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Naomi Hisoka

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#1Naomi Hisoka 

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Naomi Hisoka


Name: Naomi Hisoka

Age: Twenty-Two | 22nd December, X765

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Stellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Stellan

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Nekomata

Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: Purple. Right of the abdomen; above the hip.

Face: Xayah, League of Legends


Height: 5' 3" | 160 cm

Weight: 110 lbs | 50 kg

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Amber

Overall: Naomi is a very attractive Neko. She has long, wavy auburn hair that matches her fur and flow until the middle of her back. She usually keeps it tied and in front so that it doesn’t interfere with her hood. The girl has really long ears, typical of a Neko, and they are almost always upright; they relax only when she is alone with Kyo and is sure that there is no immediate threat. Her wide amber eyes are very alive and gives the illusion of flowing honey under the light. Coupled with her full lips, pert nose, and small round face, one might find her extremely cute if she didn’t have her unimpressed expression at all times. Despite having a very curvaceous body, Naomi is a little conscious about showing skin and wears clothing that covers her almost entirely from head to toe, except for her face. Most of her attire are of dull and dark colours as she hates attracting attention to herself. Also, unless the situation demands it, she seldom parts with the purple-feathered cloak that Kyo gifted her, no matter what she wears underneath.

Extra: She has 'Kyo' tattooed around the base of her left ring finger in gold.


Personality: Like most kids, Naomi was fun and innocent during her childhood, when there was nothing wrong with her life. However, after the tragedy that she was put through in her late teens, the girl had changed radically, making her extremely jaded. Very few things excite her, and she seldom cares about anything except for Kyo and her obsession with the revenge against the demons.

Naomi is usually very quiet and anti-social but is usually forced into social situations because of her husband. She attempts to stay out of the conversation most of the time, for when she does engage in one, her dark humour usually turns off people. She has the habit of stating facts tactlessly and end up offending one person or another, making them feel as though she was targeting them even though that wasn’t her intention. Despite Kyo’s earnest attempts to teach her to be tactful, her lack of interest in learning the art is apparent. She finds it easier to simply avoid conversations rather than learn how to.

This aversion to crowds and large social gatherings leave Naomi with a lot of time to herself and the people she truly cares about. While it may be difficult to build a relationship with the flawed Neko, when someone does manage to establish one, she is very invested in it. This works both ways; she loves and hates with equal passion. Unfortunately, however, it takes a lot to gain her friendship and takes very little to gain her annoyance.

The auburn-haired Neko is not prejudiced but is a strong believer of first impressions. This is not to say it is impossible for her to change her opinions about someone after the first interaction. She isn’t stubborn and is quick to apologize when proven wrong; but this quality of hers is seldom appreciated as she treats everyone as guilty until proven otherwise.

Naomi tries her best to finish her tasks without violence, but never shies away from a fight when she is challenged or forced into one. She would actively seek a fight only if it involved the safety of her friends or family, or if it involved a demon. When fighting, she never underestimates her opponent, and focuses on finishing it as quickly as she can to minimize the risk.


  • Ruins: Having grown up in a village amidst the ruins of an ancient civilization, Naomi is extremely intrigued by the veil of mystery around them. She enjoys exploring them, but is also very particular about not changing anything within to preserve history.

  • Music: Naomi thoroughly enjoys music in every form. In her darkest times, it was her lover’s hums that gave her a sense of warmth and safety. Any music reminds her of Kyo and that by default brings a smile upon her face.

  • Spars: The young Neko is always extremely conscious of her capabilities. She understands she needs to be extraordinary if she hopes to win against powerful demons. So, she feels the need to get into a good fight once in a while to keep her skills sharp.


  • Demons: Naomi’s one true purpose in her life is to destroy the demons. She despises them with all her heart and would do anything to end their existence. She also hates anyone who associates themselves in any manner with the demons.

  • Egomaniacs: While she appreciates confidence in oneself, the Neko is extremely averse to those who are so full of themselves that they think they are above everyone else. Naomi has no respect for those who don’t have the courage to accept their mistake.

  • Beasts: Naomi believes beasts are simple minded and can be easily manipulated into doing evil things. While she may not hate them as much as she hates demons, she is still very wary around beasts and would never trust them.


  • Destruction of the Abyss: Demons destroyed her village and she wishes to destroy theirs. Being the only survivor of her clan, Naomi sees this as her only goal in life and relentlessly works toward it.


  • Being Possessed: Naomi has seen her parents and part of her clan be possessed by demons and attack their kin. This has scarred the Neko severely and she is extremely scared of losing control of her mind or body, even if it is temporary.

  • Losing Kyo: Naomi is well aware that she would have never coped with the tragedy, if it wasn’t for Kyo’s love. She feels lucky and grateful for his presence in his life. She lost everything in her life once and Kyo is everything to her now. Losing him would cripple her faith completely.


Magic Name: Winded

Magic Element: Wind

Magic Description: Naomi is capable of materializing feathers, which she then proceeds to manipulate for various purposes. The feathers come in various sizes and are usually in shades of purple. They can be deceptively sharp and strong, despite their feeble appearance. Naomi primarily uses her magic to debuff her opponents, but can also use other type of spells depending on the situation.


X765 - X785:
Amidst the ruins of the long forgotten ancient civilization in Stella, was a quiet, relatively new Neko village called Kelna. With a considerably small population—barely reaching a hundred—and being quite far from the other Neko villages, Kelna was practically non-existent to most except for the ones who lived there. The seclusion was their boon and bane. On the good side, they were seldom bothered by anyone except for the wild beasts in the forest; they were self-sufficient and did not need to rely on their neighbours for anything. On the bad side, when they found themselves overwhelmed by threats, they had no one to ask help from.

Naomi Hisoka was born in Kelna, during a period of peace and prosperity. It was a point when the small community’s only worry was the potential pest in their farms. Naomi’s parents were among the few who were adept at magic and were tasked with keeping the wild beasts at bay. The Neko couple, with half-a-dozen more subordinates, ran the makeshift police force for the tiny population. It was all hunky-dory for a long while.

Most of Naomi’s childhood was happy and normal. She was loved by everyone in the village and was on the path to taking over her parent’s role, as she too showed exceptional skill with magic. Apart from regular schooling, the auburn-haired Neko was trained to hunt and fight. By the time she was sixteen, she was ready to officially join the hunting division.

Things began deteriorating slowly but surely, soon after the girl started her job. There were obvious signs; but the optimistic population refused to see them. Their denial became the cause of their demise. The very first sign was the unnatural aggression of even some of the docile creatures in the forest. Despite the numerous warnings from Naomi’s parents, after having noticed the difference while fighting the magical beasts, the village head refused to warn the population. The improvident leader was afraid of inflicting paranoia among his subjects and turned a blind eye to the issue.

However, the problem grew beyond control over time and could no longer be denied or kept as a secret. The crops began rotting, the water was poisoned, and the beasts attacked the village actively like they were possessed. It didn’t take long for the villagers to figure that they were indeed possessed and that there was someone orchestrating this atrocity. After a long and tedious investigation, it finally became apparent that there was an evil shaman holed up in the nearby cave, performing experimental demonic rituals using the wild beasts.

The furious Nekos thought the next course of action was obvious; to march everyone capable of fighting towards the cave and confront the shaman. The naïve bunch did not realize how terrible a mistake that was, as they were playing right into their enemy’s hands.

Naomi, being the most recent addition to the hunting squad, was left at the village to protect the commoners from being attacked by the beasts. While she was not happy about it, she would soon realize it was the only reason why she was still alive; because, in reality, the shaman needed powerful sacrifices to summon more powerful abyssal beings, and he intended on sacrificing the Nekos. He deliberately left a trail for the naïve bunch to follow and trapped them inside the cave, after which he proceeded to sacrifice them all as vessels for the lesser demons to possess.

With all the dead Nekos and wild beasts at his command, the shaman then marched his minions towards the defenceless village to wreak havoc. It was heart-wrenching for the villagers to see their loved ones charge at them with the intent of killing, but they soon realized the ones they loved are dead and were simply vessels now. Naomi, despite being trained in magic and combat, was still no match for the sheer number of opponents. All the girl could do was try and distract the demons while the rest of the Nekos attempted to escape.

Her attempt was in vain, however. As she fought, she eventually faced the inevitable; her possessed parents. For a split second, the girl froze and that was enough opportunity for the demons to pounce on. In a moment, the young Neko was struck by the claws of her own father and mother, injuring her fatally and sending her rolling down a steep cliff. The only defender of the village was now unconscious, severely wounded, and isolated. The shaman had no one to stop him from rounding up every last Neko for his bidding.

Naomi was sure that would be the last day of her life when she closed her eyes, but it wasn’t. The next time she opened her eyes, she was in one of the major Stellan cities, staring up at her handsome saviour. This platinum blonde called himself Kyo and he soon confirmed that her village was completely destroyed, and the fate of her fellow villagers was unknown, for there were no bodies found. The news infected the young Neko’s heart with rage, and she vowed to avenge her clan.

The hatred and burning desire of revenge that festered in the girl’s heart would have turned her into a monster, had it not been for the relentless love and care she received from the man who saved her. Although she was initially annoyed at his flamboyance and self-confidence, the girl couldn’t resist his charm for long. Kyo promised her justice and offered to help her in her quest to annihilate the demons, but also urged her to do it without losing herself. The girl clung to the only source of light in her life, and the two fell in love. After five years, Naomi knew it was time to make him all hers, mostly to ensure the man stopped flirting with other girls.

Kyo was a successful bard and toured the continent for a living. He insisted on bringing Naomi everywhere he went. On one such trip to Fiore, the two heard of the recent attacks by demons in Crocus. Naomi's hatred for demons was triggered and she adamantly chose to stay in Fiore until every last demon was killed. The duo figured they would find an ally in the humans on their quest. So, the two decided to join one of the most famous and powerful guilds in Fiore, Fairy Tail, where they hoped they would find others who shared their goals.
X786 - X787:
Over the two years they spent in Fiore, the bond between Naomi and Kyo only strengthened further. Even though the concept of marriage was alien to their race, the two decided to tie the knot simply to signify how much they meant to each other. Of course, while Naomi’s romantic relationship was exclusive to Kyo, it was more so because of her reserved and cautious nature that did not allow her to trust anyone else, and she did not expect Kyo to do the same. His ‘adventures’ didn’t bother her much as monogamy was not a familiar concept to her kind. In fact, she was happy that, despite the numerous partners Kyo had had, he always came back to her and loved her the most. For two years, the couple had roamed Fiore, following the wake of chaos caused by lesser demons and trying their best to stop the incursion. They are well aware that their meagre attempt had not made even the slightest dent on the threat and continue to train so that they could protect Earthland.

Reference: Hatsuharu Alt #3

#2Naomi Hisoka 

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Naomi Hisoka
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: Reclaim (Nekomata)
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 6

  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 1
  • Endurance: 2
  • Constitution: 1
  • Intelligence: 1

Other Changes



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This character application has been approved.

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