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Ginger Ale ~ [Aoi & Alice: Social]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Ginger Ale ~ [Aoi & Alice: Social] Empty on Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:56 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
A lot had been going on and yet at these particular moments it was as if time stood still for her. Nothing big needed planning, no wedding, no job specific. She had no job from the faction she was in at least, probably the only job they wanted to give her was taking care of her children and that made a lot of sense but she had always been an adventurer so, she did not feel well to sit still. She would not complain, her children, her husband and of course her three companions were everything. She was with Ceres again, trying to bond a bit more but it did not seem to go so easy as the other two. Ceres was too curious and darted off whenever she wanted, heck even the kids did not do that. Of course the 4 months old babies were not capable but that was not the point.

She realized that now that she had nothing specific to do, she was still not good at relaxing, she would find something else to do, the only point when she was relaxing was when she bumped into one of her friends. To immediately stress after because she did not do the task she set out for herself. Today she had no task, the idea was to relax and as she had walked here to the festival from her home, she decided to buy a drink. Mindlessly walking around until she came to a stall she looked at the menu to order a simple ice tea. There must be something to do that would distract her from the fact that she was actually not doing anything at all.

Why was it so difficult to sit still? Or to do nothing. She had thought that she would just go sit somewhere, watch people enjoy the festival and so on but instead she felt that it was a mindless business and Ceres would rather walk about. She needed a hobby.

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