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Baska to magnolia train travel

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on Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:05 pm

450 words needed

Taking a deep breath Syliph day calmly on the train, he clenched and unclenched his constantly. He held the white leather book on his lap. It lay awkwardly open on his lap, it’s pages were half open to one of some triangle shaped ritual. There were multiple tubes on it but he couldn’t decipher what they meant. He had no idea what the entire thing was even meant for. He had begun to theorize what the rituals we’re actually for. One was the summoning of a demon or god or something. Another was some summoning of an ancient magic, in the end Syliph couldn’t discover Anything that might have even helped at all.

Leaning back he rested his head against the back of the chair. Closing his eyes he fell I to a deep sleep, something he didn’t think would happen. His dreams were rather not Trippy. Most of his dreams over these past four or five months had been lucid and unpredictable. This dream was calm and settling. He was a person floating calmly through a sea. The water was crystal clear and he was swimming through a reef of amazing colors. The anemones floated like Medusa hair in the wind. Their were pieces of stag coral that happened to stretch way over Syliph’s head. It was like walking through some under water forest. He swam a few more feet when a giant sea turtle swam in front of him. The thing emerged from a rift that split the forest in half. The thing was massive and incredibly long. It even had a tail, something that must have given it more propulsion. The turtle moved calmly through the water, but every stroke sent a wave of water at Syliph causing him to constantly tumble over like some kind of grass in the wind. It swam away into what seemed to be the sky but Syliph couldn’t tell how deep he was in the dream. Syliph began to swim across the rift but then some unknown force began to suck him down into the rift.

Syliph began to choke, he couldn’t breathe under the water anymore and he was drowning. Something red began to grow under the surface. It was rising up ready to devour him. He was going to die, goodbye cruel world this was forever goodbye. Taking one last breath he woke up.

The person next to him eyes him curiously and went back to their book. Syliph fixed himself back Togwther. He felt like he was gonna die soon that nightmare was something that even he hadn’t ever experienced before. Grabbing his suitcase he walked off the train he was honestly more than done with everything.

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