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A Thought among Prayers [Augusta/Adelaide]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Jun 07, 2018 4:40 am

She was perhaps getting a bit restless, the twins now three months old, were of course very much depending on her but she was an adventurer, not someone that would sit at home too often. Not that she minded, to be perfectly honest, she loved having the feeling of a home, a family, a place where she belonged and remembered.

Apart from that, the festival had been going on for a while and she had to be fair; was quite done with it. The noises were loud, she mostly lost Ceres, her companion because of all this business and so on but she had not taken the last one with her and was together with Jupiter, the blonde prince charming was overlooking the view of the lake as they were holding the fireworks show, something she had not seen yet, every time something interupted her or she forgot something to do and turned around and basically missed it. Now they were waiting, a bit further away from everybody else that stood on the plaza, closer to the lake, she didn't like the sound of the fireworks, it made her agitated, afraid she missed a sound that was important and it was even loud around her house, disturbing the children the first few nights but not anymore.

She was a mom, a stay at home mom mostly, going out to meet friends shortly or stretch her legs or get some groceries, nothing more. No work, they had asked her once directly after her labour or well a few days and she had regretted that as the pain had not gone away, now it had, she was good, she longed to do something even if it was something small and perhaps she should just find something herself. One day, with Midas his acceptance, they would no longer have to hide their origin. With Vash on her right hip, the gift she got from Midas, a revolver, as well as an armour that was at home, at points like these, she missed her Requip ability, she had to be careful and actually wear her armour every day, but she was only here for minutes and not alone.

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#2Augusta Rhines 

on Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:16 pm



"In hoc signo vinces"

A part of her stood amazed at the Festival, the scope by which it were conveyed paling in comparison to that of what it actually seemed to be. Even now, with so much time having now passed through since it was announced and had begun, much of the festivities were in full effect; something to which a lesser event could not have hoped to maintained, even for perhaps half of the time that had elapsed. No shortage of reasons as to this. War and strife had for much of the past year plagued Fiore, particularly within areas like Era and Crocus, where so much of the intregal parts of Fiore seemed to originate and grow from.

She felt a bit aloof within a place like this, almost like that of a sheep walking amongst a lively colony of wolves. Augusta had never been one to partake in the festivities of the people, believing them to be wasted ventures; acts that showed only one's weakness and sinful indulgences. The thought of it made her sick, as did her very presence here. The smell of alcohol remained pungent in the air, a scent that likely were to linger throughout the remainder of the festival, if not even well after it was all over. Worse yet, the array of scents which further clouded the air, their toxicity so apparent that Augusta could taste them upon her own tongue, it made her wonder at how she herself had not yet vomited. Keeping her composure as best able, rage built within her, a desire to dismantle the Festival in its entirety and go about whatever sort of vengeance would most be applicable to those here.

Yet, for as much as her fury blinded her, she did not forget where she stood within the world. In all respects, she was a wanted woman, a devout follower of the Church whom had falsely been branded a monster. An irony, given her present company. Within the eyes of divine retribution, there were hardly a soul amongst the people on these grounds that would have been spared the unwavering retribution of God's Cleasning Flames. Individuals of all sizes and creeds walked throughout the lengthy and spacious grounds, confined within the border composed of stalls, some still providing their fullest of services whiles others began to deconstruct themselves, having more than made whatever profits they sought out of their time here. She pushed her way through, with each step making her more wonder if coming here, for whatever sense of security that it might have offered her, was a mistake.

The briefest of reprieves came as she approached near a small lake off the heavily travelled path she had been walking. Pools of people gathered at the base of the lake, clumbed up like pigs to the slaughter. Children played without a care in the world. Parents and young couples nestled within each others' arms as their heads were lifted to see the faintest of colored lights parade through the skyline above. Augusta peered upwards for only a moment, watching as a faint stream of green ascended higher and higher towards the heavens, only to erupt in a thunderous display. Only moments later, the echoing crackle of its own explosive wrath pierced through the silence around her.

As perhaps welcoming of a sight as it was, where she stood left little appreciation for what was going on. A small builing, a plaza of average size, lay not too far off in the distance. Sufficient enough to perhaps give some safety from the sensory decay around her. With each step Augusta took, the dirtiness in the air seemed to fade more and more away, to such a point where once she had arrived and taken a seat, it felt almost as though the air were clean, or at least, as clean as possible given what had been plauging this city for so long.

A sigh of relief escaped her lips. "Nice to finally be able to breathe outside of that filth. This Festival... No, this city, it's a cesspool," Augusta exclaimed, having assumed that she were by herself. In her haste to escape from what the aroma that hovered over the Festival grounds, she had not noticed the other woman seated barely even a short distance away from her.


#3Adelaide Sokolov 

on Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:27 am

Alice her eyes followed the woman that came closer to her. It didn't matter, one was not too much. She was done with this festival, she was done with sitting still not doing anything and yet, so much depended on her being home, it was almost impossible to understand why it was so important and yet it was a very easy thing, it only needed three letters in one word, you could even make it six: mother. The idea only that she came to resent it was chilling and not the truth but sometimes, the young red head only wanted to not be a mother and it felt terrible to think that.

She wrapped her arms around her upper body and leaned against the tree that protected her mostly from the bright lights, she would see enough without looking at it directly, the noise wasn't easy but it would go away anyway. At the moment that there weren't any fireworks poffing off, she looked at the lady that spoke and couldn't help but chuckle, it might be a bit radical but not everyone was a fan of festivals, especially if it went on for too long. "Apart from the festival, Orchidia is a very nice and calm place." She still had not even seen everything from it before but she would get to that point later.

She shouldn't have said anything, it was rude and it was perhaps the boredom of everything that she else had to do.

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#4Augusta Rhines 

on Tue Jun 19, 2018 11:27 am



"In hoc signo vinces"

A quick glance at the woman, the one other person who had been in the area of where Augusta had opted to take up this temporary position in, she hadn't expected that this would be have been someone she'd interact with, but as it turned out, would be exactly that.

A faint chuckle escaped from Augusta's mouth, one that was as much reflecting on the break of her isolation as much as it was at the foolishness of the woman and what she spoke of. "A nice place? Dear, any place that would even so much as consider this place to be 'nice' must be out of their mind. How can anyone consider this to be nice? The smell, the people here, they reek."

Just even reflecting upon the smell that she had been forced to endure earlier, the very idea of recalling it almost made her wish to vomit. "How anyone could consider this place to be nice, whether for being so foolish as to allow such madness to be condoned here. Or even after the fact, the tarnish that this abomination of a festival will leave upon this place, is beyond me."

She looked at the woman, appearing almost like that of someone of a similar mindset to her. While most were plainly enough in the festival-embracing mood, this woman did not seem to share that same mentality. Rather, she seemed almost annoyed, perhaps at Augusta's position towards the Flower Festival, or maybe for a different reason. What was clear enough was she was hardly someone who was enjoying themselves.

"Doesn't take much to see that you might be thinking the same. Wouldn't you agree?"


#5Adelaide Sokolov 

on Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:43 pm

She wasn't sure if it was that funny, the conversation turned to a far different idea than Alice had first expected. She wasn't entirely sure what this woman meant with the smell and the idea of Orchidia not being nice. After all she lived here, albeit not directly within the city perimeters but that didn't matter for now. Of course everyone was entitled to their own opinion, perhaps this woman disliked flowers or was allergic, she liked how full of nature the town was, she liked her house more than that but still. She didn't feel like sharing this part of her private life though. Though she was rather curious, "I prefer it less busy times here, but of course there are different opinions, I rather have this than Crocus."

But now she got a better idea and it was indeed the festival, she laughed a little, perhaps it was better to take this conversation lightly, again; everyone was entitled to their own opinions. "I'm getting used to it." Though not completely, she was getting used to the little burbs and vomit of her little ones which for some reason she didn't found all that dirty as long as it wasn't on herself but well, you couldn't have everything, "I don't mean here, sorry, I gave birth to my children a couple of months ago." She said, she turned to look at the blonde, she had a very pretty face and Alice wondered why if she hated it here, or that's the vibe she gave, why she was still here.

She couldn't help but nod a little when the stranger asked her if she wasn't thinking the same, "I do have to agree with you that the festival had its best time. It seems more drunks and other chaotic beings are coming here to simply enjoy the booze. It's obnoxious loud here." And perhaps now that she heard it, she couldn't ignore the smell of alcohol, vomit and simple human smell like sweat and so on. She had rather stayed in the unknown area than knowing or more like smelling this.

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