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Decorative Party | Snowflake & Chelvaric [Quest]

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Decorative Party | Snowflake & Chelvaric [Quest] Empty on Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:57 pm


The piece of paper in her hands crumpled, the words now a jumble of objectives that Snowflake had stapled into her mind. The reason she was out and about in the streets was due to a quest she had taken up the day before, which was to decorate a birthday party for her client’s daughter. Thus, Snowflake was dressed up to be more representable among the crowd. A white mini-dress wrapped tightly around her lean figure, paired up with some beautiful black heels. Strands of silver hair was tucked neatly behind her ear, revealing sparkling earrings that dangled off her ear. The black cloth that normally rested around her eyes had been taken off, specially for this event that is to take place within a few hours. Her bright cerulean eyes stood out the most apart from her stormy hair, that almost seemed to be glowing cyan underneath the sunlight.

As people shuffled past her, eyes would turn to her direction, some gazing at her with awe and jealousy while others whistled towards her; older men inviting the youth to entertain them for a single night. The android would simply ignore the remarks that would be thrown at her as she meandered through the streets, edging through the dense flow of people to reach her destination. In a distance, she would catch a glimpse of colourful balloons and other decorations that were yet still put up in their specific locations.

”It should be here.”

The mage mumbled to none other than herself and approached towards the large building. The gates were unlocked and ajar for the employees to have easy access in and out of the building. High class, eh?, was the first thought that occurred to her mind upon witnessing how glorious the entire compound was, albeit, it was not the most impressive places she had ever seen -- the castle of Marigold was.


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Decorative Party | Snowflake & Chelvaric [Quest] Empty on Sat Jul 01, 2017 12:01 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chevaric was wandering through the streets of Magnolia. He was on his way to a new job. As he was feeling closer in becoming stronger he wanted to do some quick jobs to advance faster. The day was really beautiful you couldn't ask for better weather then this. There was literally no cloud in the sky it was a pure blue sky. It was nice to walk underneath it. Very calming and refreshing and although the sun was pouring down on them with its sun ray’s it wasn’t too hot nor too cold. Like he thought before it was just perfect.

Chelvaric and Scraggy ware on there way to decorate a party. It was a calm and not too stressful job perfect for a saturday morning. He was dressed a bit nicer because it was party. Instead of being completely naked on the top he was wearing small black pieces of cloth on his shoulders and arms covering the top but the rest of his body was still bare skinned. He was wearing formal pants and skinned shoes that were black and polished. He had combed his hair and added a small line of highlight on his cheekbones. A lot of girls were whistling when he was walking by but he didn’t pay attention as he had a feeling he would meet someone very important today.

In the distance he could see the balloons and other party stuffs hanging out of the windows and on the house where the party was supposed to be. It was a nice rich house. Where some baron or fancy noble would live in. But that didn’t matter as long as they payed him. When he suddenly noticed the silver haired girl. Walking in a tight white mini dress revealing her figure really well. She was wearing beautiful earrings.he knew who it was from just seeing her. He ran towards and stopped when he reached her side and started walking with her.

“Hai Snowflake! Long time no see its been so long! Where have you been.”, chelvaric said very excited he had missed her so much. He didn’t know why but he was really happy to finally meet her again. Scraggy ran up too as he was wearing a tie around his neck.


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Decorative Party | Snowflake & Chelvaric [Quest] Empty on Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:00 am

Footsteps approached her, followed by a familiar voice causing Snowflake to turn around, only to see a face that she hadn’t seen for ages. The features of her face barely displayed any sort of emotions as usual although, she was honestly surprised to see her teammate, Chelvaric in town. The mage slowed down so that she could walk side by side with her fellow comrade. Snowflake was not aware that he would be in the same town as her; it must have been a coincidence to run into each other. It had been months since she had last seen him and if she recalled correctly, it was back in Orchidia when they did a quest together by the riverside.

”Chelvaric. Yes, it’s been quite a while. I’ve been mostly travelling and exploring places, like the usual.”

The first thing she noticed on his body was the cat ears that protruded from the corners of his head, which made her wonder how he had transformed into a cat. But then, Snowflake realised that she, herself had her body altered into an android.

”I see that you now have cat ears. Did you do something?”

The youth enquired, curious about what his story might be. Her story has still not been shared to anyone else, not at the moment, but she figured that she should tell it to someone and the first person that comes to her mind was the man who was standing beside her. She caught a glimpse of white fur slipping between people’s legs in a distance, coming towards her at full speed before leaping onto her body. Vysella had ran off the streets to chase some kittens, like she always do and whenever she wishes, her companion would just follow her owner’s scent to lead herself to Snow.

”I reckon you’re here for the party as well?”

Sapphire hues quickly ran over his attire, which exposed his bare skin and muscles, mostly around the chest and abdomen. Just slightly, she could feel the heat rushing on her cheeks and ears and she would immediately avert her gaze away while holding Vysella in her arms.


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Decorative Party | Snowflake & Chelvaric [Quest] Empty on Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:46 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
“Ah, I’ve been traveling a lot too. I have to recommend Nanuq as a destination it was really beautiful there”, he said to snow as he was thinking about all the things he did there. The landscape was beautiful to watch and it is a bit cold but that would suit her very well with her magic and personality. He didn’t think they would take long on this job anyway it was after all just hanging up some decorations. He felt like she got a lot stronger since the last time they met. Her motions were quick and her body was toned. But the thing he loved the most were here glowing eyes. Her eyes were so mesmerizing. He could look into them for ages and never get bored of them. he really had to ask her to go eat something after this. Or to visit some place. He wanted to get to know her better and to get closer to her. He needed to become someone she depended on. After all, he was a support fighter. He also felt like he didn’t do much with their team yet. He only recently met Alisa and did a job with her.

Snow asked how he got his ears. That question had come up a lot lately but it didn’t surprise him that much. “Oh I helped a necromancer in Nanuq and after that job, I fainted and when I woke up I changed with these cat ears and tail. I think my God rewarded me for my effort’s. till this day I am still not certain how I got them.”, Chelvaric told her when he suddenly saw a little fox fly into her arms. He remembered the fox from last time. “ah you still have your companion she looks really healthy. Her fur is nice and shiny.”, Chelvaric said to snow and tried to pet the fox not knowing if it would let him.

“Oh yes, I am also her to help with the job. Let’s do a great job in decorating this place so they have a blast of a party!”, Chelvaric said to her and noticed her looking away suddenly. That was quite cute and Chelvaric noticed his eyes running down her body. Her waist turning into long nice legs sticking out of the mini dress.

“eh, yeah let's meet up with the client so we can start!”, he said while Scraggy was trying to smile at the fox.


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Decorative Party | Snowflake & Chelvaric [Quest] Empty on Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:55 am

For someone who does not express any sort of emotions, it was almost shocking to her to find herself blushing from the sight of bare skin on Chelvaric’s body. She immediately pushed the thought to the back of her mind and glanced up at the sky that stretched eons without seeing the end to it. It was a rather chilly day for summer and she loved it; almost the perfect temperature. Normally, the summer days were too hot for her, causing her to bathe in her own sweat while she wandered through the town. Hair would stick to her neck, just like how the clothes would be adhered to her body and she hated the feeling. Summer was the weather she hated the most, unlike the other people who looked forward to it to harvest the crops or to enjoy the sunlight. For her, she would rather stay at home throughout the entire season.

”Nanuq Town, I see.” The girl nodded, plastering the name on her mind. There were not much information written in the books she had read however, if she recalled her memories, the town was a lovely place covered in ice and snow; the way Snowflake would prefer. Apart from that, she did not know much about it but she would love to discover more about the place. ”I’ll visit the town if I’m granted an opportunity.” She held Vysella closer against her chest while snuggling into her thick, white fur.

The story of how Chelvaric had gotten his animal ears was a rather strange one that left a frown on her face. It did not make sense to her and she was confused by the entire thing, honestly. Still, it was good thing that her teammate was satisfied with the reward he was given, just like how she was content with her transformation. ”Thanks. She’s still a bit lazy though.” The girl joked, regarding about her companion and her eyes would glide towards Scraggy who had his eyes fixated upon Vysella. While the white fox sat arrogantly in Snowflake’s arms, Chelvaric’s companion on the other hand, chose to walk on his own. Vysella noticed a smile from the other companion that was being thrown at her, but having a horrible attitude just like her owner, the fox huffed and ignored Scraggy’s flirtatious attempt to be friends with her.

”Be nice.”

The white haired mage mumbled into Vysella’s ears and reluctantly, the fox would return a smile back at Scraggy after a low growl, clearly showing her distaste. It wasn’t that Vysella disliked Scraggy or anything, but that she is extremely hard to get along with her aloofness. She wondered if the two companions would ever get along due to Vysella’s unwillingness to communicate with anyone else.


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Decorative Party | Snowflake & Chelvaric [Quest] Empty on Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:40 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at Scraggy as he got a small smile from the fox pet. It seemed she at least wasn’t too disliking of him. Scraggy seemed happy as he was skipping around after that. Snow seemed interested in the town and he was happy that he gave her useful information. “Oh, I am sure she'll be more active over time. Sometimes you have to be lazy to really enjoy life.”, he said to her as they neared their arrival. “say snow do you want to go eat after this. only if you want to of course. But it will be fun I promise!”, Chelvaric asked her blushing. He was still very shy around her. But he just needed to be wth her since he did feel really relaxed around her. More than with anyone else. He wondered if she felt the same way. Maybe she didn’t feel the same as him but he’ll do his best to change that.

When they neared the center of the preparations of the party there was a much bigger circle of people standing around one person. He was dressed very richly. Wearing a long silken coat and shirt underneath it. His hair was combed backward and he had put some grease into it to keep it nicely and tight. Everyone seemed to be happy around him.Chelvaric thought he was probably a good lord.
That was good that they didn’t have to do a job for some spoiled rich brat. But rather a nice and caring lord that was helping his people as good as he can.

“Oh hello there! Are you two the mages I requested on.”, the man said with a very deep and commanding voice while he was holding his arms folded behind his back. “if you are please can you help us decorate the streets around this place. We are just not getting It finished in the time it’s so much work! We still need to get the food on the tables around the place. And the big sign has to be put high up on the house so please do one of those.”, the man begged of them as he wanted it to be perfect. Chelvaric sighed and nodded to the man. “Don’t worry we will fix this.”, Chevalric said and he turned to snow to discuss a plan. “well what should we do first the sign or the food you can decide snow.”, Chelvaric asked her.


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Upon reaching the grand building, the two mages was greeted by their client, who was also the lord of the place. The wrinkles on his face was apparent enough to tell her that he was of old age, although the smile on his face never seem to disappear. The noble man was kind and heart-warming, welcoming them inside unlike other rich families who would not even bother to associate with their employees nor any of the low-class people. The man promised a good amount of pay on his request to help decorate the place for his daughter’s birthday. Of course, the Blue Pegasus mages did not deny the offer.

”Why don’t you work on the sign and I’ll set up the tables? I think we can finish the job faster then.”

Upon his agreement, Snowflake would proceed towards the garden where the rest of the employees are locating tables and chairs. She placed Vysella down on the ground and requested her to fetch a bag of decorations around the corner while she prepare the tables. Cutlery would be handed out to her for celebrants to heap food upon and mugs of juices and wines for adults were being drawn from the barrels. After she had set the plates, she moved onto decorating the tables. From the bag Vysella had gotten for her, she gathered flowers and slipped them into a small glass for a pretty scene for the guests to look at.

Balloons and ribbons would be adorned all over the place to make it more colourful and inviting for the guests’ children. By the side of the garden would be tables of meals and a variety of food just like a buffet, set up for the people to consume whichever food they prefer. There would be trays of pastries and desserts by the end of the row. After she was done, Snowflake walked over to Chelvaric and began, ”How’s the sign? Do you need help?”

Earlier in the day, she recalled that Chelvaric had asked her out for a little lunch trip after they have completed the quest. Snowflake had considered her response for the entire time, since she figured that it would be a date for the two of them. For the moment, Snowflake viewed him no more than a close friend, but little did she know, she felt slightly more than just friends for the fellow man. Chelvaric had been with her for the entire time after all and the encounters they were having were probably not just pure coincidence. The white haired mage thought that she could learn more about him, even though she already knew Chelvaric was a nice man.

”You know,” The girl started, looking away for a brief moment, unsure how she should start the topic. ”About the date afterwards, I’m happy to spend some time with you.” She declared, her voice barely a whisper. Heat rose up her neck as she stated so and she would find herself staring at the ground, in a way to avoid eye contact.


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Decorative Party | Snowflake & Chelvaric [Quest] Empty on Sun Jul 02, 2017 3:44 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric listened to snow as she proposed to separate ways and each do a task so that they would finish faster. That was indeed not a bad idea. He nodded in response and looked at the high place the sign had to hang. For a normal person that would be indeed a bit troubling to reach. But before he started on his job he saw snow walking away. He had to say she looked really good from the back. Her hips were swinging a bit as she walked. He shook his head and started to look at the building on wich he had to hang the sign. He was memorizing where all the ledges and poles were and then walked up to the wall and jumped to the first ledge holding on to it. “Scraggy shout to me when I am nearly there. ”, Chelvaric said to Scraggy and continued his climb to the place while he wrapped the sign around his neck. He pulled himself up and felt the bricks scraping his naked skin a bit. He didn’t mind scratches and bruises on him they were battle scars for his climbing adventures and they healed pretty quick. His tail was sweeping from left to right as he climbed further. Cats were very agile so it was not that hard for him to finally reach his destination. It was quite high and the people looked way smaller from up here. The wind was blowing a bit harder as well so Chelvaric was holding himself tight to the building. He unwrapped the sign and attached the first rope to the pole he then bit on the other rope and started climbing to the right side of the building. “Master your at the right side jump one up and you can attach the last cord.”, scraggy shouted in his rare normal voice. He was mostly annoyed but sometimes he was more of a normal companion. Chelvaric attached the last cord and climbed down.

He walked backward and looked at the result of his work. The banner was hanging wide over the building and said, happy birthday Bianca  , as that was probably the name of the rich guy’s daughter. The whole streets were decorated and the tables were made nicely with flowers and food. Chevaric grabbed on of the flowers of the table and walked up to snow. He gave a tab on her shoulder and when she turned around he put the flower between her ear and hair. He took a step back and made a picture frame with his hands.

“That looks Beautiful on you”, he said. “Yes I am also very happy that we can spend some time together I have been looking forward to it.”, Chelvaric said to her grinning while scraggy was rolling his eyes.


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