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Judina Karlinius

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Name: Judina Charlotte Karlinius

Age: May 4th,759. 29 years old.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian.

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian.

Class: Spell sword.

Race: Human

Rank: C-Rank

Guild: Rune Knights.

Tattoo: White on the back of her neck.

Face: Ireila from League of Legends.


Height: 6'0"(182.88 cm)

Weight: 150 pounds.(68kg)

Hair: Dark Blue

Eyes: Aqua Blue.

Overall: Judina often seen in a very well kept and well made outfit that is a mixture of armor plates and red cloth that is often well taken care of by Judina for how often she takes care of it,With parts of the armor still seen but mixed together in a very nice and well keep matter, parts of the red cloth is large sleeves that cover just after her wrist. With dark blue pants that stop at her ankles, Along with boots that match her armor perfectly, Judina has long hair that just stops at her hips and that well taken care of and knot free.

Extra: Judina has one scar on her back and one scar on her right shoulder.


Personality:  Judina Is a rather private and to herself kind of lady. Often not often a lady to talk and meet new people a bit more too just avoid contact with people simply because she prefers her alone time. Even with how distant, cold and away from people Judina tends to be around people she is quite polite and well mannered and is a rather peaceful woman. Judina is picky about her behavior and her families behavior being the first type to speak out if behavior is wrong,rude or unneeded. Also being vastly different from her brother Waylon. While Waylon is the type to avoid and not do too much. Judina is the first one to step in the situation calls for it and is willing to step forward to anything to that calls for it. Judina is more then willing to be a leader when it calls for it.

Judina seems rather strict as well, Keeping her time when free busy with daily tasks daily, Keeping them will in her mind. Using them keep her self in check for being able to control a of short temper. Even with her short temper Judina is also the type to give advise and help when needed with offering or not offering depending on the situation and a strong believer of fate and anything that happens is just fate being in acted, as well as trying to logically think and come to grasp things and situations around her, Even if it means dealing with either things she fears or dislikes.

  • Meditating:open fields, on logs or anywhere in general. Judina tend to at least mediate twice a day to keep herself in control and her temper in check. Keeping it in good mind and practice doing it.

  • The Rain: Judina likes to take walks in the rain alone,with how the air feels to her and the soothing sound of the rain falling. It all seems to relax her more then anything else.

  • Sewing: In moments of trying to relax and be at peace. Judina started taking up a hobby as well, this hobby is sewing you will often see her sewing her own clothing or fixing clothing when he has the time, It seems to bring a smile to her face.


  • Winter: Even with her liking the rain, She does not like snow it does not bring the happiness she generally likes. It is too cold for Judina’s liking and always seemed to dislike the cold always. Judina always seems to see the worst parts of Winter then the good parts.

  • Ripped Clothing:Sometimes with her picky mind set and wanting her mind and thoughts to be busy, Judina is often looking over all of her own clothing to see if there are any rips in her own clothing it sometimes reflects to her being bothered by others clothing be ripped that she will fix it.

  • Getting Mad: With her short temper and trying so many things to control it, she does not enjoy the results of if she ends get getting mad at some one and speaking out againist it, After all she left to be able to control this problem.


  • The safety of her family members: The safety of her family members: Judina left and reappeared to learn and control her short temper to help her family and protect them if they happen to be in trouble during their troubles. Wanting them to have a good life and have days were they can be around each other freely.

  • Personal Peace:Finding that is her main goal, with family leaving off on their own so much Judina often find it hard to keep such peace in thoughts, Being unsure how to achieve that goal it is mainly what she is searching for, So seeking an unknown answer.

  • To See What The Future Holds:To See What The Future Holds: With a believer of fate, she wishes to see what it has for her, even if its death she looks forward to learning what happen because it was left to wonder and seeing what so many things can hold with fate.


  • Fear of falling: She is not scared of high places more of fear of falling of some were high more, the fall and the mind set of a high impact makes Judina uneasy in her mind..
  • Seeing her family die in front of her: Seeing her family die in front of her: It is a fear of Judina that a family  member dies in front of her in some way, each time in somethings she dreams of being able to stop, even if it isn’t old age realizing there is nothing that could be done for old age.
  • Being powerless: Being powerless: In any situation Judina can think of, the reasons she believes and knows generally she has the power to help. Judina fears not having the power to help when she can. It has happen to her before.


Magic Name: Metal Make.

Magic Element: Earth.

Magic Description: Metal make is a magic that makes and molds objects out of metal. The objects are various from weapons blunt and sharp such has club to blades, shields and armor to every day objects like forks and knives Judina uses metal make in various manners and ways for her needs or wants. These spells have a greater effect against wind but weak against ice.


History: The middle child and only daughter of her family. Judina when growing up was quite mean as a child and easily could be considered the most attention seeking of the three kids when growing up with in the family. Trying to get as much attention from both their mother and father as often as she could.

Oftening being quite rough to Waylon and her older brother, often trying to get anything she could toys and outfits often leading her brothers to get made at her. Her mother often hoping she will grow up and it a phase in her life, It slowly seemed like Judina wouldn’t at all grow up in the eye of her father and mother. She still acted like a spoiled princess getting to a boiling point that her father eventually started to get mad at her and yell at Judina.

As she grew older she slowly changed, looking over Waylon like a caretaker when she could when he was out. With days of him being out alone Judina would deal with any kids who would bully or pick a fight one him, deeming him too slow to look after himself. It wasn’t until Arisa came around to look after him as well she left him be.

For the longest time Judina actually hated Arisa being around even being taken in because she was not a part of the family she was just there, Often being quite rude and mean not really feeling bad for it, But being scolded by her mother and father for it.

After the day when her older brother left one of the few people who saw through how she was being and knew how actually was a person just needed to grow up and let it show.

Being left alone to her thoughts and just sitting here he remembered that at one point she realized she needed to make a change to her life and packed up and left with out saying a thing to anyone.

It was not with out learning that she had problems with anger and a short temper often getting into fight while she was out on her own against drunks and bandits. Realizing she was not going to get anywhere in life unless she figured out how to control her anger and keep it in check.

She traveled so many different places, Learned many of things that she saw how the world was both in a positive and negative light. Learning that she needed to behavior and balance out better for it not doing any good to anyone with her being the way she was.

She learned of a man who lived alone that often meditated and taught how to balance a person mind, thoughts and emotions but live in a place so far that people never went to learn out in the woods. Taking that into mind Judina braved the woods and look up the lessons asking to help with control her temper, Eventually realizing this man was a monk she stayed and learned as long as she was kept to learn mediation,balancing and magic that best fit her.

After his lessons she had on goal in mind. Starting a new wanting to see her family. Going first to see her mother and father the first thing she did was tell them of what she went to do and asked were Waylon went, After learning of that she then would start out going to her older brother.

When arriving at his known place of living. To the horror of her walking into her older brother cutting his wife and child with a large sword and with the soulless look in his eye like he was now a different person, The good willed man that wanted to go for people in life was gone, Corrupted by something.

With that soulless figure of her brother looking at her, He let out a howl like screech like he was both in pain and a soulless killing machine at the same time, charging right at her Judina ran and closed the door hearing it break a fight broke out.
It was a long fight with Judina bleeding and hurt and her older brother not even effect but not giving up she knew she needed to figure out a way out of this. With a loud howling scream she saw him charging right at him yet again, taking a step and a wind back and with a loud striking noise Judina hit him right on the head and fled. It was a bit of time to recover she knew her next stop was finding Arisa to say sorry for her behavior to her over the years and to find Waylon to warn him for the situation that arised already sending off a letter to her mother and father that something had happen and looking around at about to do what she can and enjoying her life she can. But first she needed to find Waylon but with him being gone she did not know were to start to find him or his best friend.

Season two timeskip.

Year one:  With in the year of progress life started to settle down. After all in all account Waylon was safe and happy, Regis however she seemed to unsure about was still in a state of being at least managed able the time after the many fun things to having the fun days with Arisa and bring a smile to her face and able to relax, She would just settle quickly back into her normal life routie and let her just have moments alone it was a small content cycle for almost that while year, Pieces in her mind where where she wished for them to be slowly stiring other wishes in her life.
It seemed now, she was ready to move forward she was slowly thinking about it a day she was visiting her mother and father, Over a conversation of how each of her brother lives where going. Mostly it seemed her mother was unhappy mostly depressed over what happen with Regis and what happen with his family. Waylon was find and choose to do something different for the moment he was safe and happy.
By the end of that year Judina would go with her mother and father, Go the site where Regis' wife and daughter's lives ended. She not only to check the state of the house but to find what was left or what could be bodies of them there to give him she would consider a proper burial, At the request of her parents and In-laws of Regis' wife she would be buried Magnolia the closet one to the church in the area. During the planning procress Regis seemingly disappeared, But Judina could understand why, But Waylon, His parents and Judina herself would attend with rest of the families. It felt like a relief for everyone there even if some will greive and some of the family members were still mad about the situation that happen, But for the for now the families at peace.

Year Two: As a new years dawned for Judina she figured it was time to check on her brothers. Waylon ended up being accounted for easily  and Regis seemed to have dissapeared and it started to worry about him, after all these events Regis has not been in many months. So is in her mind she would slowly have to start to looking into where her older brother went over this time because Judina felt he could still be a problem.
But his trail was empty, Regis seemed to be gone like the wind or a whisper in the wind. No one had seen him, no one has heard from him. Waylon and her parents where accounted for. So it seemed between work she had to go look for where Regis went, As well as check up on a few other people she just seemed to have not seen in a while after dealing with the many things she realized she left with contact with unintentionally, It did leave her feeling guilty. Judina did not think how much time would have passed with this and how bad she was at this..All these social problems with how she never knew how to deal with it were starting to happen again, She would fix that in the comming time, It is only a matter of fate that she would meet these people she felt slightly attached too, As well as fate would collect the misses pieces she wanted to collect, it was only a matter of time as well to company fate.

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Judina Karlinius Alexss10

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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA

  • Weapon: NA

  • Off-Hand: NA

  • Head: NA

  • Body: NA

  • Relic: NA

  • Race: NA

  • Companion:NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 32

  • Strength: 10
  • Speed: 4
  • Endurance: 6
  • Constitution: 6
  • Intelligence: 6

Other Changes

Judina Karlinius Alexss10

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This character application has been approved.

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