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When the shadows first lengthened

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When the shadows first lengthened Empty Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:39 pm


He chose the path of perpetual torment

'GOD, that's what I am !'

The figure of length casts a shadow over the mortal who dared to question him. How does he dare! Asking Maarschalk to pay for his meal. This holy place should respect their apostates, which they clearly didn't do by disrespecting the seven plus foot giant. The evil growl was just the sound of a ball of saliva being collected from the mans throat. Upon parting his lips, he spat a big ball of mucus towards the waiter who had the pleasure of it having land on his face.

'In the first age. In the first battle. When the shadows first lengthened. One stood.'

With those words of venom, Maarschalk turned his back on this man and begun walking away. Onto the cold cobble. Reflected light from the sun and the absence thereof darkened the night. This time, the figure wore a cape along with other casual attire, ready to move at any time should the situation call for it.

#2Nathaniel Abaddon 

When the shadows first lengthened Empty Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:50 pm

Nathaniel Abaddon
Nate looked up from his coffee, lifting one curious eyebrow. His eye patch was hidden beneath his sunglasses, though it was a fairly bright day so that at least made sense. There were a handful of words from a somewhat explosive conversation that had grabbed his attention: God, shadows, one, first age. Nut with a God complex, or something else. Either way it was information, and information worth gathering. Then again, every iota of information was worth gathering at this point. Knowing was more than half the battle.

The giant was easy to spot, easily a foot taller than Nate was, and wearing a cape no less; not standard attire. The plot was growing thicker. Nate had watched him leave the cafe (though 'storm' was probably a more applicable verb) and start walking. Slowly, he followed, moving at a much slower pace but keeping the man in his peripherals. He took a slow sip of the bitter black liquid, most likely his last. Hot liquid tended to forma valuable weapon in a pinch, hopefully it wouldn't come to that. Though Nate would have been lying if he said he didn't like the idea of a scrap to wake him up a little.


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My sword is my pen

'You know, for a STALKER, you have loud footsteps.'

The figure said, even though the man he referenced to was behind him. It certainly gave him enough motivation to turn around to face him. He was greeted by an ugly face with a scar running across it.

'I'm not one to wrestle with bears a lot, but everyone has their taste I suppose'

He teased the man, referring to his scars. He had a muscular reference, similar to Maarschalk - not that it intimidated him. At least, not for one bit. The way he held himself was somewhat intimidating though. The way he stood reminded Maarschalk of his early days, the stance which would make him ready to fight at any given moment. The current body language he gave the man wasn't a very hostile one, it was a mocking one.

'So, who bit you, tiger?'

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Nathaniel Abaddon
"Stalker's have quiet footsteps" Nate retorted "otherwise they wouldn't get very far." He took a calm sip of his coffee. There was an attempt to rattle him in there somewhere, but he'd heard it all before. From the way the giant was standing he didn't take Nate to be a threat. Good, meant he wasn't going to be taken seriously. "You this polite to everyone walking in the same direction as you, or am I special?" He looked up at the man and smiled politely. "Or is it just that mother didn't hug you as a child?"

Another sip of hot coffee, though each time he raised it, he just let the liquid touch his lips without gulping down too much of it. No sense in disarming himself.


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My sword is my pen

'I guess we now know why you aren't a stalker by profession'

Maarschalk remarked, resting one hand on his hip. The way this man took a sip of his coffee led him to believe that there was nobody relevant in his life to tell him that it's annoying to sip coffee like that. But it made sense, who could love a face like that.

'I am nice enough to mortals who recognize their being as mortals. Finding someone who I can consider educated these days is quite rare.'

A smug smile was shown on the lips of Maarschalk. In response to this mans joke.

'Did you read that in a book while on the toilet? Moreover, each time you SIP your coffee, you expose your neck to me. I didn't think you would be as careless. Dumb and stupid? Maybe some people just aren't blessed.'

#6Nathaniel Abaddon 

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Nathaniel Abaddon
Nate frowned
"You thinking of stabbing me in the throat there chief? Isn't that frowned upon?" The frown became a smirk and he took another sip, just to drive the point home. This guy was something else. The attempted jibes were laughable, toilet quips and referring to him as mortal. God complex. Though perhaps. No. Couldn't be.
"Thankfully out of us two mortals, I'm the one blessed with my mental faculties. Now are you going to keep going with this, even though we've already established that I wasn't following you?" There was a small crowd gathering now, watching the two of them exchange words, one parties a tad more heated than the other. Nate held the same calm, disinterested expression he had from the start.


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My sword is my pen

'In war everything is permitted. Certainly someone with your scars would know. Further proving your intellect, I see.'

A mild vein began appearing on Maarschalks forehead. It was cute, bulging and throbbing. The coffee sipping made him grit his teeth,

'You followed me out of the restaurant, did you not?'

Maarschalk raised his chin a little, and chuckled in the most prude and arrogant way he could.


Of course, with the intent to piss this man off. He seemed to hate those types, he could tell, from his demeanor.

'So what lord do you fight for, hm?'

With this, Maarschalks intent was to call him old fashioned. Usually samurai fought for lords.

#8Nathaniel Abaddon 

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Nathaniel Abaddon
Nate shrugged
"Don't have a lord, and don't fight. Also I wasn't in a restaurant. Walked from my apartment across town. Happened to be going this way, then you got all snotty because I like this route." another sip. The repetition was making its mark now, in the form of a throbbing vein, barely visible at the mountain's peak. The attempts to rattle him were stabs and observations, both of which were easy to counter. There was a saying about assuming things, but for the time being Nate couldn't remember it. Something about donkeys. Data recovery was going better than he would have expected though, even if he was closer than he'd like to be.


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My sword is my pen

'Me? Snotty?'

Maarschalk took his pointy finger and begun poking the top of the other mans chest. Like the way old housewives did when lecturing their children.

'I am not snotty. How does one like a route anyway, that sounds very silly. Although I can't say that surprises me, hearing that from you.'

Maarschalk stepped back, and chuckled again.


He mocked him every opportunity he got. Not to mention having noticed his foul breath after having stepped in close to him, Maarschalk carried a sour face after his chuckle.

'If it wasn't up to me...'

He raised his fist but held it back with his other arm.

'I'd fist your asshole right here, in the public, for everyone to see. But you see, places have laws, not something a soldier, like you, usually is aware of. '

#10Nathaniel Abaddon 

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Nathaniel Abaddon
"Scenic route, I enjoy the view. Walking this way gives me time to think. Not sure why you're getting offended here." Things got very quickly graphic and Nate saw a parent cover their child's ears in his peripherals. Kid wouldn't know what the term 'fisting' meant but precautions had to be taken sometimes. Distractions aside, Nate turned back to his 'opponent'. "I'm not a soldier either, and I'm more than aware of the laws. It's the main reason you can't do anything when I expose my neck by doing this" another sip of coffee.


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My sword is my pen

Maarschalk put his fist back, and rested his other hand on his hip again.

'What is your profession then? I can't imagine a lot of places appreciating someone as dumb as you are.'

He chuckled again. Maybe this man was a part of the mob, they are the only one looking for thugs. After having witnessing this man having taking a loud sip from his coffee for over ten times, Maarschalk had noticed his throat being quite dry. Looking around him, he saw a convenience store and begun wandering towards it.

'Don't think I'm running away, I'm just getting something from the delhi. If you're gone before I get back, I'll consider this my victory, fool.'

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Nathaniel Abaddon
"Consider this my victory?" Nate repeated under his breath. The man was clearly under some form of grandeur delusion, ill founded by the looks of things. The dark mage turned to the crowd and offered them a confused shrug, holding his ground though. Several of the onlookers reciprocated, one miming 'screw loose' by spinning a finger beside his ear. Main conclusion was that this man was most likely not a member of his guild, a personality that large would have turned up on his radar if he was; there was also the fact that no-one that loud and distinctive would be undercover. There was far too much attention to be drawn by talking and dressing in the way he did. With the potential for more information, Nate remained in place, rubbing a thumb against the polystyrene cup holding the remainder of his hot drink.


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My sword is my pen

Salty as ever, Maarschalk returned from the delhi. He returned with a rubber duck, one can of ice tea. The rubber duck was in the sale.

'What, you're still here? Color me impressed.'

Maarschalk put the duck in his own pocket, it made a squeaky sound as he put it in. He compressed it with his fist, then brung it out and used all his strength to throw it towards the man he'd been arguing with for quite some time. The duck was a distraction.

#14Nathaniel Abaddon 

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Nathaniel Abaddon
"Is impressed a light mauve? Always been fond of that colour." Nate joked. The rubber chicken was a surprise, even more so when it was lobbed at him. He didn't move, didn't even flinch. The rubber animal thudded against his chest and fell onto the cobble street, letting out a wail. There was a small part of him wondering if the thing was part of a spell, and would explode. It didn't. That was the soldier in him thinking, flashbacks to grenades and the like. Wouldn't get that so much in Crocus. The hell was the purpose of that? He looked back to the towering man and shrugged. "Ok..."


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My sword is my pen

The dead pan reaction of the man being hit with the duck made Maarschalk furious. Angry, he was. Since Maarschalk was a hothead, he was thinking of his next insult to fling at this man.

'See, I knew your reactions were subpar. And I just proved it, ha!'

Maarschalk grinned, but his teeth were gritting in secret. He wasn't one to let the man who he's getting upset by let know that he was getting angry.

'What's your name? I want to know the name of the man I will savour the taste of when I fist him.'

#16Nathaniel Abaddon 

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Nathaniel Abaddon
Nate held his arms akimbo
"You got me, I have slow reactions whenever rubber chickens are involved. You make a point of throwing things at people you take exception to in the street or is it just the ones trying to get to work?" He broke out into a laugh for a few moments "wait... you want to savour the taste of me through your fist? Or are you planning to stick your head up my arse?" Nate decided to leave out the secondary conclusion, that the man wanted to taste his faecal matter in any shape or form, and through whatever means. "You should really take more care when picking your words, otherwise you're going to find yourself in a lot of situations like these."


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My sword is my pen

'What if it was a weapon, huh, could have died!'

He chuckled once more. Seeing both of his fists raised made for an interesting image, was this a madman.

'Are you telling me to watch my words? Was that a threat? This is what you tell people when they ask you for your name? Someone who tells me to watch my words does this, just how much of a hypocrite are you.'

Maarschalk clenched his fist, raising it again to symbolize that he would fist him if it weren't to common sense.

#18Nathaniel Abaddon 

When the shadows first lengthened Empty Mon Oct 24, 2016 2:03 am

Nathaniel Abaddon
"You know that wasn't a threat. Moreover if it had been a weapon, and if I had been killed by it then there'd be Knights here before I hit the ground. Prison life might suit you though, considering your fondness for fisting" Nate took a slow sip of his coffee. A victory sip. There was still a danger of things escalating here, if he pushed too hard, taunted too much. Though at the same time, to hell with it, too far gone now. "Name's Darius, you melodramatic nutball. But I fail to see what bearing that has on the matter." Arm tensed, he tightened the grip on the cup.


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My sword is my pen

After what seemed like a century of senseless yelling and the spreading of anger and fury.

'The shepherd who protects me tells me to leave, before things gets violent.'

Maarschalk begun walking towards the man, bending over to pick up his ducky he then turned again to walk away from the man. He was going to the next place he was intending to go where he originally was headed.

This mans name was a name he would remember for a long time. As well as his face, should he ever meet him on the battlefield, he knew what kind of torture he'd send his way. The worst kind.

-- exit --

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Nathaniel Abaddon
Not even going to return the favour. Nate took a slow sip of his coffee, slipping a hand into his coat pocket as he watched the giant lumber off back into the wilderness. That had been a somewhat interesting encounter, to say the least. There wasn't much to be gained from it information wise other than the obvious. The other man was notable in physique, so at a later date, when Nate was away from prying public eyes and forced to keep his cover; he would make sure to pay the cretin back for his comments. No chest puffing or lofty promises, just a blade being jammed somewhere important, to get the job done. The coffee cup now empty, Nate ditched it and continued his walk.


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