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On Me [Minor Demonic Incursion]

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on Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:11 pm

The town hall was locked and a huge shield surrounded it. Inside were hundreds of townspeople taking shelter and it would seem someone clever had found a way to activate the building's inbuilt defence so that the demons cannot make their way in and slaughter those within. Unfortunately, however, the defensive shield is powered by a large lacrima at the back of the building, which is the only weak spot to an otherwise impenetrable shield. The demons that came out the small rift had figured this out and were relentlessly throwing themselves into the lacrima to weaken and destroy it so that they could invade the town hall. Far down the main lane that connected the back end of the building were a few adventurers who could clearly see what the demons were up to. Will these five show courage and defeat the demons to close the rift and protect the citizens, or will they cower under the rubble to protect themselves?


  • Kyo

  • Naomi

  • Adriano

  • Idran

  • Vajro

#2Kyo Hisoka 

on Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:16 am

He had to prove to her that he was capable of being serious. His hands were sweaty, but that was probably the only sign of the nervousness and the fear that wrecked him. There were a multitude of reasons that he felt the way he did. He didn't want to fail Naomi, but at the same time, he didn't want either of them to get so carried away that it didn't leave them with the other to protect. He suppressed a shudder, that the thought of losing Naomi elicited.

His thumb idly caressed the finger with the tattoo of her name. He stood by her side, watching the demons as they scurried towards the lacrima protecting the shield. In their obsession to land their teeth and claws into the poor terrified citizens within, they'd missed the quiet presence of the two nekos. He put an arm around his lover and gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze. Also to stop her from rushing in mindlessly, she wasn't the sort to do that... But he knew her rage when it came to demonic beings. He wanted to ask her if she was sure, but he already knew her answer.

He scoured the street once again. He noticed a few humans in the distance and waved with both his hands towards them. A little aid never hurt. He thought he saw spiked hair, a similar shade to his own, and an even lighter shade on longer tresses of another figure, but he couldn't be sure. He then held out his hand a few steps ahead of his wife, visible to the humans too, should they choose to join. Warm golden sands stirred within the box. 'Step in! This should help you hit just a little harder.' He said. Strength in spirit and numbers.


Spell used: Name: Stronger
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Grounded Magic
Type: Other-Buff [Strength]
Element: Ground
Range: 05 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustained
Effect: Kyo indicates a target location within his range with his open palm. A magic circle appears at the location. A square with one meter sides, is gifted with golden hued sands. The sand will cling to any targets within the square and buff their strength by D-rank. Targets will continue to receive the buff so long as they stay within Kyo's spell range.

Mana: 175

#3Varjo Ozoulf 

on Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:04 pm

The town was dead silent, but the only sound of her footsteps walking down the empty streets. Varjo sought to seek answer as to why. Above her, she could see a small rift appearing. Small demons were pouring out of it like some goop dripping from a open wound. It was clear that they were a threat. Her white hair would stand out amongst the crowd or area.

Looking over, there was a large lacrima that powered a shield to protect the town hall. That must of been where the townspeople have been sheltered. These things were smarter than she had given credit for. Very few others were outside. Her emerald eyes saw that there was a neko, waving. He shouted to her and the others around to come help. Varjo ran over to the male neko then saw another neko similar to him. They must be relate somehow or something? Or just are married? She did not know, but how was not hte time. In her limited Fiorian, she could only asked what was going on.

"What's going on" she asked the others in her thick Nordic accent. Hoping one of them was Icebergian or could speak the language. It would aid her a lot into understanding the natives around her. She could gather enough info to protect the lacrima and who ever the shield was protecting from those creatures. That was the main problem at hand!


#4Naomi Hisoka 

on Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:02 am

Of course Naomi came to Orchidia the moment she heard the warning about the approaching demon invasion. After all, this was the reason why she stayed back in Fiore and didn’t return to Stella. She had obviously dragged her beloved along and he had come without a moment of hesitation, knowing full well that they were walking into a nightmare and may not come out of it alive. Naomi truly wouldn’t have blamed him if he had said no or tried to convince her to stop chasing her revenge so vehemently. It wouldn’t have worked, of course, and he was probably aware of it all too well.

When they reached the lush town, it was already in shambles. The streets were filled with mutilated bodies and many buildings were burning and crumbling down, succumbing to the onslaught of the small fiendish demons. Naomi hissed in anger and charged towards the nearest demon. The devilish little thing had no idea he was targeted, as the Neko was absolutely silent. It was still busy tearing apart a dead woman when Naomi sunk her sharp claws into its neck from behind, killing it. “Tch!” she spat, as she kicked the demon away.

The Neko presumed the fiend’s yelp would give away their location and attract the rest of the demons in the area. However, she noticed that the other beasts were rushing towards a particular direction with purpose. She turned the corner and found that all the demons were making their way towards the town hall, which seemed to be shielded. The Neko knew what this meant. She had to bite down her urge to charge recklessly at the horde. Her husband’s reassuring squeeze on her shoulder helped. When he asked if she was sure, she simply nodded. Both of them knew that question was redundant.

They needed a plan. Just the two of them charging straight at that many demons was just suicide, especially when more were crawling their way out of the rift. Naomi saw Kyo wave in a direction and noticed that there were a few who still had not become demon dinner. The closest one quickly approached them and spoke in a heavy accent. Given Naomi herself was not too fluent in Fiorian, she couldn’t understand what she asked. But, she could guess. There was only one thing people might want to know given the situation. “We need to find a way to close the rift,” she declared, looking at Varjo and then at her husband. She stepped into the familiar buffing square, and felt the golden dust empower her.

Once everyone else was ready, she would begin their approach towards the horde, while ensuring she wasn’t too far from Kyo. It was time to pummel these abominations back where they came from.


#5Adriano Knightingale 

on Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:12 pm

The young man was cautious as he traversed the town of Orchidia, avoiding the pieces of wreckage laid out in the streets. It was almost as if the world was ending… rifts filled the sky, dropping creature after creature onto the town of Orchidia below, those same demons leaving death and destruction in their wake. He was twitching. Sweat dripped down the side of his head as memories flashed each time he blinked, the scenes playing out before him so similar to back then. Relax, breathe, relax, breathe—

God, this was reckless. Reckless and hasty on their parts, both he and Idran. Was he ready for this, or would he shy off to the sidelines again? He rapidly shook his head back and forth, a childish attempt to rid himself of the self-doubt. No, he had to step forward. There would be no compromise in this situation, and it was a fact he grimly came to terms with. Even if it cost him everything he had, he would stand tall and strong before this threat. He refused to let the innocent people of Orchidia suffer.

Eventually, the town hall came into view. A shield was encompassing it on all sides, likely protecting the people who were inside. However, from the angle Adriano stood he could make out different figures at the back of the building, along with the sounds of roars. He made a quick gesture to Idran, pointing to the sight before making his way towards it, careful as he did so.

The closer he got, the more he could make out the figures he noticed before. There were a few people left on the outside, two women and a single man (out of the trio, two of them had cat ears and it was a sight Adriano was not prepared for). On the other hand, there were also demons nearby, throwing themselves against… a lacrima? Was that the power source for the shield? His green eyes sharpened at this realization.

Adriano could see one of the nekomata wave them over and he wasted no time in obeying that request, knowing Idran would likely be close behind. He reached only seconds after the woman with white hair arrived. However, more of his attention was placed on the golden box placed in front of them, likely a buffing spell considering what the male neko had said.

Now, he wasn’t the most intelligent out there. His introversion never meant he was insightful nor brilliant. So how they could close the rift? Adriano had no idea. But he needed to offer his assistance somehow… “Whatever you figure out, we’ll follow your lead.” he calmly told the other three, unconsciously speaking for Idran as well. With that, he stepped into the magic square, feeling himself grow stronger. So that’s what kind of boost it was… Adriano crossed his arms into an ‘X’ formation before they dropped back down to his sides, empowering his arms with his magic power, watching as they turned pitch black. Taking in a deep breath, he grasped the hilt of the sword on his back and unsheathed it. He could feel his legs almost shaking, but he’d be fine..

He would waste no time in following the female neko once their attack commenced, steeling himself as he did so. Everything would be just fine.


Mana Left: 275

Name: Dark Empowerment: Strength
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Darkness Magic
Type: Self-Buff [Strength]
Element: Darkness
Range: 00 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user crosses their arms to form an ‘X’ before quickly bringing them downwards to their sides. Upon finishing this motion, a magic circle appears beneath the user. Their hands and forearms are then surrounded with a dark magic aura, thick enough to make them appear outright black. This ability increases the user’s strength by a D-rank level.

#6Idran Alfius 

on Sat Jan 12, 2019 6:05 pm

A way to close the rift, eh? Idran was never good at any strategies or just coming up with ideas in general. He would let the adults bicker with that. He closed his eyes and clapped his hands together, the sound resounding in his head clearing away any noise until there was just silence, he moved his hands apart, the magic circles shielding the front of his hands. It didn't take long for the circles to engulf his hands. the golden aura moving up from there to engulf his entire forearm. He took a moment to appreciate the feeling of strength surge through him. So he did it again, his clap echoing through his entire body, as he moved his hands apart. He opened his eyes to the final 2 circles engulf his forearms. He felt envigored, pumped. This wasn't enough, the demons were fast so he needed to be faster he clapped his hands together, the third echo in his mind bringing the same serenity he loved so much. As soon as he brought his hands down the magic circle encompassed his knees shaping itself into transparent boots of gold. This was enough, it was time.

He ran. The time for talk was over, the time for action was now. Idran had a plan, Kill the demons attacking the weak point. It wasn't a good plan but, good plans are not Idran's thing. The others surely would come up with something, and, if anything Idran would make a good distraction. For now, all Idran could hear was the thudding of his feet on the pavement, and all he could see were the demons ahead. One of which was too far from the pack. Perfect. Idran would isolate it, kill it, tear its head off, and then chuck it at the others. He had no idea if it would scare the other demons but it would get their attention. the image of the demon got closer, Idran's eyes got wider. before he knew it, Idran had slammed the demon into the ground. Idran was unsure if the ground cracked or the demon did.

Idran felt, well he felt great. This was what he was waiting for, his blood pumping through his veins to the beat of the war drum that was his heart. Idran snapped out of whatever trance he was in to hear the rustling under him. The demon wasn't dead yet, Idran made sure to finish his job by slamming the head of the demon on the pavement as many times as he could. Each crack becoming louder and louder. Idran finally tore his eyes away from the dead demon. However, he met more eyes than he was willing to count. Each one getting more closer. Idran started to sweat. He wondered if any of his fellow demon destroyers would help him.

Idran smiled. If they don't it's more fame for him.




Mana left: 125

Name: Archangel Armor Gauntlet
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Archangel Armor
Type: Self-Buff [Strength]
Element: Light
Range: -
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Caster begins with clapping his hands together then Caster throws his arms away from each other to be a shoulder’s distance apart creating two small magic circles at the ends of his fingers, one magic circle for each arm. The magic circle climb up the arms slowly turning to a magic golden aura which surrounds the caster’s forearm and fist Buffing the caster’s strength with a D-rank buff (doubled due to Berserker’s ability)

Name: Archangel Armor Sabaton
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Archangel Armor
Type: Self-Buff [Speed]
Element: Light
Range: -
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Caster begins with clapping his hands together then Caster throws his arms down creating two small magic circles at the front of his knees, one circle for each leg, the magic circles engulf each leg stopping at the top of the knee turning to s magic golden aura which surrounds the caster’s lower limb of the leg and the foot Buffing the caster’s speed with a D-rank buff (doubled due to Berserker’s ability)

#7Kyo Hisoka 

on Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:29 am

(So I'm just going to assume all you lovely people stepped into my buff)

They were joined by three other people. There were two other strapping guys and a beautifully exotic silver-haired girl. Of course, he didn't really have the time to let his eyes linger on the appealing forms in front of him, there was work to be done. But the company lifted Kyo's spirits significantly. He was the hopeful sort, he saw silver-linings and happy endings everywhere. Five against about fifteen of these fiends? They could handle it. The only problem was, more were slowly tumbling out of the rift. There wasn't even any time for introductions, but it would seem the fellows were intending to follow his partner. They all stepped into the supportive golden hued area, but now he had to make sure he kept them all within five meters of himself range.

While Naomi and party went one way, the clapping boy with hair similar to his went another way. 'Whoop.' he said, dashing between the groups and the boy so he could keep them all supported as they fought. He scrunched up his face at all the Abyssinian blood the boy spilled by cracking open the demonic critter's skull like a coconut. Once more he didn't even have a moment to be morbidly curious about the sight. He had to kick off a demon who leapt towards the neko, he kicked him towards the group, sending the guy spiralling towards the boy with the darkened hands.

That's when he heard a sound of rumbling under the earth. He was particularly attuned to it given that it was his own element. He paused and held up his hands, as if trying to block out all the sound and focus. He figured out where the sound originated just in time, his eyes snapped towards the street-corner closest to the three - the white haired girl, Naomi and the dark-handed boy. From around the bend, something purple and half-burrowed in the earth rolled towards the trio.

Kyo's eyes widened. While the creature moved, it shot a dark clump of energy through the ground towards the boy who had just smashed the demon. 'Watch out!' he warned in the tongue most familiar to him. He wasn't sure if everyone would heed his warning. The creature, then suddenly burrowed deeper and seemingly vanished underground. When it reappeared, it was under the trio and had knocked all of them up upon emerging from the ground.


Stats, mana and The Demon:

Meet Rek'sai

(Note: This is not the boss, just a small baddie for us to fight)

Kyo: Stronger sustained for 4 targets: 100 Mana used
Naomi: Strength = 11
Idran: Strength = 26
Adriano: Strength = 15
Varjo: Strength = 11

#8Varjo Ozoulf 

on Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:19 pm

Upon arriving, it was not long after there were people coming in from each direction. Each trying of gire out what to do. Though, what caught her attention was a fellow neko that was female. She knew what she was saying. Killing the demons on her way to the small group, she seemed to know the other neko. The neko clearly explained the yneeded to get near to the rift. Verjo looked up at the sky seeing the tear in the sky. Demons were pouring out of it. A few punch to a few demons and twisting their heads instantly killing thme.

She stared at it for a few times. It was very mesmerizing. Everyone who had arrived, seemed to step into the buff circle that belongs to Kyo, the male neko. Varjo seemed ready as her Icebergian blood boiled in the heat of battle. It reminded her of the old days in the village with her mother and training. As the female neko, herself, and another one of hte boys, they became surrounded. Kyo shouted to watch out. Varjo saw the demons as it was too quick for her eyes to catch. Before she knew it, it burrowed underground below the three of them. "Shit" she said in her thick Icebergian language. Varjo tried her best to shield herself with her arms or legs from the creature as it would knock them up, but it caught a few scratches and some damage on her. IT was noting compared to what had happened to her in the past. She rolled on the ground to lessen the damage. Standing on her feet, she would help either the neko or the boy.

Varjo would kick a few of the demons on the head and twist their necks. Hearing the cracks, they would go limp on the ground. Varjo would continue to follow where ever the female neko would go. Just playing follow the leader and all. "Thanks for the warning" she said to Kyo, looking back at him. Her emerald eyes glanced up above them seeing a few demons heading down their way.

"Above! What out! she cried to everyone who was around them.


#9Naomi Hisoka 

Yesterday at 12:53 pm

Thankfully, the two Nekos weren’t alone in this fight. They were joined by three other brave adventurers, who seemed willing to put their lives at risk to protect the townsfolk. Still, their odds didn’t look good. There were at least a dozen demons near the lacrima with more making their way out of the tear. Nevertheless, they had to try. Naomi didn’t come all this way to hesitate at the golden hour. Besides, she had a personal vendetta against these abyssal creatures. Saving the Orchidians was simply a bonus.

Upon seeing the familiar buffing square of her sweetheart, Naomi stepped into it instinctively and felt her strength grow a notch. Buffed and ready, the female Neko charged ahead and began her onslaught on the filthy monsters. Naomi had no weapon, but that didn’t stop her. She was more than happy to pummel the demons with her bare hands. While it worked the first time when she caught one by surprise, it was soon proven to be a bad idea. Unsurprisingly, the demons had extremely sharp and metal-like claws for hands, and the Neko’s soft paws were no match for those.

The auburn-haired Fairy’s rage against the cretins was the only thing that kept her going. There were several deep cuts and scrapes in her arms, but she didn’t stop. She simply had to get creative and avoid the sharp edges. Swarmed by three of the monsters at the same time, Naomi could not afford to turn and look at the incoming danger that Kyo had warned about. She was in the middle of breaking the leg of one of the lesser demon and using it as a shield to defend against the attacks from other two, when she heard the rumble underneath her.

Naomi knew nothing good was going to come out from the ground. So, she swiftly pinned the demon she held down under her. When the burrowed monster came out, knocking her up, her meat shield took the brunt of it. Unfortunately, she was in mid-air and knew the creature would strike a lethal blow if she fell down right on top of it. So, she swiftly extended her hand in front of her and cast her Propel spell, which helped her dash away from the area. As she landed a safe distance away from the monster, she noticed that the demon had extended its enormous tail outwards and was about to swirl it around to strike down anyone within the area.

The Neko wasn’t going to have any of it. She pointed both her palms towards the demon and flicked them towards it, casting both String and Flurry at the same time. The sticky purple feathers struck the demon, slowing it down and ensuring it didn’t dodge her flurry. Once the feathers made contact with the demon, it exploded into a small explosion, dealing damage not just to it, but also the lesser demons next to it. The clever demon knew it wasn’t going to get any targets this time and swiftly burrowed itself underground again. “This is going to be a pest,” she muttered, frowning.

Meanwhile, more of the goblinesque demons were pouring out of the tear and making their way hastily towards the lacrima. “Don’t let them get any closer to the power source,” she yelled, lunging straight in front of the horde. The demons didn’t care and were ready to overrun her, but she wasn’t going to allow that. Naomi gulped. She had no plan. This wasn’t like her, but she didn’t know what else to do. As the demons closed in, she could also feel the ground rumble—which was clearly the doing of that monster they fought just then. This fight was far from over.


Spell(s) Used:
Propel - 25 Mana
Flurry - 25 Mana
String - 25 Mana

Mana: 125/200

#10Adriano Knightingale 

Yesterday at 3:25 pm

A lone hand gripped the hilt of his blade, adrenaline slowly flooding into his system despite his head slowly became blank a slate. Breathe, relax, clear your mind of all unnecessary distractions. Open your ears, your nose, all of your senses. Be one with nature, be one with the world. Let it guide your actions. Guide your movements to become beautifully terrifying, yet graceful all the same…

Alyx’s words echoed through his mind, and they comforted him. They helped him remain steadfast in his decision, and he let it run throughout his conscious like a mantram. Unfortunately, he was still much slower than he remembered, likely due to his skills beings rusty, as well as holding a weapon unfamiliar to him. Perhaps if his older sword was stronger, powerful enough to deal damage to these fiends… Oh well. Regardless of the minor hindrance, the brunette still attempted to slash the demon closest to him. Green eyes watched as the blade sank into the creature’s flesh, creating a deep red slash. Unfortunately, it was not enough to take it down. In defiance, the young man was met with a roar… but he’d already chosen his path. He was no longer able to turn back from what he started.

“Hyah!” with his shout, another slash came down upon the demon. This one had more force placed behind it, more intent to destroy than before, and the effort had paid off. With a screech, his adversary fell to the ground. Finished. Defeated. A surge of confidence overcame him then, urging him to keep on the offensive. In seemingly no time afterwards, he forced two more demons onto the ground, but he was not able to feel victorious for long.

Yet another creature was kicked in his direction, and he was lucky to hear its cry just in time to slash outwards. After it fell, Adriano made sure to finish the job. With a small burst of speed, he impaled the demon with his sword while it was recovering, watching the life seep out of its body. Adrenaline was flowing through his veins and his heartbeat was loud in his chest. He was doing it though. He was fighting, he was helping, he was fighting. The youth was so focused on what he’d just accomplished that he almost missed the earth rumbling beneath him.

It wasn’t until the monster appeared and launched an attack at Idran did he become alarmed. However, there was not much time to properly respond, for him and the two others were thrown into the air.

Despite not expecting the attack, Adriano was still able to manage a landing, albeit a rough one. Instantly he was back on his feet, clothes dirtied and sweat rolling down the side of his face. Yet his eyes were sharp, focused and full of life. Still raring to go. Blade in hand, he took a moment to analyze the situation. Demons were continuously emerging from the ripple in the sky, spilling like blood from an open wound. On the other hand, the cat woman was quick to strike down the earth creature… only to charge headfirst into a horde of demons. The brunette’s eyes nearly bugged out of their sockets.

Help her!

He made a gesture reminiscent to hand gun, releasing a small beam of darkness magic towards the pack of enemies. Thankfully, the attack hit one of them square in the head, forcing it to fall forward. However, immediately after launching the spell, the ground rumbled again. The monster had emerged from its hiding spot directly next to Idran this time.

But this time, he was prepared. This time, he’d managed to catch wind of the creature’s attack. Moving swiftly and gracefully, Adriano extended his arm outwards before making a horizontal slashing motion. The arc of darkness was quick to hit its mark on the demon’s back, forcing said creature to falter and cease its next action. “Idran!” he called out, perhaps the loudest he’s ever been around the white-haired man. But with that call, surely his partner knew to take advantage of the opening.


Mana Left: 200

Dark Empowerment: Strength sustained.

Name: Dusk Knight: Slash
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Darkness Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Darkness
Range: 05 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user holds their arm out which causes a magic circle to appear in front of them. They then quickly create a slashing motion, sending an arc of darkness magic (0.25 meters in length and width) towards their target. This deals damage and moves at a speed equal to a typical D-rank spell. Whether the slash be made horizontal, vertical, or diagonal is up to the user.

Name: Dusk Knight: Bang
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Darkness Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Darkness
Range: 05 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user mimics the shape of a gun with their hand, accumulating magic energy at the tip of their pointer finger and causing a magic circle to appear in front of them. They then fire out a small beam of darkness (diameter of 0.25 meters) at the intended target, dealing damage and moving at a speed equal to a D-rank spell.

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