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A Friendly Listener.(Judina and Kurdan)

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A Friendly Listener.(Judina and Kurdan) Empty on Mon May 14, 2018 7:20 am

The times of the festival were interesting for Judina, Such celebrations were always new and insightful for seeing the other mages and people around, It brought a state of peaceful mind to the rune knight.

For some one like Judina who often found the trouble to relax her mind and thoughts, these times and days made her realize what it was to be in some way normal, for people to set aside whatever problems they had as well.

She would had a time for the moment to have moment to do something on her own for the moment, an experience that she had for a while not had happen she was working with others and around other often she figured it was a case of the job she took into account.

Maybe after these small breaks and festivals she would find the people whom she normally worked with and catch up on how things where going, Life was a bit more interesting.

Judina would find a moment to sit down and meditate by a tree that had a small patch grass that was enough for her to sit, But also had it in mind maybe from aside from the people she already know it would be a good idea to meet and chat with some one new and different to whom that would be she would be unsure.

however while she did meditate by this tree she would look around and upon the people around her. All of them seemed either almost not interested and wanting to reach a personal goal of theirs, with some one else and talking to them or something else that she could not really pick up on. It was slightly disappointing Judina would slow think about what else would be interesting to do today while she meditated but able to look at the people around her, In her mind interested to talking to some one new but unsure how to go about it or who to talk too, conversation starters and knowings where her downfall.

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A Friendly Listener.(Judina and Kurdan) Empty on Mon May 14, 2018 10:24 am

Kurdran Briggs
"Bring that back ye dang thieves!" A loud shout echoed through the air, as a bunch of kids ran away from a slightly red from anger dwarf, while waving this big article of clothing about. The kids were chuckling all the way, as this bit short man, aside from his hairdo, tried to keep up with them. Thankfully Kurdran always wore his trademark striped pants, or this would have been much more awkward for everybody else staring. "Ye got a got a slapping coming for ye if ye ain`t stopping in five!"

How had he ended up in this situation?

Kurdran had been exhausted from drinking again, and tried to take a nice position on the soft grass, with his Kimono as a nice little sheet. However, naturally, any sitting piece of clothing next to a seemingly overweight person will always lead to shenanigans.

And that is pretty much that.

However, at this point it seemed like some bigger guard like fellow was as unamused as the dwarf about the kids. In answer, the kids proceeded to make this combined nod at each other, as they threw the kimono into the air, as it landed on kurdrans face, making him fall over onto the dirt ground. Quick hop back onto his feet later, and he was waving his fist towards the now running AWAY kids. "Next time, I won`t be as merciful you... You dang... Sigh..." He was already tired enough as it was. He didn`t need this...

So, he walked over to a nearby tree... only to find someone already sitting under it. He wasn`t sure if she was sleeping too. "...Mind a fellow napper?" He proceeded to use the kimono as a sheet again, but this time rolling it about himself so he was kind of "sitting" on it. Just so it wouldnt be stolen from him again. "Dang kids have no respect for decent clothes..." He muttered. as he looked upwards, trying to get himself sleepy again.

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A Friendly Listener.(Judina and Kurdan) Empty on Mon May 14, 2018 2:33 pm

It seemed the tides of fate lead some one else to the way of this weary meditating lady. It seemed the situation caught her attention over all if that guard was anymore lazy something else would have happen. She did however at least keep her calm when it seemed the man had his kimono. Judina however was not personally wearing one just her normal dark blue robe. while he settled in he realized the size difference between then both just by him settling down and sitting. So in turn she would take a break from her meditation, just simply opening her eyes.

"I was, but will still wish to meditate. I am aware of what is around me too, Next time you have trouble let me know and I will deal with it."Judina said with honest but friendly voice, Towards the this man."I will continue to meditate while you need to rest."Judina mentioned as well, but would also introduce herself to him."But since we both are going to be company to one another."Judina moved her right hand from her meditating place and offered her hand to shake his."My name is Judina, I am a Rune Knight, It is nice to meet you."She was blunt and straight to the point with the meeting.

"While I am meditating, You are welcome to nap by me. No one will bother you while you do,You have my word no one will."How Judina would ensure this would be more of a sight to see, but Judina would ensure that.

"After that depending how you feel, I may ask for you to join me in some manner if that won't bother you. Maybe give you a break from whatever you were doing before hand and try something different."
Judina did not seem to ask for much just the company of some one new she just met even giving him the time he would need to rest.

Hopefully It was not too weird for him, But this was how Judina was raised and how she was by nature."I can agree however children seem to be vastly different then how I was raised."She mentioned while she settled back into the way she sat to meditate, Considering what else this man would need, Judina had considered if the man had drank if he would need something for a hang over, She would consider for that as well but realizing she was thinking too much about it she would just let herself go back into mediating while he slept or attempted too.

She would not move, Not unless some one tried something against him, take something from either of them or he had rested enough to carry on his day, she would just hope he would say yes to joining him after the they both rested and mediated.

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A Friendly Listener.(Judina and Kurdan) Empty on Tue May 15, 2018 12:37 am

Kurdran Briggs
Kurdran flinched with a mild hop, as the woman he had assumed was sleeping in her weird position suddenly roused up. Luckily, the answer despite this seemed to be a relatively calm "yes"... though she even extended an offer of helping him if he got in "trouble". "What kind of trouble would I end up in while wrapped up all cozy and napping?" As rude of an answer as it was, Kurdran extended his hand from under his improvised blanket, as he plainly introduced himself. "Kurdran. And now sssh!" Was she implying he would get nightmares or something?  The lady talked like some kind of guard, boasting about how she would make sure "no one would bother him". Guess that just meant No kid would steal his kimono again.

"Pfeh, meditating..." he mumbled, as he tried closing his eyes. Kurdran was not exactly the kind of guy to delve into the mysteries of his mind. Just falling asleep was usually relaxing enough. However, The lady continued speaking for a little while asking for him to "join her in something" after he was done with his nap. It sounded dang ominous. Though a nice break from all the business of the previous days could be nice. He mumbled something illegible as he tried to relax...

Only to find himself unable. It started with him occasionally opening his eye a bit to look at what the lady was doing. And every time it was the same thing. She was just sitting there still like a statue... It honestly gave Kurdran the heebie jeebies... This went on for about half an hour. He just rolled under his sheet, and kept glancing at her. She had not moved an inch! Had she just fallen asleep herself? Or was she really just sunk in this meditation? Even the ridiculous idea of her just having died on the spot flashed in his mind.

Sigh... The story of a gal who meditated herself to death, that would be a story. Though, he had heard stories of some priests who set themselves on fire to reach that whole "Enlightenment" business... This weird curiousity got the better of him, as he turned towards the lady, extended his hand, and poked her in the thigh.

"Hey... Hey...! You enlightened now or something? Or you just sleeping?" You never knew with folks sitting like statues after all.

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A Friendly Listener.(Judina and Kurdan) Empty on Tue May 15, 2018 10:08 am

It wouldn't be that long for Judina to answer."I do not do it to seek enlightenment."Judina mention with a rather peaceful smile about it."It is to control my emotions. Rage,anger and a short temper."Judina mentioned it would not seem like the type right away."I need to control how short tempered I have been since it was not working well for other people in my life." She did not seemed annoyed by being poked.

"So do not worry I did not die on you."
She even chucked about it slightly about it, The dwarf seemed a bit either clueless or naive but she to find it rather entertaining for the moment but maybe it was just how Kurdan was as a person she could see interest in.

Judina would no longer be in her meditation position to just sitting cross legged by the dwarf. it seemed the moments needed to rest might have pasted, Either that or the dwarf needed an actual bed to sleep in."It is to practice and learn to control a easily triggered temper."Just not all as well, that was her start of it."As well as learning some magic, hand to hand combat and built a bit more strength to able to move my arms and legs from the pieces of metal I wear along with this robe." Mentioning that she then closed her left hand and smack a part of her right arm to the sound or her taping a piece of metal on that right arm.

"I will assume you think it is odd, But it is why I do it currently."Judina then took a moment to roll one her one of her sleeves and took off the piece of metal on her arm, shortly following the same on her other arm they seemed to be like metal gauntlets for fighting that just went right to her elbow. She had taken them off to give her arms a break from wearing them, but still had gloves on that seem to match her dark blue hair."Enjoying the festival Kurdan?"She seemed to continue the casual conversation since it seemed like it was a bit more normal now. Stretching out her arms to make sure they were working normally it seemed you could hear the cracking of the bones in Judina's arms while she did.

She would slowly settle back to just normal sitting at this point. Judina would think about what to do while awaiting what Kurdan would say to her. It would seemed she would think up a few things for them to do with in that time, since there was still a few things it might a good idea to have a plan when it comes to having what she would think is a new friend or even when meeting some one new for the first time, so far it had not been all that day for Judina at least. not sure about Kurdan.

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A Friendly Listener.(Judina and Kurdan) Empty on Tue May 15, 2018 1:35 pm

Kurdran Briggs
Kurdrans mohawk puffed up again, as the girl immediately answered to his poking like a clockwork! This girl really wasn`t the most emotive type was she? compared to someone like Kurdran she may as well have been a statue come to life: She was elegant and stoic. "Ah... That uh, makes sense. I guess." He mumbled. whether out of a bit of the surprise lingering or embarrassment, he didn`t know. Her laughing a bit at his worries didn`t exactly make him feel better either, as he crossed his arms in a sulky fashion.

Though, with how calm she was, this whole deal with meditation helping her calm her temper seemed to be the real deal. Slowly, his arms went from sulking to him crossing his hand and twiddling his fingers, while he listened to the lady talk some more. "Oooh... Weighted bands... Me family used those mostly to keep the animals in line..." He looked, as she dropped them onto the ground. "Never thought of shackling myself with them though..." He proceeded to pick one of them up without permission, as he weighted it around. It was decently heavy, naturally. though They weren`t exactly made for dwarven physique. If he were to snap it onto his arm, he could propably stop blood from flowing into his arm. "Betcha I could wear something atleast double as heavy, hehe!" he still boasted, as he sat on the grass, with the kimono over his legs.

Kurdrans hand went over to his chin, as he watched the girl stretch, and could hear the bones in her arms cracking about with stiffness. "Ye sure ye ain`t a statue, missus? Yer chiseled enough for it atleast!" Now, this may have sounded like a bit of an insult, but it was actually a praise in Kurdrans eyes. He could always appreciate strong women. Part of the charm of a woman like that was that they were glorious to watch.

However, her stretching session ended, as she asked an almost surprisingly out of place question, and proceeded to sit near him a bit more normally. She seemed to be interested to hear what he had been doing. "Well, you know... For a dwarf any place outside of where I usually live is pretty adventurous! Though the main thing I`ve been doing here is drinking! Lots of it. Feel like every day I can find a new reason to drink myself onto the side of the road!" he rubbed his head with a chuckle. Admittedly, there was a slight hint of headache still from his previous session, but it was way milder than usual.

"Other than that, theres been real funky fellows to talk to... Like you I guess. Never talked to a walking statue before, hehe!" A bit of a joke to lighten his stories mood. "I guess the short answer is that I do enjoy it!" He shrugged, though he proceeded to scratch his beard immediately afterwards. "Though its been way too deep for me in some cases. Don`t go listening to any predictions if you wanna keep yourself in happy mood." He had experience of that, though he was already feeling a tiny bit better... Though now he was thinking about it again, as he looked annoyed towards the leaves of the tree again.

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A Friendly Listener.(Judina and Kurdan) Empty on Tue May 15, 2018 7:37 pm

It seems he caught common ground with a dwarf, Judina did not mind, In fact she enjoyed this company a lot more then first she expected. He was interesting, interactive and friendly enough to set whatever problems aside."They are made for me to be able protect my hands if I need to punch some one in a hand to hand fight, as well as block any weapons against my forearms."It was mostly the training she had in which these were made for, But to Judina she could assume it was entire piece of armor to protect his entire arm in her eyes."Since I also use metal magic I can shape them as well."Judina mentioned but wouldn't really show off her magic right away.

Reaching over from where she was and touched the gauntlet of hers on the dwarf and it slowly shaped into a almost the same gauntlet but to the dwarf's arm size to fit his arm up to his elbow like it was for her."So it would be of scale to you with that."Judina wanted to see how Kurdan would feel enjoy it or found it odd, After all she was unsure what magic the dwarf was use too."I can shape it into weapons, Even make my own weapons as well."It was just simple way to explain it to him.

"I could maybe test myself by during more but I am more settled with what I am dealing with for the moment."Maybe she would push herself harder at one point but she was content with her current level.

Judina did have a sense of humor when being call a statue."I can promise you I am not made of stone, if you were to touch my skin it would be just as normal as human flesh, maybe still slightly squishy and soft."Judina with a smile about it at least it was it nice to have her be able to joke about anything right away about anything they could.

Well it seemed the dwarf had come trouble on his mind so Judina then stated."It seemed I am not the only one distracting themselves from the trouble of life."no one was spared the troubles and problems life throws at a person normally."Well, I am not huge on drinking myself, One of my brothers might drink more then I."in truth she had never touched much booze in her life wasn't a normal thought for her.

But being the person she was, she would do what she would normally do."However I am willing to listen to woes that trouble you Kurdan."sure she was a stranger but the offer was still here.

While she waited to see what Kurdan would say she would take the time to make sure she would cool down a bit, she felt a bit too warm. She would unbutton the robe to that sleeveless dark blue undershirt, Even as to folding her robe neatly and placing it next to her, Her skin seemed to matching with how pale it was, With how the dark blue sleeveless undershirt was it contrasted vastly one another."A good ear helps in many ways, as what my mother taught me when I was small."

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A Friendly Listener.(Judina and Kurdan) Empty on Thu May 17, 2018 10:30 am

Kurdran Briggs
What the girl spoke made sense naturally... though he couldn`t help but wonder how awkward it was to smack someone with just a band on your wrist. "No better way to shut someone up, right?" However, then she mentioned her supposed magic, he gave an intrigued look. Metal, huh? You mean like, summon spears, or daggers..."

Before he could finish his question though, the girl reached over to him and touched her armlet... Which started coating his arm very uncomfortably! "What the?!" Though as it went along, it started feeling just like a metallic glove, just more skintight. Just what Kurdran didn`t like to wear of course. Though it seemed like Kurdrans early thoughts were somewhat on point, as he nodded. "Yeah, yeah, real cool. Real cool, but uh, can you free me arm now? Gets real itchy when you can`t do it no more you know." There was this sorta pleading look with puppy dog eyes. He clearly didn`t like his stuff being stuck. Admittedly, he had not expected her to show her magic so freely.

Kurdran scratched his cheek a bit awkwardly, as she commented on being called "a statue". "I... Didn`t mean it like... that?" This was the first time he was talking with someone who took things a bit literally. And somehow that gave him a familiar feeling... For once he was kind of quiet, and didn`t give much more other than a super awkward chuckle trying to hide it.

The girl seemed to notice him being a bit frustrated. "Pfeh, they always said I was too open." That`s what these troubles started from after all. He groaned a bit. Still hadn`t learned a thing. Though, his attention shifted a bit, as the lady admitted herself to not really be a drinker. "Really!?" He said outloud. "Man, maybe I should take up meditating... Seems like much better way to get rid of yer troubles!" It seemed like he was genuinely excited to try for a moment, only to lean harder onto the tree, as his hair thumped against it. "But there is not flavor in sitting down for hours... It needs a drink, you get me?" Heck, even though he was sitting now, he was happily talking with her to keep himself occupied.

Though the mood clearly shifted a bit, as she offered to listen to the story. Kurdran face almost wrinkled visibly a bit more. "Eugh, I dunno..." Last time he had told this stuff, it was to a good friend of his! And he had just thought that he was too open about things... He ruffled his hair in thought, tiny sparks of electricity going through it as he did it. He thought so hard in fact, that when the lady said it would help, he turned to look and realized she had taken one of her shirts off... "Okay, Okay! I`ll tell ye a little bit! Just to get it out of my head again..." He tapped the open patch next to him. "Sit down. Ye don`t listen to stories standing up." He seemed a bit sterner.

Whether she actually sat down or not, Kurdran rubbed his head for a moment, and proceeded to spill his guts. Figuratively of course. "In the most basic form, I ain`t allowed to go home no more. And it`s all cause I tend to get into the wrong crowd too easily, because of being all "buddy pal"." He actually lifted his fingers up and down to emphasize it. "This lead into me doing a lot of stupid things, which led me into getting kicked out of the family for a little while..."

He sighed. "I am supposed to try to find the stuff I lost, but while here, some oracle told me they would treat me horribly anyway." His mohawk pressed against the tree, becoming almost flattened as a result. "And now it has me all confused..."

He looked at the sky, stars were starting to blink in the black canvas of it, though with the lights of the festival, it was a bit harder to see em. "Sigh, if only I was a proper dwarf. Could propably get into the stars that way, ye know. Could ignore all this stupid business, and just be amazingly glittery you know?" He pointed some specific stars out. "Scorpio, big ladle, magnis toe..." He chuckled momentarily. "In the dwarven kingdoms they call it that, cause apparently the guy kicked his leg so hard into a rock, that it flew there and broke his toe in the process!" He laughed all sorts of relaxed. Stories like that always kept him happy.

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A Friendly Listener.(Judina and Kurdan) Empty on Thu May 17, 2018 6:48 pm

Letting out a slightly humored smile about it Judina however then said."I am sorry about then that, But I can shape the metal in sword, daggers and axes."Judina mentioned upon touching the and it quickly just moved like water off of his arm and while that was happening Judina then enclosed it within her hand and while pulling it out it because a very clean and nicely engraved dagger and followed by just simply placed it into the ground.

She also laughed about it slightly."I do understand humor as well, I am just best at being social."it is to make sure Kurdan at this point understood Judina understood it was humor."Relax and be yourself for you have nothing to hide from me."Judina seemed to try and make the situation less awkward since she caused it, understanding one another was interesting sometimes you think a point understood when it wasn't.

But nonetheless the talk continued."Mostly put off drinking under personal worry, I had a short enough fuse that if could have seen me breaking a few jaws and a legs quite easily when it wasn't needed." She explained it but would add something else."Maybe worst, since I did not personally know how far it would lead." it would lead on to the story on how she ended up where she did.

"I threw myself away from my family to be able to control it: My parents, My younger brother Waylon and my older brother Regis, All of them could have been at risk i did not wish to leave them in."It was like a flash back much like all of the time she thought about it."I left five years a go with out a wood, Taken in by the group that trained me to control my temper and emotions not only through meditation but discipline and training."She remember all of the time she almost quiet, almost gave up and almost even blinded herself with in such a rage.

"It isn't for everyone, I learnt to fight with my hands and feet, I had to commit to it for that period of time."
She had a smile realizing how far she went with that."I could easily consider drinking now, with that control I do not have to worry about blind rage and bitterness over taking me."Leaving that point there.

He seemed to be like her listening not only could be helpful to him, maybe even a bit more needed. after all you could only bury so many things for so many years before it eats some one away. A path to peace is a long road. too many turns and unsure how long the path is it, suffering and turmoil are given too but peace could be achieved eventually, But listening to the dwarf seemed to be interesting.

"That is quite a path to be upon."
Judina mentioned to himself."It is annoying and heartbreaking to hear personally."carrying on but the woes of one could due relief in the ears another."I do not image even if i offered to give you a chance to learn and try meditation, But i am unsure it would be something that you might be able to manage."But Judina seemed to be thinking or what else she could do, since maybe the dwarf could use a bit of helping hand."I wish I could say I couldn't image it but I threw my family into the opposite situation."Which it was an odd thing to realize."Fate's path is cruel just as it is kind."Hopefully the words weren't too confusing as most people would find it.

"But I am willing to offer you some kind of help if I can."Judina mention to Kurdan it was intentional she after all put that into her own hands."Just simply let me know."It was not out of pity for the dwarf but empathy, she truly seemed to almost be able to because even if Judina's was self imposed but threw herself in a life a bit differently then his but away from family none the less.

having the friendly smile she did she padded the dwarf on the shoulder and said."Would it be rude to offer a dwarf breakfast?"Judina seemed to try and joke about it, but with that content small smile on her face it seemed that in fact did not mind or care and she found the dwarf good company.

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A Friendly Listener.(Judina and Kurdan) Empty on Fri May 18, 2018 7:53 am

Kurdran Briggs
The lady continued being reassuring about herself being trustworthy, as she proceeded to seemingly melt the metallic sock from his hand. He immediately proceeded to waggle each finger to see if they were alright, and sighed. "To each our own fashion, eh?" He chuckled. Atleast the lady had a sense of humor. Even if it was hard for him to recognize when she was hilarified.

As he finished his story, and talking about the stars, The girl proceeded to tell her own. Kurdran took a real comfortable position, and unlike before where he was quite talkative and rude, now he was like the nicest child imaginable. Laying there calmly, he just listened calmly to what the lady had to say, occasionally letting out a "Wow!" or other similar sounds of interest. Apparently, compared to him, she had not been thrown out, but she had left herself to keep her family safe. Seemingly, she had a good reason not to ingest alcohol... though it made Kurdran wonder which of them was actually the one with weaker temper... "Noble story that, if nothing else." He scratched his head.

She proceeded to admit, that perhaps meditation wasn`t Kurdrans thing. "Most likely... No reason to just sit around really." Even Kurdran knew himself to be a bit impatient. However, he nodded happily at the offer of help. "Well, More the merrier. Though admittedly..." He lifted himself up a bit, as he realized his hairdo was flattened... "These kinds of things are a bit hard to help with. Can`t fix things in me head." He shrugged. "Though... if you ever see any dwarven treasures, do inform me! Might be some of the stuff I am looking for."

however, then she proceeded to offer breakfast... Was it that time of the day already? However, his answer was pretty much loud and clear this time! "Heck no it isn`t!"


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A Friendly Listener.(Judina and Kurdan) Empty on Fri May 18, 2018 5:06 pm

It seemed as if Judina did feel like she had a bit to keep in her mind happy and peaceful for the moment. Herself and the dwarf did get along a nicer in the end that she first expected, taking her time after the story to make herself look at least nice and getting her gauntlets back in order and on her arms like they where just made and new again, just as quickly putting that robe of hers back on making sure no dust was on it as well. That robe was just as well kept as most of the things she owned.

Judina realize the difference in height between the two but never mentioned anything about it, did not care if she was a short he was getting along with him enough as it is, to soil such a thing would only a sour something that would bloom into starting of a friendship.

She thought to herself, mentally who could be considered the stronger? the answer personally would be a tie, Judina was strong in some area, Kurdan was most likely strong in a different place, There ever was a test of will and might between them Judina would find it interesting, but would never seem both ending up in such a situation.

With the dwarfen treasure part Judina gave her word and a promise to it, She was such a lady to keep her word, because why else would be willign to commit to make one person and live and move on peacefully such as all people should have and able to be no matter.

Judina and Kurdan quietly had a quiet decent breakfast, even if Judina was out eaten by him and there was a slight mess from them both but a large enough breakfast to help with the large amount of drinking he had done and to tied Judina over as long as she can while she wanted to talk time reading something and walk around more.

Shortly after they both would be on their ways, Both content both having gained something from this, it was a good change for Judina in her mind, moving on to whatever was next for her would be up to fate and time.


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