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Dance with the Undead [Solo | Quest]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Dance with the Undead [Solo | Quest] Empty on Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:11 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Okay. Right. Today was going to be the day. They would leave soon and she liked that idea but she had gotten a letter that she would have to go and meet up with Marwin Awedin. It was her first task as a Rune Knight. She wasn’t entirely sure what people thought of her and she had wanted to figure that out before she would leave Era but that would have to wait. Not everyone would probably be happy about a random chick entering the knights and turning up to be a Seated Knight. She didn’t mind, she could understand why people thought that but it was up to the Knights to make the decision and they did. The letter ordered her to come and meet him at half past nine in the evening. So she had done a lot of things this morning and afternoon. She had her dinner rather early to make sure she could do whatever was necessary for the job that was sent to her. She and Ophelia had just gone on and try to shop for some new weapons, something that Konstantin had said to her and she had said she agreed but she hadn’t really looked around for things. Not that she found anything that would fit her, more money wise than body type. Though most guys looked at her with surprise when she entered such shops. Which was quite annoying, sometimes she wished to punch them but that would be the Oak version of her and she was now in Era. Oak was far behind, she didn’t want that to happen again. She earned her money by doing jobs not by stealing but damn it had been itching as she passed someone who made it too damn easy but she resisted. She wouldn’t be proud of the weapons she had bought with that money and that would be quite a shame. When it was about an hour before she would have to arrive, she put Ophelia in the blue backpack that she still used for the transportation mostly of the Cleffa. Sure she could walk herself but they would have to hurry and climb the mountain on which the Headquarters of the Rune Knights stood. While she picked up her jacket a note fell out, it was in LeeAnn her handwriting, there she had written on the name of Konstantin and the address of the Headquarters, it would be funny to meet her again. Not only to ask about her Health but to tell her about Alice joining the Knights.

She jogged up onto the mountain, not too fast because she had more to do and didn’t want to get too tired. Damn again for the fact that she would have to work at night. It was messing up her sleeping rhythm. If she still had one. She yawned at that idea that she would have to stay up, that made her go slower but she was right on time up at the mountain, hill or whatever you wanted to call it. She had gotten a part of directions with her letter and ended up to meet Marwin Awedin. She wasn’t sure if she should salute, she didn’t even wear a uniform, interesting choice. Awedin looked her up and down and greeted her without much drama. He immediately went to the matters at hand and she almost laughed out of nerves when he mentioned zombies and that she would have to check that. Her magic would be perfect for that but it was demanded from her not to fight but simply see if the reports were true. She would have to report back as soon as possible if she had found the answer.

With that message it didn’t take too long before Alice was standing outside the gates of Era with that report stowed away in the pocket of her leather jacket. She was busy making a knot of her hair so she could put on the cap that she had borrowed for the sake of staying hidden in the night and not walking around like a walking flame with the colour of her hair. Ophelia was lulled to sleep and that was good for she probably didn’t like a midnight stroll through the woods. Alice had not summoned a weapon yet and was making her way softly and slowly to make sure she wouldn’t step on a branch or stumble upon one and falling, her job had to be careful, especially if there indeed were zombies. She rather not became a meal. It was a rather boring job when nothing did happen and she couldn’t even hum or do something to avoid being too bored. She would rather return and go to sleep, she yawned again for what felt like a thousand times. There was nothing but she couldn’t be entirely sure and that was the whole problem, she had been walking for about one and a half hour and she felt that her legs begged her to go back to the inn. That’s when she heard something and remained quiet. She would hunch down and slowly walk that way, she remained hidden by some bushes and prayed Ophelia wouldn’t wake up as she saw a statue of some pagan god and the cultist around there and she couldn’t immediately hear what they were saying but soon enough she understood it was some sort of ritual for raising the dead. Her eyes turned wide and she tried to back away softly and she ran back towards, she had to remember the route though. As she arrived at the gates Lieutenant Marwin was waiting there. She first had to catch her breath before she could tell him what she found, the god like statue, the cultists and the route she had taken to get there. He thanked her, paid her and she was off to the Inn. She wanted to be there as fast as she could and catch some sleep because she had enough to do the next couple of days but her legs were too sore. At least she had done a job for the Rune Knights, which made her happy.

Wordcount: 1031/1000

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