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Birds? [Yasuki]

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on Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:48 am

Coda had been acting quite weird lately. Hyōen couldn’t put his finger on it this time, because none of the signs that he earned from experience of Coda’s expressions back in the days ever showed up, so what was it this time?

To further elaborate, the raptor had disappeared. The Fire Mage just woke up a morning in Baska Town, thoroughly enjoying the bedsheets when Coda didn’t address him with the casual peeps. It instantly worried him as he rose up from his bed and noticed the bird’s absence. Due to the bond that those two shared, it would be painful to see Coda get hurt or lost out there; besides, Baska Town was yet not thoroughly explored yet, so he could easily get lost a little. He quickly took on his jacket and everything before going out to try and find this weird being made of feathers and meat.

It led him to a plaza. Today wasn’t as crowded as it was earlier when he arrived at Baska Town for the first time, but perhaps that was due to the winter time that was approaching. Honestly, Hyōen had no idea what people were preparing at their homes, but he heard buzz about festive times approaching. Thus, the citizens of Baska Town were beginning to decorate and prepare for quite a fun time as he could conclude it.


on Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:25 am

She awoke the next day from the hotel room that she had got. It was a strange feeling as she never really stayed in one place too long but this was different, she was actually meeting people and she didn't want it to stop there. She looked beside her as she saw Nami, her Vaporeon, still sleeping away "You must've had a long night" the blue haired elf chuckled. Feeling as if she should get up and make some breakfast or at least get ready for the day and go have breakfast somewhere, she laid in bed a bit more. One thing was for sure she wasn't quite the morning person as she used to be -- maybe it was all the traveling she did all the time, but who knows.

She finished getting ready as she brushed through her brilliantly bright blue hair that went down to just passed her shoulders in length. Usually she would brush her hair over her ears, but today was different. Today she wasn't going to do that as she remembers the words she was told to not be afraid. She parted her hair around her ears so just a small point could stick out, enough for anyone to tell that she was an elf. Afterwards she would take the time necessary to put on her cloak and then called towards Nami, "Sleepyhead! We've got to go." Seeing the vaporeon make it's own way up from under the covers and out of bed the two would head towards the door.

"What a nice day." she said as the two stepped foot outside from the hotel. The elf would see people outside of their homes decorating for some festival or something, but it didn't bother her. Honestly it reminded her of a festival that she went with her family long ago. She made her way through the plaza looking to grab a bite to eat somewhere. Without a jacket on and the hood pulled up, this means her ears were visible though she didn't let that bother her. She was like a new found person and would walk through the plaza with more confidence. "You hungry, Nami? I know I am, let's go find some food." she asked towards her Vaporeon and then continued to walk along the plaza.


on Fri Dec 08, 2017 7:43 am

Oh well, Coda was nowhere to be seen yet. Thinking about the bird and her whereabouts, Hyōen could only conclude that she was hungrier than he anticipated; he woke up earlier to give the raptor some small breakfast, which looked like a whole dish filled with bird seed. Apparently, that wasn’t enough in this case, which could lead the bird to seek more nutrients outside. She wasn’t that hungry all the time, though… maybe she was losing weight for the winter that was approaching.

Wild animals, especially birds and mammals, who inhabited the northern reigns where snow was common in winter, would always ready their bodies for a long hibernation by storing large amounts of energy in the form of fat. In Hyōen’s case, he never felt the need to overeat himself given that his magic sufficed for both warmth and higher chances of having crops sate his hunger during the winter, but Coda was different. This was the first time that he noticed this behaviour of hers, and he never saw the little buddy go away from him like that before.

Surprisingly, a very familiar peep came from a Frellsen’s, one of Baska Town’s shops who had gotten into the holiday spirit with their new decorations and food. He quickly rushed to the place and suddenly got distracted by everything other than Coda’s beak pecking a cup filled with peanuts; it steamed with the hot cocoa that they bred, and mysterious dishes such as flat, soft breads (pancakes) and cubed bread (waffles) were baked. However, only a few people were out at this moment, and as Hyōen arrived, the workers appeared joyful to see a customer this early… until…

“… W-We’ll do our best,” one of the cashiers answered to his request, “However, I’ll give you some extra tissues. I don’t know if you’ll be able to balance all that on two waffles…” With a small drop of sweat trickling down, the cashier gave the order around for two waffles with everything. Coda was still enjoying her peanuts that some of them were generous enough to share in this time of the year…

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