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Shame. Shame. Shame

Looking around him, he noticed walls he couldn't recognize. The old dusty crust in the corner of his eyes partially blinded him. Where was he and what did he do the night prior? Waking up in a pool of sweat and saliva wasn't an indicator of a peaceful night.

Quickly getting up, he put on his pants. He would put on his shirt, but alas, it was missing. He kicked open a window and hopped over the frame. Making his way towards the fire exit of this run down apartment he begun remembering details about the night prior. As he climbed down to the surface, he was spotted by some children who begun pointing and laughing. After a fit of rage at these children and telling them about the birds and bees - Maarschalk had begun to run, towards no direction in particular really. His primitive instincts made him run. This town was quite prude, as most people who saw him begun pointing and either reacting shocked or laughing.

#2Rosemary Ysgarlad 

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Rosemary Ysgarlad

"in the forest there was a girl, sleeping; the place had thus been given the name––Sleeping Forest."

This was her first time in Ishgar, in the Holy Capital. Her first time out into the current world that was. This was the place she would come to find her answers that she had been in such desperate need of.

Adorning her main outfit. From the bottom up, one will come to meet her knee-high boots crafted into charcoal leather with golden hems stimulating into a crafty pattern of traces over the boots; followed by a pair of thigh-high charcoal colored socks. Next comes the charcoal high-wasted thigh-shorts she adorns, one will come to meet, yet again, a pair of golden hems crossing one another upon the sides of her waist. Draped over her body is a blue-coat-like-dress that can be seen slit upon three sides with a belt, upon the side there also being a mini-pocket for storing light items, connecting them together. A small, thin belt can be seen residing underneath her breast as well, placing them close to one another. And with fingerless, bicep lengthened gloves, one will come to notice, yet again, another golden hem shaping into the form of an "X" upon her bicep.

She would come to wander the Holy Capital for sometime, wondering just as to where she was heading. A slight panic would almost erupt from the young maiden's mouth as she grew to be flustered, not knowing exactly where her current location was. Looking at the map she knew she was within the Holy Capital, but she did not know how to navigate around such a vast place. But suddenly, with a surprise unbeknownst to her, she would turn to see a man having been pointed and laughed at by the civilians of the street.

"O-Oh m––," he was running her way. Just where the hell ahd he been running off to?! Rosemary would raise her left hand, waving toward the individual for she had notice he was wearing no shirt. "Uhm, excuse me, do you need help?!" she called over to the stranger.

She would then direct him toward what looked to be a clothing store nearby. "Head in there, I-I'll happily buy you a shirt or something!" she exclaimed for the male to hear. Would he ignore her or do as planned?


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love is not a weakness.
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Welcome to my world

The tall figure ran in a very peculiar way, one that would easily catch the eye of onlookers. His arms moved faster than his legs, making his movements seem otherworldly. As if the figure originated from a planet far from Earth. Heading in and out of various alleys he found himself to be quite far away from the place he came from. Safe from whatever might have been looking for him, he hoped. He brought up his hands and wiped the dust off of the corners in his eyes and wiped the sweat off of his forehead, sprinting for multiple minutes like an alien made him sweat. This either indicated that he had been drinking the night before, or he was bent out of shape. Considering the fact that he wasn't panting, it was most likely the former. He turned his body back to find an old grandma, soaping up a sponge and walking towards Maarschalk.

'The fuc!'

The mere implication of this made his pecker crawl back into his body. The deep voice yelled at the grandma before he started to run away, this time he went out of the alley where a crowd of children pointed and begun silently judging the confused man. He ran back into the alley as he couldn't face the embarrassment any further, safely dodging the grandma with the wet sponge and almost running into someone else, who had offered him her assistance. Maarschalk had suffered from this embarrassment enough, he decided to thoroughly annoy someone with a few lies.

'Yes! I need help! I'm in dire need of. My partner has been shot, and the mob is chasing me.'

Maarschalk pointed at the shadows approaching from the valley, it was a flock of children, but she didn't know that. He boldly extended his arm towards her and attempted to grab her wrist.

'We have no time!'

He yelled towards her, even though she was less than a meter away from him. Had the tall man successfully grabbed her wrist he would continue by running into another alley. Seeing a clothing line he gasped in relief, jumped up and grabbed a shirt to wear. He begun to think of a way to implicate the situation more and create a laugh out of this scene. He sat down.

'Can you help me? The mob is trying to... kill me.'

He said, hiding a grin. What Maarschalk didn't know was; he had the words, 'MONG' written on this chest by what one could presume crimson red lipstick. He hadn't noticed yet, and probably wouldn't have the opportunity to notice, at least, not until the depths of the night.

#4Rosemary Ysgarlad 

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Rosemary Ysgarlad

"in the forest there was a girl, sleeping; the place had thus been given the name––Sleeping Forest."

This man had really been in dire need of help! "The Mob?!" she repeated. And with a grasp of her wrist he would whisk her away. As they made haste into another alley, the individual would come to take hold of a shirt he had seen upon a clothing line.

Holding her by the hands still. The duo would come to a rest eventually sometime within the alleyway he had stolen the shirt. The air was moist, a bit thick rather. Rosemary could tell that it was going to rain soon, and the second it would rain had been the minute she would have to find an Inn of sorts soon. But this man needed her help, and it wasn't in her heart to ignore those in need of a hand.

Crouching to his level, she would place her left palm upon the left pec of his chest. "Are you hurt?! I mean, you were being chased by a Mob of sorts?!" She wasn't exactly sure as to what a "Mob" was, she knew of a "mob" but not the crime syndicate-like Mob. Therefore, she believed he was being chased by a crowd instead.

"You said they harmed your friend! I can't believe this..." she paused for a moment to gather herself, "Father was right. The people of Ishgar were crude beings." Now she DEFINITELY knew she couldn't trust this capital, this Kingdom. They were filled with nothing but people who desired nothing more than malice. Hatred, death, and war, this is why Alakitasia despised them. This is why we, as children, were told never to come here.

She would stand up. No more had she been crouched, unless the male pulled her back down of course. "I am so sorry this happened to your friend," with her back turned she would place her left palm over her the course of her mouth. Trying to hold in hear tears as she desired to cry for the fallen, "I-I'm so sorry this happened to you, you don't deserve this. No one does."

A gullible girl she was indeed, now what were they going to do to fix this supposed "issue"?


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Welcome to my world

'No, no, stop I'm alright.'

He felt her hand, he blinked and looked up at the female half his age. Was she making a pass at him? Probably not, just making sure of his welfare - right? Maybe he should have told her the truth now? No, this was waaay too funny.

'Yes, the mob... me and my partner were under cover last night, things turned for the worse and our covers were blown while trying to uh, ...'

The male squinted his eyes, thinking as fast as he could. Thinking of something creative but also believable wasn't as easy as he suspected. Though he didn't try to seem alarmed, he rather controlled himself in a fashion which seemed to make him wary of her, instead of thinking of an answer.

'During... a sting operation in which we ordered a pizza with just dough yeah, which is a keyword for.... a kilo of cocaine. Yes, that's right. Since it takes... a kilo of.... flour to make a pizza.'

Maarschalk didn't really sound overly convincing, but depending on how gullible the girl is he might be able to pull it off. She seemed like a nice girl though, was it wise of him to fuck with her? All the more funnier, he was convinced. The people of Ishgar? What was she on about? Maybe, that's what the people in this town were called?

'It's alright, he knew what he signed up for.'

It was 6 fucking AM, who does a sting operation at 6 AM?

'We should get out of here, do you know someplace safe?'

Maarschalk asked, getting up as well. The cold of the morning has got to him, somewhere warm would be preferable. Seeing as he was in a part of town where he's never been in before, he doesn't know his way around. This place was very unique in it's own sense. The upper class region of Crocus, if such a thing existed in the first place.

'What's your name? I need to know more about you, so I can trust you. Mine is Maarschalk Raion.'

He said, even though he already gave her all the details before. He began walking out of the alley, trying to make sense of some directions. A high tea at 6AM sounded nice, he enjoyed the tradition of fattening himself up with some tea.

#6Rosemary Ysgarlad 

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Rosemary Ysgarlad

"in the forest there was a girl, sleeping; the place had thus been given the name––Sleeping Forest."

Co...caine? Now she had definitely been confused; the man spoke of "flour" to make pizza? Had she gotten this correct? Was he trying to make pizza? She wasn't necessarily sure as to what the man had gone on and on about, but all she knew was that he was in dire need of her help. No matter the babbling he kept sprouting, Rosemary would only assume that he was probably in shock.

Wiping her tears away, she would turn back toward the male. "Yes, I think we should find some place to stay; if you have nowhere to go, you can come with me? I was planning on staying within an Inn." Rosemary stated. "I believe I saw an Inn not too far from our current location, I can happily pay for our rooms separately if you'd like?" she gestured with a kind smile toward the individual.

A bit of compassion never harmed anybody, right?

"Oh?" Before she would extend her hand toward the individual, he would ask of her name. Looking a bit shocked, she would stutter a little before uttering her first name. "My name..." placing a palm  upon her chest. Rosemary would let out a light smile––having thought of her mother.

"My name is Rosemary!" With a heartfelt smile, it was as if the blush upon her cheeks would shine a little more. "It's nice to meet you Mr.Raion," Rosemary would extend her hand toward the individual.

"I believe the close is clear, so we should get moving. On the way we can talk of course, but it's best we continue our move on foot." And with that she would grab a hold of his wrist. Attempting to help him up if he allowed her.

"I'm going to assume that this is your first time visiting Crocus as well?" she lowly asked.


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love is not a weakness.
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Zancrow Windcaller


There was not that much noise to be had, which was a given comfort. There wasn't so much trash in the area of Crocus Zancrow had found himself wandering about, and the buildings seemed to be fairy new. At the least, some of it. The area was Crocus, and there was no real way of telling otherwise, although there was a sense of elitism in the air. Streets were busy with crowds of people milling about heading to early jobs and the like, doing as they pleased under the law; vendors sold their wares, and mages looked around for work to be done. Someone happened to be selling barbecued chicken shish kebabs with red and green bell peppers, a powerful aroma that the man could not seem to ignore. Odd time to make kebabs, being the morning time.

As fate would have, Zancrow would pick up another scent. The scent was faint, but familiar among the hordes of other strong scents within the area. It smelled like the halls of Lamia Scale, although still faint. While in the process of discerning the scent, some ketchup from the shish kebab vendor found its way onto his gray t-shirt, staining deep in the form of drops that could be mistaken for bullet holes. Some dripped down to his black jeans and brown belt, and one or two drops made it all the way to his dark brown running shoes. He followed the scent his nose picked up on, drowning out a particular group of children who made it a point to holler and cuss about some shirtless man.

Looking to the direction of a randomly given alley, there happened to be a man who seemed oddly familiar. He was the progenitor of the familiar scent, and now that Zancrow had given the man a look, he figured him out to be a member of his guild. However Zancrow had rarely seen him, in passing glances and nothing more. His scent was there by memory, and that couldn't be ignored. A woman was also with him, for what it seemed. Perhaps she was one of those night time workers who manned the corners, taking men into obscure and hidden areas to make their money through special work. Zancrow wouldn't judge, but it did catch him off guard.

Zancrow stood across the street, not feeling too bothered by the cold to wear anything else than what he wore. By his positioning, the man would have had to see Zancrow the moment he took a look at the general vicinity; the Lycan was a large man over most men. Zancrow would not particularly look into the direction of the man and his apparent hired mistress, but instead stare out to a local tea shop not too far off from where he stood. A cool air wrapped around the Lycan, pushing some of the fresh ketchup around the stain holes; it looked like blood splatter.

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Welcome to my world

'That seems fair. Sure, let's do that.'

Maarschalk hid a chuckle, she was gonna pay for the rooms as well? Did he found mother Theresa? What crazy scheme would the man make up at the tavern though? The figure begun thinking. After he had learned her name, Rosemary, he begun of thinking of places where the name originated from. It is an unique name, so he couldn't really think of a city or anywhere near Orchidia. He met a Freljord the other day, that sure was a treat. He was called mister, which the figure thought was awkward, but it was something he had gotten used to after becoming a parent. Truthfully, he didn't listen too much at her blabbling, he pretty much nodded and said yes. She was a womans woman. Compared to guys, who describe who, what, when and where, she seems like the type that would fill ninety percent of the conversation by voicing her feelings towards things said or implied.

'Huh, yes, hotdogs are fine.'

Once Maarschalk put his foot on the curb opposite of his guildmate, he couldn't hide his smile anymore. Luckily, the girl who  was behind him couldn't spot his disgusting smile.


Was shortly followed, and Maarschalk then covering his mouth with his hand. The comedic timing of seeing a guild mate, with that type of shirt on and with blood seeming stuff running down his shirt couldn't be more perfect. For a moment, Maarschalk believed in a god other than his own. Well, he believed that something was watching him. Now, he had to turn his chuckle into something that wouldn't seem fishy.

'There he is! My aibo, my partner, you are fine!?!'

The tall figure began hopping towards the man he's seen in the guild before. What was his name again? Something with a Z, that's all he knew. It wasn't that important, as he got close to him he extended his arm to slap his wrist. His intention was to subtly slap the shishkebab out of his hand into the bush so that the girl wouldn't notice it.

'Since you were shot!!?'

Maarschalks eyebrows played a powerful game. By just using and wiggling his eyebrows a few times, he tried to hint towards Z that he was playing a game and was tricking the girl that accompanied him. He also winked, making this even more clear. To any other onlooker or to someone oblivious, it would look like Maarschalk was having a stroke.

'We need to get you out of here, the MOB might be after us!'

He hid another smile and begun running towards a random direction. He allowed chaos to take over the situation. As he picked up the pace, he noticed a shady alley to his left. He loved those, and ran into it. The first thing he saw was an old man selling some shady wares, and to his right, was an inn. Perfect, a shady inn. He walked inside and sat down at the nearest table.

'Tell me what happened.'

This was both a test of intelligence for Z and the girl. How dumb was the girl, and how clever and understanding was Z. That was what Maarschalk wanted to know.

#9Rosemary Ysgarlad 

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Rosemary Ysgarlad

"in the forest there was a girl, sleeping; the place had thus been given the name––Sleeping Forest."
notes: you bastard.
music: kids by mgmt

The giant known as Maarschalk wasn't listening to a word she was saying; and she could tell from the second he spoke of hot dogs. Rosemary would let out a light sigh, chuckling as she was okay with his actions for they didn't bother much. But with the sudden appearance of a newcomer, she would come to stand behind her the giant as he would come to face the stranger before them.

This man was his friend?! Wide-eyed and gasping aloud as her rosy cheeks would perk out of shock, "Are you okay?" She would scan his body with her eyes as she would be in search of blood. She would notice upon his shirt would look to be blood splatter upon him!

Rosemary didn't have time to actually delve deep into the current conversation for Maarschalk would steer the group into, yet again, another alley?! This was beginning to be a bit repetitive for the giant while all new to the golden maiden that was Rosemary. She wasn't sure how to exactly go about this entire situation anymore, this was practically steering her away from her current objective! But she wasn't one to turn her back on those in need, and she really hoped this individual was in need of some assistance.

As they would come to place their seating in a random, shady inn. Rosemary would look around, a bit frightened as she would pull her chair a bit close to the newfound duo who seemed to have known one another. "O-Okay, I think it's time I got a bit of answers. We've been running for far to long, what is this mob that is supposedly chasing you? What is...cocaine? Is this some new form of flour?" Turning her head toward Maarschalk new friend. She would on look toward the newcomer, asking him, "You seem to have blood upon you, but you appear to be fine; are you in dire of first aid?!" Rosemary would take a stand from where she sat. Scared that the individual might be in shock of sorts, which she had hoped wasn't the case.

But slowly, just slowly, things had started not to add up. Sadly she was too worried to notice for her attention were focused on the supposedly two troubled men, Maarschalk and his friend.


love is not a weakness.
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#10Zancrow Windcaller 

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Zancrow Windcaller


So much seemed to happen in such a short amount of time, but Zancrow was no stranger to split-second shenanigans and the possible hilarity that ensued. However, this seemed more of his guild mate trying to either impress or string along the feeling of this apparent harlot that he hired for the day. Either reason would have made no difference to him: there was opportunity and his estranged guild mate was already into full swing. The whole bit about getting shot was made more convincing seeing as Zancrow appeared to be bleeding out, so there was some divine hand in all of this after all. Zancrow was already into the swing of things before his guild mate started having bad seizures before gallivanting to his next destination

"Yea, the shot was pretty bad, although it could have been worse!"

The prostitute came so alarmingly close to Zancrow that goosebumps riddled his body, and gave him a little shake as if the pain from being shot was actually real and apparent. There was no rest for the man, bags under his eyes evident even though he had a good night's rest. It was just one of those traits that seemed to fool people into thinking he was as sleepless as the vampires that haunt dark alleyways and crypts. Given him appearing somewhat pale in the daytime, the matter of him appearing to be shot was virtually perfect in illusion. Her breath had a most strange odor, at the least, to him that smelled of slight salt and copper. Zancrow knew what sort of substance would smell like that, given the woman's apparent position in society and her mode of work.

Zancrow would limp away immediately after the woman talked, for her breath was nauseating and he had stood for too long. His left leg fell asleep, and as he clenched the stained spot unconsciously as he limped away it gave the perfect impression of being shot. Why the man was going along with these shenanigans was trivial to ask, as he was just doing it out of boredom and having nothing else better to do. No, he was no delinquent, but he had spare time. Zancrow followed the other giant of a man into the inn he so happened to find out of chance. He took a seat in a chair adjacent to his guild mate and took a deep sigh of relief of having found a seat. The woman followed suit shortly after, just as Zancrow's guild mate began inquiring him of what occurred, what had transpired to have had Zancrow shot. A myriad of ideas came to mind, although none that could fit too well.

The man did bring up the term partner, which gave Zancrow the idea of the two happening to be agents of law enforcement. It also could have just been a mission by the two to infiltrate somewhere dangerous. The term mob was also brought up. It could have meant crime family or just a large gathering of people, but either could have worked as either could have been after them, leading to the Lycan's alleged gunshot injury.

"It was all... a sudden blur.... One minute I recalled you going over our investigation, but soon enough I heard shots firing and... you disappeared!"

Zancrow slammed his fist on the wooden table, an apparent split crack forming from his fist to the other end.

"How come you abandoned me?!"

Of course, this was all just a ruse. However, it would have to be as convincing as possible.

Com Truise DY5S4A7

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Welcome to my world

Attention was being paid to the female observing Maarschalks quote injured unquote guildmate. His guildmate picked up on it pretty quickly. His clues were clear to him without having to explain it overly. As he heard his words, he slowly gave him a nod. It was a cool nod, the type of nod you give your homie when he's crossing the street. As they ran, his guildmate began even limping. What a madman.

'Yes, exactly, our investigation as two undercover cops in a sting operation.'

Maarschalk added as Z talked. Though it wasn't enough for the girl, she wanted answers and she wanted them now. She didn't even know what a mob is. Immediately, he began to think of funny things and terms he could use.

'You don't know what a mob is!?'

He said, as grandiose as he could. Making her feel stupid before he gave her a false explanation would enforce the thought that what he said was the truth, even though it wasn't.

'The mob, in this town, is a gang of angry... hmm..'

Maarschalk stopped mid sentence, he wasn't entirely sure how to finish it. What kind of gang could he make up that still sounds believable. Maybe question her trustworthiness? Had he done that before? It didn't matter, he needed to come up with something and he needed to come up with it NOW!

'... little people. That's right, Crocus is infested with a gang of little people.'

He let out a little scoff. Maybe she'd believe it? Had she ever even seen a little person before. If she wounded up not believing it, Maarschalk surely could convince her that he meant it as an euphemism again, questioning her intelligence once more to sound more convincing. Then his 'partner' , questioned how he left the fictional crime scene by running and leaving his partner.

'I uhhh, well it all started ...'

There was no excuse for this, would there be?

'You know, I thought you double crossed me and tried to shoot me.'

A twisted grin appeared on the mans face. Since he couldn't really properly give an excuse as to why that had happened, he just threw the bus on him.

'After all, you pointed the gun at me. At least, that's before I could hear the shots go off, it made me run.'

His hand ran into his pockets, out he brung his cig pack and began to light one up. His eyes began to wander and search the inn for a maid, or a server, he wanted to get a pint. The clock hit seven AM.

#12Zancrow Windcaller 

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Zancrow Windcaller


Before Zancrow would be able to make a witty response to his partner's quip about double crossing and other references to espionage shenanigans, the dreaded mob descended on the motley crew as they sat in the inn. The smell of gunpowder made Zancrow's hair stand on end, and when he looked to the entrance and window, he saw a large row of men pull up their Tommy guns and prepared to open fire.

"We can finish this conversation, another day."

Zancrow got to his feet and ran through the back door as the mob opened fire with a hailstorm of bullets, effectively making anyone caught in the blast swiss cheese. The Lycan was not very concerned about the well-being of his guild mate, for he should be strong enough or smart enough to overcome the drastic situation. As for the prostitute... survival of the fittest.


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Welcome to my world

Mid-sentence, mid fucking sentence he was interrupted, the door of the inn begun creaking and wouldn't stop creaking. Not visible to the rest of the bar, because of their short height. And now they stood at the front of the bar, showing a picture to the barman. The barman proceeded to point at the table joined by three; Maarschalks table.

A nervous response, certainly from his 'partner' who got up and excused himself. This was Maarschalks queue to make up an excuse to leave, or rather cause a distraction. And that is what he did, pointing at the opposite end of the bar while simultaneously coughing and farting a distraction big enough had been created to ensure Maarschalks safe escape from the tavern. By using visual and sound queues, he knew he was quite illusive. He fled with no injuries.

Maybe he wasn't exaggerating after all?


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