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#1Silver of Sin 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:56 pm



Name: Silver

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual (preference for women)

Class: Adventurer

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Back of left hand, dark purple

Face: Yuri Yowell – Tales of Vesperia


Height: 5’11”

Weight: 150lb

Hair: Dark purple (English violet)

Eyes: Dark grey

Overall: Silver has long dark purple hair reaching down to his hips with bangs sweeping across his forehead and dark grey eyes, contrasting his white skin. He has a fit physique and a square shaped face that stops people from thinking he’s a woman. Silver likes to wear clothes depicting his homeland, Sin, while still giving a Fiorian flair by wearing a dark purple undershirt with lighter purple wrist cuffs, white borderlines and Fiore-like white embroidery around it, leaving it open to display his chest area. Over it is a grey vest with black borders that flair out in the back like a trench coat. Keeping that together is a brown belt with gold designs, that also holds the sheath of his sword, tied together like an obi in the back. His pants are simple black slacks with his boots being grey with white flaps, black insides with white buttons around it, and grey tips. He also wears a large golden bracelet with red jewels on his left hand, a family heirloom.

Extra: N/A


Personality:  While he was timid as a child, life toughened him up causing Silver to have a bit of a reckless personality. But contrary to the idea of his past tragedies bringing him down, Silver seems to use the memories of his loved ones to remain strong, keeping his personality generally cheerful and carefree, easily gettting along with most types of people. Silver likes having a good time and is known to shamelessly flirt with women when given the chance, displaying great self-confidence, particularly in acknowledging his own good looks. On the bad side Silver has a tendency to be arrogant, self-assured, is known to pick fights, is easily getting angered and is a bit of a thrill seeker. On the surface the teen seems like another recklessly optimistic young punk in need of a jail cell.

In reality (though the other traits are true in their own way) Silver is a realist with a strong sense of justice, particularly against hurting or exploiting the innocent and the weak. He has a tendency to carry out his own sense of justice, not trusting authority or laws to do it due to past experiences. This often gets him in trouble and makes people misunderstand him, something Silver does not try to correct since he likes to put up a ‘tough’ image of himself. He’s a person who cares about people deeply, particularly family, and is easily moved by deep emotions or displays of such. He’s very driven to become strong to protect those he cares about and because of the knowledge of being generally weaker due to not being able to use magic. Under the confident persona (though that’s not entirely fake itself) stems a boy still deeply insecure about his own abilities, both from being a non-mage in a family of mages and from being too weak to protect people in the past and morally torn.


  • Fighting: Silver genuinely likes a good fight, particularly with his favorite weapon, or even just a good ol' bar brawl. He enjoys seeking out skilled people and sparing with them for the pure adrenaline rush it gives him, along with the idea of getting stronger.
  • Cute things: While he’s reluctant to admit it, Silver has a fondness for things that he feels like he has to protect, such as children and small animals, which grew into a general fondness for all things cute. This makes him unable to see some types of people as love interests though.
  • Cooking: It may be surprising to some, but Silver has a flair for cooking and rather enjoys it as well. He mostly likes trying out dishes from different cultures


  • Injustice: Silver has a strong dislike for innocents being harmed or taken advantage of; particularly when there are supposed to be authority figures taking care of them who are supposed do justice upon evil. Seeing injustice or abuse of authority is a sure fire way of making Silver mad.
  • Dirty surroundings:. While he doesn’t care out in the field and can get pretty dirty himself, Silver likes to remain clean if at all possible and dislikes people who are unnecessarily dirty or smelly. He is particularly unhappy in places he feels should be clean, like someone’s home or a store, often cleaning those places himself, making him very good at housework. He’s even good at cooking and sewing. All of this he likes to hide since it’s contrary to his ‘bad boy’ image.
  • Messing with his hair: Silver knows his hair is fabulous, but touching it is a no-no


  • Family: Silver deeply cares about his family, particularly after losing a few members. Finding and protecting those left is very important to him.


  • Death: People dying has a deep effect on Silver, particularly if he feels responsible for them or thinks he could have stopped the death.
  • Water: Due to a childhood incident Silver has hydrophobia, fear of water, though it’s only large bodies of water or drowning for him. It takes a bit of convincing to get him on a boat, and he shudders at the idea of fighting a water mage.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description:  N/A


History: Cheung Yin was born in a small ocean side township in the country of Sin and lived a relatively peaceful childhood. He had an often absent but still loving mother, a wise father and two older siblings, Mei and Ren. There were bumps of course, Yin was terribly shy and insecure as a child since he couldn’t use magic in a family of mages but t they all loved each other dearly. Yin would always wait for letters or present from his mother when she was traveling as a journalist and loved to hear stories about different lands from her, hoping to travel himself one day though as the youngest son he was expected to join the army. While Yin didn’t like the idea of being a soldier he did enjoy learning how to wield a sword since it was something he felt he was good at.  It was when Yin was rather young that things turned south.
A civil war struck the land, and with it the death of civilians. Yin saw many soldiers, mercenaries, and mages taking advantage of those who couldn’t defend or stand up for himself and his family became a target after their village burned down and they became penniless refugees. The lord who was supposed to take care of them did nothing and even demanded his father and elder brother serve in the war if they didn’t make enough money. They didn’t and the elder Cheung men were conscripted. Yin’s mother, who had arrived for a visit just as the war started, attempted to get him and Mei to her home country of Fiore but had fallen ill. With Yin being too young to help much Mei put the effort into trying to cure their mother, but they didn’t make it in time and she died.

Not wanting her brother to suffer the same fate and respecting their late mothers wishes Mei lead her brother out of the waring state and toward the land of Fiore. The road was tough and the children didn’t have any money, leaving them to hunt and beg for scraps on the way. Claiming to have more endurance as a mage Mei gave most of her food to Yin, but they were soon both fading to famine. Yin passed out from hunger and Mei mistook him for dead Jun didn't actually starve to death. While Mei left to go find them food one last time in the nearby forest and disappeared, Jun was actually found by some sympathetic travelers and nursed back to health, and after staying in the area for a few months and nobody finding his sister, Jun assumes her to be dead as well. But the local civil war had ended and Jun was determined to find out what happened to his older brother and father in the war. So he braved and by some miracle survived going back to his regions main city. There he did odd jobs until he finally found what he was looking for. It turns out while his brother died in battle, his father had barely survived with grievous injuries. For the next few years, Jun took mercenary jobs and took care of his ailing father.

It was on the old man’s death bed that Yin learned a few things about his family, including the fact he wasn’t fully related to his older siblings. After the death of his first late wife old man Cheung had an affair with a Fiorian woman, Yin’s mother, which secretly (and accidentally) brought Yin into the world. The two were deeply in love and while the woman already had a family in Fiore she would switch between the two. Old man Cheung, worried about a reckless Yin being alone in the world, advised him to seek out his half siblings in Fiore and start a new life in the country.

Yin quickly set off to do just that and stopped by the place where his sister supposedly died to pay his respects. It was there by pure luck that the leftover of the old cult tried to capture him, but was captured themselves. After hearing their angry ranting about some girl almost destroying their cult some years ago and a quick interrogation Jun was overjoyed to figure out this Mei was in fact not dead and going by their plan before the siblings separated, was probably in Fiore. Thus Yin set off to find his family in Fiore, changing his name to Silver in memory of his mother's nickname for him (and still not totaly unrecognizable to his sister) and to cover some bad tracks back in Sin.

Reference: Alt of Thorn Vancarr

#2Adelaide Sokolov 

on Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:53 am


This character application has been approved.

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