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Attention To Detail [Quest | Hatsuharu, Baron]

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on Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:52 pm

Haru felt a little sorry for Fenrir. If sleeping on the job was his only crime, then he surely didn’t deserve to be kicked out. After all, the healer had seen several guards sleep on key posts and they all still had a job. “Hey… It’s alright. We all have those tiring days. Don’t worry about it,” he told his new muscular friend. He didn’t want the man to feel responsible for what had happened today. None of it was his fault. The scarlet-haired Rune Knight had a feeling these bald delivery men would snap sooner or later. He simply wished it had been sooner because then they could have already been done with the delivery.

In any case, there was no point thinking about the ‘if’s. Now, they had what they needed to deliver and it was time to say goodbye to the baldies. However, after hearing what Akira said, he realized how much of a mess the bald delivery men were in. The dozen men trying to lift the fallen tree couldn’t even move it an inch and they had no way of turning the cart. The only thing they can do is back it all the way till the previous turn, which was at least three hundred meters away.

Despite their aggressiveness and the foul mood, Haru felt pity for them. So, he decided to stay back to help the baldies and the men trying to lift the tree. Running up to Fenrir and Akira, he informed them of his decision. “Guys… You two go ahead and deliver that orb. I’ll help these men here. Don’t worry. I’ll catch up once I’m done,” he said, before dashing back towards the cart.



on Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:51 am

Fenrir still felt lousy for causing the other to lose the cart, but at the very least he could try to scrounge up this bummer of a quest. There had to be something... Maybe take them out for noodles? Though the girl didn't seem to be all that interested in his friendship. Then again, noodles made everybody smile! How could she be any different? That was right; she just needed a little poke in the right direction before she'd warm up to him. All he had to do first off, was play things relaxed and let her think that he was kind of like her. That way she'd want to be friends and he could out himself as not like her. Easy, peasy, lemon zesty.

He'd crack his fingers and look at the box, "Hey, be careful, if you need help just give a holler." he pointed at the male, as random as it was he had just trying to be thoughtful in another attempt to get in this woman's good graces. Despite trying his hardest to get into Akira's good side, Fenrir enjoyed the presence of the red-headed lad. Hats was so friendly and understanding, truthfully the Saiyan wanted to be more like him. Someone who was patient and all, maybe that was why the angry young lady was his companion, she kept him on his toes and helped him learn patience. In that case, Fenrir would have to hang out with her too! That was when he'd gasp; he could adopt this couple! Being around them could help him loosen up and become more serious! What a grand idea that was! Oh, he couldn't wait to tell them when they were done with this mission, the looks on their faces will be so delightful!

"Alrighty, and don't worry buddy I'll keep her safe for ya." he'd give the young man a thumbs up as he would soon follow Akira down the road, "So, what's your name? I'm Fenrir." he started the conversation casually. Slow and steady always wins, he had to remember that when dealing with ladies. He wouldn't want her to backhand him or smack him up; he had enough new scars from the war. If she answered, he'd follow up with another question though this one was a tad bit odder, "Do you like noodles? I love slurping them." he nodded. This was his best icebreaker, he didn't know why but it worked well when meeting new people.


#28Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:08 am

Akira frowned, why did Tsuru always have to pointedly defy her this way? Yes he was older and in some ways more skilled than she was, but could he not just let her have the pleasure, of annoying the baldies for one second? She groaned and shook her head. Aki folded her arms and stubbornly walked on, behind her she heard the man reassure Tsuru that he'd take care of her. What? Who said I needed taking care of? she thought. Her eyes narrowing as he caught up to her.

This guy was a real airhead. What a drag. 'I already told you my name... That night.' she said shuddering a little as she remembered the glimpses she got of a scene she definitely had not wanted to witness. 'And I already know your name too...' she added softly. Was she that small and inconsequential that people just forgot her? 'Anyways... It's Akira. Akira Shimada.' she reminded the man.

Suddenly out of the blue he sprung up the question about noodles. She raised an eyebrow as her march slowed, to keep up with the conversation. 'Er... yes. I do like noodles.' she responded, a little confused. She counter questioned with a second reminder. 'By the way, you never told me if you were on the defending team against Grimoire Heart...' her voice lowered as she wondered if the new king was truly sympathetic towards the defending party. 'You had to be right, you were in the ranks back then? What was your fight like?' she asked, casually glancing back towards Tsuru who was still helping the cart riders. She rolled her eyes and tapped her fingers on her arm as she waited for Fenrir to give an answer.



on Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:26 pm

Fenrir stroked his chin, "That night?" he tilted his head as he stroked his chin. He thought back to that night; she seemed to recall something he was struggling remembering that was until images from the night she meant. That was kind of silly for her to remember, then again he liked remembering it a lot! Oh, that night was so magical, they got into it! It was more intense than any training he ever had, and he remembered the power he felt he had felt a blue heat around himself, he had even seen himself for a few moments before he fell back and asleep.

Oddly enough he remembered seeing her she got... Hit by water or something because she was a mess at the door. That was pretty funny, she got all red, and Fenrir was all blue, and everything was alright. Life was okay. He smiled at her, "I was in the war yeah, had lots of fun but didn't get any big fights just yet." he nodded, this was insane. He didn't get to have a really big fight, which was a big shame, he wanted to test out things and get to work again.



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on Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:04 pm

The thumbs up; a universal sign that Haru always employs to comfort people, and this time, he got it from someone and it was indeed comforting. The healer smiled and mimicked Fenrir, giving a thumbs up back with a wide grin. “Thank you! Really appreciate that,” he said, before dashing off towards the baldies.

The bald men were… to put it mildly, in the verge of tears. They were trying everything possible to turn the cart, but there didn’t seem to be any way to do it. Haru walked towards them and the driver barked at him. “What do you want?!” he yelled, tears flowing down his cheek. “Hey… Please. I just came back to help. Hold on a second… I’ll clear the road,” he said, holding both his hands up and requesting them to halt while he ran towards the men who were struggling to clear the fallen tree.

“Let me help,” Haru said, once he was in the earshot of them. He put him palms together and then touched the base of the tree where the trunk was the biggest, and therefore heaviest. Casting is phase spell on that end made the tree a lot lighter than before. “Push it from the centre now,” he said. The men couldn’t understand what was going on as they couldn’t see any difference visibly, but they trusted him and tried pushing. The dozen men were surprised at how easier it was to move the tree now and were in fact confused too, but they didn’t complain. They put all their backs into it and the tree was moved to one side of the street in no time, giving enough space for the cart to move on.

The baldies were now shedding happy tears and thanked Haru a million times as they rode past.

Now that he was done with that, he quickly ran through towards his partners to finish the delivery. Hopefully, the other two would be done with it already and we can get back to helping the more sensible people.


#31Akira Shimada 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:21 pm

The man was rather vague, Aki wanted so much more. She needed to figure out the role the man played in the battle against Grimoire Heart, so she could deduce everything that led to him being fired. The fact that the process was so sped up still made her suspect foul play. Now Akira wanted nothing to do with it, she just wanted to know because it felt like her complain may have been used as an excuse. He didn't even seem to care, but she did, it irked her... His lack of cooperation made her feel frustrated. 'I see... I see...' she said impatiently as she reached over to him to swiftly snatch the package they needed to deliver, now that the lady was within view.

Aki held up a hand in front of Fenrir, to stop him from accompanying her. 'More Knights up ahead, I'll deal with the final delivery.' she said as she strolled towards the lady who eyed her anxiously. Greedily the woman made grabby-hands as she noticed the orb-shaped pack in the Lunar mage's hands. Upon taking the orb, she loaded Akira's arm with large sacks of jewels and then quickly bid her farewell, scurrying away back to wherever she lived. Akira struggled to carry the money back and divided it between the others. 'That is a lot of money... Maybe we could go get some noodles after all...?'


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