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Round 1: Carnage (Yumi) vs Strategist (Erebus)

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Round 1: Carnage (Yumi) vs Strategist (Erebus) Empty Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:19 pm

Saewoo stood on the arena, as the crowd roared below. They were waiting for the match to begin. Saewoo waved his hand, addressing the crowd. "Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you, the first round of the Martial Arts Tournament! Our contestants this match are.. Carnage and Strategist!"

Saewoo then hopped off the arena, allowing the contestants to come up.

  • Standard site-wide combat rules apply.
  • Post participants have 48 hours to initially post in this thread, then 24 hours every post after that. Should a participant take any longer than this, they should be disqualified. In addition, a substitute may also step in in the event this happens, but only at the first post of the match In the event neither post within that time, both are disqualified and substitutes will advance to the next round.
  • The first post should be both participants entering the arena, and starting the match on the second post.
  • The arena is of solid stone, and circular, with a 20 meter diameter. Ring outs, however, are not in effect. The arena elevates off the ground roughly 2 meters, and has stairs leading up to it.
  • All other tournament rules as detailed in the event page apply.
  • Good luck, and have fun.


Round 1: Carnage (Yumi) vs Strategist (Erebus) Empty Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:32 pm


"So it begins..."

Flashing crowds, roars of gladiator-like battle. Erebus felt right at home, shocked to have learned he was contesting with Yumi. Many would assume her weak he knew this, but unlike them. He knew exactly what her capabilities could do. The boy wouldn't make the mistake of letting his guard down and instead arose the stone steps with a look of seriousness.

The announcer introduced him as Strategist. Good, maybe people would remember him after this, it all depends on how well he can show out for the crowd. Was victory within reach? He surely hoped so. He dressed in a white tee-shirt, pants, and shoes. A jacket was laced over his shirt, it would do him well to cushion some blows he figured. At his waist was a leather belt, all typical clothing. Not weaponry, this was it. Time to get it ticking.

Erebus moved to the far right corner of the ring-- and waited for his opponent to finish travelling her steps. He'd assume she would await his attacks, as most normally were the type. So he readied his launch forward.

"Good luck Yumi, I'm not holding anything back for you. I'll show you what I've learned in such short time."

Round 1: Carnage (Yumi) vs Strategist (Erebus) 5oJEfCBQ_o

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Soft footsteps could be heard echoing off the stone stairs that lead two metres up to the circular stone arena that had been prepared for this event. The footsteps were light and didn't make too much noise, just enough that the placing of the feet could be heard. The owner was of a short stature as they were finally seen rising over the stairs and onto the arena floor. The other competitor, the one called Carnage would no doubt surprise many with their appearance, for it was not someone who was young, nor were they middle aged, but they was someone who could be considered old, as in elderly. The other fighter was a woman, in her mid-seventies with grey hair bound in a double bun tied by a single needle that went through the middle. Hanging from her ear lobes were a matching pair of pearl earrings.

The old woman, Carnage, Yumi being her real name stood at the short height of four foot ten wearing a long silk kimono that was simple in design. Yumi's Kimono was closed by an obi around her waist that was tied in the back, which was covered by the silk jacket she wore over top and a sash that ran over her left shoulder and round the right of her waist keeping the jacket in place. All of this was paired with white tabi socks and simple waraji that made a pattering noise as she walked on the stone.

Yumi's lips were in a straight line, her brow creased and eyes appeared shut giving her a somewhat grouchy appearance, her hands in the sleeves of her kimono. She walked slowly yet in a way graceful, seeming to glide across the arena as she made her way to the middle allowing a ten-metre distance from her and the edge in every direction.

The old woman would allow her hands to fall from her kimono sleeves landing beside her. Her eyes began to part revealing the dull red of her hues, "Let us begin. I desire to see if these old bones of mine can keep you." Barked out the old woman as she began to settle into a stance turning her left side to face Erebus, or strategist as he seemed to be called. She would spread her legs, shuffle her waraji across the stone, her left foot facing Erebus as her knee bent, her right pointed out away from her as the knee bent as well slowly lowering her back an inch closer to the ground, making her seem four foot nine inch tall. Yumi brought her right arm across to her stomach placing it in the middle of her torso, palm open facing Erebus. Yumi extended her left arm keeping the elbow bent her palm open as the side of her hand faced Erebus, her thumb closest to her, while her smallest finger was faced towards Erebus.

Round 1: Carnage (Yumi) vs Strategist (Erebus) FIXCi2K
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"Let's teach an old dog new tricks then.."

Erebus muttered under his breath, watching her take slow movements, his arms stretched and he sighed. She appeared to be preparing to act on the counter offensive the entire fight. Lame. That meant only an equally aggressive offense would be able to hold out.

Instead of launching off, guns flying he'd take a moderate to quick pace towards her. Saving his true speed for when the time called for it. The boy knew that with a frame of  only four-feet nine-inches; this woman's arm length could barely exceed two feet reach while his were easily near three. She could do what she wanted on the counter product, but if he approached this like a boxing match he could assume a tight defense himself. Steady mind, steady form.

As he approached he circled the woman constantly ready to sidestep or fling to the flank ready to wrap arms around her and supplex. However, seeing as the two dark one's were battling wits for the time. He sent out a few light jabs. Concentrated concise and aimed low enough to graze the woman's mandible but also slide into her esophagus. If movement debilitated this, then he could brush his fists against her cheek into the ear and successfully stun.

Meanwhile, his legs were parted enough to allow any kind of unpredictable dodge. Which-- as most knew, would be an ideal component in outlasting Yumi. Her physical strength was nothing to scoff at and he would not fall victim to it's unstoppable engine. Thanks to his holding back, he could react swifter to any coming onslaught. But based on finger detail, the strategist assumed Yumi was going to attempt joint locking or pressure point advances... Maybe something of the like.

He'd need to combat this with ambidexterity and bodily control. After all, being flashy gets you no where. True power lies in effective, energy, and peace of mind. Yumi was a mage, he was a normal. Losing this would go against his belief that hard work and dedication could win out against others. Despite knowing her experiences; he demanded a win from himself. Should he fail to do that-- then he fail to hold his enemy on a standard anything as equal as he'd want too.

If the jabs landed, the male would launch forward and pick her up from the pits to slam. Tunneling on top of her and executing a leg-lock submission. though, to say such an attack was planned would be dubious. The jabs were a distraction. He wanted to draw out a counter from her. Counters could be reversed, rash thinking like charging in-- well that couldn't.

The male would not fall victim to underestimation. Show your true colors, old priestess! So Strategist can tear them down like the twin towers. This will be a true battle of wit and resolve. The tournament itself would need' pick it's own poison by choosing one victor over the other.


Round 1: Carnage (Yumi) vs Strategist (Erebus) 5oJEfCBQ_o

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Yumi's entire body was still as if she had died in her spot, the only sign of movement was the subtle rising and falling of her chest as she breathed in through her nose. Her eyes were fixed watching her prey, her foe, with a weary gaze. No doubt if she had fought any other opponent outside of Grimoire Heart they would assume her to be a frail old woman unable to defend herself. But seeing as she was going against a member of her guild they would be aware not to underestimate this frail old lady who was much deadlier than she appeared to be.

Yumi's eyes followed her opponent, the young boy Erebus who stood at a height of six foot one, much taller then Yum who barely reached his shoulders. The old woman's eyes darted after the boy as she made his move going on the offensive. To Yumi, he seemed to approach first, so in retaliation she inclined her upper body an inch forward to put weight on to her left leg, preparing herself for explosive movement, thinking perhaps she should meet him half way. Experience had long since taught her not to let her foe come to her, but greet them midway in battle.

Yumi's eyes caught movement as Erebus changed his strategy and began circling to the old woman's right. Her right eye caught his figure appearing to her right as he started to attempt a light jab. As the jab was moving into motion, aimed at Yumi's jaw, the old woman kicked off the ground with her left leg launching herself away from her current position forward going into a 5m/s dash. The plan was to no longer meet him midway but to create a little distance.

The sudden movement was to allow her foes jab to hit nothing but air and allow some distance to be made between them. Yumi's waraji slid across the stone floor as she came to a halt having made a seven hundred and fifty centimetres (7.5m) gap between them in a one and a half seconds. By creating distance, it would give Yumi time to reassemble her offensive position and hopefully shut down whatever Erebus had planned in the moment of his previous offensive play.

Yumi pivoted on her left foot to face her Erebus. Yumi the moment she turned shifted back into a fighting stance, but she changed it up. Yumi shifted her feet, instead of making the length the width of her shoulders she made them spread out slightly wider beyond her shoulder width. But the positioning of her legs was not too wide that it interfered with Her centre of gravity. Her right foot was in front closer to Erebus, while her left was in the back furthest from her foe this time. Yumi hunched her back forward three centimetres making it show ever so slightly, while she brought both hands, clenched into fists, up to temple level right hand in front, left hand in back, elbows tucked in close to her ribs, chin down touching her chest and eyes forward as she faced Erebus.

Yumi inhaled deciding to up her speed in an attempt to catch Erebus off guard. The old woman bent her right knee forcing weight onto it before kicking off with said foot moving into a 6m/s dash, 1m/s faster than her earlier motion, crossing the distance between her and Erebus in 1.1 seconds. Yumi would aim to place her right foot on the ground bringing her right arm up, hopefully drawing Erebus's attention as she attempted a right overhand punch aiming for his chest, all the while her left shoulder would drop below level along with her left hand. It was her aim that by drawing focus to the right arm with the overhand punch, which was a semi-circular vertical attack, it would allow her left fist to go unseen. The moment her right was in motion her left would soon follow coming up from below in a swift left under jab aimed at Erebus's solar plexus. This was done in an attempt to stun her opponent and knock the wind out of him.

If Yumi missed, or should Erebus decided to counter her blows she would double step back to create a fifty-centimetre gap between the two and falling back into her stance to put her guard up. Yumi did not dare underestimate Erebus as she was not aware of his true capabilities, for now she would overestimate him. Of course should Erebus decide to rush at her before she could even attempt to unleash her offensive attack, Yumi would be ready to plant a foot into the ground and push her body left, forward, back or right depending on the situation. Even if she had to throw herself to the ground and go into a roll, dirtying her kimono, she would risk it if it meant avoiding an attack. Yumi wasn't afraid to dirty up her cloths in battle.

Round 1: Carnage (Yumi) vs Strategist (Erebus) FIXCi2K
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Yumi was playing the safe approach, his fist just missing her mandible by an inch, perhaps had he swung with all his might, he'd have caught her dead in her tracks. Alas, he too, was a smart fighter though and wanted to protect his movement speed for now. In the coming second-- he'd find it have came in handy. Since his opponent would have tried escaping him in slower aptitude.

Both fighters seemed cautious and stalwart, but even in the face of a martial artist like Yumi; who had years more experience, Erebus was noticeably less phased by the fear he once had around her. To be fairly honest, the strategist doubted whether he could've beaten Yumi in her prime. If she were so intimidating as an old woman, what was she in her occult ages? The thought didn't relinquish the bead of sweat forming upon Ere's brow. In fact it hastened it. Though he looked at her as an equal for the moment. Mental battles were the true tests here. However, stamina was a tool he'd trained for and he demanded he outlast Yumi. Outlasting was a common war tactic. It ultimately, well normally, came down who could stalemate the other until they gave up, unless, it became total war. The complete and utter annihilation of an enemy in all ways possible. But them being allies might keep that from happening.

"Aw, c'mon Carnage. Your God wouldn't want to be kept waiting would he?"

Erebus said, a dark smile spreading over his half-content face. To taunt out a fighter was to rob them of patience, which in turn, robbed them of virtue. He was brought up around Grimoire. Kissed the toes of these motherfuckers... He knew what they were about, and he was going to use that. What was once fear for Yumi was now backlash. You can't defeat someone you look up too. You have to get on their level. As Erebus felt his courage rise in the pits of his chest; so too did his focus. His inner spirit was aiding unison and now he'd show a taste of his true colors.

Instead of giving Yumi any room to breathe, as her feet moved her away, Erebus shot forward and would attempt to interrupt her entire frontal and defensive assault by snatching her up by the neck. Her mistake? She dashed at 5 meters a second-- his base speed-- most people's actually. Any faster and he might've missed the opportunity to chase her down. There was no gap anymore, his forced to prevalence had defeated the chance of breathing room subjected to him nigh seconds prior. That was one odd defeated, now onto the next!

At this point in time Yumi had not done anything to her form or footwork-- those were enacted after the fact-- but he had changed destiny, in fact as it stood now; all she had done was reveal herself to him. Because her actions were trained elsewhere-- the art of escape by dashing-- a reversal was unlikely in the old one's current state. Erebus would lunge to grip her by the back of the neck, using his newly acquire physical strength, he'd prolong the assault by attempting to drop her against the hard stone. The strength of the slam could equate heavy damage even if she didn't hit her frail old head. The initial use of the slam being to do just that.

Head trauma would've dealt her a toll, sadly she was more endurant than the everyday opponent. He'd need more than that. Should the slam have succeeded Erebus would slide across her body and slam an open palm over his superior's esophagus. A knock out point if he could just manage to hit it enough times before she was able to turn that around. Even then, he expected such a thing and kept his body level and balance in order to dodge roll. Women of her stature liked to knee men where it hurt, so any slight movement of the lower body could set him off as to escape.

Assuming Yumi tried to dodge roll the neck grab, Erebus was ready. His past was littered with sports and he knew exactly how to deal with such a thing. He'd skid off like a baseball runner for home plate right behind her, dropping off to either land a foot into her own solar plexus or central nervous system located in the back. Or to have ducked any attacks turn at him as she ran. Keeping his arms up to parry any incoming feet or hands once he reached the ground. Then, via his position, body on the ground, He'd turn her comeback into a submission, using his legs to trip and entangle her into a leg lock. If he were able to pull her leg out of socket, now this was onyl an attempt mind you, he'd slid over and put her in a head lock next.

As many knew, getting on the ground-- especially with smaller foes and using submissive force to choke out blood-flow would thereby cause them to pass out in mere seconds. However, to test the metal of this combo was yet to be seen. Erebus need only await to see if his constant oppressing force was bulk enough to compete with the old timer's delayed body reactions. Her speed was impressive, but she needed more than that to stop a prodigy at all things physical. Magic wasn't his niche, but he had all his life dedicated to this. If he couldn't beat an old lady, what was it he could amount too?

Yumi was a tough opponent, the toughest based on Erebus' knowledge going in. To climb this mountain of difficulty he'd keep his reactivity up. But just how long was he going to be lucky? Was it sheer luck she attempted to neglect sight of him to create distance? The onyx-haired adventurer needed to remind himself that was a possibility. He needed to keep himself together. No fatal errors. There was more at stake than this tournament, he wanted Yumi's respect too. He vouched for validation by voice and reason, however now, he throttled for it with fists and timed meditation.


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Round 1: Carnage (Yumi) vs Strategist (Erebus) 5oJEfCBQ_o

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The average reaction speed of a human was point two five seconds (0.25), in that time Erebus reacted to her movements the old woman would already be one point two five metres (1.25m) away. As he moved and began to give chase by the time Yumi heard his footsteps echoing off the stone floor, she would be two point five metres from her past location, with Erebus one point two five metres from her position. With this gap and while she was in mid-preparation to dash again, Yumi formulated her plan with quick precision inside her mind quickly assembling what she needed to do in order to accurately carry out her assault.

Using the short time she had the old woman would momentarily boost the speed of her dash to max, six metres per second (6m/s), the moment a foot touched the ground. Yumi would be prepared to increase the distance over point two five seconds creating a four-metre gap (2m.s), four metres (4m) from her last location, Erebus would be around one point five metres (1.5m) from her and Yumi would be six metres (6m) from the edge of the arena Erebus came from. As her foot landed and she pushed off for her max dash speed, the old woman pivoted on her heel throwing herself into a spin in order to face Erebus. Her left heel touched the ground and she skidded back on it across the stone arena, allowing the momentum of her dash to carry her the two point five metre (2.5) distance from her opponent. This would stop any attempt to try and get her from behind with such a big gap having been made, and possibly stopping anything he had planned after. With the turning it would allow Erebus to see the great anger in her eyes that was now fuelling her in this fight. Anger not at him, but anger that had been stored over the years.

The lid that held tight over what kept her anger and bay had been released with this battle.  When a khornite released their anger in battle it was said to place them on a plain of existence closer to their lord. The crimson hues of Yumi's was lit by a fire as a sharp emotion formed within them, no longer blank but a great rising anger surged within. Yumi's lips had spread into a sneer, her brow creased as a furious expression formed on the old woman's features. Yumi had bottled up her rage greatly over the years only to release it in combat.

With the distance between them as large as it was, thanks to her getting the head start in the dash, Yumi moved into her assault plan. Yumi shifted her weight and stance, into the fighting form she would have used had Erebus not given chase, Muay Thai, chin tucked low, right foot placed closer to Erebus, arms raised right in front with elbows close to ribs, knuckles by temples and chin down. By the time she had reacted, the distance could have been closed by one point two five metres (1.25m), leaving that very distance between her and Erebus. Instead of dashing Yumi started to jog in place before she darted moving towards Erebus at a slow sprint of six metres per second, not her fastest speed but she would start at that and work her way up to her max sprint speed if needed.

Yumi would aim to get in close, ducking under any attempt at her upper half by bobbing and weaving around them with short side steps. In concern to her lower half, legs or feet Yumi would attempt swift side steps. Yumi once in range if she managed to get in range, Yumi would position her right foot forward. The old woman would then attempt an overhanded right hook with her right fist, drawing attention to it as it went up and over in a vertical rising arc aimed at the left of Erebus's chest, of course, this was a distraction. Yumi's real aim would be to bring her left arm from underneath in a sharp jab aiming for Erebus's solar plexus. If she failed, Yumi would attempt to back off by taking a rapid double step back and bringing her arms back into position, same with her footwork to resemble her Muay Thai stance.

Round 1: Carnage (Yumi) vs Strategist (Erebus) FIXCi2K
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A grunt escaped the strategist as he again missed a grab on Yumi. She was really agile, which fucking sucked for him. But-- he could respect her attempts to stay away. After all, he was a dirty dog and she was an old bone, what do dogs do with bones? Chew them up, and spit 'em out... Her swollen facial expression did not create intimidation within Erebus anymore, this ego in him was only rising by the second. He was growing more fluid, learning her like a book. While it might not have been known to her, the onyx-haired boy had been a prestigious athlete in his late teen years. Able to play any sport, any position, after quickly learning from others. Most would even tout him a prodigy, if it weren't for his personality being so rough and aggressive.

Nonetheless the two were now eye to eye, separated by a small area. Red hues met golden ones, as the two were now clocking in on each other fast. The muscle fibers seemed to be peeling under Yumi's arms, she was truly something strange. No cramps or aches in her after years, no loss of strength over the ages. A spectacle... But that did not mean a new champion couldn't be born to make the old one quake under his shoes.

Erebus was... A lot of things, not many positive. But he was a hard worker-- depriving himself of his reward was just something he could not do. Yumi would have to beat him senseless if she wanted this win under her belt. Now it became obvious based on the sprint alone Yumi was able to drive in quicker, so instead of throwing a punch or some attack to meet hers, he raised his arms defensively. First allowing the much softer right hook to hit the side of his raised arms. Then eating the damage induced by the powerful jab right at the center of his guard.

Muy Thai was rather violent, but elegant in style in comparison though Erebus was a self-taught fighter. He wasn't very well versed in classic fighting styles such as Carnage's, however to a fighter that had faced it many times in the past though... He knew many of it's latent go-to tricks. That little bit of knowledge was giving him the edge here, then again, Yumi was unlike any jerk he'd fought before. She was an infamous killer with notable vigor. Playing into this demon's hands could be fatal. Even if they were allies outside the ring. Her face told him that alone, and the guild didn't care much for an adventurer-- he was just someone weak to replace. Yumi on the other hand was something terrifying sided with her magic.~

Strategist stopped dead in his tracks which may've surprised Yumi; since so far he'd only shown himself to be an offensive combatant. His first action would be to emulate Yumi's footwork, though his own take to the footwork was done in a sneakier way-- since it acted as the start to his coming onslaught. As the boy proceeded to ready his gauge, he was biting down damage in hopes to catch his 'superior' off guard-- her punches as noted below. Following this damage his ability to come back from the attack would become evident. ↓

Erebus had spread his legs and took both her weaker hook and striking jab into the block. Stinging his arms, but overall coming out unscathed. Too many hits like that though and his arms would probably fracture. Based on that attack alone Erebus had successfully done the following.

  • Calibrated her physical strength in comparison to his

  • Uncovered her fighting style

  • Created the illusion she'd be able to land more on him

Now what she did not pay attention too, rather, what was impossible for her to pay attention to. Was that her focus would be on his central nervous capacity. i.e. the Solar Plexus. Her specified attack destination moment's prior. The boy had cleverly devised a way of slipping his foot in under her frontal right leg while all actions had been input (during her attacks). The leg that stuck out in front towards him, usually to stabilize forced exertion in a Muy Thai form, was what would plant her to the floor if he were lucky.

Muy Thai operated in a certain fashion, as all martial arts did and it had not been trained to react in the way she had set herself into; maybe had she not jumped back so suddenly without realization. Doubling back against a trip which would raise and slide under her would deal damage to her ankle and expose her to his all powerful assault coming now.

Her own movement into the trap was swift and unpredictable to say the least, as she had planned on going back into her defense. That was no longer the case, placing herself in the bear trap was her own mistake. As she moved backwards her flawed stance would trigger the break in form and her own undoing, it would knock her off her footing.

If you were to consider the method had occurred naturally without fail. Likely would too, since one couldn't think to hit something with such pin-point accuracy without neglecting what was beneath them. Peripheral vision could not justify the focus alone, rather, that might've been the beauty in his style. Plus, Erebus was much longer, taller, and slender so his movements would've been mistaken for bracing impacts in front of her. Which indeed was partly true, but also not entirely. Custom styles like his, one's bred of experience, were always equipped with their own tactics and strategies. After all, he wasn't named The Strategist for nothing-- his intelligence was something of value.

This wasn't what would make her trip to the ground, but it would put her so off balance-- and in such an extreme form of unbalance too. That her foot would now be moving up off the ground, and her back falling into the ground. Her agility might've saved her-- but against Cassiel, that was wishful thinking! He wasn't done now, and he wasn't going to finish this combo without dealing a heavy blow against his enemy. Erebus now carried his own serious glare in the eye-- enough to compete with her religious hatred. His hands went in to snatch Carnage up by the raised leg before anything could be used against him via attack. Yumi was brilliant sure, but no one could think faster than the .5 seconds interval left up to her unless the movement was plotted. Sadly for the unsuspecting granny, it was-- and by her opponent no less. Erebus was now on the counter productive.  

The woman was probably only now finding the shock in her mistake. As her foot was locked in both hands. Erebus would yank, and twist it in such a way by the joint, that it'd break. The pressure point was proceeded by squeezing to keep her paralyzed mostly. But before that-- rapid momentum of his own foot attempted travel to her left leg. Disengaging it from the ground and also sending her head into the floor hard. Enough to draw a heavy strike of blood from the fall should it have landed. That meant she was now working with a broken leg, a painful strike to her left leg, and heavy head trauma. The boy wasn't through though. The nervous system was on his side. He could keep twisting her leg to draw out supreme pain. The pain alone would send neural impulses into her head. It was time she have a taste of her own medicine.

Should Yumi have thrown her left leg out before he could kick it in, Erebus would lift her and slam her a second time. Two heavy strikes to the head would bring her closer to losing consciousness. Then he follow up by inserting more pain to her foot via pushing it past the break.

His goal was now obvious. He was going to put her out through pain and pain alone. Fuck knock outs-- make them scream. Make even your friends coddle the flooring. Erebus was done with the games, he was now fighting for a more evil inner purpose; hellish intent rising from the bowels of his soul. He respected Yumi, but inside Erebus had slowly fallen to a sadistic nature himself. He found hurting this elderly woman refreshing. He would continue to splinter her with the extreme damage until she passed out of pain.

He was ready to pull away and enter a defensive stance at any coming second. He had left no holes for her. His game was clear, he was not to be underestimated ever again. Especially in the ring.

"Goto sleep Carnage."

The boy spoke, significant sweat had built around his body. He was not right in the mind now, he was much darker than before. Perhaps his ego which had been growing was the intent for his sadism to be quelled. Maybe he was the worst in this guild after all... Who could doubt it? All he'd done thus far was collect bad influence. That influence was now what defined him. A monster. Test your might priestess, either ask your god for help. Or lose by the devil himself-- standing here before you.


Round 1: Carnage (Yumi) vs Strategist (Erebus) 5oJEfCBQ_o

Round 1: Carnage (Yumi) vs Strategist (Erebus) Empty Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:21 pm

Yumi allowed an ugly sneer to form on her features as her attack was guarded against by the younger male. Erebus had raised his arms into a defensive position in order to block her soft right hook and her follow up lower left jab. Her fists made contact with the flesh of his arms and she could feel her knuckles grinding against his knuckles. Yumi's sneer began to stretch into a battle crazed smile, her eyes widening completely to reveal a growing bloodlust within. It seemed something to had sparked inside the old woman, something she had not felt in many moons, excitement. The battle so far had been short and yet neither had been able to eliminate the other foe, both resorting to various tactics in order to outdo the other.

Yumi's eyes suddenly widened further, in realisation of the mistake she had made. As she double backed she felt her body begin to slide out from the ground, eyes catching the side of her foes right leg which had moved into her own guard to trip her. The sneer began to return, not a sneer directed at Erebus though, but herself for being so careless. Yumi clearly had grown careless over the years, having been awhile since she fought a truly capable opponent, she had allowed herself to rust.

As her back descended, jacket fluttering, her foe moved to her raised legs, hands out aiming to wrap around it. Yumi's eyes narrowed as she felt the dangerous clutch of the young man's fingers coiling around her leg, his intentions clear, he wanted to break the joint. Yumi gritted her teeth, she was not going to let someone else break her limb, only she could do that. The old woman in mid fall began to twist her body, biting her lower lip to counter the pain with more pain. This was nowhere near as excruciating as other experiences she had gone through. Her left leg would float off the ground, allowing it to avoid injury from his other foot by sheer dumb luck. Yumi's entire body twisted in the fall to the ground, all her weight aimed at the ground as she brought her right hand down. Yumi forced her weight onto her, which was easy to do being in fall and pushed off with her hand with all her strength.

The two had a clear difference in physical strength, with Yumi being superior in the area, and Yumi was going to take clear advantage of that by using her upper body strength to spin her entire body and through force, rip her ankle out of Erebus's grip, the only problem is with the added momentum of her spin and her attempt at force removal, the one to break Yumi's ankle, would be herself. Yumi would bite back a scream as a loud snap echoed through the arena, the signs of a break in the old woman's right ankle in her attempt to tear herself free from her opponents grasp. That would not be the worst of it however, as Yumi could feel muscle tearing up the back of her leg as she flipped through the air and to the ground.

If successful the woman would hit the stone arena floor with a loud thud and roll across it to make a two metre gap between them. As her roll would come to an end, Yumi would place her hands on the ground and use them to lift her body up into the air before pushing off, propelling her off the ground where she would twist her body, bringing her left foot down to land onto it. Her right would be raised off the ground, as the old woman held back a pained expression. It had been some time since she had been forced to break her own body to escape the grasp of an opponent. The woman gritted her teeth as she balanced on her left leg. If she could use magic she would just obliterate him where he stood, but maybe she had become to accustom to using her magic and this wound she had suffered was a message from her God to tell her such.

Yumi tsked, she would continue fighting, but it was best to cut her loses now. She could attempt an attack, but in her condition, any attempt would be pointless and this was not a life or death battle but a tournament. Yumi was not about to risk any further injury. Yumi would raise her right hand, ignoring the pain that coursed through it, "I Carnage hereby resign from this match! I am to heavily injured to continue." She would shout loudly in order to allow her voice to be heard over the entire arena. Regardless of the pain in her leg, Yumi refused to show it on her features or let herself collapse, she would not show weakness.

Round 1: Carnage (Yumi) vs Strategist (Erebus) FIXCi2K
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Erebus moves onto the next round.

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