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Attention To Detail [Quest | Hatsuharu, Baron]

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#1Akira Shimada 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 2:47 pm

There hadn't been much time to corroborate facts, exchange stories or anything really, once the rapid attack had culminated. At least the speech that the king had given had stirred some, Akira was doubtful of the methods he'd employed and the people he had working for him. This whole any means to reach the end, didn't quite fly with her, personally. Though he'd convinced most that he intended to not harm any citizens, the goons that had worked in his service, did do so... Perhaps they'd be rounded up and punished for it accordingly... She mused... Actions like that would truly reveal the mettle of this new king. Aki was willing to give him a chance in her head, not that it mattered, it wasn't like she could change anything now.

As per her partner's request and suggestion, they were out in the streets, scouring the town to help fix up any broken structures, help in enforcing a system that allowed aid to be distributed among any victims fairly and things like that. Well it was mostly the healer doing the actual work, Akira merely used her keen observation to deduce where his skills and aptitude would work best. 'That lady looks pretty distraught... Probably a noble... The king's speech must've made her feel targeted...' Akira mumbled, gently smacking the side of her partner's shoulder with the back of her hand. 'Maybe you should go reassure her or something, see what she needs, the rich do badly in crises.' Aki added a little bitterly.



on Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:18 pm

It was a weird week for the scarlet-haired healer. He was yet to make up his mind on whether he would follow the new king or quit the Rune Knights. Yes… Leaving the organization was considered seriously and if not for his partner, he probably would have made that hasty decision. Finally, when his brain burned out thinking on whether the emperor was right or wrong on doing what he did to attain his goal, he chose to go out and help those in need, thereby keeping his mind occupied in something productive.

He worked like a drone, still compassionate but not very proactive. The healer let his partner do most of the thinking while he simply followed her instructions. It worked better that way; after all, despite everything that she had gone through, Akira was still sane and Haru was the one on the verge of going insane. He was carrying a pile of wooden logs into a building when he felt Akira’s tap on his shoulder. He nodded, dropped the logs at the closest safe spot and walked towards the dark-haired lady. His partner was right. The woman looked extremely tense and impatient. He approached her with his usual friendly smile. “Are you okay, ma’am? Is there something you need assistance with?” he asked, genuinely concerned.

The pacing lady stopped in her tracks and responded, but she never stopped looking at the street opposite her. “I’m- er… I’m waiting for a delivery. It’s very important and fragile. Just a bit worried the delivery boys won’t take good care of it. They are not known for their subtlety,” she said. Then, she swiftly jerked her head towards Haru and almost pleaded. “Do you think you can escort the payload safely here? I would pay you,” she said. As always, the naïve healer didn’t question what the payload was or if it was legal. Seeing the woman panic, he immediately agreed. “Of course ma’am! Don’t you worry. We’ll head to the gate right away,” he said.

He then began walking back towards Akira to relay the information. However, halfway through, he noticed a very familiar man in the vicinity. Haru had seen him several times in the Rune Knight compound, but never really talked to him. Seeing how this might take more than just the two of them, he decided to ask him if he was free to help. Waving to the man, he yelled, “Hey! You are a Rune Knight, right? Care to help us?”



on Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:39 pm

Today had to be the worst he had ever endured. Not only was he put out of the Rune Knights for no reason but he was homeless. To make matters worst, Michi had up and left him that knight while he was "recovering," how could she have just left him like that? Fenrir wasn't sure how he felt about her, but there was some hurt behind his once cheerful grin. Abandoned with no one, he couldn't confront Esperia as she was already preoccupied with her lover and best friend meaning her time for him was pretty much nonexistent. Now the wolf was alone.

The loneliness was new to him; he hadn't been alone since he awoke in the Rune Knight HQ without knowing who he was, not the former knight was to experience this newly found emptiness on his own without so much as a friend to help him recover. As he walked along the street he looked up at the building tops; his bag slung over his shoulder with what little bit of belongings he owned. Maybe he could find more work or a new home, but then he would have to readjust all over again, and he didn't want to go through that.

Just as he turned a corner, he noticed a crimson haired young man accompanied by two others. Fenrir narrowed his eyes and took a whiff of the air; it was the girl from that night... The knight!

The crimson-haired one spoke to him as he was just in their vicinity, Fenrir paused and looked at them before weakly smiling. "Sure, I'd like to help you if I can."


#4Akira Shimada 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:55 pm

Akira mostly watched Tsuru has he interacted with the female and began making his way back. The mage sighed, he was wearing the trademark I've got work for us look. So much had changed around them and even between the duo and yet there was this haunting familiarity that lingered and echoed, no matter what they endured... His expression was a reflection of one of those familiar attributes.

He looked beyond her though, somewhere in the distance as he called out. Her eyebrows furrowed as she wondered who he could be beckoning too. Swiftly she turned to scan the crowd and locate the face... It was him! That man who had let a stranger into the headquarters the other night... Quickly she turned her face away and tried to subtly motion to Tsuru, to not reach out to him, with his infringement, it was likely he wasn't even a Knight anymore.

She made a slicing motion with her hand at her neck, to indicate something like abort mission. But it was too late, she heard the man in question, speak from behind her, addressing only Tsuru, perhaps pointedly. She jumpily turned around to face him again, startled by how soon he'd covered the distance between them. God damn it, Tsuru.

'So you're still a Rune Knight even after what you pulled?' she asked a little surprised, but mostly in a dull accusatory manner. She took a step back and angled herself so she had both him and Tsuru within her peripheral vision. 'So what's the task anyway?' she asked, in a monotone.



on Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:13 pm

Haru had no idea what transpired between Fenrir and Akira the previous night. Even though he did notice Akira’s signals, he couldn’t understand what she was trying to say and had no time to ponder on it. The dark-haired muscular man had closed the distance between them and also agreed to help. The healer was completely confused when Akira addressed the man as if she knew him. He wanted to ask what the story was and why the man wouldn’t be a Rune Knight anymore, but before he could put up any questions, the lady who requested them to go the gate grew extremely impatient.

“You all are not getting a single penny if that delivery cart crosses the gate before you are there,” she yelled. Haru frowned at the sudden change in her attitude; not a moment ago she was pleading him and now she was ordering him around. “Alright alright…” he yelled back before turning to the two and giving the details of the mission. “… so she needs us to escort her package,” he finished explaining. “If it was so important, I figured we might need more than just the two of us to ward off any attempts to steal it,” he said mostly to Akira, trying to justify why he called for help. He had a strong feeling her previous signs were mostly to dissuade him from asking the black-haired man for help.

Haru could feel Lady Merlin’s eyes bore at them accusingly for still standing around. So, he quickly cleared his throat and whispered so that just the two in front of him can hear. “Let’s start walking towards the gate before she starts yelling again,” he said.



on Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:42 pm

Fenrir had registered her questions, "No, I'm not a Knight, just got kicked out... Though they didn't tell me why they put me out, only that my presence was no longer needed and I got walking papers." his meek smile had turned into a frown as she reminded him that he was no longer a knight. She didn't have to tell him to his face outright. What she meant when she said, "after what he pulled" was confusing to him, he didn't pull anything. At least, he didn't think he pulled anything all that bad. A recruit wanted to see the HQ, for all he knew tours were allowed given they were only in the barracks.

Perhaps his lack of knowledge on the barracks rules was what caused him to be fired, that or the hole he put in the roof and shattered windows that he had busted with his surge of mana. Of course, he didn't hold a grudge against the girl, she did what she thought was right after all and that was what a Rune Knight was supposed to do. That said, he was still slightly pained to have been kicked out of his only home without so much as a warning. Maybe he could get back in if he did enough good, but that was unlikely.

Management wouldn't even look him in his eye when they fired him, they merely shoved papers in his face and kicked him out. There must have been more at play, but he wouldn't overthink on it as he had a job to do!

"Alrighty, let's get this box delivered!" he smiled at the two with a newly sprouted cheerful grin and looked at the road, "Any idea where we're going again?"


#7Akira Shimada 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:07 pm

Akira thought her complain would've warranted the fellow Knight, or rather ex-Knight to be kicked out. He'd let a thief in and let her get away with important classified documents for crying out loud... But never had she known the Knights to be so efficient at their job. It puzzled her, especially because it wasn't like they were all chums with her either, considering her having registered as a dark mage... A lot of the officials still didn't know about her new elemental affinity. Post her complain they had asked her to go to Era and register for some paperwork though, she'd put it off... And yet... She cocked her head, he didn't seem to care much for what he'd done. 'So they didn't even tell you why?' she asked softly, mumbling as usual. Did he even know she'd complained? He didn't seem to torn up or bitter about it.

She narrowed Tsuru was within earshot and went on to answer her question and explain the task, he probably had no idea he'd interrupted her... As oblivious as he could be. A trait that reflected in the new addition to their group. The ex-Rune Knight, he was as scatterbrained and goofy as her partner. The large muscled man didn't seem to be as worried about the repercussions and details regarding his lost job. But it still irked Akira, there was something fishy about it. 'To the gates, I assume... That's where the deliveries come in from...' she said a little dryly, sarcasm galore. She was still trying to figure out what exactly she thought about the man since he seemed so.... innocent? Like he had no clue what he'd actually contributed too... She took the lead in walking towards the gate, she turned to look over her shoulder and ask, 'So were you among the defenders of Crocus too?' maybe she could slowly understand the larger picture.



on Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:57 pm

Haru’s face contorted in puzzlement as Fenrir explained his current status with the Rune Knight organization. He figured the man must have done something seriously heinous for the higher-ups to boot him without any reason; but, he did not look like the kind. So far, the man seemed very polite and innocent. In any case, it would seem Akira knew what the infraction was and yet, she seemed to be rather fine with him tagging along. So, Haru reckoned it can’t be that bad.

Before Lady Merlin could yell again, Haru began rushing towards the gates with the other two. While it wouldn’t have been a long walk under usual circumstances, thanks to the damage during the war and the need for eventual repairing and rebuilding, they were forced to take several detours before they reached the gate. Thankfully, however, the delivery cart would be just about to cross the gate and Haru would ran as fast as he could to stop it going any further. “Hold up, please!” he said, waving his arms in front and trying to gain the attention of the one riding it.

The middle-aged bald man sitting atop the caravan seemed to be in a foul mood. “Whad’ya want?” he bellowed, halting the cart right next to the healer. He cleared his throat and spoke authoritatively. “Lady Merlin sent us to escort the package. We will be supervising the route you will be taking,” he said. The bald delivery man seemed rather pissed and was about to give Haru an earful. Haru hoped the other two caught on by then to back his story up, and save him from any unnecessary squabbles.



on Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:10 pm

Fenrir had a better understanding of what they were doing at least, guarding a package and delivering it in mint condition without so much as a scratch! That would be easy enough, at least he hoped it would. Fighting hadn't been his forte as of late, sure he enjoyed training but given all that had happened he didn't want to fight nor did he want to have any confrontations outside of friendliness. Even with the little bit of power he had now he didn't see a point in fighting any longer, he wanted to be a pacifist. A problematic tasks but he could do it if he curled his battle lust.

With his arms crossed he looked up at the skyline shared between the rooftops and powder blue sky over Crocus. As they walked, he would become lost in thought as he stood next to the crimson haired young man. There was so much beauty out today, a beautiful day to match the excellent addition of new companions. How would they influence him on this quest? That was his central question behind who they were; they seemed to be a duo, the male seemed kind, the girl looked 'stark' to put it lightly. Not that there was anything wrong with that, but her seriousness was off putting as if she'd snap any moment and rock Fenrir's world without so much as a warning. With any luck, she was as kind as her friend.

"I wish I did know why they put me out but there's no use in crying over pulled milk right?" he chuckled as they stopped the caravan, the man delivering the goods seemed to be in a foul mood, Fenrir could only chuckle as he raised his hands. "Take it easy; his story checks out we are here to guide you no need to be so hostile."


#10Akira Shimada 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:33 pm

Perhaps her question had been swallowed in the din of the crowded street, perhaps he'd just missed it because she was mumbling... But she chose to feel ignored like her presence and words didn't matter enough. Maybe he held a grudge, after all, she rationalized. Nonetheless, one way or another, the girl was used to her statements and questions being ignored or avoided, people did give her a wide berth and she preferred it that way, at least up until now. Maybe as more would find out about the light she harbored inside, that would change... But she'd still find them to be hypocrites.

Since she'd assumed her words didn't matter, she decided to keep her thoughts to herself. Somehow, while she had taken the lead initially, both the eager boys seem to have overtaken her. Well technically she was the youngest of the trio, so calling them boys was a stretch, but they definitely looked like they needed to do some growing up. Rolling her eyes, she finally slid towards the two who had successfully stopped the vehicle carrying the goods. She joined them just as the larger boy was pacifying the driver.

She just stood on her tippy toes to get a better view of the man driving the cart, to make out his expression and discern his mood for herself. 'The road ahead is rather broken... It is going to be tough delivering something fragile, I'm going to get in and ensure all the packages remain intact.' she mumbled, then without any other warning, she hitched herself up onto the cart from the side, hanging on as she lost her footing. 'A little help here... please' she demanded through grit teeth, while the cart driver protested in vain and she hung onto the side, her legs flailing about.



on Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:44 pm

The cart driver opened his mouth to protest, but thankfully, Fenrir came to the rescue. The muscular man’s reassurance of their motive seemed to shut the delivery man up. Haru had to wonder if people would listen to him more if he worked out and got muscular too. He watched as his partner took a step towards the caravan and hoisted herself up, only succeeding partially, in an attempt to enter the caravan so that she can keep the good safe. However, as she held onto it, trying to find her footing again, someone from the inside opened the door she was hanging on, sending her flinging behind. This man looked even more pissed than the one driving the cart. He too was bald, but had a long black mustache that he kept twirling as he spoke.

Haru rushed towards his partner and helped her down so that she could climb into the caravan through the open door. “You guys better not slow us down. We’ve got a lot of places to go by the end of the day,” the mustached man said grumpily. The healer felt bad for immediately disregarding that request, but unfortunately, it had to be done. “We’ll try our best,” he said in a not-so-confident tone, and quickly added, “I think it’s best if we don’t go through the busy main road and take the outer roads. I have seen how crowded they get… Not to mention the thieving.” The cart driver fumed. “But that’s a much longer route…” he began. Haru turned to Fenrir and hoped the muscular man would come to his rescue, again. Maybe the driver won’t complain so much if Fenrir gave all the instructions. He spoke politely and looked powerful; what could be a better combination?



on Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:00 pm

Fenrir was surprised a second man was inside of the cart; there seemed to be angry bald men all inside of the thing. Curious Fenrir's eyes zoomed around the caravan as he hoped to see even more bald men inside of it. Maybe it was like a clown car! That'd be pretty funny. If only there were a way to just shake them all out of it, that'd be funny. Maybe another time, for now, he needed to look at the others and make sure that they were safe on this journey. Sure, the caravan was a priority but his teammates, or well fellow knights...Erm... His companions were the ones that would help him if things went wrong, so they needed to be at their safest.

When the caravan's inhabitants tried to speak down to the redhead again, Fenrir would once speak up in the man's defense yet again. "Take it easy; sure it's longer, but it's safer as well. If we can get the goods to their destination without so much of a scratch, you guys could get some time off and then you can take whatever road you want."

"Now buddy, would you like to get in there too? I'll guard on the outside, it might be a long trip, but I can always catch a ride on eh roof if I get tired." confidence radiated off of his smile, the two were a cute little couple, not that he was calling them such but they were a cute pair. They were young that was for sure, their safety and comfort were more important than his own.

If Haru accepted Fenrir would crack his knuckles and stretch his arms before gesturing for the caravan to move. He would keep up at a moderate pace making sure not to lag too far behind.


#13Akira Shimada 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:23 pm

'Woah!' she squealed, it was an odd sound, it would've been a grunt before, but now that her voice gotten sweeter post the induction of the light inside her, it was an odd whine, one she'd never heard being elicited from her lips before. She clung on, as she swung on the door that was opened for her, rather cruelly by the man inside her. Upon the aid she received from her partner, she contradicted her request and rolled her eyes. 'I had it handled ok...' she muttered softly as she shook her head.

She then crouched and slipped into the back of the cart as the boys continued arguing with the men. 'What, you think we didn't have someone in here already guarding the goods young lady? A wrinkly creature spoke from the other end of the cart, crouched in the corner. Had it not been for the remnants of softer features, and the thick layer of dark mascara, sloppily applied on her eyelashes, Aki wouldn't have figured out it was a woman... Since she too was bald. Aki almost wanted to chuckle, but she held it in, bunch of rude baldies She ignored the woman for now, upon having heard the larger boy's offer.

She stuck her head out the opening and spoke clearly. 'No, both of you stay outside, we don't need anymore people in here, its crowded enough, if you'll get tired. We'll rotate.' she ordered this time, her voice as clear as she could manage. Then she turned to the driver, sticking her hand out of the tiny opening between the front and back of the carriage. 'Take the right, we're not going through the main streets.' she announced rather curtly. Her eyes were narrowed as she dared him to refuse. He opened his mouth and closed it again, and then mumbled something inaudible as he started turning towards the right. Better. she thought.



on Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:16 pm

There wasn’t much for the soft-spoken healer to do once the other two began giving directions to the caravan driver. He didn’t like it much and neither did the mustache-man; but they didn’t have much of an option except grumble. Haru was about to take Fenrir’s offer and get into the caravan. Their new friend seemed capable of scouting ahead and informing them of any possible troubles. Besides, the driver seemed less aggressive towards him than Haru. So, he thought he would get out of the way. However, Akira popped her head out and asked both of them to stay on guard outside as it was apparently too crowded inside already. Haru sighed and kept a brisk pace to keep up with the rolling cart and Fenrir.

The delivery men kept complaining about the winded long route they were taking, but the healer decided to ignore them. Whenever required, Haru ran ahead to check the corners they were turning to ensure there were no surprises ahead. And that precaution paid off as he found the road they were supposed to take next was blocked by construction workers. “Can’t pass around here. We’ve got gravel everywhere,” the worker said, before going off to do his work. The redhead Rune Knight ran back to the caravan and relayed the information. “Looks like we got to take another detour,” he said meekly, knowing what would ensue. As expected, the bald men began screaming at the top of their voice and Haru had no idea how to pacify them. “Calm down, please!” he began, but his voice was completely drowned amidst their yelling. Resigned to his fate, he simply turned to look at Fenrir and shrugged. Broken bones, he can take care of; unreasonable angry men, not so much.



on Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:41 pm

Fenrir focused on the road ahead; it seemed the little lady inside the caravan wanted it all to herself, though with two people on watch it would be a much safer trip. For a moment things went smoothly when Haru would check ahead, Fenrir would remain vigilant until he returned. When the younger male returned, Fenrir would make an effort to go forward as well, turning corners and watching the sun to see just how much time they had until sunset. Their trip was to be a long one, but at least he had company. Everything was going smoothly, rightfully so until they came to an unexpected stop.

Roadwork, a distraction that would cost them valuable time. He rubbed his chin and looked around, their alternate route was going to be troublesome, but they could make it work despite being off a little bit more. When the bald reign holder decided to take his frustrations out on Haru Fenrir stepped up and stood up for the younger male. "How many times do I have to tell you to calm down, it's not that serious." he'd look at their options, there were two other routes they'd take. "We can find another way, it may take some daylight and you might lose your plans but we're still safe, and that's what matters."

The road was getting long, he sympathized, but this call was still the correct one. Even if it took them all day, they could again make it work. "What do you think?" he'd look back at Haru, "Pick a route, and I'll scout ahead." he laughed as he began to sweat just a bit.

He was getting hot, it was hunger and the heat getting to him he'd need a snack soon else he'd kill over.


#16Akira Shimada 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:38 pm

Akira sighed, she could feel the annoyed eyes of the two bald creatures stare her down while the driver up ahead grilled her partner and their new acquaintance. She dropped her face into her palm, leaving her elbows on her knees. This was going to be a rather long drag. The mage kept her gaze firmly away from the bald woman, who took pleasure in harking. 'Look at these younglings, they think they're so smart, we've been doing this for ag-' her sentence was cut off as the caravan jerked unceremoniously, sending several packages vaulting to the front.

Aki had already scouted for the Lady Merlin's package, so when they all were flung forward, she swiftly latched onto the one they were in charge of, the one they had to safely escort. The girl rolled her eyes, rather pointedly at the bald woman, who resorted to chewing the insides of her mouth and mumbling again. She stuck her head out to notice the rubble they had to avoid and nodded at the instructions the muscled man and Tsuru offered. Slinking back inside, she gave the driver clear instructions to navigate through the alleys, he was really testing her patience. 'No... If you go left here, we'll be going away from Lady Merlin's location...' she said, carefully and methodically, in a rather patronizing manner.

As they continued their tug of war for power, while navigating the narrow alleyways, she heard a familiar Rune Knight's voice up ahead, the man who had helped the duo get away from Benjamin... She was sure he wouldn't take kindly to them working with their new friend post him being fired... She stuck her head out and hissed at Tsuru... 'We're going to need another detour, Murasaki up ahead, I don't think he'll be too pleased with' she cleared her throat to enunciate 'our new company...'



on Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:51 pm

Haru would suggest something, the cart driver won’t listen and then Fenrir had to step in to make the man see reason. This was becoming a routine throughout the long and winded route. It was no exception this time either. Haru was glad he requested help from Fenrir. Otherwise, with Akira guarding the pack inside, he would have had a terrible time guiding this bunch from the outside. While there were two routes they could take to circumvent the blocked road, both of them involved the cart to go through narrow alleys with many sharp turns. It was a difficult decision to make, as the shorter route had narrower alleys while the longer one had a safe route. Not wishing to get the cart stuck in a small alleyway, Haru chose the longer one. “I think it would be most safe to go this way,” he said to Fenrir, and hoped he would relay the information to the driver.

Once they were in the alley, the friction increased further. There were constant arguments about which turn to take to make the trip faster. However, somehow, the driver seemed to listen to Akira too and he finally took the right they were supposed to take.

Their next detour came in the form of a Rune Knight; a righteous, strict one who Haru looked up to. At first, he was glad to hear his voice, and was about to wave at him. But before he could do that, Akira popped her head out again and hissed at him. While he still had no idea why the Rune Knights would hate Fenrir so much, he had to agree this unnecessary encounter was going to slow them down a lot more than a couple of extra turns. He quickly ran to Fenrir and whispered so that the cart driver can’t hear him. “The Rune Knights up ahead aren’t going to be we let such a huge cart into small alleys. Not to mention, they don’t like you much. I think it’s best if we take the left here and take the parallel alley to avoid them,” he said.



on Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:14 pm

The Runeknights wouldn't like him? That was right; he was put out for reasons they wouldn't mention to him, at least not to his face. From what he gathered from the little information in his papers he was kicked out of the organization for... Well, he didn't quite know, there was nothing in them. He couldn't have been in trouble because of Michi, when he woke up, she was gone and couldn't have caused too much trouble because of how friendly and warm she was. Honestly, Fenrir couldn't think of any reason besides them not wanting pay or feed him anymore, a reality that saddened him. Maybe if he ate less, they wouldn't have been so angry at him, alas an 'if' would do him no good sense he was on their shit list for whatever reason.

He'd heed Haru and look at the left path, it was a heck of a lot longer and would cause them to take an even more significant detour than the one they were already on. That and he was going to be an ailment as soon as he was spotted. Perhaps the left path was best. "You're right; we'll go left. Driver, we're taking the left road on a detour, we might go further from the client, but we'll avoid the hassle of being bothered by the knights." his words were stern, and to the point, if the man had an issue with the detour, Fenrir would further explain. If either man wanted to speak to the knights, well, to say the least, they'd end up apart of the cargo for the rest of the trip.

"Let's get moving," he'd break his speech to yawn, "Mmm, getting warm out here."


#19Akira Shimada 

on Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:43 pm

Akira threw her hands into her hair, still holding onto the package with a fair bit of derision. It was annoying that this Lady Merlin was going through all this trouble just for her package, simply because she could afford escorts for her goody. Aki was sure this was, in principle defying the new king, who wanted to stop such privilege mongering nobles from exploiting the mages who wished to help the general population. Nonetheless, they'd signed up and now they had to finish this mission up.

She vaguely heard Tsuru relay her message to Baron, who in turn passed it onto the driver, like some baton of instructions... like chinese whispers. The driver just stopped in his tracks, he turned to face Akira and with frustration carved in every line of his face, he grunted out a question. 'Why the hell would the Rune Knights have a problem with you lot? I'm running a perfectly legitimate business.' The man in the back agreed with his comrade while he twisted his mustache and nodded.

'Umm... Its just usually carts are not- hang on...' She responded and was stopped midway by an idea. She pushed open the door of the cart and jumped off. 'Fenrir, why don't you switch places with me?' she asked, her tone a little brighter than usual, she slithered up to him and softly muttered. 'We'll probably run into more Rune Knights on our way, I don't think they're going to make any more detours.' she clarified. 'Eh! Missy you didn't answer my question!!' the driver exclaimed. She avoided eye contact with him and added 'You better come up with some answer for that and to explain yourself to them too. It'll be best if you do that inside though, to prevent anyone from overhearing...' her words were still directed towards the ex-Rune Knight and her voice was still hushed, but urgent.



on Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:44 pm

The entire situation was a mess and the bald men began a curse fest when they were asked to take a detour to avoid the Rune Knights. Haru didn’t want to tell the delivery men that the one yelling at them to stop is particularly jumpy and would have the entire cart thoroughly checked before letting them pass, nor did he want them to know Fenrir was a former Rune Knight, which might cause further doubts. And from the looks of it, neither did Akira want to deal with all of this. She had finally stepped out of the cart and asked Fenrir to take her place. Although Haru understood less than half of what was happening around him, he agreed to this particular suggestion. If anything, this will aid in the cluster-mess of a mission they had landed themselves in. “The pack be worth it. What is it, anyway?” he asked Akira rhetorically, but never waited for an answer. Instead, he turned to Fenrir and echoed his partner’s suggestion. “I agree. I think you should go inside and guard the package until we cross the Rune Knights,” he said, as politely as possible, and hoped that he hadn’t offended the man in any way. Haru had not heard why he was kicked out; so, there was no judgement from his part, yet.

If Fenrir agreed to enter the cart, then, Haru would begin directing the caravan driver. “Listen… That man is a very paranoid Rune Knight. He will stop you and check every corner of your cart before letting you pass. Do you want to waste the entire evening sitting in this alley or do you want to get the deliveries over with?” he asked. Even the innocent Haru had learned his ways after spending months alongside the clever girl. Weighing the options the scarlet-haired Rune Knight laid out in front of him, the driver chose to take the short detour instead of dealing with the Rune Knights. “Alright… Last chance. Any more and we won’t bother delivering at all,” he said grumpily, before turning the cart left. Haru sighed and ran ahead as usual to scout for any further disturbances.



on Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:01 pm

It seemed his hands were tied behind his back on this one, he couldn't guard the cart as he wanted out of fear that'd he'd be caught and arrested or worst. If only he weren't such a burden on the mission, they wouldn't have to do all of this hiding. Still, he was thankful his acquaintances wouldn't sell him to the people that kicked him out of their confines for being different. He wasn't a coward, but he knew when to lay low. Thus he would heed Hats and take the chance to enter the cart when given the opportunity.

He'd open the door and let the little woman out first before hopping in himself. It was pretty tight back there and the second bald gentleman was eerily silent, but all was going well. Fenrir would stretch his arms and slump down in the chair in a semi laying position, his back on the seat, one arm hanging off of the couch one knee bent and a leg joining the hanging sleeve. It was a very lazy position, but he made it work. For the time being, he would maybe take a short nap while they made their way past the knights.

The gentle creaking of the caravan would guide him to sleep as he closed his eyes and drifted off. Soon he would fall asleep like a 215-pound baby. This was nice, being able to relax and not worry about things like Rune Knights. Nope, this was the lift for him, laying around in a caravan and waiting to pass up the knights with two strangers. He liked them though; maybe he could let them sit in the cramped caravan while he walked. The walk wasn't that bad; the heat just got to him.


#22Akira Shimada 

on Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:49 am

As Fenrir replaced her inside the carriage, Akira walked along it slowly, glad to be outside again, away from the wrathful stare of the baldies inside. She stretched out her arms and legs as they continued their languorous journey through the streets of Crocus. Warily she kept an eye out for any other obstacles they'd need to avoid, while sincerely hoping it didn't come to that. She sneaked up to her partner, casually staring into the caravan again to find Fenrir sleeping inside. Crap! The lunar mage rolled her eyes, gritting her teeth she mumbled plaintively to Tsuru, the habitual complaining felt comforting. 'Look at him... No wonder he was fired... How can you sleep on the job?' she said, yawning pointedly, to showcase that she was tired but wasn't afforded the same luxuries.

The sculpted man inside, must have created some disturbance by snoring or something, because the driver suddenly stopped the delivery cart. He stuck his head out of the driver's compartment to stare down at the lanky boy and the petite girl walking alongside his vehicle. 'We are NOT here to lug around your sleepy friend.' he barked, his eyes gleamed like he had hit the jackpot of all the possible excuses, like he had the perfect reason to get rid of the escorts now. Akira was a little tongue-tied, she couldn't really defend the ex-Rune Knight. She chewed the inside of her mouth and slammed the side of the door that led to the passenger seats of the caravan, in an attempt to unceremoniously wake the sleeping man.



on Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:21 am

Wanting to get this wretched delivery over with, Haru was on a vigilant lookout for any possible hindrances that might piss off the bald men. Unfortunately, however, their annoyance wasn’t caused by something outside, but was because of their sleeping friend inside. Akira’s voice might have gotten a bit sweeter after she had begun to use light magic, but that did not take away the sting from her complaining. Haru’s eyes widened at the revelation and he whispered urgently to his partner. “Wake him up!” he said as softly as possible so that the driver doesn’t hear him. But, it was too late. The baldies have already noticed that Fenrir was sleeping and they didn’t care much for it. He watched as his partner slammed the door, and hoped it worked.

Whether it worked or not, they were at the end of their line and Haru knew it the moment he saw what was ahead of them. In all this commotion, Haru had forgotten to check ahead. As they made their supposedly last turn, he saw a large tree fallen right across the street and about a dozen men trying to lift it to clear the path. Before any of the Rune Knights could even utter a word, the cart driver yelled. “That’s it! I’m done. Deliver the bloody package yourself,” he bellowed, his eyes wide and bloodshot.

Hearing this, the bald man inside took Lady Merlin’s orb, opened the door and thrust it towards Akira. Haru couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “That… is the package?” he asked in disbelief. “A small orb?! We directed this huge cart around the entire town to transport something that we could have carried by hand?” he asked, his pitch a tad-bit higher than usual. If the previous door-slamming didn’t wake Fenrir, this definitely would have. The healer couldn’t believe what he was seeing. If the orb was small enough to be carried by hand, why were they asked to direct the entire cart to the location? They could have easily transported it by foot from the gates to Lady Merlin to begin with.



on Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:18 pm

Fenrir had a pleasant dream, his soft snoring indicating that he was ignoring the bald man's frustrations. The Lycan was in a delight field of flowers, the sky raining down petals of pink softness around him. He held out his hands and smiled as peace and tranquility overran his mind. Oh what he wouldn't give to live in a place like this, sadly it wouldn't last very long as the slam of the door would startle him and make him jump up and out of the cart. They seemed clear of the knights who were good, but now they were at the mercy of the elements because the already angry driver seemed even more livid just because Fenrir took a nap.

He'd look at the bald men and sigh; he messed it up badly for the others. "Sorry guys," he apologized before looking at the road ahead, "It's probably not too far away now we can get there by foot easily!" he tried to brighten up the situation, but upon seeing what they were carrying he became a bit annoyed. The two bald men were angry over that? A fancy ball? They must have been kidding; they could have delivered this on foot!

"Seriously, sorry guys..." it did hurt a bit for him to have cost these two their ride, but at the very least the other rune Knights weren't pursuing them, and that was a plus that made Fenrir very happy. Mostly because of the lack of bloodshed.


#25Akira Shimada 

on Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:33 pm

'Yep.' she responded redundantly to Tsuru's exclamation, she'd known this for a while, but in the heat of the moment, she hadn't truly considered it till her partner pointed it out. 'Pretty stupid huh, but there must have been a reason why that lady wanted it safe inside...' Akira added, narrowing her eyes as her skeptic mind whirred to start assessing the situation for clues. Maybe this orb was some sort of a contraband after all. There was a high chance it could be, under the new establishment... It was a very likely possibility, that it was sent from its original location before the coup, which would mean regulations about the transport could've changed midway and the lady was just being paranoid, trying to stay on the safer side?

Her thoughts were interrupted as the driver challenged Fenrir's casual decision to just walk the rest of the way. They too seemed to have gathered that this entire excursion was pointless, especially for just some small orb. Well, there wasn't much point arguing with them, but their aggression drove Akira crazy. With the package now in the possession of the sleepy man, they truly didn't really need to deal with the baldies anymore. She rolled her eyes before narrowing them to stare up at the bitter driver.

Had he not been berating the trio from the very beginning of their unfortunately long journey, she would've managed to muster more empathy for him. 'Thank you for your service.' she said sardonically. Swallowing, she decided to give up on her attempt to be a better person and added. 'Have fun trying to back up your cart, through this small ally, the road ahead is blocked, folks.' With that, she just turned away and began briskly walking towards where she assumed Lady Merlin to be, it was likely she could be wrong, the landmarks were messy, post the destruction from the attack.


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