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Who do you think you are?

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Sitting with his legs crossed, the man with pink tinted shades rolls up his newspaper and throws it to his left, hitting someone in the face who wanted to say something about it, but didn't quite manage to. At least, not after the man with the shades stood up and casted a shadow over him and his entire existence.

'Oh, I'm sorry, you were gonna say something?'

The thick vein appearing over the man’s forehead was pulsating at the mere thought of a civilian living in the Jerusalem of this world speaking up against him.

This tall man is Maarschalk, and he had a short temper. He made it an objective to terrorize people in this town, and that is what he was gonna do. Walking out of the terrace, without paying, Maarschalk had soon begun to look for his next victim. Once he was out on the streets, a small child bumped up against him whilst running, not noticing Maarschalk. Who proceeded to turn around and yell at the already scared child:


The child, frightened, ran away.


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Skipping, twirling, leaping down Crocus's busy streets and past the colorful people of the Capital, Andromeda was filled with pure bliss. The sun was shining brightly, no one was dying near her, and best of all children were crying! Wait... What? She realized a moment too late that crying children were not good a thing as her body twirled violently when a small child pushed passed her with tears in it's eyes and sadness in it's voice. It took her a second to regain her balance and come to her senses. A crying child is not a good thing.. Well unless he deserved to cry. But still. It was certainly an off-putting sight for her first time in Crocus. She had heard a great deal about this place on her way here, and all of them good. If things were so sweet, why did she encounter something so sour? Shrugging her shoulders the peachy blond continued her movements without paying much attention to where she was going.

I suppose I should go and take a look at th- Her voice was cut off as her face came into contact with what felt like someone's leg! It looked like a leg when she backed up and assessed what she had hit. Her fluctuating sky blue and sea green orbs continued upwards until she was met with a pair of pink tinted shades. I'm sorry. I didn't see you. I mean It's not hard to see you. Anyway do you know where Crocus Gardens are? I hear they have the most beautiful flowers there.   Andromeda spoke with honey- dripped words and literally forgot all about bumping into the person she was now speaking to as if she were some lost tourist.


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His teeth clenched together, gritting like there was a piece of meat stuck and he tried using the reflection of a mirror to see where it was. It was actually audible, that's how firmly he was gritting his white, pasty teeth. Another child had full-blown ran into one of his legs. Advances like these were quite bold.

'Crocus!? Did you just... say... CROCUS!?'

The mere mention of this town triggered Maarschalk into a fit of rage. After having yelled for a minute and half he continued the conversation, like nothing irregular had happened

'I don't know, do I LOOK like a normal citizen to you.'

He pulled off his pink tinted glasses and threw them at the girl. Like he had done with the newspaper previously, he bent down to grab his shoe to swing that at her as well.

'Get the hell out of here, you retard!'


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Andromeda didn't honestly know why she sat there for a minute while the man in front of her was having a meltdown. Hoping for an answer to her question was really not enough to warrant sitting through a range of negative emotions for no reason that she could pin point.What does a normal citizen even look like? What does normal look like? She was confused, it was clear the man in front of her was angry, this can't end well and she found herself being hit on the head with a pair of sunglasses. Holding her head she frowned. hey! why'd ya do that for? I said I was sorry about bumping into ya jeez. What was this man's deal? J-just calm down will ya?! Backing up a bit she held her hands in front of her, Andromeda didn't want an problems. No need to get violent sir. It was a simple question. You don't need to get so worked up over it, God.


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Maarschalk was holding his shoe like a dagger, the pointy tip pointed towards the lolicon in front of him. After having violated his pecker, he was quite angry. After the mention of Crocus, he became livid. Livid enough to wield his shoe like a weapon. The sharp point wasn't the deadliest part of the shoe, it was the stench that it carried.


He continued.


By now the thick vein on his forehead begun pulsating. Blood was being pumped to it, signifying the anger and wrath of Maarschalk.

'I will decide whether or not to get violent - not you. Besides, people like you, children like you, are degenerate and should kill themselves. So, will you respect your god, and kill yourself? Well, either do that, or fetch me a beer, blondie.'

A light scoff followed, the intimidating Maarschalk was dead-set on insulting this child. He is a mean man.


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She was wrong to have stayed about as the crazed man thrust his shoe in her direction. The scene itself had to be hilarious for onlookers as the small girl covered her nose almost immediately upon smelling something foul coming from the shoe. His words didn't make any sense to her, he couldn't be a god. A slight chuckle that followed into a snort passed from between her fingers. You are not a god. Trust me when I tell you. I know a god, his name is Zeus. I'll have you know he is the best god, if you praise him like I do maybe you won't be such a Sour Steve." She spoke behind a covered hand but it wasn't helping at all. Also if you could just put your shoe back on. You are causing a scene ya know, like a crazy old homeless person! Yea, no way a guy like you could be a god, what a joke. Isn't that funny Zeus? Thank my god I have his blessings and you, well you really should accept Zeus into your life.

Putting a tiny hand on her hip she felt herself backing away from the man in an attempt to get away from his shoe stench. She couldn't fully think on his insults towards her. Even with all the fresh air she could feel herself getting dizzy. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and if your shoe smells like that you belong in the pits of the underworld..


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Maarschalk was so livid, he ran off a bridge and dove into a water. He begun swimming towards some geese which were being fed by an old men. He began pushing the geese away and eating their breadcrumbs. The disturbed old man backed away while the geese begun fighting Maarschalk. Maarschalk used his pointy shoe as a weapon to almost murder the geese. Fighting with the geese had calmed Maarschalk down. He begun wandering into another random direction to find more people to bother. If it weren't up to him, he would have stabbed the lolicon from before with his shoe - but something stopped him. It probably wasn't common sense that stopped him, no.. it was something else.

Maarschalk put his shoe back on and while he did, he noticed a screwdriver laying on the cold cobble. He picked it up and began screwing things loosely. He started with random furniture but eventually found a few bikes, doors and other objects which he stole the screws from. The people of Crocus wouldn't know what hit them.

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Yoshino Freljord
It was a day like any other in her hometown of Crocus. At least, that's what the prestigious members of the Freljord family thought. Thanks to their egotistical ways, so long as they were living merrily, they saw no reason to fret. The daughter of the household saw differently. Her eyes were able to perceive the reality of the world and as she stood out on her balcony, the 11 year old sighed and shook her head in disgust.

Born and raised in Crocus, Yoshino knows of the negativity in the capital of Fiore. But the question that pops up is, what of the rest of the world? If there was more than enough problems about in Crocus, who knows how many reside in Fiore, not the mention the world.

As she contemplated hard about the matter, she lost her train of thought as a loud voice echoed angrily throughout the capital. And like any curious child would, she ventured towards the general area, only wondering what the ruckus could be about. As she appeared at the scene, a tall man followed by a young lady seemed to be in a bout of sorts. Yoshino simply squatted down and stared, wondering what sort of entertainment would be displayed next.


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To say she was confused wouldn't even be hitting close to home on the current emotion running through her. All she could do was stand in her place, slightly slack jawed, but one hundred percent confused. Maybe he already knew the power of Zeus? Was.. Was that fear? or anger? She didn't want to think about the short series of events that just transpired. " Ah well, time to go find that garden! I bet I can find some colorful people there as well. Maybe I'll run into that man again, he wasn't so bad if you take away the shoes. Andromeda giggled to herself and twirled in place before breaking out in a full on sprint, her long locks trailing behind her like some sort of superhero aura. She would certainly remember this moment for a long time.

- exit -


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The tall figure in a wet suit had finally found the opportunity to sit down somewhere and dry himself off in the sun. However, soon after sitting down the figure felt engulfed by a strange sensation. It was being stared at. The cold look in Maarschalks eyes shifted from left to right, until his eyes met the blue glinting eyes of a young girl. Crocus is a young town, Maarschalk thought. Considering his cooled down temper, this wasn't a bad time for him to socialize. He stood up, stepping forwards the shadow crept upon the small girl. The sun behind Maarschalk made him an intimidating figure,

'The capital of Fiore; Crocus. Not a place for commoners I reckon - at least that's obvious from your eyes, from what guild are you?'

The dark voice spoke, his eyes shifting from left to right whilst it tried looking for some kind of tattoo. One similar to his own. Her blue hair proved some mystery to her, making the figure curious towards her origins.

#11Yoshino Freljord 

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Yoshino Freljord
Her eyes preyed on the man like she was a beast at hunt; they never left him, even as he towered over her. Whereas other people would be afraid of such a sight, Yoshino felt no fear. What she felt in the place of fear was relief. Thanks to this man's giant figure, he managed to provide shade for the little noble.

The man asked a question of his and Yoshino was actually hesitant to give an answer. The perfect child in her parents' eyes, Yoshino actually had a secret that no one knew about. A year ago, she was sent off by her parents to study magic abroad and further expand her capabilities. Instead, she joined the guild Blue Pegasus. If Yoshino was to give that information away now, it would be a matter of time before her parents found out.

Sapphire and teal eyes met as she gave her answer. "I like ice cream." she announced aloud. Out of the corner of her eye, she had seen a child and his parent buying ice cream. It was perfect for such a hot day as this one, especially since the sun was as harsh as the man before Yoshino. Within a second, Yoshino forgot about the conversation at hand and skipped towards the vendor, buying herself a cone of three scoops: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.


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Her reaction was ample. Maarschalk's eyebrow arched away from his face, whist his other eyebrow lowered itself. Skeptical, that's the emotion that his face conveyed. She not only completely deflected his question, but begun talking about her passion for ice cream.

Confused, that's what Maarschalk was. Was she slow in the head -- did she not know how to lie? Interesting. -

'Well, what kind of ice cream are we talki--'

Before he could finish his sentence with a passive aggressive remark, the girl had begun skipping towards the vendor. The figures curiosity brought himself to be walking towards the same vendor, was he skeptical? No, ... he was curious into her affairs. The clacking sound generated by his heel made it well noticeable for the blue haired bimbo to notice that she was being followed.

'I'll have a scoop of hazel cherry'

His odd flavor choice was something he had refined over the years. Turning to look into the eyes of the blue haired bimbo, he spoke once more.

'That's alright, you don't want to talk about yourself. Can you tell me why you won't?'

Maybe he was overestimating the intelligence of the young rut, and perhaps she was too childish and just plainly teasing Maarschalk. Maarschalk wondered if she still wanted to talk to him, which is why he begun wandering to a bench. If she had followed, she wasn't as much of a rascal as he thought she would be.

#13Yoshino Freljord 

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Yoshino Freljord
As she received her treat, she turned and licked it, only to realize that she had been trailed by the giant. This would only lead to questions on the friendly child's part; questions that would expose what he was up to. However, it seemed that the giant had the same idea as Yoshino and beat her to the punch.

It seemed that brawn wasn't the only thing he had. He definitely had a brain to back it up. Otherwise, he wouldn't have figured out Yoshino not wanting to answer his previous inquiries.

She noticed that he wasn't as aggressive as he first was and that itself was enough to give her a reason to answer him. There wasn't a reason as to why she shouldn't answer him. Whereas she wasn't giving him the entire truth, it definitely wasn't a lie. "I did something bad." she stated bluntly.

As the law of equality has it, Yoshino asked her question in return for answering it. "What are you doing here, mister?" as she took another lick.


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It was the devil

Maarschalks lips curled at both ends, a twisted smile appeared on his mug. She described having done something bad. That's the reason why she wouldn't tell him any of the details. What a funny girl. Whilst she spoke, the tall scary man took a big bite out of his ice cream.

Then the question of his mysterious presence in this town was brought forth.

'Me? Oh, ... -- well I've heard terrible things about this town. I thought it'd be wise to study the rumors that I have heard. I'm not some kind of JOKER if that's what you're wondering, but yes, I do admit; Chaos plays a big theme in my life. '

Whilst speaking, Maarschalk paid attention to his surrounding - he was quite used to tiptoeing his way through life. After a moment his head turned back to face the blue eyed girl. Maarschalk was already seated on the bench, presumably next to the bimbo.

It was Maarschalks intention to remain as mysterious as possible to see how curious the girl could get. He redirected the conversation back at her,

'Since you describe this bad thing with a certain expression I am to assume you have no desire of speaking about it -- and that's fine, but what about telling me how you managed to escape the past? It wasn't easy, I bet'

The tall man had an idea how psychology in children worked - making them feel grandiose and paying attention by convincing them that you're impressed usually opens up more deep rooted feelings and the ability to express them.

Not everyone is perfect, Maarschalk could be wrong.

#15Yoshino Freljord 

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Yoshino Freljord
Children are unpredictable creatures. Sure, Yoshino was the one who inquired the man but as he answered, she paid him no mind. At the moment, the only thing that took her undivided attention was the triple-flavored sweet treat. Like a dog, she would continuously lick the ice cream on the verge of dripping. By the time she finished, she turned to her accompaniment as he finished his retort. What's a chaos?

Before she could ask aloud, he continued his rant. And as she continued listening on to him, the only thing she could think of was how boring this was getting. The attention span of the average human is 12 seconds or so. A child would have a shorter attention span. Yoshino, with her inability to focus, had an attention span of roughly 5 seconds. Thank goodness he finished speaking. The blue-haired brat was just about to head back home but the very last words caught her by surprise.

The past. There were a million other subjects to talk about but this stranger of a man had to ask about the past. He kept pressing on and on with his interrogation. While Yoshino felt inclined to answer this, she was tired of the pace of the conversation. Maybe if she gave him the answer he was looking for, he would stop. Taking a deep breath, she voiced out the problems that still haunt her today. "Rich families expect a lot from you. So I ran." It wasn't a direct answer to his question; if anything, it was one of the most vague responses Yoshino ever gave in her life. But she believed this man would be able to comprehend her. After all, his questions proved him to be quite the intellectual.

Being born into the prestigious Freljord family, she was the successor to her father's name. Striving to be the best for her parents was her only goal in life, but eventually, the pressure was too much for the young child, no matter how talented she was. When something bugs a kid, they avoid it. It was natural. "At least I hope..." she whispered under her breath, hoping that the man known as Maarshchalk (still unbeknownst to her) wouldn't hear her.


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It was the devil

The figure had one leg crossed over the other. In a somewhat, feminine way, the blue colored pants with its white stripes stretching all across. Maarschalk begun to notice a few of her personality traits and misorders.

It wasn't attention, or so he thought, he thought that it was the hardship of her past - whilst in reality it was her short attention span.

'That's fair, academics isn't my thing too.'

With this sentence, Maarschalk implied a multiple of things. Upon hearing what she had to say and formulating an idea, he had assumed that she had run off because they had too many expectations for her. Now it was obvious that bad grades wouldn't cause a child to run off. It was most likely something else. But, saying what Maarschalk said probably would trigger the pride of the girl. Most children would deny having bad grades. This was a test of her pride, nevertheless - Maarschalk lied because he had very good grades when he was young. His goal was to let her open up more to him; by vaguely indirectly insulting her without making it seem like an insult by saying 'too', like he got bad grades.

'You know, I have 2 children - they're around your age; They don't look into my eyes when we talk, and that's because I come off as an intimidating person.'

Maybe if he started talking about himself some more would allow the girl to open up some; at least that's what he'd hoped.

'My name is Maarschalk Raion; you may call me Dr. Raion -- I'm a doctor see.'

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Yoshino Freljord
Terrifying. That was what this man truly was. But in Yoshino's eyes, he was a friendly man who knew just how to talk to children. All the words that came out of his mouth was soothing to her, which surprised even herself quite a bit. There were hardly any adults among the rich that would spend time with a child. He was the first, after her parents, of course.

Upon hearing him tell her that he didn't do too well in school was comforting to her, though far from the truth. Nevertheless, it was a fine guess and did its job at bringing the blue-haired brat to trust this man who later introduced himself as Dr. Raion. Something's not right. There was a pause before Yoshino said anything. How was this man able to receive the position of a doctor, where even a single mistake can be fatal? He, who hardly did well in school, was able to score such a title. Yoshino found that questionable. But alas, her heart could not see the bad in the man. Instead, she thought of alternatives in the situation. Maybe Mr. Raion's just bad at tests.

All the thinking made the frozen beverage drip down the cone and onto her hand; that popped Yoshino back into reality. She quickly stuttered and became rather flustered, licking like a maniac at the mess of an ice cream cone. "H-hi Mr. Raion," she addressed him without his formal title. "I'm Yoshino!" An attempt at a smile for a split second crossed her face, followed by licking once more.

She ran back to the ice cream vendor for a few napkins before running back to Maarshalk, only to trip and cause a scene. The slow-motion of the icy treat hitting the floor was scarring to the kiddo. Tears streamed down her eyes. She wasn't hurt nor did she care about how she looked as of the time being. Like the ice cream, her heart was shattered in an instant.

#18Bishop Tamm 

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Bishop Tamm
i think im funny and thats all that matters
Skipping along came Bishop, humming happily to himself. Under the smile of makeup and scar tissue, was a genuine smile with the corners of his mouth upturned -that's right, in a smile. I think that makes sense. It was supposed to be a joke, with the little reiteration bit at the end there. You know what, whatever. Anyway, he had come to Crocus for a job hunt. So far, no local hospitals would hire the smiling doctor. Well, at least they had not thus far expressed their interest. Still, since he's a big fucking weirdo he was smiling and humming and skipping around Crocus.

He hopped until he saw a blue haired child -in case it's unclear, I'm pretty sure it's Yoshino- on the ground, crying. He laughed audibly. Moments later, he was next to the child, as if he were to attempt to help it. But instead, with one knee on the ground, the other leg firmly planted with its foot also on said ground the gentle rumbling coming from the source of sound in his neck crescendo'd -tl;dr:he was kneeling next to the kid and he hummed real loud. Then he continued in song, "... COLLECTING YOUR JAR OF HEAAAAAARTS," He raised his fist slowly upwards (like a slow motion uppercut) as if he were singing a powerful ballad, his chin lifting in sync with his hand's motion "AND TEARING THEM APAAAAART" He stood up, brushed the dust off his knees, did a little pirouette and merrily skipped away.

edit: for those who dont get the singing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8v_4O44sfjM

yes, i realize now the lyrics i wrote arent exactly correct but it's ok since you two are probably just gonna end up ignoring my interruption anyway .__.


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It was the devil


Maarschalk said too much, or said something wrong. That was his conclusion from seeing the girl slightly distraught, as if she was seeking for an answer instead of using her ad libbing it. Thinking about it some more he realized that she was pretty much like that throughout the entire conversation, so it might not have been some random thing that Maarschalk said - but moreso her personality in general: very careful, that'd be quite reasonable - considering her situation. The blue haired girl was named Yoshino. A name that didn't really mean anything to Maarschalk, it didn't sound very foreign - even though she indicated to be from a place far away.  Her eyes and hair didn't really have a distinct trait so Maarschalk assumed that this place was within reasonable distance. Maybe a city? Like Hargeon, Oak - somewhere from that direction. He couldn't just ask that, because he'd probably just scare her by accurately guessing. What Maarschalk didn't know was that Yoshino was in fact not on the run anymore, he just assumed that she was since she was being very secretive away. Had he have known this, he would have been more aware to his surrounding - it's rare for people of wealth like herself not to be watched by a guardian or whatever.

'That's a nice name, where is it from?'

Maarschalk asked since this would let him know where she was from, even though she was from this city. Since Maarschalk was misinformed, he was still investigating - and thus his question.

As soon as Yoshino stood up to get more ice cream, Maarschalk stood up and began slowly walking towards the stall. He was interrupted from his main path by the blue haired girl who stumbled and fell. A speck of the ice cream landed on his dress trousers. Nothing to get upset by, however, then came the filth who began hopping towards Yoshino. The sight of this put Maarschalk immediately in action.  Maarschalk carried a large fish in his right hand. One that he held by its tail, stolen from a fish stall not a meter away from Maarschalks initial position. Then he begun to walk towards Yoshino and this man in a fast pace. Maarschalks held the fish like a baseball bat and swung before giving the other man the opportunity to raise his fist, and what followed was Maarschalks stolen fish almost completely painted red from the makeup the man wore. That alone proved the severity of Maarschalks violence. Now, should the man flee by dancing away, Maarschalk would talk to Yoshino and his subsequent actions should still count - should the clown stick around, Maarschalk would change his stance in a more combat ready one, prepared to fight the clown.

'The same passion you have for ice cream, I have for the dark'

In which he feared it, which is quite ironic. Maarschalks gaze averted from the setting sun back to the girl.

'I'm leaving, and so should you. goodbye now'

The tall figure left after making eye contact one final time, turning his back to her and walking away.


#20Yoshino Freljord 

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Yoshino Freljord
Where does a name come from? That was the question that wouldn't leave Yoshino's mind as she wandered home. Today was definitely peculiar to the utmost aspect. Upon hearing the voice of a child crying restlessly, Yoshino would leave her safe balcony and rush to the direction of the voice. The situation was that of a girl leaving whereas the dark, scary man stayed. But in the end, it turns out the scary man wasn't so scary at all. A lot of conversing occurred and ended with a miniature ice cream date. And it ended with Yoshino bawling her eyes out because of the loss of her precious possession, the frozen treat.

The question remained; where was her name from? Do names come from places? If so, where? The more the child thought about it, the more questions arose. Her brain simply couldn't encompass the fact that names came from somewhere, not understanding the real question behind the words presented by Maarschalk. Alas, she could not handle the pressure given to her herself and started running home. As she approached the door to her place, an attempt to slip past her maid unnoticed failed and was scolded for leaving the household in the first place.

The only thing that bothered her now was the third person. He who came along and sang whilst dancing in his own weird way, only ending up being beaten by the doctor, from one place to another. Who was he and where did he come from?

[e x i t]

#21Bishop Tamm 

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Bishop Tamm
i think im funny and thats all that matters
Getting blindsided caught him off guard as getting blindsided tends to do. He tumbled back into some lady who dropped her groceries since she was startled. He saw in a man's hand a fish. Red smeared over it. His shade of lipstick. Annoyance flashed over his face. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do. Laying on the ground, he couldn't do much. Moreover, he was not a fighter, but the guy came out of nowhere and assaulted him.

Grabbing from the miscellaneous objects that rolled away from the woman he had bumped into, he found as luck would have it an azure fish. He let out a small laugh. Bishop strode towards the visibly much taller man who was on alert. He would get a little closer then pick up the pace to a brisk jog assuming he maintained a distance of roughly three feet from his assailant.

"One Fish, Two Fish," He muttered. The following, he yelled lifting the fish in his right hand up past his opposite cheek. So like, kinda like if he were coughing into the inside of his elbow, that kinda position. "Red fish, Blue fish!"

He immediately dashed on 'Blue', then he swung the fish at his assailant's upper torso towards the neck on the 'fish' subsequent to the 'Blue'. Pretty much no matter if he had connected his attack, he would take a tumble to the side, landing on his left shoulder, otherwise unscathed.

ooc: pls fish fencing fight plsss

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