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Beauty And The Beast [Training w/ Akuma]

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Beauty And The Beast [Training w/ Akuma] Empty on Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:51 pm


Akuma was the only person Tengu was willing to let help her with training a new technique, and likewise was the same in the brutes eyes most likely. It seemed like it had only been a short time since the two of them clung to one another like rib cages to a chest. They were unofficially the protector of one another and it showed in how they moved and reacted to everyday situations.

Well today, they were going to be getting a swift upgrade in their abilities. Tengu had been working on an idea for a spell that utilized her ability to make constructs in an effort to add devastating pain to anyone that dared cross her. It was a buzz saw composed entirely of water that would still be as effective if not more so than the standard edition, and so she would stand across from Akuma now.

Eyes locked on to the man while her hand lay on her hip, solid white covering her figure from her pants, shirt, boots, and even her large fur coat. All were swaying in the small breeze that caressed the two mages forms, standing out in a large field covered in snow almost like some sort of samurai duel. Taking her white gloved hand out of her pocket, Tengu would brush several free strands of hair from her gaze before speaking. Tone full of uninterested per usual, even though she was excited to try and master this new spell.

"Thank you for agreeing to train together, Akuma. I much prefer using a living target."

Tengu quipped, raising her hand to tighten her glove before adjusting her stance to be more stable she would raise one hand over her head while smirking. Her free hand rising from her hip and forming a single hand sign in front of her. She wasn't concentrating her magic energy yet to do the spell and so she merely held her position, keeping her body stiff and strong.

In order to master a spell one must have good form, breathing and magic control and she was known for having all three. Well, on top of an undeniable drive to be the best among all of her peers; the only one she didn't mind being equal to her was likely Akuma. After all, what was a queen without a king to reinforce her iron grip on the throats of everyone in the god forsaken land.

"Whenever you are ready, my dear executioner."

Tengu spoke, suddenly focusing her magic through herself. A blue magic seal would become conjured over her hand and she would concentrate on it's presence in her hand until water droplets were suddenly being pulled together, forming a buzzsaw of swirling water. It wasn't big, about 0.5 meters in diameter but she had at least managed to mold the attack without messing up. Now it was a matter of unleashing it properly, something she had far less confidence in at the moment.

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Beauty And The Beast [Training w/ Akuma] Empty on Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:13 pm

The snow fell like white rain over the clear field that Akuma stood in. He took it in. He enjoyed the sight before him, the feel of the cool wind, and the shivering sensation that riddled through his entire body. Today was a peaceful day, filled with tranquility for Akuma. For the most part, he had been meditating, mulling over ways to become stronger. It was what he always did when he met a dead end and could not further improve his strength. He would think, and from thinking would come a power that he could wield like never before.

Well… That happened today. Akuma had lost himself in thought, and with that losing sense of direction, he had come up with a new technique in his mind. Now, all he needed was to try it out. He needed to experiment to see how it worked and test how strong it would make him. Luckily for him, there was a way to do this.

”Training huh… This amuses me.” That was the answer Akuma gave to Tengu when she had offered him the idea. The very thought of training had crossed his mind, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to test what he knew. Of course, Akuma would never imagine that he would use his power on Tengu, but sparring was the best technique to use in order to strengthen yourself. Everyone had different sets of knowledge, and from learning another’s knowledge, one could grow to the mighty size of a tree. In essence, that was the very meaning of getting stronger.

When Tengu awakened her magic, Akuma stared at it with tempered eyes. ”Hmph.” he sounded. ”So this is your magic power? You impress me every day, Tengu.” A slight grin displayed on Akuma’s face. This woman was a card to be around. Every day seemed to bring about a new adventure when he was with her. Akuma didn’t mind her at all if she stayed at his side forever.

”Well then, I guess I should awaken my power.”

Akuma took in a deep breath, inhaling the icy cold air that forced his bones to quiver. He bent his knees and slid one foot ahead of the other. With one hand he lowered it to his stomach while the other, he rose near his face. His eyes glimmered a determined and frightening glare, the very same glare that could send a wild animal into a shiver, and he prepared himself for what came next.

Focus all of your power at one point… Akuma thought to himself. Awakening new strength was a tricky business. If he wasn’t careful with what he did, he could very well lead to harming himself. He had to have the meticulous precision of a surgeon, and the steel mentitude of a monk in order to advance his power. It was because of this fine tuning that he needed that he very rarely made any milestones in his training. Though, for Akuma, that would end today.

He would finally make his first milestone.

Center your magic, tune it with your muscles, and increase your strength…

Akuma concentrated roughly. His teeth gritted as he tried to call upon his new magic. Two magical circles began to form over both of his arms. With them they brought electricity. The lightning currents flowed through his entire body, awakening his nervous systems and stimulating his mind. Suddenly, as he felt his power grow, he radiated with a burst of electrifying energy.

”Lightning’s Wrath!”

With that, for the first time in so many years, Akuma finally met a milestone. He stood there for a second to admire the brilliance that his new power radiated. Lightning shivered through his body, empowering his core, though it mainly appeared as though the electricity ran through his arms. Yet still, electrical currents beamed through his biceps, threatening to shock anyone who came near it. This strength that Akuma was given was impressive.754/2000

”Perfect!” Akuma beamed as he looked at Tengu. ”Now… Come at me. It is time we test these abilities of ours.”


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Beauty And The Beast [Training w/ Akuma] Empty on Thu Jan 24, 2019 5:56 am


Tengu smirked when Akuma mentioned her magic power impressing him, refusing to blush at the man when he complimented her. He always found a way to make her weak in the knees and his words while rare were more than enough to get the job done. Still holding the whirling blade above herself and staring intensely at the man before her, Tengu was mentally preparing for the fight ahead. She'd seen Akuma in action time and time before but she always made sure to keep her guard up against the seasoned fighter.

As he visibly showed signs of focusing his power within himself, she could feel the magic energy stirring within him. His glare one that sent chills down her spine, the same look that would send animals and weak men into a frenzy went on to arouse the woman and she refocus her mind. Keeping her composure int he face of what some would consider to be danger.

She didn't believe that, she knew how deeply the man cared for her even if he didn't physically speak it. His actions were all that she needed. With Akuma's power suddenly bursting forth, Tengu would like her lips and crouch down into a lower stance; now ready to face him. All the while she thought back to the those words he used to compliment her.

"Likewise, now show me what you can do!"

The raven hair assassin urged, watching the lightning dance on Akuma's arms and giving her a good warning to stay out of range of the man. Pain wasn't what kept her at bay as she was well aware of the strength Akuma could muster but she wasn't interested in being on the receiving end of a decisive blow, and would use her range advantage to take him on.

Quickly, but without much aim, she would sling forth her water buzzsaw and watch it cut through the cold air; inching closer to the man before whizzing past him by a few inches. As embarrassing as it was she knew it was a part of refining her technique and wouldn't let it discourage her, instead motivating her to quickly try again. Jaw clenched, she would extend her arm above her head once more and move her free hand again to form a sign, summoning the liquid once more.

Blue magic circle glittering to life above her palm while small droplets slowly merged into one another, first forming what seemed to be an orb before taking the shape of an actually buzzsaw. She would have to learn to form it faster if she was going to use it in combat more effectively and she would keep that in mind. Calming her breathing down a bit she would instead strengthen her stance once more and focus her sights.

With much more precision than before, Tengu's arm flung downward in an angle much cleaner than her first attempt. She made sure to tense her muscles at what she believed to be the right time to get the projectile to instead go straight down the middle toward the torso of her lover. It wasn't exactly perfect but it at least found it's way going directly at the behemoth as opposed to whizzing past him by a few inches.

Tengu however found herself interested in how her partner would counter the attack using his new strength, though she knew he would likely use it to batter his opponents to smithereens. Defense not really being his strong suit when it came to the implication of his magic, which is why she usually did all the defending when push came to shove.

Instead of overthinking it she would prepare to unleash her assault once more, hopefully getting a shot clean enough to be worthy of the title of huntress and assassin. While some would strive for normalcy when it came to things like this, Tengu was always trying to be ten times better than others. Assassins didn't get far by doing what was mediocre, they needed to always be ahead of their competition and she wouldn't settle for a half assed technique. Not by a long shot.

C rank spell training word count

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