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Waylon Karlinius

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   Name: Waylon Cornelius Karlinius

   Age: June 11th, 764. 24 years old.

   Gender: Male

   Sexuality: Straight

   Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian
  Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian
Class: Sorcerer

   Race: Human

   Rank: D-rank

   Guild: Fairy Tail

   Tattoo: Where his Heart is, Light Green.

   Face: Kaito -Vocaloid



   Height: 6'1"(185 cm)

   Weight: 150 pounds (68 kilograms)

   Hair: Short dark blue.

   Eyes: Blue.

   Overall: Waylon is the tall and thin type, Often keeping himself clean and well kept in terms of how he looks with his hair always neat and out of his face,His face clean shaven even often making sure he doesn't have any dirt on his clothing or that it isn't torn, Often Waylon wears long sleeve coats not overly thick to get him too toasty with t-shirts under them. Generally either white, blue or yellow in colour. Often wearing black pants over any other colour and white shoes that are most of the time spotless and clean. Having Waylon seem more casual over most his family members with how he looks..



   Personality: Waylon seems to be a bit of a strange person, very quiet and actually rather reserved around. Rather happy and easy going around few people, even if he was. Waylon is extremely polite and actually non really confronting as a person.

Waylon’s level politeness and good manner is always a going thing. Often seeing if others are better and well then he is in almost given situations.

Waylon is also a dork sometimes, being rather observant and insightful a lot but often times when it could be use his mind does not pick up on it, leading him to be clueless and stupid on an off time as well as oblivious on an off time.

Waylon seems to be considered shy to everyone, but anyone who knows Waylon he easily expresses what he needs too, very caring and often times protective as well. Just not to everyone only to a few people.In this manner he is a good listener.

During the many years he was off to explore and see the world, Waylon left himself to learn a bit more out of interest and curiousity, Waylon now days is a lot more interested to learning and seeing what the world holds for him as well as learning he is easily embarrassed in some situations.


  • Tea:Waylon seems to have large liking to tea, he studied it in his spare time, it was the first thing he learned how to make, and he has not gotten sick of tea, Even to the point of studying the flavors of tea.
  • Walking: Waylon seems to find a lot of peace and enjoyment in walking, even if it is long, alone or even unneeded Waylon will wander quite often just because he has the time too.
  • Cooking: Cooking: To himself or for some one else Waylon turned cooking from something he had to do to a task he would enjoy has he did it more and more, it is not shocking to most people considering how Waylon is.


  • Force: A person like Waylon doesn’t react well to being forced to do anything, it in fact gets him to get rather upset easily and often times he could consider rather mad with the situation were he is forced to do something, With in reason anyway
  • Being Woken Up: No matter what the reason, unless really good or needed Waylon does not like to be woken up, he is hard to wake up normally because he enjoys his sleeping.
  • Wasting: Wasting: If its food or drink, Waylon does not like when anyone wastes the things he makes for any reason. To him wasting food for drink is something he personally.


  • Peace:It is a simple wish, just the peace of people around him to live as they will. To live quietly and as simple as it is simple it is also in his mind the hardest
  • Freedom:Mostly people’s freedoms and his own, Waylon values freedom a lot it goes a lot with his quiet and peaceful nature. He wants to freedom often to have the option to do as he will.    
  • Learning: After so long, Waylon views learning as a way to move forward and a helper for him to keep going that way, A simple man works in simple manners.


  • The Unknown: He might not show it right away but Waylon actually tends to be scare of things he does not know and which what will happen or things rather unknown
  • Losing his senses: Losing his senses: Waylon always highly values his sight, hearing and all his senses he sometimes fears going blind, unable to hear to even unable to walk. Seems silly but it is there.
  • Small Spaces: Small Spaces: Waylon prefer open spaces unknown when he started feeling that way, Waylon sometimes gets uncomfortable in small spaces almost all of them but his bedroom.



   Magic Name: Frost Manipulation Magic

   Magic Element: Frost

   Magic Description:
Frost magic lets the user have the ability to manipulate and create with frost. The user can create a variety of objects out of ice to be used for offensive, defensive or miscellaneous purposes. Outside of combat, the user can also change their surroundings using frost, such as covering the ground with frost. Frost is only strong to the element of Earth and weak to Fire.



   History: Born to a large quiet and peaceful family in marigold, Waylon is the youngest the three kids, He has an older brother and sister. All quiet and peaceful. A family of peaceful for hire mages Waylon was always taught by his father and mother they you can be as you wish and your life is as you make it. His mother got tired of such life and became a stay at home mother over a working for hire mage and his father would eventually move one to other work as well.

Waylon’s mother became widely known for her very good manner and caring behavior, taking up baby sitting to earn a bit of money on the side in case her husband did not return for enough to feed the family. Each child had planned what to do with there lives.

The oldest child Waylon’s brother went off to work for the magic council wishing to keep law, order and peace. Taking up armor and magic to protect the one he can, eventually moved to Era and settled down as well as life naturally moved one, Waylon still hears from his oldest brother often wanting to see if he is will and how his mother and father are doing, also asking the unknown question of what happened to their sister no one had heard form her in years.
Waylon’s sister was the middle child of the family, often told she was more of the free spirt and always would do s she willed because she valued freedom above all else but quit in nature too, believing it was just a phase in her life for the longest time. Waylon’s mother believed it would pass. As she got older it seemed too but something was hidden with his sister and no one quite knew what, she moved out suddenly and with out a single word one day and has not been heard form sister. She is assumed to be either one of three things. Working so hard she never speaks as she normally did, took a wrong step in life and is trying to get herself out of it or finally she died and no one knew for sure.

Waylon knew he had a lot to experience in life, his mother baby sitting venters lead to Waylon actually getting a close friend, some one for once he could mention he highly valued name Arisa. His mother found it both cute and odd that his only close friend was a woman but she did not question it.

With the many things the two have done together some could be shocked that Waylon can act so normal, eventually when horrible events took place Arisa was taken into Waylon’s family out of caring.

Waylon and Arisa would start traveling and working jobs together mostly to pass it was all normal they did not take anything too dangerous. All but one day, the events that night were something he remembers but never brings up he never knew what to do then, he just left in his mind to pass continuing life. Waylon and Arisa still travel and talk a lot just he never brings up that day.

In the recent months, Waylon's older brother has stopped sending letters with not a single attempt of contact in any other ways. signs are starting to show that something is amiss with Waylon's older brother and sister both just going away and being silent.

Timeskip Year 1: Waylon after the many travels he had done, Returned to his parents home and learned the many things that have shaped with in his family, as well as the whole details. In learning these events actually manage to break his heart in terms of what happen. So thus Waylon would try his best not only to help a family who held onto the death of two family members and hearing nothing about it for a long time. So while both famlies came for the death of Regis' wife and daughter and only revealed after they could manage it. It seemed Judina had a lot going on in planning what none else in the family wanted to do, With quietly attending himself Waylon would head into a different path shortly after this event.

Timeskip Year 2: After finally settling down after learning of various things and Waylon taking time to think about what else he could do to improve and expand things in his life. After traveling on train to a spot he normally enjoyed Waylon had an idea he considered would be worth it.
After he would finish up exploring and relaxing in a woods he enjoyed, He remembered he also enjoyed the area and figured it was a good time to settle into a town. So he did chose Magnoila, After all he often would explore the woods and he would do jobs everyonce and a while, After find a place to live in Magnolia he figured after a few weeks but few weeks turned almost two months for him, Sleeping in a normal bed made him more lazy but enough traveling he had to catch up sleeping eventually.
Shortly after that almost two months, Waylon one day walked past the guild in magnoila. Finding interest in learning things and in life and seeing being in a guild opposite of how he was a person Waylon viewed it as a lesson for him to learn, So he joined Fairy Tail on that thought.    

Reference: No one, This is an alt of Judina.


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This character application has been approved.

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