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All in a Days work [D-Mission]

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It's hip to be... round.

After putting on his cognac leather jacket Maarschalk headed out of his chambers within the Lamia Scale guild. But before crossing the guild he had realized that he had no real activities he could do after the afternoon. Since his goal was to get groceries for the upcoming few days and then probably lay down or sleep. That wasn't a solid idea, per his psyche. He needed to be more active; thus, he walked back to the guild. It seemed like an awkward situation, considering he was standing mid-way on the bridge before returning. Most young people usually pretend like they forgot something, Maarschalk was much more stern in his body language and seemed like he had a purpose or rather a change of mind.

The Lamia Scale guild has a specific section for the posting of posters in relation to quests. He could wander upon that spot and grab a poster; and then help some poor rut with their borderline retar-- with good intentions help them to achieve their goal. He noticed a trend in the lower rank missions of them usually being easy; child's work. Since he wasn't up to some complicated handle today, he decided to settle on a low-ranking mission. Around the ranges of D and C. Walking over the board, he had noticed the unusual barren Lamia Scale. It used to be more crowded, time kill all.

Maarschalk closed his eyes and tore a poster bizarre at complete randomness. He overlooked the poster and decided that this would be the one for today. He began his journey to the meeting location whilst carefully reading between the lines. The mission had stated that Dex Miller, the person who gave out the mission, was looking for protection against an assassin. He has met this bloke a few times before, not well enough for him to remember Maarschalk - but as Maarschalk recalled, and considering all the rumors that were floating around; this man was a crazy person. Which explains why the mission commissioner, or whoever decides the ranks of missions within Lamia Scale probably gave this a low rate.

After a few moments Maarschalk was leaning against the window of this coffee shop, with his back facing the inside of the shop. He had a rolled-up newspaper under his arm; trying to see if anyone fishy was going to enter. And that's what happened after standing there for fifteen minutes. It was the person who gave this quest; Dex. He didn't seem to notice Maarschalk as he entered the shop. Maarschalk subtly looked inside; to witness him order his coffee and sit down some place. After a few minutes, Maarschalk walked into the shop and begun acting the role of a typical mage who seemed to scan the shop for anyone with Dexs appearance, even though he knew who he was. This behavior averted from his usual sociopathic tendencies. This meant that his eyes were more open than usual, making it seem obvious that he was scanning the place. Dex; whom was staring at Maarschalk was obviously wondering if he was the mage, thus Maarschalk accustomed himself to the mage he was looking for by making it obvious that Maarschalk was trying to look at the cups of coffee around the tables - seeing who had the cup specified in the script.

As his eyes met Dexs, he on purpose gave a subtle nod and began walking to his table to sit down.



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Lata bitch

As the conversation ensued, Dex revealed more and more about the so-called plot that the emperor had conspired against him. He went in detail about the deep intricacies and delicate operation that the emperor had been running against him. Maarschalk gave the expression that he believed in what Dex had to say. After the two men had finished drinking their coffee, they left the place. It felt as if they were chased, at least, that's the feeling that Dex was emitting.

During their departure to the street, Dex signaled to Maarschalk that the man behind them was chasing them. Maarschalk made it obvious that he had noticed this as well, and began subtly-but not subtly enough for Dex to not notice start to look behind. It was somewhat clear to Maarschalk that this man was no spy sent from the emperor himself, but just a regular plonker who were going the same way they were going.

'We need to go to your headquarters, Dex'

Is what Maarschalk whispered. Dex nodded and they squandered off to some shady alley, deep into the city. The home of Dex was in that shady alley.  He had this half-kind of open shop, that had an open entrance to pretty much everyone. They sat down and exchanged words of what they knew. This is when Maarschalk came up with a plan; this plan was to pretend to be Dex Miller, and pretend that the assassin had done his job correctly in murdering him. Of course, this would be slightly complicated, as he only needed to pretend to Dex that he was getting killed -- while also pretending that the assassin got to him. This had deep layers of mindblowing stuff, but Maarschalk was convinced he could do it.

After consulting and debating on the best approach in this he had changed into Dexs clothes, put on a wig and begun to wander the town - pretending to be him. Dex was tailing him and observing him, Maarschalk knew this so he didn't make overly too much fun of Dexs personality. But rather played as what Dex thinks he looks like. After a while, he had the idea of approaching a man at the delhi and explaining him the situation, well.. kind of. He didn't agree with the situation. The next person Maarschalk found he had a better strategy. He punched him in the face. Then he snuck away quickly, out of the delhi where Maarschalk was chased by the man and pounced. Allowing himself to be pounced he dramatically fell over, as if he died - but it was obvious he hadn't. The man who pounced him quickly scurried away and Dex Miller was a witness to all of this. After a few minutes, Maarschalk got up and hid in an alley, changed back into his normal clothes and talked to Dex who was happy with the situation. Job well done. Dex rewarded Maarschalk with his normal D rank reward, and also treated him with an egg that belonged to an mythical being. Later it was revealed that this mythical being, hatched to a companion.



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The emblem in your inventory starts to glow as the number two appears on it. It seems like that the tournament will begin in two days. It's time finish what you were doing around here because on Monday the emblem will teleport you straight to Baska Town.

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