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More Intimidation Tactics | Solo

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#1Celeste Vagarosa 

More Intimidation Tactics | Solo Empty on Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:09 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



It had been a week since she last saw the shopkeeper, but it seems yet again he did not get the message, Celeste had gotten a call from Frankie stating that he refused to pay and that was why her cut of the pay was never delivered to her, so this time she was to wreck his shop. That made sense, refuse to pay when you owe destroy something you love to really get you to pay. She didn't mind doing this kind of work, as long as it didn't lead to a blood-bath on both parties, however he stood no chance against Celeste, she had hunted huge Sand Dune Boars, so of course she could handle a lowly old man. Now hopefully she had to destroy little to get him to work together and give up the money he owes, he was even given an extra week. That was kind on Frankie's part; Celeste wouldn't of done that honestly she would of been sweet about it but truthfully she meant business. She walked to the store, trying to cut right down to the chase of getting the money that was owed so she could get on with this all and go back to the inn and enjoy the new installment of a hot tub.

As she was walking to the store that the keeper owned who owed money to Vincenze she decided to go visit a frozen treat store to grab herself a treat before she got down to business and really started wrecking things, tearing up a store actually sounded fun, sounded like the perfect way to get all the killing out of her head, it'd be nice to beat up something that wasn't a living life form and could feel pain. Just the thought of her favorite dairy treat, she discovered it at Magnolia, it's a strawberry shake with chocolate bars inside the shake and whip cream mixed into the shake topped with more whip cream and a cherry. It tasted so heavenly it was so sweet, like a treat sent from the Stars themselves. Her mouth began to water for the sweet taste to explode upon her taste buds and the coldness in her warm mouth. She was only a block away from the shop, excited she decided to pick up her pace; speed walking.

Entering the store, men and women swooned all over her, as she went up to order her favorite frozen desert. As she explained what she wanted, he told her the name of the treat.

"Ma'am we call that a Chocolate Strawberry Cream Blast!" The employee informed her.

Celeste giggled, "Oh! Well I would like one of those!"

A man behind her had ended up paying for her treat, she thanked him and took the frozen treat off and out of the Parlor once she got the shake and went back to heading to the weapon shop.As she entered the store he again held a fist at her, a ring attached, must be one of those magic rings.


Celeste gave him a cold stare, how dare he! She was nothing but kind, "Excuse me. But I have been the utmost kind to you. Now cooperate of this store is going down by force."

"WHAT!" He was shocked, "No way! You can't do that! You just can't - ... please don't."

Celeste didn't give a crap at this point he threatened to burn her, she pulled out her spear and swept at the glass behind her, her blade shattered the glass and cut one of the wooden pillars outside the glass in half. Next she swung upwards, leaving a huge slash beside her leading up to a stand about four feet in front of her.

"STOP! STOP!" He would scream.

"Why should I? They were kind enough to give you a week to pay! Yet you still try to make this difficult and avoid paying!" Celeste explained to him, how foolish he was.

Next she would throw her spear at him, however not particularly aiming at him, but she made it appear so, it went right past his ear cutting it the slightest and blood began to flow down his face; her spear's final destination was behind the register the blade inside the wooden wall.

"Okay! OKAY! Let's not shed blood here! I can pay you r-right now and for next weeks as well!" He was a mess now, on his knees sobbing.

Celeste smirked, walking over to grab her spear and the bag of money he held out for her to take. She had went to the bar and found Frankie their as usual, she told him of her success and gave him the bag of money, and then he gave her a cut from it thanking her for the hard work she has done for Vincenze.

Total Word Count: 800+/800

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