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Carry Me Home [travel]

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After having collected his equipment, the tall figure began to prepare moving out of the inn he had been living in for a week or two. Ever since his stay in Crocus, he had learned to cultivate his anger and hatred in different ways. Ways he previously didn't know were possible. That is not to say that this town made him more angry then he arrived, he saw Crocus as a place to relieve his anger. When most people go on vacation, they aim to relieve themselves of the built up stress that they have gained throughout the year. When Maarschalk came to Crocus his goal was to rid himself of the hate that he had built up. It's rather unknown whether or not he was successful in doing this. Traveling to Orchidia by foot from Crocus wasn't a big feat, it took him less than a few hours to arrive back at home. His place was pretty big, his children weren't home - they were at their legal guardian, who took them in whenever Maarschalk was on the move.


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