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Magnolia to Marigold [Travel]

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Magnolia to Marigold [Travel] Empty Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:44 pm

Eva waved at the inn owner. She had been in Magnolia for almost a week. The town was magnificent and everyone was friendly and fine, living their life peacefully. During the course of her stay, Eva felt that she may have gone through a sudden roller-coaster of emotions, both good and not. It was a fun experience, and for some reason she couldn’t really justify, Magnolia had grown on her to be a town that she would like to spend more time on, only second to her hometown Era itself. And so, it didn’t sit so well for her to leave so quickly. Besides, she had screwed up on a mission only that morning and it left an unsavory taste in her mind. She drew a quick map in her head, red lines dotting over it to connect Magnolia to Marigold and then back again. At least, this was her plan unless something else came up. Maybe she would go back to Era afterwards. She was sure that her manager was starting to get worried, too, if the amount of calls she daily got from him was anything to go by. Anyhow, it was time to say goodbye to Magnolia for now. Soon, she will be back. Eva smiled, taking her first step out of Magnolia.


Magnolia to Marigold [Travel] R1pERCr

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