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Travelling From Oak To Era [Private | Yumi]

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Travelling From Oak To Era [Private | Yumi] Empty Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:57 am

Yumi sat on her head sliding her garter belt stockings up her long legs before clipping them into place. She then leant over and collected her high heel black boots and began slipping them one after the other making sure they were on before zipping them up the sides. She stomped her feet on the ground making sure her feet went all the way in. With her boots in place she grabbed her headpiece which was sitting on her bedside table, a gothic lolita headband that looked like a pair of animal ears made of black and red ribbons and bows. Yumi fixed the piece into her hair making sure it was in place before she rose from the bed and went over to the closet. She began pulling out her outfits and folded them up on the bed before grabbing a travelling suitcase from beneath the bed, one with wheels for every moving.

Yumi placed the suitcase on the bed and carefully placed her clothing inside it, straightening them out so they would not crease. Once her outfits was in she went and grabbed her bathroom utilities from the bathroom, zipping them up into another bag. She then placed her utility bag into her suitcase making sure it was secure.

Yumi then zipped up her suitcase and placed it down on the floor. ONce it was on the floor she pulled the handle up and began making her way out of the bedroom into the main room where Duskull was waiting patiently for her. The familiar floated over eating an apple. Yumi approached one of the apples and picked it up taking a deep bite from it. She chewed before swallowing it allowing it to fall down her throat. Yumi ate her way around the apple until only the core of it remained. she then dropped the core into the nearby bin.

Once she was done she called over Duskull and left the inn. She made her way down the stairs towards the front counter where the owner of the Golden Goose, an old woman later sixties was standing there looking through the registry. YUmi approached and began speaking to the owner telling her she was checking out. With that Yumi removed the jewels necessary and paid them up that was due for each night she had stayed there. Once done Yumi signed her name out of the book and left the golden goose out the front door and looked around the streets of Oak.

What was the lolita's destination now? SHe could travel to a closer town like Baska or even Nanuq. No the place yumi had in mind was much further away, Era home the Rune Knights, their Headquarters. Many would call Yumi crazy for heading there. She had recently received orders from HQ. her guild Grimoire Heart to begin moving to Era. She suspected she would not be the only one as they were conducting something big and who knows just what it was. Whatever it was Yumi could only say she was looking forward to it.

Yumi licked her lips in excitement as she began walking down the streets of oak, dragging her suitcase behind him humming to herself. Her companion venom followed behind her like the loyal familiar he was. Rarely did the familiar not follow its master around. In a way the creature was like a loyal dog nipping at its masters heel seeking the affection it so craved.

Yumi simpled placed her free hand, her right, atop its skull like mask and gentle patted the area. The creature leaned into the touch taking in the affection it was given. Yumi and her familiar travelled on through the streets making their way to the main gate from there they would be able to decide which route to take in their move towards the town of Era.

Yumi arrived at the gate where she began to show off her travel papers, getting them stamped before she began to leave the town of Oak that she had spent so much time in. The lolita had been in Oak for over five months in the passing time doing requests and other events that was needed of her. The only time she was away when she was earlier in Hargeon and in the Worth Woodsea to become a Demon and find the Temple of Malum.

yumi left the gate and began making her way down the path marching towards Era, Venom following behind as always. She came to a cross road and began to read the signs labelled on them the directions of the towns she needed to head in, to reach Era. Yumi took the park that forked to the right and began making her way down the hill town of Oak in order to head to Era.

It seemed that day to Yumi that she was the only one around, as the roads were relatively peaceful not a single soul in sight. The lolita didn't mind, the silence allowed her to prayer to her God Malum without any disturbance. Her familiar said not a word and did not disturb his master, as he knew she was in prayer as she was mumbling scripture beneath her breath with every step.

She found by reciting scripture it helped to pass the time and she would be in era in no time at all. The lolita simple wet about her lips moving as she continued reciting off by heart the numerous scriptures and texts she had memorised over the years.

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