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Regis Karlinius

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#1Regis Karlinius 

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Regis Karlinius


Name: Regis Marcus Karlinius

Age: April 16, 752. 35 years old.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian.

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian.

Class: The Berserker

Race: Human.

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Left shoulder Black.

Face: Dark souls-Artorias


Height: 6 foot 4 inches. 195cm

Weight: 200 pounds/90kliograms

Hair: Short blue.

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Regis is covered in slightly uncared for armor on the edge of breaking into pieces, still being steel in colour but withered,worn down and dulled colour. With the pattern of the armor being movable ridged section for easy movement, with blue cloth that makes a hood that covers his face, with a helmet with a length of horse tail on it for looks, this goes out to a blue robe around his waist that stops at his knee with chain mail under rusted and weak from water and rain. Regis wears metal plated boots to match his armors looks (This armor is looks only does nothing for stats)

Under the armor Regis has short blue hair, A clean shaven face and blue eyes. Being between thin and in shape, Times he isn't wearing armor he tends to wear dark clothing in varying colours he had collected over time since being cured.




Since being cured: Since being free from what once actually imparied him, Regis is much different person in some manner to what he was both before the curse and during it. Gone is that of the just and wanting to do what is logically right and with in the laws. Only keeping being Honourable and determind nature, But mixed with a Very bitter and hollow soul. stuck on one thing and one thing only.
Gone is the caring and helpful man he could be even when at his lowest point, Being replaced with some one who only bound by his desires and goals, wanting to stop at nothing to get to what he wishes to achieve and do, Wanting any thing that can help him achieve it is the only thing that matters. The easily able to keep control of his temper and anger is not a rage filled human who almost seems to be on a easy to break temper  on almost normal basis, only sometimes being stopped out of a feeling or either honor or loyalty.

Regis no longer cares to helps others unless it benefits him as well. Going as far to even viewing as people to no longer have a lot of value, It is only important for the goal to achieve or gaining the power to get it. He still seems to be often haunted by nightmares much like while he was cursed, But he has not realize what has changed with him the shift that happen only left like he just went back to normal, believing he has always been that way, As well as being sometimes careless in what his actions are, but hints of old personality do still live but it rare they he notices.


  • Flowers: for some one so grim and once insane, Flowers remind him and bring him some peace, mostly white colored ones for it reminds him of what his wife had around the house and what his little girl enjoyed as well before he killed them both, so much his free time is planting flowers.

  • The Quiet: Regis seemed to be in tune to being by himself and quiet a lot more then normally he would, Maybe it is plan to think or to allow himself these minor moments of peace to clear his mind.

    Birds:Once gaining pieces of mind back into place Regis recent took a hobby of liking birds and the varying over feathered beings. One day maybe he is at the piece he wishes to achieve Regis may wish to own a bird as a pet to do more and passively study them.


  • Remembering: It is not often but Regis remembers what he has done in situations around him, It is rare but sometimes it is either easily done and can happen or easily avoided, But when it happens from either people yelling around him, screams of pain, His mind will remember back to that night where he killed his family as well as being lost to various areas for the longest time,So many things so much a mind to deal with.

  • The Ungreatful: Given even if he had changed and not really realize what has, The one thing that showed up is he dislikes people who take things for grated. weather child or adult he seems to be easily annoyed when some one start becoming ungreatful for the things they have in life, He will even feel disgusted with himself if he feels ungreatful or is noted to be.

  • Encountering his family: Regis feels shame even not as much as he use too for such actions becoming what he has, Such a shame he does not know how to remind himself free of it if could be sane and normal again, Most likely if he were ever cured he could never forgive himself for his actions and what was gone.


  • To Move On: After he is sane and normal he will wish to move with his life normally, which will be unknown to him and how to do it, even if it is a foolish thought to him it is something he can hopeful about, Even if he feels he can not move on until he does the one thing he wishes.

  • To Settle A Score: Regis consider what has happen even if a learning experience, but still something careless and unfair. Now he wishes to even it out with the person who did it. Even wishing to even the person who cured him if he could find them again.

  • To Gain Power: It seems to be starting a triangle effect of how things could work for him, He wants to gain power, To settle the score he feels like he needs too, To finally move on. He wishes to achieve that powering to almost any degree he can, as long as it helps him closer to his goal.


  • Fear of burning alive: A left over fear from when he was cursed, Even if he knows he shouldn't be scare of that happening, Regis for some reason scared about burning alive and being unable to stop it. But if he knows he can put it out he will be fine.

  • Never Finding Peace: Leaving himself in that cycle he is now stuck in, Regis is often stuck wondering if he never find this peace and goal he is trying to achieve, It is a haunting thought in his mind that does not leave him easily.

  • Being Cursed Again: After having that happen and living through it, it would leave him to worst of a reality to suffer with that very thing all over again, realizing he would have to find another way to cure it for he lost contact with the person who helped him the first time.


Magic Name: Mind of Madness

Magic Element:Fire

Magic Description:An an effect of his bitterness and feeling of for vengence Regis, He has allowed it to build up for so long it has manifested it self into a magical effect of a very volatile rage that leaves him often to uncontrolable madness and rage when situations of combat happen. causing his eyes to almost start glowing white. Boosting stats for a temporary amount of time.


History: The oldest for the three Regis had a different life compared to his brother Waylon and sister Judina. Always been the reasonable, Helpful always there brother Regis wanted to be the brother to always help and do what is needed for his family, mother and father. Always having the work and relax later mind set of his father having a strong work habit, Being the first to move to a different city with the wishes to be a rune knight and progress and help the city the best he can, He knew to take his time with it.

Afterwards with goals he sent off working in woods or hard labor jobs Regis kept himself happy and joyous finding the people of his area enjoyable. He knew he could have rushed a bit more to join the rune knights but he just felt maybe a bit more time to build up a bit of jewel beforehand could also do himself some good in case it did not work out for him.

During these working odd jobs, Regis would meet his soon to be wife, A simple flower shop worker who often just smiled to Regis while, For a while it seemed like nothing with them happen then as the months passed they realized it was just more then smiles and waves. It wouldn't be long until they were married, With both families being there but Judina, Regis sadden by this understood because Judina had gone her own way and he would trouble her with anything unless he really need too.

Life would continue, Regis would eventually have child this little girl was the only child they would have, A happy careful child that just wanted to watch her mother tend to flowers and shower her father with attention for the peaceful life he worked towards, Regis almost felt ready to set himself towards the goal he wanted the rune knight goal.

Aside from saving money  for his family, he had bought armor and a sword for himself to try save costs and look the part, after all he never took up magic but he would have been willing to learn something, He was more of a hands on weapon fighter then his sister and brother.

The morning he prepared was just like any other it seemed so basic and plain but since he was simple and happy that way he would have nothing too it, Kisses his wife on the forehead to mark his departure and hugging his child good bye, Regis would never know the nightmare to come next.
His felt slightly sick while walking towards his goal, unsure of the cause he sat down and took a break, drinking some water on the way, He assumed heat stroke at first because the armor heated up easily, But after a bit of water he felt okay and continue on his way,  feeling unsure continued in his thoughts and it seemed he started twitching uncontrollably.

Turning back Regis would put off his goal and go home, thinking he was sick he was not any good that way.  He would slowly get worst as the days and event the weeks pasted, When that fable night happen, It would forever trap in his mind like a movie on repeat.

Feeling his mind blank and exhausted Regis seemed to blink to, his hands around his daughters neck and the loud crack like he broke her spine, seeing the deadness in her eyes He screamed, only for his faithful wife to scream at the top of her lungs too, She tried to run too Regis grabbing her foot and pulling her back in, taking that very sword he would use to protect her and cutting her into pieces.

With not even a minute after his sister Judina had arrived and showed up, something then made him fight Judina, It seemed to last hours with the house being wrecked among the battle, With the three large cut Judina ran close the door behind her, For the long times days even his distorted mind could not figure out how to open it and what was stopping him, until he just charge through it, Now free to roam it is unknown what will happen to Regis, But walking or dragging himself in slow burning pain, Some mention you can hear his hollow screams for help in the night.

Year 1: The two years since he arrived into this area Regis slowly had everything start piecing it's back together again. So much so he could manage to start getting himself a normal life slowly. When his family went to bury his wife and daughter he refused to go to the their burial out of feeling like it was wrong too, He had not forgiven himself for what happen even since being cured he had been bitter and vengeful in his thoughts about it. Shortly after he disappeared from any contact of his family.

Year 2: He gathered all of the things he owned Regis ventured out without a word of his family seeing out any info he could for a person who might have done what he felt slighted him and ruined his life so much in his mind he felt it was only fair to just find who had done it and kill it himself, slowing becoming power hungry and seeking whatever he can to gain it for that very goal.

Reference: Alt of Judina.

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Regis Karlinius
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: Beginner's Steel Sword(Refund from Adventurer class)
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head:Soldier Helmet(Refund from Adventurer Class)
  • Body: Soldier Armor(Refund from Adventurer Class)
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: NA
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 5

  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 1
  • Endurance: 1
  • Constitution: 1
  • Intelligence: 1

Other Changes

Mention any other changes that you may need for S2, such as Auras, Guild Levels, Titles, Epithets, etc.

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  • In 'Remembering' dislike, you seem to have an incomplete sentence at the end.

  • You must pick an element for your magic.

  • Your starter gear from being an Adventurer will default to 'refund' as they are no longer available in the shop. And since you got them for free, you will not receive any Jewels for them. Please edit 'Reclaim' to 'Refund' for the three of them.

  • Your 'Total Points' will be 5, with 1 in each Attribute.

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Regis Karlinius
Bump for edits.


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This character application has been approved.

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