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Cavern Explorer [Eva/Alice: Quest]

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Cavern Explorer [Eva/Alice: Quest] Empty on Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:37 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
She didn't want to stay here all alone in the Bed & Breakfast and even though it was early, she decided to leave. Perhaps pack her bags and go to another town, to Orchidia, there were too manyt hings that she still wanted to do and had to fix and could she really just leave Magnolia and not return for a while, this was the city that had done so much to her and Lacie was here. She still hadn't gone and look for her because it was no use with still so many things unanswered as well as the fact that all she wanted was to strangle her sister out of revenge and anger and she absolutely didn't feel that it was a good idea to do. She sighed and stood up from the bed, she looked at the pillow that had been Ophelia her bed and sighed again before she entered the bathroom, washed her face, combed her hair and changed into some comfortable clothing that still showed the authority of the Rune Knights. Maybe there was a job that was waiting for her, as she had shown how eager she was to do something. Maybe she should pick up someone from her team.

She walked out of the Bed & Breakfast without saying anything to anyone and walked towards the City Centre, she would maybe first check the Quest board in town, she wasn't officially planned in for patrol so there might be nothing. She walked past the Smity and heard someone yell her name, she turned to look back at the smith himself, Barras. She had worked for him a few times as well asked for him to make her new armour, which she adored. He beckoned her to come in and told her about a new explored cave in the Forest, it was sealed off for people by Rune Knights, but he had heard a rumour about special metal and he definitely wanted to get his hands on that. She could understand after all he was a smith. He knew she was a Knight, she suspected him from waiting for her to ask her to do the job. "Fine, but you will need to pay me." She said grumpy because she would have to defy her own job. It was that he made her that armour or else she would have said no.

She hadn't actually mentioned a price, but it was either jewels or a new armour. She turned her heal and headed out of the smithy, hoping no one would have heard them. This was such a disaster plan but she was curious herself. What would that metal be able to make, imagine she would buy an armour from that metal, it was something to think about. She headed towards the forest for now, she would see how much of her colleageus were there and see if she would agree on doing the job at all.

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Cavern Explorer [Eva/Alice: Quest] Empty on Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:00 am

Eva flipped through the pages of the book she held in her hand. It was a small book with a red cover that read ‘Magic and Tactics’ in golden letters. Eva had only picked up the book a while ago from the library, immediately opting to visit the usually quiet forest bordering Magnolia to read the book in. It was one of those rare days that Eva didn’t have any work to do. All of her modelling jobs were caught up to and she had intently taken a day off from her Rune Knights duties to spend some time by herself. Before, every day that Eva had thought she would spend by herself, something or the other managed to throw Eva off her planned tracks, most of the time pushing her into one sticky situation or the other. She wanted to think that she chose wisely that day, having bought a book and went straight towards the forest that most of the citizens stayed far away from.

“Oh dear, they say there are rare materials inside those caves,” her ears picked up a male voice, forcing her to pause in her tracks with a groan. ‘Please don’t show me anything annoying again,’ she prayed only to be disappointed again when another voice followed the first one. “The Rune knights are not letting anyone through. They have completely sealed off any access to the cave,” the other voice said. Having caught the name of the establishment she belonged to, Eva’s eyes traveled to where she heard the voice from, finding, to her utter horrible luck, a big crowd in front of something that Eva could only guess was the entrance to the cave the people were talking about.

She closed the book, pushing it into the small satchel she carried with her. She hiked up the small hill, efficiently avoiding the people gathered around by walking around them. A twitching pair of orange cat ears were what caught Eva’s attention immediately. “Alice?” she wondered, politely tapping on the shoulders of those that were in front of her, asking them to move aside for her, and walking up to where she spotted the woman with people parting neatly to the sides for her.

“Alice! Is that you? What are you doing here? And, what exactly is going on?” she asked the girl and noticed someone else, Borras the smith standing next to her. “Oh hello,” she greeted, bowing courteously at the man that she had helped just once the other day with hammering in some metals. “Oh! You’re Eva, right? Maybe you can help us with this task,” he seemed delighted that even Eva was there. Only, she was still confused as to what they were going to do.


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Cavern Explorer [Eva/Alice: Quest] Empty on Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:38 am

Adelaide Sokolov
After understanding Barras his question she had decided that it was best to ask the other knights. She asked the smith to come along because he could explain the best, he wouldn't do anything else but want to know for sure if the rumours were true. It was a great idea mainly because if the rumours were true, many more people would try and they had to be aware of that. She was sure her colleagues would all understand. Ha if only she had been right today would have been much easier. She was going to lose her temper like this.

Alice was in discussion with some of her colleagues, all seated knights like her but none she knew. It wasn't going very well for her side "Oh come on. I'm a Knight myself. We do understand that if we grab this opportunity, there might be a great opportunity showing us the metal that we could use as well. It's just looking, it's not taking yet." She hoped the yet was ignored by the rest of them, "Just see it as an opportunity that's the first for the Rune Knights." she wanted to say more when someone asked her something. She turned to see Eva, thank god someone with sense! "Oh Eva. Thank god you are here too. I'm trying to explain to these boys." Even though she was sure younger than most men around her, "There," she pointed with her thumb towards the enterance of the cavern, "Is a newly discovered cave. Found by Knights and thus sealed for others to enter or to be entered at all apparently. Barras told me a rumour about a new sort of special metal that can perhaps be found in the cave and he only wants us to make sure of it. But.. these boys." she said it with the right amount of sarcasm in it that only the smart ones would understand she wasn't only screwing up the word but that she meant to belittle them, "Are saying no for only looking and accepting a great opportunity of using great new sorts of metal for our own profit. But apparently only weapon specialized people are smart enough for that." she said with an angry glance at the people around her, all but Eva.

This was ridiculous, there was nothing that would be taken from the cave. Not as long as they didn't want to but it couldn't hurt to check. She did trust Barras not to go around the authorities, that's why they were here. If they would not allow her, with Eva her help it might be possible, she will go in the night because she found this absolutely ridiculous. She sighed and stared at Eva for some help.

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Cavern Explorer [Eva/Alice: Quest] Empty on Fri Jul 21, 2017 3:57 pm

She nodded, listening intently to what Alice said. She tried to gather the key points off the conversation. So far, she understood that they had discovered some new cave which the Rune Knights had sealed off for some reason. But Borras believes that the cave holds some kind of metal or something of that sort that could possibly help him better with his work. And, that maybe it will lead to some big discovery or progress. She chuckled when Alice emphasized on the boys part. It was pretty much true, anyway.

“Well, those boys are clearly being stubborn,” she replied, looking over Alice’s shoulder to see a bunch of seated knights much like herself and Alice standing in front of a huge cave, hands crossed and looking like the great watchdogs of hell. People were gathered around them, too, making at all a big crowded mess that Eva wasn’t all that interested in getting herself into. However, this idea of a new metal had intrigued her quite a bit. She turned to Borras. “So how exactly is this metal rare?” she asked him, wanting to know more about what she was signing up for.

Borras tilted his head up in serious thought. “Hmm, I would say it is a metal that is considerably far stronger than anything else that we have available at the moment. It might also be something that can be manipulated into a lot more items than what we currently know of, as well. All in all, this metal could answer a few problems we are currently dealing with in our hands. I have only heard of it, too. But from my understanding, it is something that is blue and mysterious, similar to every smith’s fantasy, the etherion substance,” he answered, Eva’s interest spiking ten fold at the mention of etherion.

If that was true, then Eva had to see this for herself. She turned to Alice. “I’m so glad that you found me today, haha. Let’s wait until it’s night or something and sneak in, Maybe I can grab some necessary items like a flashlight, too. But, let’s do this! I don’t understand why those guys are refusing to do this either,” she beamed, all in good nature. But she really wanted to curse out the Rune Knights that refused their request for exploration. Sometimes, those guys could be so brainless.

She stared at them for a few moments, musing. “Actually, I could sneak past them right now with one of my spells but I can only use it on one person at a time and there is a range limit,” she sighed. “I’ll say it’s best to wait for night to arrive rather than waste any magic power now. Who knows what we might encounter in the cave later,” Eva decided. Now perhaps if Alice had some other plans, they could follow it. But for now, she guessed that they should go back and prepare some stuff that they might need to use inside the cave.


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Cavern Explorer [Eva/Alice: Quest] Empty on Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:48 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was sure she needed nothing to prepare for the travels through the cave as she was able to see perfectly with her cat like eyes. On the other hand it made sense that Eva needed some extra items such as a flashlight to be able to see properly. She gave a thumbs up to agree to go during the night when there were less people and she would be able to cover her hair because the bright orange will show up even in the dark.

She was glad that Eva was so enthusiastic about the job, because it was a nicer idea that someone would come along. They made an appointment time to be back in the woods and assured Barras that they will figure it out before they all left. Alice said perhaps a bit too loud, pretending, that they would give up. Rules were rules after all and as she suspected, the boys never saw through her facade.

A couple of hours later, she met up with Eva again, her hair was dyed in a black colour only for that moment, she didn't want to take chances. She yawned though and stretch herself to get a bit more awake than she was before. Maybe the nap hadn't been a good idea. She didn't have to say a word to Eva, they first needed to be inside the cave and far inside before they would be able to talk again. Thank god the plan, was easy, she would sneak inside from top of the cave, being able to hold on with her neko abilities as well as her claws and Eva had her own ways. As soon as she got inside, her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she tiptoed further inside to make no noise for the knights that were outside. Even though they weren't immediately in front of the cave, she didn't want to take risks.

She would wait a bit inside, there was soon a corner and she would wait there for Eva. Being able to spot her easily however she knew that she had to wait for the flashlight. As soon as she and Eva were reunited they would continue. It was an interesting thing to see so in the cavern, there were a lot of rocks scattered through their walkway and she would comment for Eva if she didn't see the rock on time. There were more roads blocked by rocks but mostly they could continue on, until the last one was blocked as well. "Let me try." she whispered as she tried to lift some rocks out of the way, it wasn't even that difficult as she had thought, it would just take a while for her being alone to do it.

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Cavern Explorer [Eva/Alice: Quest] Empty on Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:09 am

Eva was glad that Alice understood and they both decided a time at night to meet up and explore the cave together. She went back to her inn after that, going through her closet for an outfit which is easier to walk in, and picking up a flashlight from Hanase san to take with her. After a bit of preparation, she changed into a white shirt and some form fitting dark blue jeans. She wore some flat ankle boots and took the same satchel she had on her before with the flashlight in it. Eva went around the town for a bit after that, gathering some intel about the new caves that, much to her surprise, almost everyone was talking about.

A few hours later when night finally settled in, Eva met Alice at the spot they were supposed to meet in. She almost didn’t recognize her if it wasn’t for the cat ears and familiar fashion sense because of the dyed hair. It was surprising how a simple change in hair color could completely alter the look of someone. “That looks good on you,” she commented and immediately turned the attention over to the caves that had a couple of dozing Rune Knights now sitting in front. Tsk. If they were going to make a big show of sealing off the caves and then just doze off like that at night, they could have at least let Alice and herself, seated knights as they are, to explore the caves.

As Alice used her own ways to go in, Eva simply cast a quick spell on her to diminish her presence. She walked to the cave from the front entrance, stepping over the sealing tape and scoffing at the still snoozing knights as she did so. Her hands fished for the flashlight inside the satchel, turning it on as soon as she found it. Her eyes took a while, even with the flashlight, to adjust to the surrounding area, and took a bit of time to find Alice with her dark hair.

They didn’t have to talk much, being pretty much in sync as they walked down the cave, Eva avoiding the stray stones and being careful around the uneven ground. It was a bit of a struggle to keep her balance though she guessed Alice had no problem with the kind of reflexes she had. Eva stood to a side even as Alice removed the boulder in their way. Pretty much, it seemed that Eva had not much to do other than just keeping her eyes open for anything unusual or peculiar.

They walked further inside until Eva found a light coming off from a large area. The single pillar of light at the center of the room illuminated the place just enough for them to see with ease, and for Eva to turn her flashlight off and put it back in her satchel. She inspected the area. Except for a big hole in the middle of the room that seemed almost endless in just one quick view, the room was empty. “Are we gonna have to go down there?”


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Cavern Explorer [Eva/Alice: Quest] Empty on Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:24 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice had to use not all of her strength but quite some to get the bolder away. When she finally got the thing to move, and with one final push it was out of her way. It had been a bit difficult because she had to pull it towards her and throw it away to her left side to make space for the other bolders in the way but in the end, she had cleared the space. There wasn't much to say as they continued, she assumed that both needed to keep their eyes open to keep an eye on the stray stones, the rocks in the path and so on. It wasn't really that adventurous as she had hoped but it was as sure as hell better than being alone all the time. She wasn't entirely sure what she needed to do or say, they had an adventure a couple of days ago in which they sure as hell grew closer but she still didn't know that much about Evangeline.

She noticed the hole in the ground possibly quicker than Evangeline but she noticed it soon enough, "I sure as hell hope not." she said as she stood on the edge, still with a safe step away from it, staring in the hole to spot a ground, "I didn't bring a rope long enough for that and I can't see the bottom." She took a few steps back to make sure she wouldn't stumble in it. She wasn't that clumpsy but you would never know. She scanned the rest of the cave of what she could see, "There." she pointed to the right, "There is a ridge going across and on the other side of the hole, I think you can maybe see the outlines. There is another path, that if I see it right leads to three other roads." She ushered Evangeline to go first, not because she didn't trust her but because the ridge was rather small and she wanted to keep an eye on her in case she did fall, her reflects were hopefully fast enough in case she would have to catch her. Imagine they also would have to go back through this path. She took a deep breath and continued on to the three paths, "I suggest we just take the first, at first." this time she pointed to the left one. She entered that path first and with one look back at the light pillar, she hoped they wouldn't get lost, but it was a great rendezvouz. "If we do get split up because of the darkness. Let's make that our meeting point." she said because she would make sure to keep her eyes on Eva, but you were never sure of that in a cave like this. She held her hand a few centimeters away from the left wall and continued hoping that it wasn't like a labyrinth inside.

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Cavern Explorer [Eva/Alice: Quest] Empty on Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:52 am

Eva found the other path a little later than Alice while she was crouched next to the hole. It was intriguing, as if that hole really did lead to somewhere interesting, only, it was a far too dangerous journey. “That’s better,” she said, getting up and walking over to the seemingly difficult path that split into three other paths. “I suppose we can only go in order. Splitting up is an options but I suppose with just the two of us in here, sticking together is much better,” she mused out loud, taking a step in and feeling around the surface to see if it was safe.

Once she got the hang of it, Eva didn’t stumble as much while walking ahead of Alice. She had to take help from her flashlight again, though, as the caves just seemed to get darker at that point. She had to step over unsteady rocks and watch the ground intently every second along the way. It was sort of an inconvenience since she seemed to slow their progress down a bit, especially because Eva didn’t want to stumble, fall, and embarrass herself. She could just be careful and slow.

But despite cursing the cave inside her head, Eva didn’t show any of her difficulty on her face or posture, keeping herself straight and her steps as graceful as possible as she walked down the first path. It seemed like this path was a little winded, twisting here and there, but finally led to a room that had nothing but some ordinary rocks and no other path or exit. It was a dead end.

“This one isn’t it,” she called over to Alice, hoping that her voice would reach the neko before she could waste any more of her time to actually walk into the cave. They could simply go back the way they came from and take the second path. “I hope the next path won’t be a dead end,” she said as she turned around. With her eyes still roaming around the dead end, Eva double checked if she missed something, shining the flashlight over to every nook and cranny she could find. She even checked for the flow of wind inside the cave with her magic but picked up nothing. “I can say for sure that there is nothing here, Alice,” she informed, going back the path they came through, her hand helping her to steady her footing with the wall.


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Cavern Explorer [Eva/Alice: Quest] Empty on Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:18 am

Adelaide Sokolov
The first path apparently was a death end. Which was very annoying indeed. She had traced the wall with her left hand and made sure to spot everything about the wall with her neko eyes. She had been behind Eva but had seen it as well. There was no crack or anything that would show the idea of another road, she shook her head and let Eva check, or whatever else she was doing for Alice had no idea. When she said it really was a dead end, she sighed and turned back, two more roads to go. At least this one wasn't so long, "Shame, but it would be boring if it was easy as well." She continued back, her right hand fingertips now on the wall. They did come back immediately to the meeting point at the light pillar.

They took the second road to hopefully find the blue shiny metal that would inform Barras. She had no idea what he would do after that, she stopped walking, "You think we are making a mistake?" she asked randomly, which made her understand that she would possibly have to explain things, "I mean. What if there is that sort of metal, and what if we tell Barras, would he enter this cave as well in the dead of night to steal it? Take it away from us Rune Knights? I mean we are only looking but what are the consequences. I agree that he is a great smith and should be able to use it but if the knights found the cave, the metal should be used for armour and perhaps weapons for us. It really sounds selfish but it's just finders keepers."

She would only continue to walk if this discussion was answered, because she obviously had no answer. Would she have to lie to Barras first and make sure the Rune Knights were perfectly aware of a smith being interested? Would the whole rumour died down if they lied? She would sigh and continue on as soon as Eva calmed down her nerves. She again used her left hand on the wall or almost on it, as she could see it clearly with her own eyes. She continued on and on, one foot in front of the other, eyes forwards and not complaining about light, the fact that it was getting colder no matter how far they walked now and so on.

She was positive that this road would be continueing on as they were already further in than the first road, they must have at least walked for fifteen minutes, which was hard to think about considering.. it was a dead end. No light, no idea how long they were inside, she was getting a bit tired, cold none the less and she wanted to be done with this. "You got to be kidding me." she muttered as they continued again to look if it really was a dead end again, no crack, no other sign of a road ahead. No boulders to move. They could turn around again, walk for another fifteen minutes and start on the third road. Great.

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Cavern Explorer [Eva/Alice: Quest] Empty on Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:01 pm

Eva’s eyes roamed across the narrow space as they walked back to the clearing with the beam of light. Ignoring sleep for exploring a cave was something Eva thought she would never have to do. Only thing that actually motivated her was the discovery of this new substance that Borras has mentioned, which was, sadly, not a guaranteed thing. They could be on a wild goose chase with nothing at the end, the thought both irritated and killed her motivation. But then again, she remembered someone once telling her, it’s too sad to leave a story unfinished. Perhaps they might not find anything that day but giving up before completion would be too tragic.

She walked behind Alice now, eyes still alert for even the slightest change in the wind. Her steps slowly came to a halt when Alice stopped in front of her, and Eva caught herself just moments before she could slam into Alice’s back. “What is it?” she asked, tilting her head to the side in confusion. It seemed that Alice had some insecurities about whatever they were doing now. She listened to her words carefully, falling back to a stance of thoughtfulness. The concern was understandable but Eva actually saw it in a different light.

“I can see where this worry is coming from and I agree, there is no reason for us to believe someone. A person can change easily. That said, I do not believe the hardworking smith to be someone who would go against the law. Besides, if just believing him is not an option, we could try to see this in a practical light. If we do find something here and report it back to Borras, it isn’t like he could just come in here and mine it all for himself. For starters, just entering the caves will most likely require an approval from the Council and if he wants to mine in here, he wouldn’t be able to do it himself. He is going to need more manpower and would have to again, get the help of the council. He may get reprimanded for trying to figure out the contents of a restricted area but I heard he is quite in favor with the king, I’m thinking that he would be ok,” she replied, hoping that her explanation was enough to put Alice’s worry to rest.

Once that was done, they continued their walk down the narrowed, darkened path. While her flashlight did help Eva see her steps, the long winded area and the uneven floor was still making her journey quite difficult. Somehow, she was reminded of a new recruitment of theirs, Isabella, who had showed up for the meeting in heels and floor length dress. Eva really wanted to see her walking up and down that path in those shoes. Maye it would teach the young one a few things.

The second path, after fifteen minutes of walking, had proven to be a dead end as well. Eva sighed. She really wasn’t up for this anymore. But, they only had one more path to go through and that meant their search was almost at its end. “Let’s just quickly go through the third road and get this over with,” she said and walked back, going all the way back to where the light was again and then turning to the third path.

As she walked down that path, Eva noticed that it was considerably easier than the other paths. The ground was still uneven but it wasn’t as bad as the ones she already walked in. Swapping the flashlight from her right hand to the left, Eva fished for a bottle of water inside her satchel with the other one. Fumbling with the items in her hand, she managed to open the bottle and drink some water that she had packed along with the flashlight.

Turning to Alice, she would offer the bottle of water to her and simultaneously arrive at a point where they had more boulders blocking their path. “Ugh, Alice, I think you need to take care of this one, too”.


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Cavern Explorer [Eva/Alice: Quest] Empty on Sun Jul 23, 2017 4:17 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
She turned around muttering and grumbling something as she turned back on the second road. Perhaps she should be glad that it was a dead end. It could go on and on and on and no answers and then still have to try the third road.

After visiting the light again, they went into the last path and right before she could accept Eva her offer for water, she noticed the boulders as well. "And here I thought this path was too smooth to be true." she muttered again trying to get a happy atmosphere at least in her mind. "Thanks for the water though." she had taken a short sip before she gave the bottle back to Evangeline. Her ears were flat on her head, she had tucked her tail into her jeans as in to avoid getting it caught and so on, but you could see she wasn't all to happy about it. She was probably too tired, who else would sneak into a cave in the middle of the night. But here she was anyway and she knacked her fingers one by one. The first boulders hadn't been been a problem in weight, her strength was fine, it was just a bit rough on her fingers. She started again, one by one. Making some sort of second wall on her left to store the stones somewhere. She had to be careful, starting at the top, which was at the beginning difficult to reach, until she took some stones as a set up. But she obviously didn't want the stones to fall on her or even possibe on Evangeline.

She made sure her work was steady and otherwise she would place the stone somewhere else and continue on until the path was clear again. She whiped the sweat of her brow and stood up straigh to stretch her back. "I sure hope that was the last one." she said as she took the first steps to make sure it was safe. She nodded to Evangeline if she was waiting for Alice to make sure it was before the two of them continued on. The walk might not much longer as the second path when another dead end was reached and she wanted to swear, there must be more paths and she was definitely not in the mood to find more or to move other stones. But there was a little bit of blue in the cave and she looked around before her cat eyes indentified something that was in the stone, "Is that it?" she sort of whispered to Eva, because of the anticipation she felt. The shiver in her bones because she hoped this was it. Than the rumours were true and that might mean: better armour! Brilliant!

She looked left and right, dusted off some of the wall that showed the blue glow and stared at it, "It's not much." And even though she didn't know much about mining, there was always a chance that there was more of that stuff, that special metal sort inside the walls. So they got a positive answer, but yet very vague. She yawned, hid it by holding her hand in front of her mouth. "Shall we go. We found it, that's all we were asked." She stood up straight again and headed back, she wondered if it was smart to mark the wall or so but it was easy to know which of the three roads contained the substance.

They would have to go carefully around the big hole in the ground again, "That's another adventure for another time." She grinned before she continued to walk, there was no fear for her to fall, she just walked behind Eva to make sure, she wouldn't fall either. Just like they did on the way in. It wasn't all that difficult to find there way back, she had used the same idea as in the other paths, her left hand on the wall, now her right and so she continued, again trying to avoid all the lose stones on the ground and helping Eva if it was necessary.

When they arrived at the entrance, they stopped at the corner, or well Alice made Eva if it was necessary and looked around. It was almost dawn apparently and the Rune Knights were replaced by fresh soldiers that looked wide awake, "You go first, you can hid yourself right? Please make a diversion so I can go out too, I'll be quick." If she dashed not at her full speed, no one would hear her. So she waited. When she was finally able to get out, she headed quickly into the woods to meet Evangeline just outside and head to Barras together to tell him about the special metal that he wanted to know.

He would pay her as well as Evangeline and thanked them for the information and their job. She left the smith quickly, "Well I can use some sleep." she said with a grin to Eva and she waved her goodbye as she headed off to the Bed & Breakfast and her bed.

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Cavern Explorer [Eva/Alice: Quest] Empty on Sun Jul 23, 2017 6:43 pm

Eva stood back, watching Alice as she moved the boulders aside. Eva wanted to help her really badly but she wasn’t the physically strong type and was more of a long range fighter compared to Alice who was a battlemage and possibly better at hand to hand combat.

“You’re welcome,” she muttered, taking the bottle of water back from Alice and slowly slipping it back into the satchel. In a few minutes, Alice had managed to completely impress her with the wall of stones she stacked back to a side. Eva made sure to stay at the other side of where Alice placed the boulders and well away from them in case they decided they wanted to roll down and on top of her.

One the boulders had been removed, they resumed their walk, the path still far easier than what they had experienced before. A few minutes after, they were standing in a clearing with blue crystal like projections coming out of the wall. Some were hidden inside the walls, difficult to spot but still possible thanks to the pale glow they gave off.

Eva was fascinated. This was the material that could change the course of development in Fiore if refined and brought to its highest capabilities, the thing that the smith had been looking for. She approached one of them. “These are wonderful. I think we really did find what we were looking for. Let’s go back and tell Barrass,” she told Alice while letting a finger run over the glowing crystal like material. It was smooth and strangely warm. It seemed like a rather powerful material that was hard to come by but it had nothing in comparison with what she thought they could find a clue to, the etherion substance.

They quickly walked back, past the room with the pillar of light and made it to the exit, Eva quickly casting her Silencium spell to move past the guards and create a distraction for Alice. She could see that there was a slightly larger crowd now with the sun starting to peek out. Eva made some distraction by silently levitating a guard up, turning all attention to the kicking and struggling guard that had absolutely no idea what was going on with himself.

Once she made sure that Alice was out of the cave, Eva dropped the guy back on his behind and went off on her own to meet Alice in the forest and then walk back to Barrass together where they were rewarded. The young smith looked almost ecstatic, immediately turning his attention to write up a request for the magic council to further investigate the cave soon.

“Yah, same here. I need my sleep, too,” she parted ways with Alice, going back to the inn to sneak back into her room without getting caught by her manager.


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