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Granny-Sitting [Yasuki:Arisa]

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Default on Mon Jul 24, 2017 12:11 pm

Arisa slowly walked towards the apartments and already can she smell some high-powered smell of cat stentch. Was she around that area? She heard from people that you could barely smell it so why was it so bad? 'Smells like some crazy cat ladies house...Holy crap.' she thought and rolled her eyes towards the other side to see if there were any cats, but nope! Her indigo colored hair would sway left and right, tickling the revealing parts of her skin like some parts of her back and shoulders. She was wearing a black crop top with a U-shaped chest area of the shirt that is quite small and stretched so it wouldn't reveal too much. Her pants were stopped at her hips in which were black jeans that looked like she bought them from a goodwill of some sort. Her shoes were just sandals made out of wood. Luckily she wouldn't get any splinters from them due to the fact that where the foot is, some fabric of silk was placed.

Her white colored cream skin was shining, but unlike usual, it wasn't totally white. For some reason it had a tint of purple to it so it looked softened with lilac or something. What did this mean? Did this mean that slowly she was going to be indigo colored or purple forever after so long? Was she to never look normal again - or normal in a human aspect? Still Arisa would walk towards the apartment, wondering if Yasuki was going to be there before her or not.



Default on Mon Jul 24, 2017 2:53 pm

Yasuki would continue walking to the apartments for this next job. She had heard of some nasty things regarding the apartments, like how the hallways have a faint smell of cat pee and how on the outside of the building it is covered with rust and moss. 'How could you go from being called to a bar to kick out a man to that same man calling you for help with watching his grandmother...?' thought Yasuki, unsure of the job that she's about to do. Though she does have experience watching children, I'm sure watching a grandma isn't going to be that exhausting.

She could still remember the slight smell of alcohol on Mitya's breath as he was describing the job the he needed her to do, and how she would be meeting her...partner there at the apartment, the one that helped her kick him out of the bar. 'Arisa... she's coming back? Maybe we'll be able to talk about how strange this job is considering we did just kick this man out of the bar and now he needs our help.' she says to herself as she approaches the apartments.

When Yasuki approaches the apartments, she can see Mitya through the window in his grandmothers apartment. 'That must be the one. Though I better wait here for Arisa, if she is coming.' Yasuki would walk up towards the bench, that's on the opposite side of the road, and have a seat as she waits for her partner to arrive.



Default on Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:50 pm

Her eyes half way closed as she would walk closer to the apartments. She wondered what it would be like to set up something better around here. These apartments were really bad outside, but perhaps the inside was a lot better. Arisa would sigh at the fact that it was still having a bad stench outside as well. If it wasn't pee then it was something else. She was to see Yasuki, who was to be continued may or may not be her sister. If she was, how will she react? Will it be the same or would Arisa feel different? After Amai disappeared Arisa felt like all her family abandoned her. Why was it that people slowly appeared and then disappeared from her life? Was it going to be the same with the current people she knew? Like Waylon or Maarschalk? She worried in messing something up with him and would most likely do anything to keep it together.

Soon she would be closer to the apartment and see that the client was by the window, most likely in his grandmothers room. His eyes looked as if they cornered and must've seen her since he turned and left. Her eyes would look towards Yasuki who was on the other side of the road and then straight. She knew that Yasuki would realize it was time and she'd walk over here, so there was no point in saying anything. Arisa finally saw him at the door, waiting to explain the quest in detail. She knew that he knew who she was by the look of his face, being scared in a way.



Default on Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:11 pm

Waiting on the bench it seemed to be a few hours, but really it was only minutes before she saw Arisa walking towards the apartments that were across the road. Yasuki would start to stand up as she began stretching out her arms to wake up a bit after waiting for her partner. As she squinted her red ruby-like eyes she could see Mitya begin to walk out of the room with his grandmother as he appeared outside like he was waiting for us to walk closer. Yasuki chose to sit on this side of the road because it was further from the bad odor that was coming from the apartments. She sees Arisa get closer and Yasuki begins to walk across the road the rest of the way and up to the door to meet Mitya.

Beside Arisa, Yasuki couldn't help but to think of how far she's come already - she might've found one of her siblings who she hasn't seen in quite some time, and if she did how will the two of them react? Maybe this is when she could get the full story of how the growing up was with their parents, if they are siblings. Though all in all, Yasuki knew that now wasn't the time to discuss this and that she was here to complete a job and that job was to watch Mitya's grandmother - though she wasn't sure what that really entailed. So she would continue to walk up to him at the door waiting for him to explain what the two of them are to do while he is out.



Default on Wed Jul 26, 2017 3:04 pm

The stench that was coming from that open door was somewhat bad. Sure it wasn't going to kill her, but it was still enough to mess with her smell. ''You don't stink like booze this time. Congrats.'' Arisa spoke calmly as she would have her arms crossed against her chest. His looked at her, grumbled and rolled his eyes. It was a little annoying, but Arisa had to deal with it, this time. He would explain that his grandmother was up stairs and she needs to be taken care of while he was gone. 'He's probably going to start crap again...' she thought and looked at him while Yasuki was right next to her. It was quite weird for her, in her opinion that she was doing all these missions with someone that she didn't even know if they were even related. It was possible they were, but no one was for sure.

All Arisa did was nod and then walked past him with a wave of a goodbye quietly. Going up the stairs, turn left, down the hall and to a right was the room. Slowly she knocked till she would hear something in which would hopefully be that old ladies voice. ''Hello? Come in.'' she would say quickly and cranky. 'Oh boy...' she thought as she would take a deep breather and opened the door. Soon she would walk in and hopefully Yasuki would then just shut the door. She would kick the tips of her shoes and took them off on some welcome mat. ''Alright...What shall we do?'' she would say and then looked at her watching T.V. 'Simple enough...' she thought and just sat there next to the armchair the woman was in. She felt like it shouldn't be too bad.



Default on Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:18 pm

As the two of them got to the door, Yasuki waved at Mitya as the two passed then she would follow Arisa into the apartment turning throughout the hallway and climbing up the stairs until they reached the door. She would wait there until the two of them were let in by the grandmother, and then Yasuki heard a "Hello, come in." from the inside. As she entered, she could see the television on and Mitya's grandmother was sitting there in front of the window with her feet up. Though at first, Yasuki would notice that the inside of her apartment smelled different but it was a nice kind of different. The smell was as if it was a lavender-nature type of smell - a total opposite smell than the cat stench that could be smelled outside and in the hallways.

"Hello. Is there anything special you would like to do today?" Yasuki would ask as she gently kicked her shoes off onto the welcome mat and made her way to the living room area on the couch. "The whole day is yours to plan, we're just here to help you with whatever that may be." explained Yasuki to the elderly woman.

Relaxing on the couch, Yasuki would finally get the chance to kick her feet up and just sit and chill for a moment instead of being on the go all the time. Though she wasn't able to relax her mind too long because there was still a question going on in her mind as if her and Arisa were long-lost siblings brought back into each others life by some magical fate or something. Maybe I can ask this elderly woman if she might have some advice for someone who might be going through some tough times in finding themselves.



Default on Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:35 pm

Arisa looked at the grandma who was just sitting there doing shit and in the end she wanted to do more things. Yawning softly she would see her knit and Yasuki would be talking to her (or so assumed) about the past with the old lady. Arisa was just there to make sure everything was okay. Her eyes would then move towards the window as she waited for the time to go by. Next thing she knew she would hear the old woman speak. ''Ooo you young ones should try my baking goodies.'' she would say as she would slowly get up to go to the kitchen. They both would most likely get up, but if Yasuki didn't get up, Arisa would alone to follow. Swiftly she would follow and help get the stuff ready, watched her as she seemed to want to do it on her own - which was fine. They would watch her then put it in the oven. Arisa stayed by on watch to watch the timer. A small smile appeared on her face as she smelled how good they were, it almost reminded her when she was a little bit younger. After so many minutes went on passing she would then open it up, put on mitts and took it out. After that she would turn off the oven and was fed a piece. The lady was nice and was unsure what the complaint was about. ''Mmm...That was lovely. Thank you.'' Arisa would say as the client who was an ass came in. They were rewarded and both of them left.




Default on Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:53 pm

Yasuki's eyes would begin to wander around the apartment as the three of them sat there. Yasuki wanted to ask the woman what she would do in a certain situation, but she could see that the lady was busy knitting by the window listening to the television as it seemed to only be on for sound. Yasuki would then look over at Arisa and could see her just staring out the window as if she was bored and wanting the time to pass by faster than it was. Suddenly the lady would pipe up about how we needed to try her homemade baked goods. Yasuki would follow the other two in the kitchen and would offer a hand to help bake, but it seemed as if the woman wanted to do this alone which by all means was fine with Yasuki - she was just trying to be nice.

As the time went on she waited for what seemed to be around 30 minutes give or take, and then Yasuki could see the baked goods being pulled out of the oven. "May I get a glass of milk?" asked Yasuki, politely. "Sure, youngin' help yourself." the lady would reply as she handed pieces to both Yasuki and Arisa. From before the oven was opened, the smell of delight already filled the air. "Mmm, you were right that was delicious." Yasuki complimented as she finished up her portion. Just when she finished, Mitya would walk into the door. "You're back already? Though just in time, your grandmother was so kind and baked for us." explained Yasuki, as she looked at the man. She would then kindly accept the reward as she waved goodbye to Mitya and his grandmother and followed Arisa outside.


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