there for a few weeks and maybe contact her manager and tell him about how she won’t be able to make it to Era for a while. Eva was well aware that she would have tons of work piled up when she finally do get back but for now, Magnolia was all that was in her mind.

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