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Katerina Mihail

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#1Katerina Mihail 

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Name: Katerina Mihail

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Class: Shaman

Rank: D-Rank

Guild: RK

Tattoo: Violet, located on her inner wrist. (left arm)

Face: Rin Hashima (Cardfight Vanguard! G)


Height: 5'6" (1.68 m)

Weight: 56 kg

Hair: Purple

Eyes: Violet

Overall: Katerina's height is average compared to the female population. However, she is too short to be a model, due to her dismay. She is never seen without heels on, which adds an additional 2 to 3 inches to her overall height. Katerina has striking, violet eyes, which matches her orchid hair. She is an exotic beauty, with her unique eye colour. Katerina cares extremely about her outer appearance, wearing only luxurious brands, which she can barely afford. (Sometimes stealing, or even sleeping with rich men, she is willing to sacrifice anything for what she wants) She has long hair that is always curled. As she despises the straight hair she was born naturally with, she always seems to carry a hair curler on her.

Extra: Katerina is never seen without her signature, purple, three inch heels. This includes, exercising, training or even dueling other mages.


Personality: Katerina is extremely shallow, she only cares for herself, and not the slightest for anyone. She values vanity and beauty, as her number one priority. She is willing to stab others in the back, for her personal gains.

She has a better you than me," type of mentality. As she would easily sacrifice her companions for her own life in a heartbeat, without the slightest hesitation. Katerina is extremely selfish and craves for all the attention, solely to herself. She is envious, easily jealous of other people who do better than her. Instead of trying to improve herself, she thinks about how she can drag others down.

As an attention seeker, Katerina likes to talk big and brag about how great she is. She likes to gossip and create false rumours, as a way to drag others down. Katerina is extremely lustful, and have multiple affairs at a time. Katerina is lazy, and uses her charm and tactics to succeed. However, underneath all that pride, she is extremely unconfident and lonely, as she has no real friends.

  • Heels: Katerina is never seen without heels. "Honey, I have heels higher than your standards." - Katerina
  • Makeup:As Katerina is obsessed with vanity, she is also obsessed with makeup. Katerina makes sure she does her skin care regiment everyday, securing her flawless skin.


  • Straight Hair: "Grass is always greener on the otherside," phenomenon. She despises her straight hair that she was born with naturally, so she curls it daily.
  • Chipped Nails: Katerina likes to make sure her nails are always tidy, she goes berserk when a nail is broken, or chipped.


  • Pride: Katerina is extremely competitive, she seeks everyone's attention and praise. She does not like it when someone is better than her.


  • Broken heels: Katerina would freak out if her favourite pair of heels is broken.
  • Isolation: As Katerina seeks attention and glory, she will not survive without others. However, due to her shallow personality she is often isolated. Deep down she craves for true friendship, however she can not change her selfish behaviour.


Magic Name: Dark magic

Magic Element: Darkness-type

Magic Description: Katerina uses elemental dark magic, conjuring and moulding the darkness into attacks. Such as blasts or spheres of dark energy.

Note: As Katerina is from the Shaman Class, she is able to cast Debuffs, Supplementary, Offensive and Self-Buff Endurance spells.


History: Katerina was once the heiress to an extremely wealthy family, that was associated with "the church". She was showered with gifts and endless luxuries. As a child prodigy, gifted in all aspects, she was praised and received immense glory. Her parents had high hopes, expecting her to achieve perfection. When Katerina did not accomplish a task perfectly, she would be brutally punished by her father.

Katerina's parents wanted to use her as the passage to further success, and power. Katerina, was forced by her father, to take part in an arranged marriage against her will. She was an object, that her parents wanted to abuse, for their own selfish benefits. They were willing to sacrifice the happiness of their daughter's life, to secure their financial gains and stability.

Katerina was very innocent, a believer in true love, a hopeless romantic. She dreamed of marrying the boy whom she loved, regardless of status and wealth. As long as she loved him, and she loved her, that was enough for her. She wanted to make her own decisions, and to not be compelled by her parents. Grandma Freyja, was the only person Katerina could speak her mind freely to. She would never judge Katerina, and truly loved her.

Katerina fell into despair, when Grandma Freyja passed away of old age. However, it was Grandma Freyja herself that led Katerina out of her depressed trance. Katerina could hear the guidance and comforting words of her grandmother. It was as though she was still with her, even though she was not psychically there. Because of this, Katerina discovered her affinity for the spirits. She could hear the whispers of those that dwelled in the spirit realm. As her power grew stronger, so did the pain. She could not control the volume and voices inside her head. The spirits delivered her an ultimatum: the whispers would not stop, unless she did the bidding of the ancestors.

These spirits, unlike her serene grandmother, were filled with vengeance and grief. Villagers were disappearing one by one. They were all murdered by Katerina's dark magic, who was under the influence of the spirits. Katerina was granted deadly, dark magic to do the dirty work of the spirits. She had absolutely no control over the ancestral spirits.

This all changed when she had met a special boy, whom she fell in love with at first sight. The spirits had ordered her to take his life away, however she could not. She was enamoured by his boyish charm, and sweetness. She defied the warnings of the spirits, and failed to accomplish her task. The boy was a son of a farmer, who had no status or wealth. Despite the fact that she was engaged, she was deeply in love, and so was him. She felt rebellious, and she felt powerful, defying her parents and the spirits.

Eventually, their relationship blossomed into something splendid, the birth of a baby. After giving birth to a baby girl out of a wedlock when she was fifteen, the baby was stripped from her hands by her lover and brutally murdered. Her parents had found out, and forced the farm boy to kill his own child, otherwise he and his mother's life would be at stake. The spirits laughed wickedly in her head, taunting her for her mistake of disobeying them.

She was then disowned by her father for the mortification she brought to her family. The father of the baby was stoned to death, regardless of accomplishing his task, and she was exiled by her people.

The spirits continued to torment her through mockery, but just like all continuously inflicted pain, it eventually becomes numb, and Katerina no longer recognized the suffering. She smiled, because for the first time in her life, her mind was crystal clear. The voices that once haunted her mind, were banished by silence, she had learned how to dominate the spirits.

For the first time, she no longer had to obey her greedy parents or the aggressive spirits. She only listened to beating of her heart, and what it ached for her to do. She traveled to Fiore, in hopes of learning how to truly unleash the power of the spirits.

Reference: N/A

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#2Hikari Snow 

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Hello, I'll be grading your application.

  • Please state the anime of where the FC is from.
  • Mention that you're able to cast Debuff, Supplementary, Offensive and Self-Buff Endurance spells in your magic description.
  • Could you add a little more to your history? Perhaps about the character's childhood.
  • If there was no one who referred you to the site, please fill in N/A in the section.

Bump when done.

#3Katerina Mihail 

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Bump! Thank you!

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This character application has been approved.

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