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Old Country Town [Alice][Private]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Old Country Town [Alice][Private] Empty on Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:34 pm

Lee Nakamura
The little village was starting to get a little old with the tourists now leaving the little town back to their home. Of course, the tournament was over with and some guy named Maarschalk won. The young neko could careless since the three people she was rooting for were KOed. Hikaru was a surprise though. She thought he would have in the bag, but oh well. Life goes on! Her cousin had to leave back to Orichidia for his post. Luckily, she always had her fiance, Hans. She was thankful to have such a support system behind her. Recent events have push the redhead's mental state. She was ready for something nice to happen. The thoughts about the future wedding eased her sometimes.

The both walked side-by-side along the small village side to keep. They both held hands like any normal couple. They looked like any normal couple. They were not the normal couple. LeeAn wore her black suit of armor showing she was a Rune Knight. Hans wore as simple formal outfit with a button up long sleeved shirt with a black vest with slacks. His white hair and blue eyes did make him look like he was from the north. Small shops stood with window displays of merchandise of the latest clothing or fresh bread from a local bakery. The rest were nice, old town houses. Who knew the country was so soothing. They both entered into a small tavern that was cozy enough. There were enough people as they both sat down. The bartender looked over at them and came over asking what they would like. "I would like the hardest alcohol you have and he would like-" she said. Hans interrupted immediately.

"I want orange juice!" he said like a little kid. He was well over her height standing at 6'7". He was a giant kid. Personally, she only sighed. In the long run, he meant well. The young Rune Knight gave a glance then back at the bartender. "And Orange juice for the giant kid, please" she finished. The red head look over to see Hans stacking cars in the fashion of houses. "You are personally more random today. What did you take today" she asked. The kitsune looked over and smiled. "Do you really want to know" he asked. She only shook her head "Never mind then" she said.

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

Old Country Town [Alice][Private] Empty on Thu Feb 02, 2017 9:53 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice yawned, man Baska was even more boring now the tournament was over. But she didn't feel like leaving. It was probably for the best but she had no idea where to go. She had no idea where Selena went. She should go to Oak, talk to another Phantom but she didn't want to. She had never been so confused in her life. Okay that wasn't true because obviously when she had lost her memory, that had been a tough time.

She yawned and stumbled into a tavern. She had no idea what time it was, she had no idea at what time she went to bed and at what time she came out but she was hungry. The Tavern was almost empty, her eyes scanned the room sleepy and she wasn't in the happy mood that she was days ago. She saw someone with the same hair colour as her but.. with ears? Cat ears? She gazed at the girl that didn't look much older than her but seemed to have some air of authority around her. It took quite a while before Alice noticed that she was really staring and she shook her head softly. What was she doing, she normally tried to avoid all people, steal money and leave, "I feel incredibly rude, I'm sorry." It were the only words she could first say, she should add something else, "You reminded me of someone, but you are prettier and well more interesting." she couldn't help but look away from the two people, especially from the other red head. Her brown eyes scanned the floor, she had to walk away. Come on Alice, come on!

#3Lee Nakamura 

Old Country Town [Alice][Private] Empty on Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:09 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn could only see her fiance just playing with his deck of cards and rubix cube. Usually, he would engage in conversation, but he seemed to be more occupied with something else at the moment. The young redhead notice another girl in the tavern staring at her. Curiously, she gave a glance, risking their eyes meeting. Or well for her, eye. She had a eye patch over her right eye hiding her blind scarred eye. It was nothing new to her since she had half of her face black or a charcoal gray due to her illness. All her life she never thought herself as pretty and didn't see what people actually saw. It was still hard for her to see what her fiance saw in her. He said it as more than just her looks. Though, he was more actions than words. That's how he always had been.

She wondered where her brother, Hikaru, was at the moment. It was lonely without him right there with her like a big brother should. She sought to get her childhood back since it was taken away so long ago. Her mother was taken from her as so was her sanity. Life was bringing her to her knees right now. The girl then apologized to her for staring. Though, that was normal for her, but what caught her attention was this girl called her pretty and interesting. Usually, she would loose patience if it were a guy, but with a girl was much different circumstance.

The redhead blinked a little staring at her quite surprised. "Pretty? I haven't heard that from anyone other than my fiance. Thank you. What...makes me so interesting, if I may ask" she asked, quite curious. LeeAnn never liked confrontation with people because of what they would think of her. This time was a bit different. She wanted to hear from this woman as she tilted her head a little trying to figure this out.

#4Adelaide Sokolov 

Old Country Town [Alice][Private] Empty on Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:50 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice swallowed because she didn't like to talk in public, "Well," she started off and her brown eyes met the blue one from the other woman, "You probably think I'm lying, I'm not. I think you are pretty. I think it's maybe because you look like a nice person. It's the air around you, I like the colour blue of your eye." she bit her lip because she couldn't help it. She took a step closer to the other red haired one, "It feels really stupid to say something like that, believe me I know. But I had a twin sister," she looked at the table instead of at the neko, "People might say she was pretty but she wasn't. She was very ugly from the inside and I sort of was able to always see that on her face." I think she added in her mind, since she couldn't remember her sister at all. It was Selena that told her right, or was it on a family tree. She couldn't remember for certain but it didn't matter, if she thought about her sister, she could only see an ugly version of herself. And with that she didn't mean the looks, "Maybe I'm wrong. I'm sorry. I somehow had the feeling we were a bit the same." She didn't know why, well obviously apart from their hair colour nothing was the same. And it was a bit too personal to ask and a bit stupid since Alice wouldn't remember why. She didn't know. She should have spoken more with her cousin Selena.

#5Lee Nakamura 

Old Country Town [Alice][Private] Empty on Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:03 pm

Lee Nakamura
The structured word from the girl was a big slap in the face. A metal one. Another wake up call for hte redhead. For as long as she could remember, she always was thought to be ugly and a disgrace to the Nakamura family for the way she looked. Though, of course, it was all in her head. Her father and Hans told her that is not true otherwise things would of been a little different. There was more to a person than just the way they looked. Again, this was a moment in her life that was another wake up call. Listening to the girl, she only could be amazed at the words being told to her. Hans has told her these words before too, but she let her depression always get the best of her. The girl seemed to being saying it was stupid of her to say and staring at the table instead of her. LeeAnn could tell she was not one for talking that much to people in public. Which was something the red head could understand completely.

She said she had a twin sister who everyone said was pretty, but she found her ugly for the inside of her was. LeeAnn could think up a few other names that she knew of girls who were like that. LeeAnn reviewed what she looked in for a person. She valued those who saw her as a person and not her disfigurement. It was the personality people saw in her. LeeAnn felt stupid, herself, for letting her thought get the best of her again. A gentle smile came onto her as she got up from her seat and sat next to the girl, who seemed a little shy. "Never have I ever hear a stranger tell me this before. It's not stupid at all! It's an eye opener for someone like me Thank you. Seriously, thank you" she smiled.

It was the human heart that made it who you really were. LeeAnn didn't know who she really was herself, but this was a first step in the right directon. "I think your hunch is right. We are. I know the feeling. Personally, I never had a sister, but only two brothers. But I do know the feeling. People admiring others because of their looks or wealth. I have had rocks thrown at me, been bullied, kicked at school, and tortured because one thing" she said. She pointed to the charcoal gray part of her skin. Her eyes were different, but recent events turned them back to normal. Used to her left eye, the one that was not covered by an eyepatch, used to be always black and red like a ghou's but she figured out how to control it a bit more thanks to the Nekos. They knew more about her illness than everyone in Fiore combined. "This thing on my face is something out of my own control. My name is LeeAnn Nakamura by the way, and that man over there is Hans, my fiance. He's a bit...occupied with his toys" she said. Looking over to see the white hair man playing now a mechincal spider of some sorts. He was a tinkerer and built many things. "But anyways, what is your name? I have to thank you properly" she smiled.

#6Adelaide Sokolov 

Old Country Town [Alice][Private] Empty on Sat Feb 04, 2017 12:19 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice wasn't really feeling comfortable, maybe the other red head felt like she was attacked, private attack, Alice didn't know. It was kind of really obvious that she wasn't really good to talking to people, hackling trying to explain herself. Repeating at least ten times that she wasn't lying or well that's how it felt like to her. And in the end saying she might be wrong just to save herself from possible trouble. Yeah this conversation wasn't going very well.

She was looking at the table and not at the woman, so even though she heard a chair, she didn't see it coming that she came to her to sincerely thank her. She looked up in surprise, not sure what to immediately say or do but stare at the other woman. She seemed really happy, well that was a good thing. So it went better than Alice anticipated. She even understood what Alice meant with her twinsister Lacie, she seemed to have the same. Something triggered her, her eyes became bigger, her pupils dilated before everything seemed to be going back to normal, "Tortured?" she said vaguely because that had been the word that triggered her. Was she tortured too before she lost her memory? She slowly shook her head and turned to look at the red haired woman again and gave her a faint smile.

They came to a point that LeeAnn introduced herself and the guy she shared a table with as her fiance Hans. Alice couldn't help but smile, "Oh right," she answered, "My name is Alice Baskerville. It is really nice to meet you." and again Alice was honest for someone that always seemed to lie. She felt as if she could find pieces of herself in LeeAnn, she however didn't dare to say that out loud.

Even though she felt a lot better, it was a shame she had to leave. She only came to get some food and drink before she would travel. "I really hope we could meet again. But I have some urgent business to take care off." She looked rather sad about that but she gave LeeAnn a smile shortly after.


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