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Judith Sophitia Karlinius

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#1Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius


Name: Judith Sophitia Karlinius, Her last name before Marriage was Aerniea

Age: 56 years old

Gender: Female.

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian.

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian.

Class: The Hierophant

Race: Human.

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Mode: Normal.

Tattoo: Orange on her right shoulder.

Face: Fire Emblem- Deirdre


Height: 4'9" (1.49 meters)

Weight: 88 pounds

Hair: Between lavender purple and white.

Eyes: Purple eyes.

A rather calm and at peace woman, Judith sports her hair long and neatly brushed as best as she could for it slightly curling. she often wears long white dresses with long hanging sleeves, with varying different pieces to them some times. a slightly large golden pendent in a shape of a water lily. A common piece worn along with her dresses  a stain see through purple cape that is just as long as her dress. Judith wears a golden hair band to try and style her hair with out cutting it. A black leather belt with a purple pattern on it. Judith has white skin, Almost borderline pale white.

Extra:Judith has both of her ears pierced ears and a wedding band on her right ring finger.



In term of how Judith is, Best way to think of her personality is a mother by nature.  So: Kind hearted, well mannered, Polite as well as caring. Often seemingly finding the lonely or the depressed even if they are strangers and trying to comfort them, Often very sweet and soft spoken as well. Sometimes Judith is rather giving to children or people she closely knows.

She is also rather protective of her children and anyone who she seems to be looking at after as well.  having show the large lenghts she would go to what she would could do to make sure her children are okay and well taken care of and alive when she can see them, But knows the balance between needing to step in and when she shouldn't even if she often worries about them. Even willing to fight with out question or command. as well as with out a second thought when she thinks it is either too dangerous or possibly deadly.

Judith often hides areas of her past and keeps many secrets from everyone she cares about, Mostly out of a built up series of shame and guilt over such events. Mostly because she believes such events she hid from family an children are truely better off being hidden away because it is better for them to never know.

Judith's isn't about embarassing her own children or people she knows, In some manner Judith is a free spirit in with some the things she does as a hobbie she isn't going to hide away enjoyment of what she does enjoy.


  • Dancing: One of the many things Judith has admitted and shown to know so many times. Is her love of a much older kind of dancing she was a ballerina at one point and knowing some older dances that need one person as  partner as well, Even remarking Anders knows how to dance with her.

  • Singing: Judith was been noted and often mention by her children that she is a very good singer, She isn't shy about that fact she knows how to sing as well. Her children slightly learned to sing and kind can sing only one who can't is her husband.

  • Gardening:Judith often looks after and tends to plants that around her house or areas she is commonly around, Favoring lilies and white roses, She can be seen often looking after them whenever she is awake.


  • Worrying: Even if she can not help it, Judith dislikes being worried about anything over all. Allowing it to linger for a fair amount of time just makes pretty dangerous for such a mother like Judith.

  • Rudeness: Being a lady who often prefers well mannered and well behaved choice of words or actions from anyone around her Judith is knows and is often annoyed by Rudeness and talk back.

  • Denial : Giving her caring and giving nature Judith easily can consider it a horrible things if you refuse something she wishes to give you. She almost could seem offended  or like she would be worried that she insulted some one by trying to be nice.


  • Happiness: Something simple for the simple person so to say. Judith is often trying to continue to acheve more things of the happiness for not only herself aswell as her family  and such. Even simple with her life now slowly going to that point Judith was happy but who knows fate's tying.

  • Peace of Mind: Judith view things as something always just out of reach, Just on the border of achieving it but still gets away from her. With her mind being troubled by guilt and doubt about various things.

  • A Good life for others: Even goes beyond just her children and who else. Judith is generally the type to wish almost anyone to have a better and positive life because she thinks it would be a thing to lead into a horrible limelight.


  • Loved Ones Dying: She cares for her life more then her family, She wants to see them go far and better in life. Even wanting them to do more often then not, better and beyond then what she had achieved in life. Seeing them die only merely break the heart of her and something she only hopes never happens.

  • Being Disowned: Given her past that she avoid mentioning, Judith fears if some of the thing ever got out, Her children would disown her and never speak to her again after what she has been trying to achieve.

  • Death by her Family's Hand: Judith has worries about a lot of things in her mind just one of them a bit more noticeable is often a nightmare in her mind of her  being killed by all three of her children in some manner.


Magic Name: Life's light.

Magic Element: Light.

Magic Description:
Judith's magic is rather basic but given her nature and behavior is fightting. Basic Magic that is the element of light. Judith uses this magic to mostly heal others in a greater time in needs when she can, As well for other uses like offensive attack spells, binds and blinds but they are less effective compared to her hearing magic.



Judith life has had many chapters, A tale of woe, heart break and betrayal by her hands, This often highlighted and postive outlooked mother is only to recently open up about this past, Only because she fears what parts could come back to bit her.

Judith was once a hermit living in the woods in Magnolia farther out and out of the way of people out of fear of not knowing what to do in life and how to learn to be around people. Judith's life would change such a friend showed Judith that life was not what she feared, She could learn to be a person. Open up see life in a new light so to say and such as life's tales moved on Judith learned and had so many things became rather close to this friend of hers, To date it was one of the few friends she made in life, Hence her guilt.

Judith would become willing to assit her close friend, even going as far to consider this her paying a debt for allowing her to not be scared of life. So she would join her friend. In such a task in a part of her heart she knew she should have never done. A quest for Eternal Life Judith felt such an idea could be do able or worth a shot, Being talked into it by this friend of hers in some manner. Judith eventually became this friend's assistant slowly Judith would do many things normally she would never.

She became an experimentor at one point,  On people mostly, Keeping them alive through most horrors and pain she would never willingly enflect upon anyone by herself, Slowly the things Judith would commit and be witness too would continually more and more heart breaking to Judith's easily broken and caring heart.

When this friend came in with a child and preparing to experiement. Considering this a breaking point. When she suggested that, She woul agree to doing it, But for once in her life. It was lie. That very night Judith would kidnap that child and flee from this lab and experimenting unwilling to try any of this anymore, Throwing it all away only things she could willingly admit to keeping in parts of the test to make herself look rather young compared to her current age.

Fearing her trail being caught and her life at risk. Judith would give the child away to a family move close by said family, Become friends with them and try to move on with her life with this situation, Eventually Judith would meet her husband Anders, Get married and eventually start up a family herself, Having Regis and Judith. Eventually after having her third child Judith would adpot that very child she kidnapped to save after the family she found and gave her away too would die.

Being a mother of four seemed to be the kind of life Judith wanted peaceful and happy. Her marriage was good, children where happy everything seemed to be what she wished for, Only the overbarring guilt, shame and heartbreak over the things she had done, often hiding said feeling and regrets in her mind and often only person who knew was Anders and herself. Judith in some manner wanted forgiveness but she buried it away for that time.

Prescent day: Judith had comes to terms with her remorse and had been able to move on, As long as turn super helpful to one of her daughter's close friends. under the request of her Daughter Judith came into contact with a woman named Alice who needed help and break from life when raising two children. Judith knowing full well what to do agreed. while planning other things in life, Judith eventually admitted her past to her daught Judina and the one she saved and raised Káilètte. Judina has refused to talk to her since, She was yet to tell her sons Waylon and Regis.

In return times, her husband has hurt himself working recently and not slowing down when warned too. Hearing her children lives, Judith wanted to look and watch over her youngest child who she viewed as struggling to move forward in his life. So she joined the same guild as her son Waylon. But also had more then one reason for her joining Fairy Tail. She wanted to earn some money for while Anders should be resting. So she joined Fairy Tail for that reason as well. At first she was hired as some one who would work as a barkeeper and cook in the guild then slowly she would join the guild. However for the most part she is not often to leave area in Magnolia now, After moving Anders, Alice and her children for her to Magnolia to keep everything simple and easy while she works still mostly as a Barkeeper and cook with in fairy Tail.

Judith is always unsure of how people feel about her in the guild and just mostly doing the motherly things she does. But she believes is often respected for her warm hearted nature and rather positive outlook as a mother. Even if she never sees her son.

Reference: Alt of Judina.

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Ace Brookes

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