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The Karlinius Plot and Relation Page.

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on Sun Jul 30, 2017 12:30 pm

Welcome to all whom read this, To the Karlinius family relation page.

Here is information of the family members of the Karlinus characters, whom they know, how close and important, All that important stuff.

This also here were if you wish to plot with any of the three later on for any plans you can mention/request/etc it here and I can keep track of it, There are some spot that will be open for plot points with some characters here as well but that will be eventual when you see it.



The youngest of the three children in the Karlinus family. Waylon is the clueless man to everything around him most of the time, shy, well mannered and kind hearted, always often being happy just happy to in company of few.

Waylon Relations:

Family: Regis, Judina, Arisa.(Adopted)

Partner/Lover: None.

Children: None.

Best friends: Arisa.

Friends: Shyvixah, Fye.

People he knows: Areissa, Sakama

Enemies: None.



The Middle Child and only daughter among the children, Judina devoted her time and life on a path of learning self control, Balance and peace of mind. A bit more serious of a person then Waylon she is a lady who seems to work well alone when she can. Starting her path into her learning of balance she started a new life as a rune knight currently and in training.

Judina's Relations:

Family: Waylon, Regis and Arisa.(Adopted)

Partner/Lover: None.

Children: None

Friends: Alice and Lacie.

People she works with: Eva, T.K, Isabella.

Enemies: N/A



The oldest of the Karlinius children, he was well respected and considered the best example for how Waylon and Judina to be as people. Often spoken highly in eyes of not only his brother and sister, but his mother and father. Regis is a man whom is sadly fallen from his well respected spoken person to something different.

Regis' relations:

Family: Waylon, Judina and Arisa (Adopted but no longer remembers.)

Partners/lover: Unknown killed by Regis.

Children: one daughter killed By Regis.

Friends: None.

Friends that knew Regis before his change: None

People he knows: None.

Enemies: None.

As mentioned before with this topic mention if any character which character and water part you wish for me to consider if interested for all spots are open and will be updated accordingly.

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