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The Cat Cried Wolf

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on Tue Mar 05, 2019 8:20 pm

Vali Onfroy
 Worth Woodsea's beauty proved to be mesmerizing so far. As the young viking lord walked through the forest, he found himself unable to stop his gaze upon the soil and trees. Back in Skaal it was rare for him to see such healthy plants. The entire Iceberg was mostly snow and cold so the warmer climate in Fiore was appreciated. His focus however, remained on the task at hand. Vali's first true mission was to find this "village" that his father claimed he heard of. Apparently Icebergics claimed colonized in Woodsea, somewhere around this part of the forest. No matter how long it took the young Elf would make sure he found what he was searching for. A part of him felt like the forest itself was guiding him to his destination, as if the nature around him was telepathically speaking to him.

By now he was about a mile and a half or two away from where his camp was. The dangers that lurk within Worth Woodsea would undoubtedly reveal itself soon. In fact, Val began to hear leaves rustle from behind him. Balling both his fists up, the Viking elf turned to the bush that moved irregularly. "Show your face." he demanded. The only true authority he had was over the people of Skaal. This was a different land, he had no authority upon the people upon its soil. Still, his voice alone could shake a bit of fear in the heart of average Fiorians. There was no sound.  After a moment, he heard the bushes from in front of him rustle. Quickly he turned to face the bush as an eyebrow rose. "You will be my meal, creature." He stated. Whatever was playing with the Lord of Skaal had another thing coming.

Val suddenly felt the smallest whiff of wind on from behind him and swiftly turned with his hand swiping to grab whatever creature he faced when he was met with something more...humane. "A Neko." Vali's fingers wrapped themselves around the black furred Neko's neck coldly glaring at him. "Elf." the cat man responded with a devilish smirk. "You are following me. Why?" The Neko lifted his hands before placing them onto Val's, tapping them as a signal for air. The viking thought for a moment before slowly lowering his hand.

"An elf?" He sniffed. "Your ears..." he touched. *slap* His hand fell. "Odd. They're short."
"You have five seconds to tell me who you are."
"Apologies. How could I have been so rude? I...am Zimnur of the Smoketail neko tribe and you sir, with an accent like that...are not from here are you?"
"Thanks the gods, no. Vali Onfroy, Lord of Skaal. You have yet to tell my why I haven't killed you yet, Zimnus."
"Killing me would only kill an opportunity for you."

Zimnur that his tribe had some trouble with wolves in their area. He also admitted to Vali that if he showed his tribe proof that he had eliminated the threat then he would be chief of security. Of course money was a gain but Vali being a leader created another term. "You want me to lie to your clan so that you can rise to power, pitiful. I'll help you but on one condition." The young viking elf revealed to Zimnur that his people had just arrived to Worth Woodsea. He offered to help Zimnur's tribe but under the condition that when he became Chief of security that he and Val become allies and in the future if needed then Zimnur's "Security" will repay the favor. Zimnur agreed and the two began to travel to the home of the wolves.

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